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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»How To Make A Halo M6C Prop Pistol 
 Ready to make another weapon from Halo?With Halo 2 anniversary just around the corner, I decided to make the M6C pistol from Halo 2. A silenced version oh the gun is also featured in Halo 3 ODST. Gather Materials You need paper, pencils, cardboard, glue, some sort of tube for the barrel, styrofoa...
By: daves777

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»Spaulder-Style Riveted Leather Armour Necklace 
 I had some thick black leather and wanted to make something from it, but I was not sure what to make, so I thought about armour and when I looked more into that, I decided to make this cool necklace thing.To make this, you will need:Leather (Mine was about 3 mm thick, and I used about a 30X30 cm squ...
By: awesomecreations

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 IntroductionDigital vocalizer is a project for social purpose. we are trying to implement a system which make a communication gap between deaf people and normal people as less as possible. Deaf people make use of sign language or gestures to make understand what he/she trying to say but it is imposs...
By: tushar197

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»How to make a Microscope Without a Lens 
 (WATCH VIDEO) In this video I show you how to make a simple homemade microscope with out a lens. Instead of magnifying an object, this project allows you to get very close to an object and still have it in focus. Because it is a simple way to focus light.
By: SpecificLove

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»How to make a Mixtape: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 from Guardians of the Galaxy 
 Geoffrey O'Brian once said that "the mixtape was the most widely practiced American art form". Though it has fallen out of favor compared to easily created iTunes playlists and CD-Rs, the gift of a mixtape meant that someone actually spent several hours waiting for a particular song on the radio or ...
By: UpgradeTech

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»Hate-Free Chick-Fil-A Sandwich 
 So we all know Chick-Fil-As stance on gay marriage and because of that, some of us have decided to boycott them a while ago. Well...maybe you are like me and think that their chicken sandwiches are delicious but don't wanna support their restaurant. so here is the recipe for all of you to make it at...
By: Hectors helpers

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»Installing Any Linux from USB 
 Linux is well known for its features and safeness. Most people would use Linux as their second OS for banking,online shopping and many more! Now I would be installing Slacko Puppy 5.7 from a pendrive. How this Project begin. (If you don't like stories,skip this step) When I saw the computer on th...
By: Scorpent

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»Jack O'Lantern Drink Dispenser 
 This jack o'lantern drink dispenser is a fantastically festive way to serve your guests at any halloween party - carve a funny face and fill it with cider or juice for the kids or opt for something scarier with something stronger for the adults.You'll Need:A Large PumpkinA Small Drink DispenserA Lar...
By: alannarosewhitney

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»Heroes Cell Phone Pouch 
 Let's make a super hero pouch for your cell phone. Here’s what you’ll need: Two pieces of cloth of equal dimension Zipper Fabric paintRibbon from old pouch or any key ring. Draw Hero icons on cloth. Paint it. Sew it! Sew one of the sides of cloths as shown in the picture. Now sew ...
By: mswaleh

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»Alabama White Sauce 
 Here's my version of Alabama white bbq sauce. Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, AL is credited with creating this sauce. In a large bowl you will need to combine the following ingredients: 1 jar of mayonnaise (use your favorite and make sure it it real mayo)2½ cups Apple cider vinegar1 tbsp Worcesters...
By: jibjabjake

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»Diesel Fish 
 Diesel Fish are gear ties for your truck. Anywhere you would use a knot, you can use Diesel Fish. It's designed for rope 1/2" diameter or smaller and also works with flat webbing. It's so simple you can even tie it wearing boxing gloves! Two years ago I posted Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie. Since then...
By: Mrballeng

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»Perfectly Straight Hair 
 I will show you how to flat iron your hair perfectly Heat Up Start heating up your iron Clip Take a clip and clip back the top layer of your hair Spray Spray heat protection on your hair before ironing Heat Flat iron your hair section by section Down Take down the top layer and iron t...
By: fluffy52601

