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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Installing Cutting Board Feet 
 I don’t typically put feet on my cutting boards. I’m not really sure why exactly, maybe the more streamlined look or the ability to have a two-sided board?Anyways, I do on occasion get a request for adding feet to a custom ordered cutting board. I have tried several different feet but have finally s...
By: BorkWood

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»How to Stretch Canvas That Stays Tight 
 Giclee prints on canvas has been made popular by stretching these prints on wooden frames, wrapping the image over the side and stapling beneath the artwork, this technique is called a" Gallery Wrap". No expensive decorative moulding is used. The traditional method for stretching printed art on can...
By: DavidW90

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»Retro Gaming Console (N64 Mod) With KODI (~$200CAD) 
 Playing retro games on old school consoles is a lot of fun however to buy the individual consoles and all the games that go along with it is too cumbersome and expensive! Not to mention if you are a college/university student and move apartments every 12 months, it's not the easiest thing to pack up...
By: DuncanI1

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»Antique Tissue Box Holder 
 Hi ... I teach crafts for kids and this is one of the items that I taught my students. Each and everyone ended up with a different coloured finish because I told to them to bring green (I did not specify which green). They also made different patterns according to their age capability (from 9 years ...
By: zanees76

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»Circle Jig 
 The laser cutter is currently the only tool capable of making accurate circular cuts in wood. The laser cutter has its limits, however, as only thin widths of wood can be cut through. The jig saw, scroll saw, and router are capable of these cuts, but novice wood workers may struggle keeping the cut ...
By: MatthewB411

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 Zucchini's are a great vegetable. They taste delicious in a simple pan-fry or as zoodles. I've decided to take them up a notch by breading them to serve as a snack or as an appetizer at a party. Served with some warm marinara sauce and they will be gone instantly! These squashes are also filled w...
By: christieathome

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 I think I've found my new favourite Avocado Toast with a twist. It's completely plant-based and there are no animal products in this. The twist is Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, topped off with sliced avocados, tomatoes, fresh basil, salt and avocado oil. I love avocado toast with egg but it's so hea...
By: christieathome

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»Talk to All Your Devices. Google Now Integration With Arduino (Smartphone/Smartwatch) 
 “Take control”, this is the watchword of the contest in which I participate with this my first INSTRUCTABLES.Just take control, it is the purpose of this project. Taking control of our home, of our office, of the electronic devices or also of the home appliances. But take control means having the co...
By: ddi tella

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»Robot B9 - " Lost in Space " Moebius 
 A tribute for these four genius :Robert KinoshitaBob May Dick" Tufeldand Irwin Allen Components List : Moebius Robot B9 – (Pathfinder)Componentes list :1. Shell ( Case ) – Moebius Model nbr- 9392. Twin-Motor Gearbox ( Tamiya – no70097-840).3. Track-Whell Set ( Tamiya – no 70100-600...
By: leunamerasec

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 Describe your collection here... Cheap Solar Panel for Under $30 Bike Analog Speedometer Easy Waterproof Clothing Solar George Foreman Cooker Firestarter & Tinder Case V2 How to Photograph the MOON
By: dustcircle

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»Tripp and Connor's Drone 
 Tripp and Connor's Drone Initial Sketch We first brainstormed some ideas of what our drone could look like. We wanted to create unique design that wouldn't resemble previous designs that our class had made. ADD MORE HERE We settled on an oblong X shape. Initial Design Using SolidWorks we made ...
By: TrippR1

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»Arduino Flappy Bird Game 
 This Is A Very Simple Arduino 16*2 Lcd Game Which Can Be Played Using The Click Of A Push Button Easy & Simple .............. Parts ....... * ARDUINO NANO* I2C LCD MODULE* PUSH BUTTON SWITCH * BREADBOARD * MALE - MALE JUMPERS * MALE - FEMALE JUMPERS Wiring .... Connect The I2C Module To The ...
By: SreeR18

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»Loom Knitting Bind Offs 
 Binding off is one of the essentials when finishing a project, and choosing the right one can mean the look of pro or newbie. Here is a list and instructions of some basic bind offs for loom knitting (this excludes rake loom knitting). There are many more than what I provide, but these methods I fin...
By: The Loom Muse

