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Auto » NYT-Automobiles
»Ford Will Build Electric Cars in Mexico, Shifting Its Plan 
 The move will take advantage of lower costs and clear the way for a new Michigan plant to make driverless vehicles instead, which Ford said would mean even more jobs.
»Southeast Asia’s Ride-Hailing War Is Being Waged on Motorbikes 
 In Indonesia’s traffic-ridden capital, one start-up makes it easy to get around — or not to have to in the first place.
»Trying to Bypass Anxiety on the Road to Driverless Cars 
 Volvo is putting cameras in vehicles to see people interact with driver-assistance features and will use the data in designing fully autonomous cars.
»How to Avoid a White-Knuckle Drive on Black Ice 
 The slick roadway condition can be difficult to detect and develops unpredictably. Here’s what you can do to avoid this hazard.
»China’s A.I. Advances Help Its Tech Industry, and State Security 
 Global car brands and Chinese authorities alike embrace iFlyTek’s voice recognition know-how, illustrating the dystopian possibilities behind the technology.
»Life Lessons: Fabulous Life Lessons From Gianni Agnelli 
 In the new documentary “Agnelli,” the head of Fiat, who died in 2003, is revealed as that rare species of man: a fashionable playboy with gravitas.
»Detroit: The Most Exciting City in America? 
 How a 21st-century Detroit navigates the dangers of regeneration is a particularly poignant question on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit race riots.
»China Will Lead an Electric Car Future, Ford’s Chairman Says 
 Ford Motor said Tuesday that it planned to offer 15 new models in China by 2025 that run at least in part on batteries.
»Wheels: The Near Future of Driving: Eyes Forward, but No Hands at 10 and 2 
 The Cadillac Super Cruise system is the latest in semiautonomous driving technology, allowing drivers to keep their hands off the wheel as long as they pay attention to the road.
»Indian Automaker’s Plant Is Latest Sign of Detroit Comeback 
 Mahindra will open the area’s first new vehicle assembly factory in 25 years, building off-road vehicles. The move may signal larger ambitions in the American market.
»November Mixed for U.S. Sales as Automakers Hike Discounts 
 Major automakers posted mixed U.S. November new vehicle sales on Friday and predicted a competitive December as they rush to sell vehicles and boost their 2017 numbers before the year comes to an end.
»China to Export Trumpchi Cars to U.S., Maybe With a New Name 
 GAC Motor wants to lead an export push as China prepares the rest of its auto industry to go global and, in particular, target the American market.
»Chrysler Pacifica Owners Say Minivans Suddenly Shut Off 
 No crashes or injuries have been linked to the issue, but more than 50 complaints have been filed. The automaker sees no sign of a consistent problem.
»Tesla Unveils an Electric Rival to Semi Trucks 
 Aiming to remake a multibillion-dollar industry, the automaker said it would have a semi for sale in two years that would be nearly self-driving.
»Where Self-Driving Cars Go to Learn 
 Arizona’s promise to keep the driverless car industry free of regulations has attracted dozens of companies, including Uber, Waymo and Lyft.
»Wheels: Cars Lose the Spare Tire for a Leaner Ride, but It Could Cost You 
 Full-size spares gave way to space-saving “doughnuts,” but now carmakers may provide only the tools for a quick, do-it-yourself fix.
»Vocations: When Designing Luxury Cars Is Like Making Jewelry. And Friends. 
 Earl Lucas, Lincoln Motor Company’s exterior design chief, was inspired by his mother’s aesthetic sense and his early training designing jewelry.
»Self-Driving Trucks May Be Closer Than They Appear 
 With fewer cultural hurdles and more financial incentives than car owners, big-rig operators are charting the route to an autonomous future.
»Waymo’s Autonomous Cars Cut Out Human Drivers in Road Tests 
 The Alphabet unit says it expects to allow passengers to ride in truly driverless cars in its tests within the next few months.
»Tesla’s Elon Musk Reassures Investors Over Model 3 Delays 
 The electric-car maker cited record output of its existing models, and its chief said bottlenecks on its first mass-market offering were being resolved.
»BMW Recalls Roughly a Million Vehicles at Risk of Catching Fire 
 The recalls include several 3 Series models and various BMWs with six-cylinder engines.
»Wheels: Wheels Drive Auto Industry Forward, in Showrooms and Aftermarket Shops 
 Be they understated and utilitarian or exotic and outrageous, a fresh set of rims can make any car look new — even a new one.
»Volkswagen Sales in U.S. Rebound After Diesel Scandal 
 Two years after the automaker’s cheating on emissions compliance was revealed, its dealers are finding renewed customer interest.
