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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Made in the USA Ornament 
 This is an ornament to decorate a Christmas tree. It is the shape of a star to represent the white stars on our American flag. The top of the star has a hole for attaching a ribbon and hanging on a branch. The message "Made in the USA" is a proud and hopeful announcement that 3D printing is empow...
By: Airwolf 3D

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»Arduino and 3d printing (ARDUI3D) for DUMMIES 
 Technology: Welcome to the Arduino and 3D printing for DUMMIES.... With the developments in the electronics and manufacturing areas in the past few years, we are left with some great combination of technology that could combine and create a wonderful space for exploration and innovation. The Ardui...
By: Sudarshan Sreeram

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»LED Sugru StarFish 
 A glowing magnetic Starfish that can be either used a fridge magnet or an aquarium accessories. The Stuff needed The things we are gonna need are just stuff lying around . 1.A magnet 2.A packet of Sugru 3.5 LEDs in color of your choice 4.coin cell battery The making Place the magnet over th...
By: ksmanoj95

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»"Grocery Store Perfect" Caramel Apples 
 It's that time of year again! Caramel apples abound! Obtain Delicious Green Orbs I got mine in my local grocery store (where I work, it's such a nice little walk over to Produce to get what I need!), I prefer Granny Smith for this particular treat. Wash the apples and remember to remove stems and...
By: chelseamarie214

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»How To Make The Asteroid Paper Airplane 
 Fast, small and simple, the Asteroid is a quick "drone-fighter" miniature paper airplane. It was designed as a spiritual successor to older airplanes such as the Super Orion and as a less complex complement to newer designs like the StarJavelin.The Asteroid was developed quickly after I mused over t...
By: OrigamiAirEnforcer

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»The Gift of Family 
 Family is the real gift of Christmas. This ornament is a great symbol of that.
By: jonathan.hinerman.7

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»Rose Window Themed Night Light 
 'We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.'Winston ChurchillSome buildings have profound meanings and invoke powerful feelings within us. These buildings not only reflect the aspirations of the people who designed them, the determination of the people who built them, but also recount stories...
By: pohhoushun

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»Pringle coin box 
 a coin box out of Pringles :D A very cute idea by my fiancée ( damn why didn't I think of this before).. surly we all look out for recycling our daily use waste. Instead of buying a coin box, just recycle one :) washing sorry I didn't had any pictures for this step but I'll take some making a s...
By: sabu.dawdy

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»Inanimate Object Costumes 
 Are you sick of being somebody? Be something! The Instructables community has created all kinds of creative costumes to let you be your favorite thing for Halloween. We've got toilet, iPod, sushi, bath pouf and even Tetris piece costumes. Have a look and see if you'd like to be an inanimate ob...
By: jessyratfink

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»3D Printed braille (Grade 1) letter blocks 
 Nothing really fancy, I created a set of 3D printed braille grade one block letters. These letter blocks are designed to embossed on paper, you can use a rubber roller to imprint these letters on paper. Each block fits in a single orientation so it the letters will always be in the correct orientati...
By: danleow

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»Reuse silicone sealant and nozzle 
 I am in the process of painting the interior of my house. There are quite a few areas that need a little sealant as part of the preparation. I am trying to be economical (financially and environmentally) and not throw out mostly full but cured tubes of sealant.This Intractable is my method to reusin...
By: blkxr5t

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»Holy 15 Great Batman Instructables! 
 Da-na-na-na-na-na-Batman! Batman is my favorite super hero, and some people have made some simply amazing Batman instructables. However when I made a Batman costume last year and used this website as my main resource, there were barely any Batman collections. This of course prompted me to make one b...
By: Purple_Matter

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»Sugru Mason Jar Bumper Guards 
 It's no secret Mason Jars are great to repurpose to drinking glasses. There's also plenty of ways (including DIY) to make a sealable drinking spout but what hasn't been done (as far as I can find) is "drop protection" for these glass jars. It's not that Mason Jars aren't robust, they can easily take...