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»Star Vortex - Photoshop Tutorial! 
 In the summer of last year, I embarked on an astrophotography trip to shoot my first ever Milky Way images. In addition, I also captured a timelapse series of a different set of stars, in which I used to create a star trail image stack (see my fifth image above). But I felt that there was more I cou...
By: umami_tsunami

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»Portable ECG Machine 
 An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test which measures the electrical activity of your heart to show whether or not it is working normally. An ECG can reveal a wealth of information about cardiac regulation, as well insights into pathological conditions. An electrocardiogram can be a useful way to find...
By: taifur

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»"Rockets" Mini Magnetic Lights 
 The idea for this project was to create unique and modern lights, with cheap and common materials. It is also design to be simple and versatile. Simple so that everyone can make them, and versatile so that people can use them in different configurations. The name Rocket comes from its appearance of ...
By: smokelessgunpowder

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»Up-cycle Painting 
 This frame is made from an picture-printed-frame that I never quite like. It is hand painted, the pictures are fastened with magnets and I use an old tire around the frame for attaching it to the wall. Let me tell you in more detail what I did! Old print Together with one of my young kids I pain...
By: lijlijlijntje

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»Level Bracelets 
 IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE VOTE FOR IT ON THE JEWELLERY CONTEST, THANKS! :)A long time ago I found a tiny level in a second hand open air market. I didn't buy it, sadly, and because of that I was obsessed with it until I found a pack of these on internet and I bought it!So after a lot of thinking I had ...
By: Kozmicblues69

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»Wet Sponge Throwing Board 
 Hi everyone, thanks for taking time out to visit our first Instructable.We have been fans of this site for a long time and when asked if we could make a “Wet sponge throwing board” for a charity event, my wife and I thought let’s pass on what we learnt along the way and share in the fun of making it...
By: Curiosity Craft Centre

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»LED Wicket Sensor 
 Theory: As a moving object hits a still object, a acceleration is observed to which makes the target move.If we put a accelerometer sensor on the Wicket, we can detect the impact by change in values of the accelerometer. THis info can be used to light up the LEDs. Requirements and Making Circu...
By: PranavT11

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»A Better Bevel/Angle Gauge 
 A simple little project. I bought the world's worst bevel gauge - it worked ok but boy was it ugly - a cheap and nasty handle with a colour that was like mustard and baby poo somehow had a really unattractive plastic baby.So I grabbed some scrap wood and set out to make something nicer. A quick not...
By: makerandco

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»DIY Tutorial-How to Make a Ocean Series Shell Pendant with Tassels Necklace Jewelry 
 This DIY Tutorial, including how to make the resin shell necklace pendant, how to match the ocean beach-style necklace! Hope you will like it!Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you can know more details about us! Facebook: HappyJewelrySupplies Instagram: HappyJewelrySuppliesOur Website + Etsy onli...
By: HappyJewelrySupplies

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»How to Use ESP8266 With PCF8574 - 4 Input and 4 Output 
 How to increase the number of I/O pins on the ESP8266 using the PCF8574. This example will use four buttons (as inputs) and four relays (as outputs) and only one PCF8574 chip. The four pins of the PCF8574 chip will be set as inputs and four pins as outputs. In this example I will use NodeMCU but it ...
By: adachsoft

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 Hi guys, welcome to my new project : MINI MIXER. In this article, I will show you HOW TO MAKE MINI MIXER or ELECTRIC MINI MIXER.If you want a more visual instruction please click to this below instructional video.If you like, SUBSCRIBE my Youtube channel ☞☞☞ HERE ☜☜☜. I always update my new projects...
By: tiktaktricks

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»DYI Letters a to Z With Shadow 
 Learn how to make letters from A to Z using craft foam (peel and stick). Here are some ideas on where to use this project: Make Happy Birthday Banner Make Happy Anniversary Banner or sign Make Happy Graduation, congratulations sign Wedding Church Decorations Stage decorations Room Decors Classroom ...
By: Alohagems

