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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Yuri on Ice Pork Cutlet Bowl (Pork Katsudon) 
 Katsudon or Pork cutlet bowl is an incredibly delicious comfort food in Japan made of rice, eggs, onions, sauce and deep fried pork. It is one of my favourite dinners to have and it only made it better that it was in the anime Yuri on Ice in which the main character's favourite food is... you guess...
By: ElisesEats

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»Collapsable and Reuseable Protest / Rally Sign 
 Planning to do a lot of Protesting? Want something Re-useable for your Rally? This sign uses blackboard (also known as chalkboard) fabric to make a sign you can write on over and over again! And to make it easily transportable it folds down into a little bundle so you can take it with you everywh...
By: Sahrye

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»Now That's My Cup of Tea.....NOT! 
 I love tea BUT not by the cup AND coming from the land of ARIZONA TEA, I don't even use the sun. For some, tea is a ritualistic daily habitual and that tea pot is a fine example. For myself, its a no soda method of hydration, with no sugar, and an appealing taste to myself.Please note: This is all ...
By: onrust

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»Functional Duct Tape Gas Mask! 
 So I decided to make something for the Duct Tape contest, and I was having trouble coming up with an idea. I did some research and came up with the basic stuff: wallets, bags, ties, hats, jackets, end even things like boats and hammocks. So I shifted my attention to things that (as far as I know) ha...
By: tatebullrider

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»Bacon Cups filled with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and served w/ Sriracha Lime Ranch 
 Yes, you read that right. BACON CUPS!Bite sized bacon cups filled with wasabi mashed potatoes, served with Sriracha-lime ranch.So what had happened was.... It was a dark and stormy night. Not really, but it was pretty late. It was that time of night where there's nothing on TV but Craig Ferguson ...
By: The Innkeeper

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»Mini Wormy Compost Bin 
 A simple counter top worm bin for people who have little space or want to try out vermicomposting The stuff 1-one gallon bucket2- 1/4lb red wigglers 3-tea filter or fine mesh4-news paper 5-food scraps Vent -To make the vent cut a whole in the lid -cut the tea filter into two squares then glu...
By: cfiorante

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»Build a Plastic Vacuum Former 
 I finally built my vacuum former after looking at builds and collecting parts for years.If I ever build another one, this outlines everything I need and the tricks I learned along the way. To buy a vacuum former like this, I would have spent over $5,000. I spent a LOT less. This is an all in one ...
By: WardWorks

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»How to Make a Simple Box 
 Words and process photos: David Lim Being precious with all the left over timber from furniture making, I took up the craft of pen turning, transforming offcuts into individual handmade writing instruments. When giving pens as gifts, the ‘tradition’ has been to present them with one of the many m...
By: Wood Review

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»3D Printed American Flag - Multicolor Single Extruder Printing 
 Multi-color 3D printing opens so many more possibilities to what you make! While there are many options for hardware and software to make this possible, in this Instructable I will be going over a technique that will allow nearly any 3D printer to create flat multi-color prints. Video! Materia...
By: fozzy13

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 I'm new in Raspberry Pi world, so please excuse my possible mistakes.This project is made for my kids. Retro games are usually less violent, more entertaining, and despite lesser graphics quality, often more attractive to kids. I found nice ROM, RetroPie, distribution for Raspberry Pi based on armbi...
By: vmusica

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»Valentine Rice Krispie Bars 
 I wanted to make some rice krispie treats for my baby shower and since Valentine's is coming up, I decided to use my little heart sprinkles and pink dyed white chocolate to make my treats! Now they work for Valentines and the baby shower.I made them pink (obviously), but you can change things up and...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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»Frozen Fried Onion Cubes - Version 2 
 For plebes who like "Hacking" & for elites who like "Repurposing" & for frugals who like "Recycling", forgive the pun "six of one 1/2 dozen of other" Recycle those plastic egg cartons for Frozen Fried Onions This is my 2nd version on Instructables, for Frozen Fried Onions, and its even easier th...
By: judy_smith

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»Indestructible Nalgene Water Bottle 
 This Instructable will detail how to replace a Nalgene classic plastic lid retainer with a steel cable. I have done this to all of my water bottles because it eliminates a low chance of losing my water while rock climbing. There are other variations of this idea that I have seen. I prefer this metho...