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»Make Raspberry Pi device become a Bluetooth Object Push Profile (OPP) Server 
 BackgroundI got the idea of doing this instructable while doing another instructable "Send photo from Andriod Phone to Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth". The motivation is to extract some steps of one long instructable to form another unit of 'logically sound' instructable so as to simplfy things. In t...
By: roy_1000

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»Raspberry Pi camera sugru lens mount 
 The Pi camera is a must have but being a wannabe DSLR user, I was curious about the field of view and focal length of the camera.The camera had a very narrow FOV making it bad for closeup pictures.A box of sugru and my curiosity led to this :D Components needed The components are easily available...
By: ksmanoj95

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»Arduino ATTiny85 Voltage Monitor RGB LED 
 This little device when constructed draws about 2.5 mA from the battery it is connected across so for boats ,cars, etc .It can be left on all the time.It gives the battery voltage as a colour on an RGB LED .Very Low voltage -Flashing Red Under 11.5VLow Voltage -Red 11.5 to 11.9VUseable range -Gree...
By: tytower

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»Wireless PIR Sensor Alarm 
 This is a simple wireless PIR sensor alarm.The device consists of two parts.One is a transmitter that contains PIR sensor and a transmitter module.A second receiver consisting receiving module and piezo speaker. Parts You need:1. Two arduinos any version2. PIR sensor3. Piezo speaker4: RF 433MHz o...
By: MisloElectronics

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»Radio control fighting cars! 
 With a bit of Sugru, a few balloons and some kitchen knives, you too can enjoy the thrill of having your cheap radio controlled cars fight. To the death! The build Inflate a balloon about half way then duct tape the neck to the car. Take your balloon wearing RC cars and use some Sugru to bond a ...
By: fizzPOP-TheBirminghamHackspace

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»How to Make Android Head Halloween Costume! 
 Here's how to make Android Head Halloween costume in about 15 minutes!Parts needed:Construction hat - $7 at Home Depot 1 Big Piece of Green Sheet of Thick Paper - 69 cents at Dollar Store Packaging material or rolled up newspaper - You probably have some in your house. Green Duct Tape - $3.69 at Hom...
By: zedomax

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»Super Mario Crossplay Costume! 
 I wanted a new costume, I wanted it to be cute! But still iconic and recognizable! I didn't see a tutorial on here for this type of costume. Mario is super fun and I can make all different types of this dress for his other forms (fire flower,ice flower, or even Luigi!)This pattern actually can be ad...
By: Welldweller

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»Fairy Wing Wrap Skirt 
 Fairy wings. I don't think there is a costume piece that I have a more hate/love relationship with. I love the way they look, and I love the idea of being a fairy. However, typically they're made with wire and that means they're unrelenting and easily damaged due to frequently being made of thin ...
By: MsSweetSatisfaction

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»Severed Arm Cake 
 First I sculpted the marrow of the bones out of sugar paste, or fondantI made the marrow for the hand bones too, and then I let it harden. Make the bones.. I covered the "marrow" with white chocolate to create the bones. The rat's heads I sculped the rat's heads out of grey sugar paste and pai...
By: ajeweltoo

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»Ecto-tini, A Slimerific Cocktail 
 In my days as a bartender we would experiment with designing new cocktails after we closed up for the night. One spooky night in mid-October after all the patrons went home and the bar was dark and quiet a devilish idea came over me. Working by the light of the fireplace I concocted a lurid libati...
By: zymurgeneticist

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»Comic Hero and Villain Costumes 
 Your one stop resource for some of the best comic hero and villain costumes on Instructables. Enjoy! Two Dark knights. Batman Costume How to Make a Batgirl Costume BatKid's Key to Gotham City Mr Freeze DIY Joker Makeup (The Dark Knight) Make a life-sized Batmobile Tumbler ...
By: Natalina