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»MineCraft Heart (wood) 
 Two weeks ago I posted an instructable about how I made a wooden MineCraft Sword. I had some wood left and I made a wooden MineCraft Heart with it. Initially I thought of making ten hearts... but after finishing one it became clear that would take quite some time... so one is enough for me :)As I go...
By: binarybug

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»Spooky Ghost with Arduino 
 Have you ever wanted to make a simple rig to frighten your neighbors, all in the holiday spirit? Look no further. This Arduino ghost is one of the most simplistic and easy decorations you can make! Its great for children and beginners to Arduino alike! Using a simple blink function and two LEDs in p...
By: Nolan5454

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»how to rock at school 
 this is me and my 3rd instructable:) How to rock this video is me rocking in science class.
By: Camden21

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»DODOCase Modification for iPhone 6 
 My iPhone 6 didn't fit in the DODOCase and kept sliding out. To personalize my case and help hold my phone in place, I added some pattern paper along the top section of the case and a flap on one side that I adhered down with foam tape. I can now slide my phone in the case and enjoy the view. Step...
By: ScrantonLibrary

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»DODOCase Bumpers 
 Worried that you'll drop your DODOCase? Add a layer of protection with the addition of Sugru make bumpers. Step 1: Assembly Assemble your DODOCase as per the instructions included in the packaging. Step 2: Prepare Sugru Open you the Sugru color of your choice and start to shape the it. Onc...
By: ScrantonLibrary

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»Flash factory image to your Google Nexus device 
 I used my Nexus 7, but this should work with all nexus devices...!!! I am not responsible if you brick your device !!!!!! This will delete all of your files on your device !!! Download the image Google has the images of all the nexus devices on their server.Go to
By: FredericM

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»Window blinds Crumlin, blinds Waklinstown,Blinds in Tallaght 
 Affordable blinds in DublinFantastic Blinds at affordable Prices that cant be beaten!!!!
By: dub.blinds

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»Garage Genie - Parking & Remote Control 
 The Garage Genie is a home automation Arduino gadget. Click on the two images above to see the animated explanation. It aims to do a few things:1. The “traffic lights” tells you when you’ve inched your car up close enough when parking.2. Using iPhone or Android app, you can check whether or not ...
By: electronichamsters

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»Acrylic bangle jig 
 This acrylic bangle jig is for Acrylic2mm 30mm*120~150mm.Material:MDF5.5mm 300*500mm 1sheetHow to make:1. Cut MDF using a laser cutting machine.2. Assemble all parts.[Tools] laser cutting machine : Oh Laser HAJIMESoftware :Illustrator
By: sonodera

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 I was looking for a strong and large shoe-horn for my boots. As most are made on plastic or brass, I decided make my own on steel.As an example, my old nickel-brass shoe-horn bent in the middle.Materials:A stainless steel tablespoon (1 $ store) Tools: HAND HELD GRINDER Mark shoehorn drawing on the...
By: exsoplo

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 Atomizer is used to spray liquids, so you can use it to dye, paint or varnish something. Setup You need two drinking straws, one of them have to be wider than the other.Use your Sugru to connect them by right-angle. Voilà Here it is!Dip the thinner straw into a cup of liquid and start blowing ...
By: vanio.ivanov

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»No Bake Energy Bites 
 Check out the printable recipe here: is National Cookie Month, but because I'm in Boston without an oven, I was discouraged. However, I found this no bake cookie recipe that I wanted to make a bit healthier. I have been eating two of these abo...
By: thevegetarianbaker

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»6 steps of purchasing Solar panels for home 
 Solar panels for home are unities which are used to convert the sunlight into usable power like electricity. The solar panel can produce more power once there are more intense sunlight the solar panel getting. Now days, people are paying more attention on solar energy as well as solar panel kits bec...
By: RichS1

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»How to Make Christmas Tree Ornament for Desk Decoration 
 Got any ideas to decorate your sweet home for Christmas? Here, I've come up this beaded Christmas tree for you! Check it out! Materials needed in making wire Christmas tree ornaments: 4MM Red Pearl Glass BeadsGreen Seed Beads 0.3MM Copper Wire 1.5MM Aluminum Wire Wrap the main frame of the wire...
By: DasiyD