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»Gluten Free Paleo Waffles 
 This easy paleo waffle recipe is a great way to use up some leftover sweet potato for breakfast or brunch. It's a gluten free treat that everyone loves! Once you've made the recipe once, try making it again with a different spice blend or even a mashed up banana! It's a great recipe to play with and...
By: audreyobscura

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»Music Reactive Desk Lamp 
 Hi! In this instructable we'll be building a good looking light that dances to all sounds and music, using simple components and some basic Arduino programming. It makes an awesome effect while standing on the desk when gaming, playing music, and anything else that makes sound really. Let's get goin...
By: Natural Nerd

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»Fondant Sheep Cake Topper 
 With St David's Day due in March, I'm trying to create as many Welsh cupcake / cake toppers as possible. Today, it's a fondant Welsh sheep - and nope, this one has not made an appearance in Shaun the Sheep lol.When searching Instructables, I found this amazing post on How to make a sugar paste fonda...
By: midiansangel

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»Easy Water Bottle Shelf 
 Our collection of bike bottles, camel bottles, and other water bottles was taking up too much space in the cupboard.So I looked on Instructables for a water bottle rack, and found nothing that matched what I wanted, but I did find a wine rack: th...
By: wsr80913

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»Homemade Manicotti Recipe 
 These tender tasty manicotti are so much easier to stuff than the store bought variety. People are always amazed when I say I made my own noodles. It's super easy, and no special tools or equipment are needed. The filling. It's pretty simple here. Just mix them all together until well mixed. ...
By: RecklessRedneckWoodWorks

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»How to Create Double-Casted Forms Using Rockite and Glycerin 
 For this experiment, I wanted to explore double-casting using Rockite and glycerin.I'll be taking foam pieces, casting them inside of a mold using Rockite, and then casting the original shapes back into the forms with colored glycerin while using the first cast as formwork.You will need: foam core...
By: BillyB126

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»Candle Holder to Plant Stand: a Happy Ending 
 About a year ago I moved to a new flat. This candle holder was already there and, although it is nice, it wouldn't fit in and it didn't really match my taste either.The other pieces of furniture had already started bullying it, so I decided to get rid of it. But, for some reason, that day never came...
By: ChiaraC

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»Create an electronic puzzle box 
 In 2013, 24 teams of advanced puzzle enthusiasts met in Washington DC for a three day puzzle hunt known as "The Famine Game." http://www.thefaminegame.comTeams spent the weekend rushing to various DC locations where they would find puzzle to be solved. Each puzzle had as its answer a phrase that...
By: mkanoap

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»Motorized Bed for a Handicapped Person 
 This project exists because everyone deserves a good nights sleep!For some handicapped people who are not able to move much whilst asleep, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable to be in a single position all night long. There are some air mattress solutions that vary the pressure points of an immo...
By: YepTHX1138

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»Linear Motion by Cam Mechanism 
 A cam mechanism is one of several mechanisms that can generate a linear motion. Build a simple linear mechanical movement and adapt it into your own kinetic craft. I used cardboard with other craft materials. Things you need Arduino Uno (or RedBoard)A continuous servo motor3 wiresCardboard (or f...
By: dearhyunjoo

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»Arduino GPS Reciever In a Tin 
 Welcome to my tutorial on how to build a GPS Receiver! I have entered this Instructable into a few competitions that I think it is applicable to. If you feel it is worth a vote into the above contests, please do click the vote button. Thank you!Ever wanted to know your exact location? Perhaps the ex...
By: diytronics

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»chain lamp 
 Hi guys, This is an easy way to make your own lamp from an old (or new) chain Find your chain that you're going to use In my case; my bike was stolen and so they cut my chain in half (sad sad me) But hey now i can make a cool lamp! any chain will do. Shape it First start with the curve fro...
By: glenntman