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»gumball machine costume 
 This year I decided to go as a gumball machine. It's silly and a great excuse to wear copious amounts of pom poms. :DI saw a picture on Pinterest and immediately went full on arms-flailing-that-is-so-adorable mode and knew I wanted to recreate the costume.A gumball machine is a really great last min...
By: jessyratfink

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»SUGRU repair upcycled tin sheets 
 We built one of the sheds on our allotment from upcycled tin sheets. Unfortunately there were holes in some of the sheets - not ideal for building material. But using salvaged materials where possible is important to us and except for the holes, this was a great free building material. We opted for ...
By: coventrymakerspace

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»Canvas bag to Maker apron! 
 Learn how to make a MakerCon maker's apron . . . for making!If you're like me, you already have an overloaded pile of reusable bags. So when you get a free one, should you just add it to the pile? No, make an apron! Ready your weapons You will need:• reusable bag• seamripper• fabric scissors• hom...
By: sweeezn

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»Cable Management System 
 I work at an institution where we have a cabinet full of devices....and therefore, a cabinet full of messy cords and cables. With a few simple materials, I made myself a cable management system to hold a number of our tablets and e-readers, mess-free! Materials Needed 1 vertical file desktop sto...
By: eludemann

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»Sugar-Free Cheese Skulls for Dias de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 
 Traditionally, during the Day of the Dead, a major holiday in Mexico, people make skulls out of sugar. You can give the skulls as presents to the living or you can use them as offerings to the dead. Skulls are sometimes made to represent a deceased relative or friend. Other times, they are more simp...
By: The Milk Maid

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»Cyclops (X-Men) Dodocase VR Cardboard Mod 
 For this Build Night project, We've modified a Dodocase Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit to be a little snazzier. We spiffed it up to look like the classic visor worn by Cyclops from the X-Men. Should you be so inclined, you can do so as well. You'll need:MaterialsFoam boardPlastic sheet - you c...
By: TheHiveTHPL

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»Sugru Emma Jar Gasket 
 As the holiday season approaches, you'll need a place to put some treats. Or maybe just a jar with a tight lid for your craft project supplies? How about airtight storage of seasonal spices and herbs? So-called "Emma jars" are popular and have many uses, so it's a shame when the all-important gask...
By: decaturmakers

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»Belkin WEMO Garage Door Opener with Door Status Feedback 
 The goal of this project is implement a way for you to open and close your home garage door from your phone (iPhone, Droid, etc). While there are many projects for this on the internet, this one differs in that it can provide feedback to your phone on the actual status of the door (open or closed) a...
By: cdhutzler

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»Sugru printer door fix 
 The small plastic piece that holds this printer door closed snapped off some time ago. Tape has been securing it for a while now, but Sugru might be able to do it better. What you'll need: SugruA narrow tool for shaping (I used a tool for shaping clay, but even a butter knife would work) Place the...
By: 210teenlibrary

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»Arduino LED cube 
 This project requires some soldering expertise, but its an easy one and perfect for Arduino beginners. PARTS parts I used:* arduino UNO* PCB board* 64x diffused LEDs* wires from ethernet cable* 20x male pins for Arduino* 20x shrink tubes* 4x 100 OHM Resistors The cube drill 16 holes in a cardb...
By: ibenkos

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»Use SUGRU to repair water butt 
 The plastic drum we use as a water butt on our allotment had a hole in it that was a relic of its previous life. This obviously meant that it didn't store as much water as it could have, and it overflowed inconveniently. Any repair would need to be waterproof. Inspiration came in the form of a SUGRU...
By: coventrymakerspace

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»Moroccan Baked Eggs 
 A few weeks ago, I made these delicious baked eggs from smitten kitchen. They were really good. However, my first thought not related to eating them as quickly as possible was that they would be much, much better with meat. And then, inspiration struck! There's an adorable creperie in Williamsburg t...
By: impied