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»How to Make a Mandap / Chuppah 
 My sister recently got married and I was tasked with making the mandap for their outdoor ceremony. Here is how to make a mandap or chuppah that looks good, is easy to set up and take down and is cheap to make.Materials:10 bamboo poles 1" by 8' (Other sizes will also work)30' 1/4" manila rope.4 Umbr...
By: wgreunke

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»Hardware Store Steel and Copper Bracelet 
 Needed:Steel tie wireRomex copper wire Get Wire Cut two pieces of tie wire 25" long, and one piece of copper romex wire 25" long, both available at the hardware store. You will need to use wire strippers and/or a knife (careful) to strip off the insulation. Or you can just use the already bare gr...
By: DIYdavis

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»D&D Beholder Monster Fondue 
 Great Treat for your favorite Dungeon Master or LARP! Who knew mini-Beholders taste just like 'Smores!Beholders, also known as “spheres of many eyes” or “eye tyrants,” are one of the original Dungeons and Dragons monsters from back in the day and can be recognized by many newbs as that "floating th...
By: BuildaMecha

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»Raspberry PI Safe Breakout 
 I have always wanted to access the Rapsberry PI Gpio pins in a safer manner. Those are not 5V tolerant, and need a level shifter.I came across this really nice level translator chip from TXB0108 from Texas Instruments. It is a bidrectional 3.3 to 5v logic level translator in a really tiny package.Th...
By: rupin.chheda

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»Wicked Witch Pumpkin Lantern Staff 
 Pumpkins make a great decoration for the outdoors and indoors of homes, as well as the gardens on Halloween. Why not take along your creatively carved pumpkin around with you on Halloween !! And here is how you can do that, by making a Hanging Pumpkin Lantern Staff.If you like this instructable or m...
By: sharyun

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»Lady Falcor Costume 
 My 2013 Halloween/Comic Con costume. I wanted to do something I'd never seen before, and this amazing thrift store dress was my color palette inspiration. The Base Most of my masks start with a cheapo store bought base just to make sure the eye holes are symmetrical and head size is approximat...
By: ashleyjlong

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»Electronic LEGO Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms 
 Submitted for the approval of the Instructables society, I bring to you another electronic LEGO project with a retro video game theme!Using the exact same principles for design and engineering as my Electronic Super Mario Starmen, I've built another series of small musical LED sprite pieces. These o...
By: Baron von Brunk

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»Halloween Bats and Spiders 
 I like to have a simple fast craft for Halloween Eve that doesn’t call for drying time for glue or paint. That’s why these bats are perfect for making with kids- we have a group that gathers at our house every year before going out to trick or treat. Materials: • Plastic Easter eggs (spray...
By: bean9481

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»Pumpkin scones 
 Ingredients:Pumpkin - 500 gr. Parmesan - 100 gr. Flour - 400 + gr. Baking powder - 2 tsp Thyme - 5 sprigs Yogurt - 125 gr. Pumpkin puree Chopped pumpkin in a small pices Boil pumpkin Boil pumpkin till pumpkin become soft and flexible. Drain all water and make a puree by blender. Rub...
By: lena.snetkova

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»Altoids tin light switch 
 Hi everyone! This is my first instructable so i hope you like this project that everyone can do, its easy an if you have the proper tools, you can make a better one! Remember that my channel will be about survival and other stuff that you can find in your house, so show this instructables to your fr...
By: Army boy

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»Easy Sneetch Costume for Dr. Seuss Day or Halloween 
 Sneetches are well known, beloved Dr. Seuss characters. I wanted a simple costume that I could make quickly and inexpensively. It's likely you do too! Simple means no sewing- just cut and wear. If you agree, please vote.Basic SuppliesYellow T-shirt ($5) (at least one size too large)White craft fur ...
By: edmondslibrarian