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»Tortilla Pizza Cake With Ground Beef, Beans,spring Onions and Gouda Recipe 
 Ingredients:6 Tortilla wraps500g ground beef1 bundle spring onions300g thick green beans250g baked beans250ml cream250g gouda cheesesalt & pepper Preparation Cut the spring onions in pieces. Fry the ground beef in a hot pan and scatter salt & pepper to it. When the beef looks good add the spring ...
By: FoodforDude

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»Coconut Waffels With Blackberrie Shank Recipe 
 Ingredients:400g flour500ml milk250g warm butter125g brown sugar125g normal sugar100g coconut rasp5 eggs2 packs vanilla sugar a half pack bakin powder150g Blackberries1 cup shank50g powder sugar Preparation Mix the baking powder, coconut rasp and the flour in a bowl. Mix the normal & the brown su...
By: FoodforDude

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»Wood and Copper Bench From an Old Swing Seat 
 I recently found an old, wooden swing seat in a scrapyard where it was serving as one side of a planting trough. I love its dark, fissured surface because it reminds me of happy childhood days spent in playgrounds made of wood, before they got all plasticky. There's nothing like the satin warmth of ...
By: chuleto

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»Corrugated Silhouettes 
 Using a few boxes from the recycle bin and a couple cans of spray paint, you can create these beauties!Since cardboard is usually comprised of three layers, we can cut away to show depth and negative space.A simple Google search of "silhouette artwork" will yield many inspiring pictures for your del...
By: WarriorStudio

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»Outdoor Adventure Projects 
 This collection includes some of the best outdoor adventure projects from Instructables. From camping to canoeing, and hiking to fishing, this collection is full of awesome documentation to get you inspired to try your hand at these outdoorsy DIY projects. Chuck Box - Camp Kitchen Camping Show...
By: audreyobscura

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  null 2X72 Belt Grinder Simple Wide Belt Sander for Wooden Strips Disc Sander and Belt Sander Power Drill to Belt Sander Conversion Dremel Belt Sander Attachment Secure Suction Chamber for Disc Sander Wood working
By: DennyS11

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»DIY Kitchen and Bathroom 
 A collection DIY projects that help keep Kitchens and Bathrooms clean and organized. Easiest Cupboard Pan Lid Organiser Inexpensive DIY Under-Cabinet Lighting Magnetic Tea Towels How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances How to Clean Wooden Serving Bowls Mr. Compost: How to Make...
By: audreyobscura

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»Alexa Go Go With RPi 3_part_1 
 I am figuring about the AI ROBOT platform with RPi 3 out.And control the Alexa Go Go wirelessly.i use arduino nano controlling the wheels with servoand dc-motor controlling by the remoter(part_4). maybe there are someone wondering about the IR remoterthat is not smart enough. so that i make with an ...
By: David_Lin

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»Ultrasonic Motion Tracker 
 Here's a cool arduino project you can make it can be used for many different projects.Required materials• Breadboard• Ultrasonic Range Sensor x2 (I used the four pin version so if you are using the ping version you'll have to change the code a bit) • Servo (I used a micro size) • Arduino UNO or simi...
By: sauron7321

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  Solar Powered Go Kart For another inspiration Electric Arduino Go-kart For additional info How to Make a Go-Kart A simple one that i can build Chibikart: Rapid-Prototyping a Subminiature Electric Go-Kart Using Digital Fabrication and Hobby Components Inspire to make How to Make an El...
By: DennyS11

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»Cats Ear Ring 
 this is a guide to give you an idea on how i made my cats ear ring. its a wax casting so this guide will cover most of the tools u can use to make you experience enjoyable. The Carveing first things are first. i cut off a piece of ring shaped wax and got carving. whittling down the wax, i roughl...
By: JamesK315

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»Ultimate Third Hand 
 What is a third hand?A third hand is a devise used to hold something in place while work is being performed. It is essentially a third hand to aid your two hands. It is like having someone else’s hand to help hold something that you are working on. With the aid of another hand to steady your work yo...
By: Franklin7993

