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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Halo CE Helmet Pepakura Step 1 
 This is the first part of my micro-series, about building my very own Halo Combat Evolved Pepakura Helmet to complete my halo armor for next Halloween. I know not many people do CE helmets, and I quite honestly liked it better than the modern Halo helmets. And it was simpler, easier to accomplish fo...
By: Tesla871

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»IOT123 - POWER METER BOX Assembly 
 This is a casing for the ATTINYPOWERMETER authored by moononournation.It can continuous measure the voltage(V), current(mA) and accumulated power usage(mWh). And also plot a simple graph to visualise the figures. As simple hookup guide is splashed on the OLED screen on startup.The code has been fork...
By: IOT_123

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»The Different Picture Frame 
 Hello you! This Instructable is about how to make a different picture frame with picture slide-in feature. In my Video you also see how I made it. Have fun watching & reading! Let's go! The Wood I start to build my frame using a wood slab. It's measurements are 3 by 1cm and it has a length of 100...
By: Julian Do It

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»Simple Tutorials to Learn How to Make Earrings With Three Colors Thread 
 This tutorial is about tying knots to make a pair of earrings with three colors threads, And we also need the earring hooks to finish the earrings, wanna to try?Making thread earrings come in various style, so they can be made customized pieces to send to friends as special gifts. This special thre...
By: DasiyD

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»How to Make a Dragonfly Keychain With Nylon Thread for Couples 
 This dragonfly knot tutorial is to show you a good idea to make a dragonfly keychain for couples with thread jewelry making, which costs less to make but full of love. Don’t leave, the result is a surprise! Materials Needed in Dragonfly Knot Keychain Tutorial: To make this string material dragonf...
By: DasiyD

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»Sentient Spacecraft Alexa Echo Dot Enclosure Using Tinkercad 
 I've been using Tinkercad for a few months now as my primary design software for creating objects for 3D printing. Along the way, I've been wanting to design something different from the usual forms composed of basic shapes such as Squares and Circles from Tinkercads default collection. This led me...
By: andymenon

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»Musical Note! 
 It was probably the 21st century’s preeminent sage Bill Murray that summed up the problem most succinctly: “How to tie the strongest knot ever: 1) Put some headphones in your pocket 2) Wait one minute”.We don't really know why this happens, but here is a solution! (Actually there are some studies: ...
By: HernanGregorio

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»Sanding Small Parts 
  This may barely, if at all, qualify as an instructible. In fact, it might be better called a TIPtible. Regardless, I wanted to share with those who, like me, find themselves sanding small items using electric and pneumatic sanders and being disappointed with the efficiency at which they remove ...
By: KellyCraig

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»Electric Ride on Battery Mantenance 
 Maintaining you child ride on battery Maintaining Electric Ride on Toys Batteries When the charge in your child’s ride on doesn’t last as long or the vehicle goes slowerIt is time to check the batteries Removing the Lid to the Caps These batteries are called “sealed rechargeable batteries “,if...
By: jveazey

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»Crank Phone Charger 
 This phone charger is like any other portable charger to the fact that its an external battery for your phone. But with this power brick it comes with a hand powered crank to charge the battery. The crank can be very useful for when both batteries are out of power. It comes in handy for emergencies ...
By: seylerj820

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»Ol' Classic Crêpe 
 Oh, you're hungry, but there is no more junk food and everything in the fridge is gone! what do you do? "Bake" hot pockets. But the hot pockets are gone, so you make pancakes, but the pancake batter is gone. Then what do you do? Make brownies. But uh oh, your oven pan (That's what I call them) is in...
By: Coolicyw

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»DIY : 2 in 1 Flower Vase / Pen Stand- Recycled Craft With Newspapers and Toilet Paper Roll 
 Aside from the flowers, it would also be nice if we have lovely vases too :) :) With that, it would be a complete package of beauty. I know you think that it is really simple to DIY flower vase. And guess what, you are actually right , you can make a beautiful flower vase or pen stand with Newspape...
By: art paper scissors