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»Displaying an image on a LCD TFT screen with Arduino UNO 
 In this article, I will show you how to get an image on a TFT screen with Arduino!Read this tutorial or watch the youtube video :) Project materials Arduino UNOClick here for the Amazon productlinkTFT 1.17 inch LCD screen (A000096 Arduino)Click here for the Amazon productlinkA micro SD cardClick ...
By: CreaTechWeb

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»How to Make Dc to Dc Converter 
 Some timeyou have 12v battery and you make a project it need more than 12V so you can convert 12v to any voltage you needFor this circuit you need1- Transformer2- Two Power MOSFET3- Pwm controller (TL494)4- some resistors and capacitors Circuit You can see this video it help your circuit...
By: HawkarF

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»Sewer Pipe/scrap Wood Planters 
 Every woodworker has some scrap wood in his/her woodshop. There are countless ways to utilise this otherwise useless wood and now there is one more! I would like to share it with you guys!Over the years quite a big amount of scrap wood had piled in the corners of my workshop. Eventually, it started ...
By: CraftAndu

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»Wood Spool - Bobbin - REEL 
 wooden spool - Bobbin - reel Step 1; scrap wood metal can you will need some scrap plywood or solid wood Step: 2 the tools you will need you will need the tools show 2" and 3 ½ " and a glue gun as shown Step: 3 start drilling use the 2" just to go ½ way throw the materia...
By: Andrawis

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»3D Printed Watch Winder (ATtiny85+Stepper) 
 A friend of mine recently bought a watch winder to keep his automatic watch charged when he is not wearing it. I wanted one too, but these device are rather expensive! I then figured out how to make one on a tight budget: the total cost is less than 15$ (pla filament included)As I had already experi...
By: Simo_Dax

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»Wooden Passport Holder With Resin Window 
 I recently got my very first passport so I thought a passport holder would be an appropriate project to make. I wanted to do something new and different so I added a resin window to the front. The UK passport has a really nice design and the window lets it be seen even when its inside the holder.I h...
By: AverageJoesJoinery

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»Famous George's of the Cove Soup 
 George’s of the Cove is a beautiful restaurant located in La Jolla, CA and makes a wildly popular soup. This is my take on this long-time favorite. Make sure to watch the video for full instructions. For this video I made a 4x batch because I was having a large party. Here's the regular recipe below...
By: DIYwithCaitlin

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»Circle of Fifths MIDI Device 
 This is my first project using MUSE, a circuit board that I designed for creating Music Using Simple Electronics. It's very similar to and largely inspired by the Makey Makey. I prepared this as a demo for kids in a class called Magical Musical Objects at the Children's Museum of Bozeman STEAMlab, w...
By: jallwine

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»How to Rusty Metal Pieces Using Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide and Salt 
 I love patina and rusted, aged metal pieces and needed some for my future project so instead of collecting them over some period I decided to aged some new metal pieces and speed my process.I've tried lots of different ways for aging metal but this method gave the best results. If you only apply vin...
By: Inablue

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»DIY 360 Dog Wash Ring for Your Pet ! 
 Hello Guys this is Kedar here So my buddy plays a lot he likes to play with his yellow ball he can also do many tricks but when it's time to shower him ,he pretty much disappear's like magic trick he doesn't like to shower that march when I carry him to its shower place he always manages to escape ...
By: Kedar Nimbalkar

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»Raspberry Almond Smoothie 
 Raspberry almond smoothie is a great choice for those looking for dairy free alternatives but also for those who like almond milk or want to stay healthy!This almond milk smoothie only takes 5 minutes to prepare and gives you a vitamin and energy boost!Read more
By: HappyFoods

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»Wooden Knuckle Dusters 
 I wanted to make a few gifts for some old college buddies and my brother in law. I thought long and hard about what would make an awesome gift they'd never forget or get rid of. And the first thing that came to mind were these wooden knuckle dusters. My first idea was to make them out of solid walnu...
By: Adam Gabbert