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»3D Printed Custom Guitar 
 Note: I have made this Instructable for the "In Motion Contest." This project is both 3D printed and it enables motion by the strings vibrating. It's been a very fun and challenging project.I started this project when I saw something similar on Thingiverse called the Black Widow - a 3D print...
By: WillM122

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»How to mod a computer case 
 By: Connor Sheehan Step 1: Plan What You Want to Do Google is a great tool for this, all you have to do is search something along the effect of "custom pc." Another great place to look is case modding competitions, this is where I found the idea for my project. Once you have an idea of what you w...
By: ctsheeha

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 Describe your collection here... Box (finger) Joint Jig How-to: Laser Engraving Photo R2D2 - Laser Cut Wood Model Engraved M&Ms Laser Cut Box With Veneer Endless Knot Inlay Laser Marquetry & Inlays - Advanced Technique
By: KrelI

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»ElecTrumpet (Arduino) 
 I had seen a project on here before to make a sort of trumpet with an Arduino by rigging up three buttons, but its range was limited and it couldn't play sharps or flats. This design uses a joystick to allow for different ranges that can be reached by tightening one's lips when using a real trumpet....
By: GabeZ3

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»Home Garden Monitoring System 
 This is a system that allows you to monitor the soil moisture percentage, as well as the temperature and humidity in the air. It is fairly simple and cheap to build.Supplies:-3 different colored LED's-10k potentiometer-LCD Display 16x2-Temperature and Humidity sensor-Soil Moisture sensor (you can go...
By: rrbendish

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»Safety First RC Car 
 Build a RC car that uses ultrasonic sensor to detect objects in front of it. And cuts power to the forward motion when reaches a certain distance from an object (specified in code) while retaining the ability to move backwards. What You Will Need. With your Arduino, you will need:1: 9v battery1: ...
By: DynamicDuo2

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 This is a step by step procedure to create a lockbox with arduino. The arduino stores a modifiable password and when it is inputted will rotate the servo mechanism. Things you will need:Arduino Mega 2560 (or uno)ServoMembrane Switch Module (keypad)Extended Power CableM-M wires (Male to Male jumper w...
By: abales12

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»Wooden Wolf Paw Pendant, Keychain or Wall Decoration 
 Hello everyone,In this project I want to show you how to make a Wooden Wolf Paw Pendant, Keychain or Wall Decoration. I made a video and step by step instruction how to make it. So, let's get started :)Materials:- Piece of wood- Piece of twine or chain Tools:- Sandpaper- Chisel or cnc router- Belt s...
By: Thomas Workshop

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»GoPro Panorama and Time Lapse Project 
 IntroductionWhile an egg timer can provide a basic rotation device for my GoPro, I decided to make one with a bit more control for this summer. I’ll probably do another with more robustness, but for a quick beta-project, this works for now. What I wanted from the project was: LiPo battery power f...
By: tinker17

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  Tutorial ESP8266 and Node-RED MQTT GPIO (Mosquitto) # 1 Build a Apple HomeKit Temperature Sensor Device Using a ESP8266 and a BME280 An Inexpensive IoT Enabler Using ESP8266 HomeKit HomeBridge Siri Enabled Arduino ESP8266 NodeMCU Based Temperature and Ambient Light Room Sensors for H...
By: kpadilha

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»Completely 3D Printed Scissor Jack 
 This instructable will show you how to print and assemble the completely 3D printed scissor jack. Printing the Parts (Getting the STL Files and Making Them Into G Code) The STL files are available here: downloading the files from the button near the b...
By: Cameron Clarke

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 Describe your collection here... Tinker's Word Clock - REVISITED! NOW 110% More AWESOME (Clean and Easy to Make) Digital/Analog Clock - Arduino + PaperCraft Blüp: the Bubble Notifier Puzzle Alarm Clock The Light Clock (IoT)
By: YorickS

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»DIY Game Board for Carrom or Marbles 
 This week, we built a game board which you can customize to play marbles, skittles, carrom, billiards, pool, shuffleboard, crokinole and more!My game board features two games, marbles and carrom. Marbles has been played for thousands of years in various forms. Carrom is a “strike and pocket” game ...
By: woodshopcowboy

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