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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»A Homemade Trailer That Is Bolted Together 
 I had an idea that I wanted to build a Tear Drop style trailer, I wasn't sure where I would get a trailer for the base of the project so the project was on hold. I had mentioned it to one of my daughters and one day at her work place her and her colleagues were talking about trailers and she mentio...
By: john pedersen

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»How to Do Magic Trick With a Coin and a Hat 
 this indestructible will teach you how to do a cool magic trick where you can pull as many giant coins out of a ordinary hat as you like. this trick is not easy but also not that hard. It is a good trick to learn for any beginners wanting to take the next step into the magic world. What you need ...
By: sean12263

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»How to Fingerweave Something 
 Fingerweaving was the original method used to weave ceintures fléchées, or Assomption sashes, but you could use it to make scarves, belts, bookmarks, bracelets, guitar straps ... anything you want! These instructions are for the basic technique only, but once you've mastered this, there are more adv...
By: spacepiper

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»TR-01 DIY Rotary Engine Compression Tester 
 The original TR-01 v1.0, v2.0 and v2.0 Baro from TwistedRotors set the standard for hand-held, digital, rotary engine compression testers. And now you can build your own!For 2017, in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Mazdas Rotary Engine and 20th year of SevenStock, I am releasing a DIY version of th...
By: TwistedRotors

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»How to Change Your Oil 
 Changing oil can be an extremely easy task that many people don't do for themselves. They tend to take their cars to the shop and pay someone to do something that anyone with a couple of tools can do. Getting Supplies One of the first steps is to get all of the supplies needed to complete the jo...
By: Johnweise

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»Baby Gate, Ship Style 
 This is an easy gate to prevent my infant son from going up the stairs. It looks like a ship fence because of the rope and stained wood. The rope is a single piece and laced through holes in the wood, it is not knotted like a net. The tension on the rope makes it very sturdyI did not make photos dur...
By: schlemieltje

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»Easy Bloody Eyeball Wall Decor 
 Halloween is approaching! The leaves are crunching, the skeletons are lurking, eerie noises are heard in the night... But wait! You don't have any spooky decorations! Don't fret, friend. This instructables will show you how to make creepy, gorey eyes from scratch! It's designed for parents, childre...
By: graciepickle

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»Napier's Bones and Lattice Multiplication 
 When my sons were in elementary school, they learned to multiply using the lattice method. It upset some of the parents because they did not understand what their children were doing. As a math teacher, I was curious. I had my son show me and then I did a bit of research. Napier was a bit quirky ...
By: mrsmerwin

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»Paint Carosel & Collapsable Spray Booth 
 I've often just slapped some cardboard over my two saw horses out in the back yard to do my spray painting. Which to be honest is a bit unprofessional and potentially dangerous to surrounding objects like cars, buildings etc. from drifting paint spray. Oh I've been careful to be as far away from tho...
By: GFire

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»Ammo Box Cabinet 
 Hi guys,I wanted to build speakers cabinet for my girlfriend. I like the design of this speaker so I tried to make something similar. I decided to use cal 50 amo boxes because they are cheap, waterproof and have good volume to build cabinet. Supplies In order to do this, I used the folowing suff...
By: Guga1979

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»Old Water Bottle Hanging Garden 
 This is a hanging garden made from old plastic water bottles.You will need.1. Old plastic bottles2. Fishing wire3. Soil4. Seeds Gathering the Water Bottles Collect some old water bottles or any plastic bottle. You will need about 5, you could use more or less depending on what you want. Cutting...
By: Roman Aspeek Bloor

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»Prosthetic Arm From Foam Board 
 This instructables describes how i made a prosthetic arm from foam board.In these days i was learning about 3-d printed prosthetic arms, and i decided to make a prototype of prosthetic arm .After a bit of brainstorming , I chosen foam board,because it is the best material to build any prototypes.Let...

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»Make a Powerful 9V Rechargable Salt Battery 
 Hi!In this instructable, you will learn how to make a powerful 9V rechargeable battery from iron nails and copper wire.The battery is rechargeable like any other normal battery and is really simple to make.For complete understanding of the project you must watch the video.Video -- https://www.youtub...
By: omars2

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»A Lonely Lamp 
 A Lonely Lamp is a lamp that alludes to people in the metropolis. People will feel lonely if there is no noise around them or no one talking to them. Just like that, this lonely lamp also needs people's attentions. People have to pick up the telephone receiver then this lamp will turn to face to peo...
By: Rebeeca_Peng

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»Converting Power Wheels to Run on 18v Lithium Tool Batteries 
 Today I'll be converting a Power Wheels battery-powered ride-on toy from 12v sealed lead power to 18v lithium ion power. This is a relatively simple mod that will add about 50% more speed to your kid's BPRO.Here's an overview of the tool set you'll need to complete a project like this. I don't alway...
By: PoppaFixIt

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»Simple Video Camera Microscope 
 Like a lot of people that dabble with electronics, there comes a time when you need to work on small components. With my ageing eyes I decided it was time for an upgrade from using a hand magnifying tool when working on small intricate things. I see a lot of instructables that use webcams for such a...
By: crashmeplease

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»Recycle Laptop Batteries - 12V Power Wall/Box! 
 I have become a little green in my old age...Recycling old stuff is good fun... but, as with most of my projects, please be careful! - This one makes use of Litium Ion batteries which can explode and catch fire if mis-treated! (I have demonstrated this in a couple of my YouTube videos!).This instr...
By: HowardLJTaylor