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»Science of Kimchi 
 Kimchi is one of the worlds healthiest probiotics, it is packed with vitamins and health microorganisms and it can be made right at home. In this Instructable, I will show you how to make easy, yummy and healthy kimchi, as well as talk about the complex science that makes it so beneficial and delect...
By: Jadem52

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»DIY CC CV Variable Bench Power Supply 1-32V, 0-5A 
 I have gone without a variable lab bench power supply for too long now. The PC power supply that I have been using to power most of my projects has been shorted out too many times - I have actually killed 2 by accident - and needs a replacement, at least for low power loads. There are now extremely ...
By: A2D Electronics

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»Advanced Platformer Movement 
 There is no shortage of “my first platformer” tutorials and mario remakes out there. This is NOT one of them. This tutorial, instead, is for those who want to take it another step forward, you will not be learning the technology to create games, you will learn the theory to take a mario clone and c...
By: jlett12

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»Variable Voltage and Current Power Supply 
 Check the above video for all the steps.Homemade power supply, ideal for testing leds, motors and other electronics.List:-Dual Meter -DC module -10 k precision potentiometeror- Normal 10k Potentiometer ​Prepare the Case In this project i´m going to use a plastic container, cut 2 tipes of wood to ...
By: D-TeK

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»Pallet Raised Beds 
 I have been wanting to build these for sometime now. This was a really easy project hope you enjoy Gather Material material neededPallets Nails or screwsToolsHammer or drill Tape measure Build a Frame I cut the height at 1 foot and used the longer lengths of the thicker wood of the pallet as ...
By: bpoulton

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»Ring on a Chain Magic Trick DIY Pocket Size 
 This is one of my favorite magic tricks and I will show you how to make the simple props and how to do the trick. One of the good things about this trick is that you can keep the props in your pocket and be ready to use the trick to distract a child that is upset about an argument with a sibling or...

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»How to Remove Blood From Clothing 
 As a clumsy person with a blood disease, I have been bleeding on myself and everything around me for most of my life. This particular time was a random nosebleed that ended up on my t-shirt. :P I've gotten really REALLY good at removing blood from clothing, sheets, upholstery, towels, etc. The major...
By: jessyratfink

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»Compost Bin: Wood and Wire Mesh 
 There are cheap, easy and fast compost bins but they often come with problems. I have made a few of these for family members and this design has the advantages of large size and flexibility as well as being portable. Each side of the bin is a unit that can be easily be removed as you remove materi...
By: dstoudt70

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»MIDI Pod-Pal 
 I won't go into a ridiculous amount of depth here on the build part, my intention was to show another example of building an Arduino based MIDI controller if you are researching the topic or thinking about building something and gathering ideas. My application is fairly specific for the Line 6 Pod ...
By: ArtieJ

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»Hollow Core Keychain. DIY - Casting Aluminum at Home 
 I wanted to make some "unique" keychain. It'll have a hollow core and will consist of 2 parts. Casting Making foam pattern, mold and start casting aluminum Processing Grinding, drilling, threading, painting... The Bar Keychain Is Ready The keychain is ready. It can be used to carry spare ba...
By: DuralM

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»Battery Tester 
 This Arduino project will help you test your battery. You will get an estimate of the amount of battery your battery has. DO NOT EXCEED 5VMATERIALS:10 wires3 LED lights(color doesn't matter)1 bread board1 Arduino board1 battery(5V or less) Code float on = 1.4;float off = 1,4;float Volts;void setu...
By: perez3c

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»Up Cycled Plastic Pot 
 In this instructable I took an old dirty plastic pot and transformed it into a more pleasing flower pot for our garden. We went to the garden center and purchased a pot of petunias but immediately put them into a better looking pot. My husband usually throws these containers out, but on this rainy ...
By: tattoogirl

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»Arduino Tutorial - Ultrasonic Sensor 
 Bem vindos a mais um tutorial acerca do Arduino e os seus sensores, neste tutorial explicamos o funcionamento e características de um sensor de ultrasons tendo este varias aplicações em vários tipos de projectos como robótica ou instrumentação.Assim, iremos explicar as funcionalidades deste sensor a...
By: Crazy Taz Projects