»Peter Schutz, Executive Who Saved a Signature Porsche, Dies at 87 
 Mr. Schutz, whose family had fled the Nazis, returned to Germany to be the only American to lead the sports car maker. He stopped it from killing the 911 model.
»Waymo Enlists AutoNation to Maintain Driverless Test Fleet 
 The move is a sign that the self-driving unit of Alphabet, Google’s parent, is closer to putting its technology into cars in ride-hailing operations.
»Wheels: Forgetting a Child in a Back Seat Can Kill. Cars May Soon Warn You. 
 Lawmakers are weighing whether to force automakers to include a device to alert drivers when a child in the back seat of a car after it has been turned off.
»Subaru Admits Inspection Failings, in Another Blow to Japan’s Carmakers 
 The announcement follows a similar revelation from Nissan and comes as the country’s manufacturing sector faces unusually intense scrutiny.
»Cost of Volkswagen Scandal Could Hurt Company’s Electric Vehicle Push 
 The carmaker reported an increase in revenue, but said it still had work to do to overcome the damage caused by its diesel emissions cheating.
»Automakers Build War Chests to Finance a Self-Driving Future 
 Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler have revamped their businesses to enhance profitability and lay the foundation to develop high-tech models.
»General Motors Posts a Loss From Asset Sale, but Shares Rise 
 The automaker took a charge associated with shedding its Opel and Vauxhall divisions in Europe. Its chief said the quarter reflected “solid results.”
»Toyota Demands ‘Clarity’ Over Brexit 
 Remarks from a senior executive at the carmaker highlight the risks facing Britain as it navigates complex negotiations to leave the European Union.
»Price-Fixing Inquiry Moves From BMW to Daimler and Volkswagen 
 After raiding BMW last week, European Union regulators looking into possible collusion over equipment costs searched Daimler and Volkswagen offices.
»Once So Chic and Swooshy, Freeways Are Falling Out of Favor 
 Several cities face pressure to tear down the 1960s-era mega-roads and reinstate pedestrian-friendly streets. Jane Jacobs told you so!
»London Adds Charge for Older Diesel Vehicles to Fight Pollution 
 It will now cost almost $30 to drive such cars in the center of the British capital, as the mayor cites “a health crisis” caused by poor-quality air.
»BMW Headquarters Are Raided in Collusion Inquiry 
 The raid by the European Commission is a sign that an antitrust investigation involving German automakers may be intensifying.
»Australia Mourns the End of Its Car Manufacturing Industry 
 On Friday, Holden employees bid farewell to Australia’s last car factory, wondering if the government could have done more to save it.
»Wheels: Would You Like My Car to Make You Some Water? 
 Engineers are finding ways to have cars do much more than take us from Point A to Point B — including producing and dispensing water.
»A 100-Car Army of Sound in Los Angeles 
 A new composition by Ryoji Ikeda created a wash of sound — car stereos blaring variations on the note A — as part of the Red Bull Music Academy festival.
»Japanese Carmakers Call Kobe Steel’s Products Safe Despite Scandal 
 A round of positive findings from Toyota, Honda and Mazda could help lift a cloud over the Japanese supplier, which has said its inspectors falsified data.
»Wheels: An Electric Car and a Rugged Throwback: The Dreams of 2 Rich Britons 
 James Dyson is looking to the future, and Jim Ratcliffe to the past. But to make their cars a reality, they must overcome the auto industry’s high barriers to entry.
»Wheels: For Electric Car Owners, ‘Range Anxiety’ Gives Way to ‘Charging Time Trauma’ 
 Compared to a short pit stop at a gas station, charging an electric vehicle can be a time-consuming experience. But change is at hand.
»Kobe Steel’s Falsified Data Is Another Blow to Japan’s Reputation 
 Employees altered inspection certificates to meet specifications, setting off a rush by Toyota, Boeing and others to see if they had used the raw materials.
»G.M. Acquires Strobe, Start-Up Focused on Driverless Technology 
 With the deal, the nation’s largest automaker is snapping up a company with expertise in developing laser-based sensors that create high-definition images for autonomous vehicles.
»Ford Chief Outlines Investment Shift Away From Passenger Cars 
 The executive, Jim Hackett, told investors that the company would focus development on trucks, S.U.V.s, and electric or self-driving vehicles.
»G.M. and Ford Lay Out Plans to Expand Electric Models 
 General Motors says it will add at least 20 electric vehicles to its lineup by 2023. Ford followed with its own initiative with 13 offerings.
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