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»Sugru pencil topper 
 You'll need: SugruPencilSomething to keep the Sugru from sticking to the pencil - clingfilm, the Sugru packet itselfShaping tools (optional) Blend colors, shape pieces In this example, we'll make a pumpkin.Blend your desired color. The Sugru packaging has a handy color chart with helpful ratios.F...
By: 210teenlibrary

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»Repair cracked IBC with SUGRU 
 The IBC container used to hold rainwater on our allotment had developed a large and nasty crack near the bottom. Repair posed a challenge; any fix would need to be waterproof, and extremely strong given the pressure that will be exerted on the repair site once the container is full. Furthermore, the...
By: coventrymakerspace

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»Sugru pen holder (for clipboard) 
 You will need: a clipboardSugrua pen Divide the Sugru, Determine placement We used four pieces, for placing above and below the pen in four spots. You could probably use two big pieces, or three small ones... Whatever best suits your needs!Decide where on the clipboard your pen will fit best. Mar...
By: 210teenlibrary

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»Get a grip Needle Threader 
 Gather supplies: Needle threaders and SugruOpen Sugru and form small balls of the Sugru dough.Place around the end of the needle threader and allow to harden.It gives you a wonderful grip surface.
By: GoodingMake

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»Sewing Machine Foot Fix 
 Missing a machine foot fix the problem with Sugru.Open Sugru, mold piece to match other feet and put into place.
By: GoodingMake

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»Sugru: Handle grip for Cherry Pitter Tool 
 Here we used Sugru to make a better handle grip for a cherry pitter tool.
By: GoodingMake

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»Christmas Angel Ornament 
 This angel ornament, designed using clay and software, can be 3D printed without supports.I live in Florida and am a US resident. I created the body using polymer clay. The "backbone" was a pencil and the body was six inches tall. The body was scanned using a MakerBot Digitizer, then reduced in ...
By: authorswithapps

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»Sugru Your Earbuds 
 Sugru comes in basic colors you can mix. Play with it. Roll it around in your palm to create the shades and shapes you like. Understand problems, conceive solutions. My Sennheiser earpod and microphone set has excellent sound but isn't custom fit to my outer ear canal. It's also very small, li...
By: canis.millican

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 "Why the long face?" Draw on a gourd This gourd was a few notches more pumpkinish than some others I've encountered, and quite manageable once you get through the hard skin. Perhaps some genetic experimentation by an indiscriminate pollinator? Break on through The trick here was to get past th...
By: mcraghead

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»Custom Push Pins with Sugru 
 Liven up your office space with some custom push pins or thumbtacks! Basically, these came about when little bits of Sugru from other projects were left over. Sugru is a moldable, self-setting rubber, and a little bit goes a long way! If you're using it, think about making these little guys with ...
By: eludemann

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»DIY Lego Minifigure Costumes 
 There is something undeniably appealing about the simplified, boxy body of a Lego minifigure. Maybe it's the fact that the minifigs fit into the Lego universe so neatly, with feet, hairdos, and tools snapping perfectly into place every time.Whatever the draw, I've seen many amazing minifig costumes ...
By: xxlauraxx

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»Destiny - The Speaker Armor 
 This instructable is for The Speaker's armor. For the mask and hood, please go to my other Destiny costume instructable: you start at the beginning with the mask, I encourage you to work on the armor during the many hours of waiting for clay or ...
By: Rhonda Chase Design

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»Origami - Peace Crane 
 The origami peace crane is a Japanese classic. Legend has it that anyone who makes one thousand paper cranes is granted a wish. Make diagonal creases Start with the piece of origami paper color face down. Fold and unfold the paper diagonally in half in both directions to make an X. Make more cr...
By: justin.orton.7

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»Make a 3D Printed Mask from Photos 
 This project began as an experiment with friends to create a 3D printed mask for Halloween. We did the photo shoot on Halloween afternoon and had a printed mask before dark. I uploaded about a dozen photos from the shoot to 123D Catch. Although the mesh was full of bumps and other weird protrusion...
By: susanprice

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