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»Create Astonishing Photographs on Your Living Room Table With Cutouts 
 This is an instruction on how to create cutouts for dioramas that use lightpainting techniques to create astonishing photos. Lightpainting is an advanced photographic technique that can create a lot of stunning effects that combine manually applied light with real elements. So basically everything y...
By: RyusLightworks

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»Oil FIlter Cutter 
 Oil filter can be opened using angle grinder, but metal filings will contaminate the filter.There are specialized oil filter cutters available on the market but they aren't cheap.It's quite a simple tool, so I've tried to make one myself.Based on
By: Rzooq

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»My Contestant Constant 
 i'm on a mini-boat!i'm the captian! There was a waterfall of fire i saw it as the captian of my ship as we sailed thru the straights of the agean My first mate jumped out of the sea to tell me this he then fell back into the sea, as there was no room for him onboard my boat
By: mmmelroy

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»Storybook With Magnetic Figures (#11) 
 I hope that you enjoy the latest storybook. Print. Print the first eight pages, using these settings: landscape, double-sided, flip on the short edge.If possible, use light weight cover stock.Print page nine on heavier cover stock. Cut. Cut four pages in half as shown. DO NOT CUT THE LAST P...
By: luann2425

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»Up-Cycling Clothes 
 This project we will be upcycling some random clothes from the thrift shop. We went in there with 50$ and spent forty of it con clothes and shoes Step 1: Coming Up With Ideas First, you should go to google and come up with some ideas about what you want to make with the clothes you want to try to...
By: alhart01

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»Icarus Drone Protection 
 This is the instructional process of designing and building a protective casing for drones. Materials 1. SharkBite pex piping2. PVC pipe connectors (6 cross-connectors, 4 T connectors) ensure it is the appropriate size.3. DJI Phantom drone Center Circle The center circle is made of 7' of pipi...
By: twharton2

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»Easy HDPE Casting Using a Kalk Gun 
 This is an easy and inexpensive method to embed small objects in HDPE. HDPE is a type of plastic that is recyclable and is readily available. Using this method you can make useful knobs for bolts, embed bearings or just make something pretty. Lets get started! Prepare Your HDPE Look for the HDPE ...
By: noctaib

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»Magnetic Knife Board 
 This board is designed to hold all sorts of knives. It is meant to hold 12 small to medium sized pocket knives, 4 larger pocket knives or small fixed blade knives, and 2 larger knives. The knives are held on the board b y magnets which allows for quick and easy storage as well as knife retrieval. I ...
By: CarterB18

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»How to Make Balaclava 
 Step by step instructions plus pro TIPS! With video tutorial incase you get stuck along the way. Video Instructions Here is the video. Feel free to check it out if you get stuck. Supply List -LINK to Pattern: -LINK to Fabric: http://amzn.t...
By: ProperFit Clothing

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»Paper Mache Anchor 
 Are you planning the next Under the Sea theme party or a Little Mermaid party? Are you in the need for a stunning crafty piece and don't want to spend the money? Look no further, this easy to do project is the key! Please note time, dedication, and patience is also required to create this stunner. L...
By: AJsCreativeDecor

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»Solar Mailbox Light 
 I did this with my previous mailbox and really liked it, I no longer had to turn on the light in my truck to see if there was mail in the back of the box. Well the wife suggested that I get a larger mailbox, Now I am able to provide you with my version of the solar mailbox light. Tools For this v...
By: mc-professor

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»Paracord Fidget Ring 
 This Christmas I had a lot of people I wanted to give gifts to. Being a college student with a very tight budget I decided my best option would be to make homemade gifts. After a quick inventory through my closet, a bit of brainstorming, and some trial and error this is what I came up with.Since Chr...
By: StraitEdge

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»Upgrade an ATGAMES Sega Genesis Portable With a 1500mAh Battery. 
 I like the Sega Genesis Portable from ATGAMES. However since Neto and Rafael Müller fixed the sound, game saves, game genie... etc, I like it much more... so much that I cant put it down. Recharging became a hassle and I wanted something better. I had a hard time finding an exact battery so I ordere...
By: MicroNut99