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»Halloween Wreath 
 These wreaths are ridiculously expensive at the craft stores and florists. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a great Halloween wreath AND save yourself some money! Materials You will need the following items: 16" Straw Wreath1 Roll Black Deco Mesh 21" X 10 ydsVarious Decorations to at...
By: sp00k79

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»LED Cyclops, Guardian of the Galaxy, DodoCase VR Viewer 
 The DodoCase VR viewer V1.1 is an inexpensive kit based on the Google Cardboard project. This viewer works with many cellphones and provides a neat Virtual Reality experience, many VR applications are available.I recently saw Guardians of the Galaxy and thought, it would be cool if the DodoCase VR V...
By: mazzmn

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»My Clay Creations 
  I will be showing you all of my clay creations. I have at least 25 creations. Please comment and say what creation you want me to make an instructable on. Animals Starting in order: green angry birds pig, purple angry birds pig, chubacca, pusheen w/ balloon, pusheen w/ baby pusheen, pusheen, pus...
By: phodso

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»Leather Streamers 
 My husband made a joke that I should have streamers on my scooter. I decided to make some. These leather streamers are easy to make and it takes longer for the glue to dry than to put them together. These aren't your baby sister's streamers. Materials Leather stripsE6000 or similar heavy duty gl...
By: Brooklyntonia

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»Turning a light fixture into a lamp! 
 First you pick your fixture and determine if it can be used as a lamp with some flipping and rewiring! Create a unique one of a kind piece! Pick your color and the fixture of your choice, then go to your hardware store of choice and purchase the lighting kit of your liking! Make sure you have nee...
By: bonita.mcwhorter

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»How To Make A Lps Video 
 1set a clear table any color Get any lps boring scary or weird 3 get out your camera it's practice time! When your done with practice it's Time to do the vid You mite feel scared but it's ok people will like or whatever I promos get your vid on YouTube There you go 6 steps
By: lovelpsandmlp

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»Paper Bird Mobile 
  Have you seen those cute Paper Chandelier Mobiles on Etsy but don't want to spend $63.00 plus shipping to get one? Well you can make one for under $20.00 with supplies purchased from a local general store and a little bit of time. Gathering the Materials Materials:ScissorsRulerTacky glue1 in he...
By: Khauber

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»how to make a trick iphone 
 my 2nd instuctable Get materials empty iphone case and old 2nd generation ipod
By: Camden21

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»"Finger Licking Good" Candies, Literally 
 If you have the weird twisted fantasy of having people sucking on your fingers, this is the perfect instructable for you. I'm making candies in the shape of my own fingers, so people can suck or lick or bite my fingers. And it'll be "finger licking good", in the most literal way! Introduction to L...
By: wei wei

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»Drawing squares with html5 on an html5 canvas 
 In the last tutorial we made an html5 canvas.So what is a canvas without stuff on THAT canvas.So when creating a shape you would probably want color RIGHT? to make a fill color you need to have some code that looks like this - ctx.fillStyle = "#F00000"; That will set the fill color to black, but you...
By: Coder0806

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»Pixelated (The making of a mask and a stop motion video) 
 Pixelated is a collaborative project between filmmaker Salman Sajun and myself. When we met earlier this year he had presented the idea of a future collaboration. Given that I specialize in making mascot styled masks and he specializes in stop motion animation, the idea became clear that we would ma...
By: Lango84

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»Paracord Ring 
 This is a way to make a nice, looking ring out of paracord Items 1. Paracord 2. Scissors3. Lighter Start Tie an over hand knot. Tighten until there is about an inch loop. Tie It Off Make two over hand knots over the first then tighten. Snip Singe And Admire Snip and singe the ends and...
By: Gordon gorilla

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»Making Guacamole 
 Guacamole is a hit at block parties and work events. It's delicious and easy to make! Gather ingredients and tools The secret to great guacamole is fresh ingredients. The avocados should be ripe. Choose avocados that are slightly soft to the touch; they should squish a little when you press them ...
By: KMelville

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