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»Working With Leather 
 Leather projects and edu for home, fashion, and cosplay.Several of my collections will feature my favorites from around the instructables site. I appreciate the follows but please also visit and follow the Authors of the projects you enjoy. how to thread a leather needle how to glue leather fo...
By: InspiredBySomethingSweet

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»Kusudama night light 
 I recently figured out a lamp design for the Kusudama. Flower balls are quite popular in the origami world; however, few of them can actually be used for lamp, probably because its solid structure could not accommodate a globe. For this reason, I thought about casting the light underneath the flower...
By: EzyCraft

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»Sewing & Embroidery 
 Sewing / Embroidery info and projects for home decor, fashion, and cosplay.Several of my collections will feature my favorites from around the instructables site. I appreciate the follows but please also visit and follow the Authors of the projects you enjoy. How to transfer embroideries sewin...
By: InspiredBySomethingSweet

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»Miter Saw Stand Add for a Drill Press 
 I work in our basement, i have a small room there. Nice place tough, but to be able to use and to get fit all tools i want, i had to find my own solutions.This is my solution from how to get drill press verstile and be able to drill long parts with it. No need for separate drill table.. I made a ...
By: Tuomas Soikkeli

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»Home Made Home Run - Chicken Nuggets With Chili and Cheese 
 There is a hometown deli which serves their famous chicken nuggets with fries covered in spicy chili and cheese, they call it a Home Run! What is a guy to do who no longer has access to such a dangerously delectable meal? Make your own! I substituted the fries for roasted potatoes but the end result...
By: michaelogrady

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»Desktop Gardening Tools 
 This Instructable is to teach you how to make a set of Desktop Gardening Tools. The process is pretty simple and in the end you will have a cute set of tools to impress your friends. You can even take it a step further and build yourself a mini tool rack or desktop garden patch to complete your litt...
By: tobeanova

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»Tape and Misc Stuff Organizer 
 I live in a house with a three car garage. I’ve already built out the two car side of the garage and now am starting to work on the single car side. I’ve already built out much of it and now I’m catching up on the video editing – which is why I’m wearing shorts in winter. The space includes an L-sha...
By: Making it Matters

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»Making a 3D Hologram with plastic boxes 
 If you have waste plastic boxes, Wait! don't throw themIt is a 3d hologram. Just follow the steps and put this hologram on the mobile screen. You can have some hologram videos for hologram on Youtube. Gather materials 1. Transparent plastic box to be reused2. Glue3. scissor Cut plastic pieces ...
By: Patel Darshil

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»Iot Modbot 
 La Raspberry Pi ha estat la llavor de tota una “revolució”, i encara que originalment aquest mini ordinador va ser concebut com una solució orientada a entorns educatius, les seves possibilitats i prestacions aviat han aconseguit convertir-les en base de tot tipus de projectes, cada vegada més origi...
By: rasbian

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»Belt Aid for Visualy Impaired Person 
 Blind people facing several problems in their life, one of these problems that is the most important one is detection the obstacles when they are walking. Their life is full of risk, they can’t walk without help from others, their life depends upon others.One of the alternative device for the visual...
By: LucytaP

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»Motorized Screw Organizer With Jam Jars: the Caroustore 
 I suggest to you a practical and original system to find your hardware (screws, nails, bolts ...): a carousel of 32 jam jar, motorized with a wiper motor.Finding a piece becomes quick because a sample of each piece is visible in a numbered rack.Working: the desired part is marked on the display, the...
By: MagicManu

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»Motion Controlled Faucet 
 Ever had your hands full with delicate dishes or glasses and weren't able to turn the sink on? Have you ever been in a sticky situation, no pun intended, and didn't want to contaminate your sink handle with whatever was on your hands? Have you ever been giving a baby a bath but needed to increase or...
By: sbyrne19

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»Leather Tray With Bolts 
 This is something you probably already saw.... Anyway, I had one bought at some street market, the material was some kind of super think eco-leather and in time it started to fall apart.Finding it a useful ornament, I decided to make one from a proper real material. So I search in my scrap pile and ...
By: pitakire

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