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»Ministry of Magic Memo 
 What better way to send an interdepartmental memo than in paper airplane form? I guess there's email, but that's boring!SUPPLIESCutting Mat - Get it hereX-Acto Knife – Get it here Metal Ruler – Get it here White Paper – Get it here Scissors - Get it here Sticker Paper – Get it here DecoFoil Adhesiv...
By: Muggle Magic

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»Belt Hole Puncher 
 How to make a belt hole puncher Step 1 Making the Gear -lazer cut or hand cut 6 gears with 3/8 inch holes in them and a one inch hole in the center of them, and make the gear 6 inches and an 1/8th in diameter.-then glue the gears in pairs of two to get three gears-lazier cut or hand cut 8 O rings...
By: Ticker31

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»Pegasus Noodle Horse 
 Intro: I needed a special horse for an upcoming Derby Luncheon at our local Wood Badge Scouting event. So I went to the basement to see what I could scounge up to use to make one. After digging through my scraps and searching online for ideas I had all kinds materials to make what I wanted. FYI y...
By: GFire

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»Rice Crispy Treats 
 This is a recipe that I really love and that my grandma taught me how to make! Get Ingredients Get 3 tbsp of butter, 6 cups of rice crispy cereal, 1 10 oz. pkg of mini marshmallows Melt Butter and Marshmallows 3 tbsp of butter and 1 10 oz. pkg of mini marshmallows on low heat until completely...
By: laesterline01

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»Shelfomatic (Bookshelf With Adjustable, In-rail Bookends) 
 This instructable is my first instuctable that I have ever done. It is a bookshelf that has adjustable bookends that follow a rail system in order to keep them straight and upright. My inspiration for this came from needing an idea for my school project and a question whether a bookshelf like this h...
By: Canadiamerican

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»Easy Access Lotion Container 
 This innovated lotion container will allow you to obtain lotion from the bottom of the bottle with no struggle! Materials Needed 1. A jar with a lid2. A plastic cup 3. Scissors4. Hot glue gun5. A lotion pump6. Lotion7. 2 paper clips8. String Spread all your materials out and plug in your hot...
By: emilyvalenzuela

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»Fancy LED Mirror 
 For this project we are making an LED mirror that can be put anywhere and used anytime. This gives yo two added perks: a mirror and the much needed extra light.For this project you need:-picture frame-a mirror (if not the size of the frame, you need access to a laser cutter or a tool the can cut tho...
By: taliakbeach

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»Install A-Pillar Mount LED Pod Lights on 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 
 This tutorial will show you how to install the A-Pillar Wrangler LED pod lamps on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. This LED podlamp kit is ideal if you are just getting into custom mods and additions. With low commitment, these LED pod lights are easy to install and have a high output of LED light for its...
By: ilovejdmtoy

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»Project Graspit 
 Hello, this is Long Grey Engineering and today we are presenting to you the building operations for project Graspit. Project Graspit is a 3D printed Robotic Hand controlled by a separate glove. If you follow these steps you too can create your own hand. This Project is a continuation and add on of a...
By: KRJohnson18

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»Secret Compartment Shoebox (with Pallet Wood Patchwork Hidden Latch) 
 This box was create to keep my valuable Carolina Boots safe. The main frame of the box is constructed from 3/4" plywood and then the outside of the box is covered in a large variety of pallet wood and a few pieces of walnut scrap. The left side of the box holds a sliding puzzle mechanism that locks ...
By: JackmanWorks

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»Keytool - 5 Tools in Your Pocket! 
 The Keytool is a 5 keyholder with 5 everyday tools for everyone!I know, ''another keyholder?'' stick with me, this one is more than meets the eye.Check out the video above to see the 5 uses of the keytool!The keytool: Holds your keys so no more looking for the right oneHolds an USB so you always car...
By: Lucasd136

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 We are delighted to introduce a product that will make it very easy for you to implement your electronic circuit applications. BOARDUINO. ARDUINO UNO, NANO and MINI are three different ARDUINO models that you can use as a set in your breadboard applications.By using BOARDUINO you will get rid of cab...
By: Tanerö

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