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»How to Make a Home Theater With Reclaimed Speakers 
 Hello Guys , In this Instructables I will instruct you how I made a simple high power home theater using reclaimed speakers . It is very simple to make , I will explain it in further simpler .Lets gets started .. Parts and Tools Female USB jack 3.5mm Audio jack ...
By: JunezRiyaz

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»Lady Gaga Worm Disco 
 Want to make your garden the coolest joint in town? The worm disco offers free entry to all worms, along with 2 free soil shots! Meet new worm friends and party all night! Here is a super simple guide to make a worm disco for your neighbourhood worms using Arduino. This design uses an Arduino, a Sma...
By: maxenee

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»DIY - Motorcycle Horn Install Upgrade - 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 
 Difficulty: IntermediateTool Requirements: IntermediateTime: A weekend projectCost: 40$ Approx.I'm not sure why, but I've always been a fan of loud horns. And if you've clicked, I'm guessing you also have the same guilty vice. So when I passed on from my beloved 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS (with it'...
By: MillennialDIYer

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»Spring Cake 
 This is fun looking ,easy cooking ,tasty cake you can make for any occasion. Bale a Cake. Cut a shallow hole in the cake to make the pond. Put a layer of bleu marzipan in the hole to make the pond. Put a small piece of cake on the big cake to make the hill. Make small marzipan fi...
By: Worstje1

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»Add a Camera to Your Silver Bullet Cutter 
 The Silver Bullet is a great cutter, fast, powerful and capable. However, it does have a minor drawback. For print and cut work, registration is not automatic - you have to align a laser dot with the printer by eye and this means squatting down in front of the cutter and aligning it whilst balanci...
By: RussPitcher

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»Small Storage Box From Pallet Wood 
 I was asked to make a simple storage box which resembled another box bought from a shop for a wedding next year. This box, along with the other, will be used in the ladies and gents bathrooms to hold various perfumes and toiletries. Its made completely from pallet wood and is held together with glue...
By: timberanew

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»DIY Halloween Black Cat With Glowing Eyes 
 In this Instructable, I will try and show you how I made a Black Cat decoration for Halloween. This is a easy project to make with simple hand tools and limited materials. Get your kids involved , by letting them be creative with the design and paint. But make sure that a adult uses the Jigsaw.I hav...
By: davethewoodworker

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»Country Garden Shed 
 IntroductionThis is a document taken from concept to a finished project.About 3 years ago, my significant other (Sheila), wanted a garden shed, to relieve space in our garage. We spent quite a bit of time looking at plastic, prefab construction kits, prebuilt from big box stores. The Garden sheds av...
By: shaberli

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»What to Do With Random Motor Collections: Project 2: Spinning Lights (Model UFO) 
 So, I still have a RMC... What am I going to do? Well, let's think. How 'bout an LED light spinner? (Not hand-held, sorry fidget spinner lovers.)It looks kinda like a UFO, it sounds like a mix between a weed-whacker and a blender... What could be better? And it uses a recycled motor, old cardboard, ...
By: Dangerously Explosive

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»Concrete Projects 
  Cute Concrete Planter So cute. Recycled materials. Concrete Balloon Candle Holder Outdoor candles Concrete Chess Set for Outdoors For the lake Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook Towel hangers DIY CONCRETE:: 5 Gallon Stool By the lake DIY Concrete Lamp With Optical Fibers $50 Fire Pi...
By: mrsmerwin

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»3D Printed Rorary Tool / Drill Bit Holder. 
 HiThis is my simple instructable for plastics contest, also my solution to keep drills, or dremel bits save and near when im working.Usually i need to make couple different sized holes, i collect the bits and "store" them somewhere around my drills. Same when doing things with dremel. Tasks that im ...
By: Tuomas Soikkeli

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»Pick and Place App Control Robot 
 hello guys...welcome to our channel s_r tronicsour new project pic and place robot based on arduino controlled by a android phone app...Bluetooth Controlled Pick and Place Robot consists of a two wheeled robot fitted with a gripper arm. This robot can pick things using gripper from one place, perfor...
By: Sukanta bera

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»Internet of Things: LoRa Weather Station 
 This is an example of a nice LoRa project. The weather station contains a temperature sensor, air pressure sensor and humidity sensor. The data is read out and sent to Cayenne Mydevices and Weather Underground using LoRa and The Things Network.Check if there is LoRa Gateway of the The Things Network...
By: muitg

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»Davy Jones Mask With Moving Tentacles 
 Materials:*liquid latex*acrylic paint (red, black, yellow, green)*styrofoam mannequin head*air dry clay*string *straws*stuffing*hot glue *circle cereal*foam board/cardboard Start Sculpting *Using air dry clay on a styrofoam head, start creating a thin layer of clay Add Basic Features *Add the ...
By: theartfulbirder

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»How to Make an Electric Go Kart 
 This is my first completed project that I have completed from scratch. The objective of this project was to convert a gasoline kart frame to accommodate an electric drivetrain. Before converting the gas kart to a fully electric go kart, there was a lot of research done in order to set my mind on the...
By: SrikarG3

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»Davy Jones Pirate Hat 
 Materials:*cheap sunhat *paper maché (flour, water, newspaper)*yellow and brown acrylic paint *hot glue gun and sticks*black material *shells *moss Start With a Cheap Sunhat *I bought a sunhat from the dollar store to use as my base Make the Shape You Want *Using cardboard, tape, and string I ...
By: theartfulbirder

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»Concrete Smiling Stones 
 Did you just do a double take?! Yup, this is not your typical halloween decor but it's perfect as it will create some giggles and maybe even screams! Better yet, they will last forever since they are concrete and are so easy that you can make a bunch for pennies once you have the mold. I have a lot ...
By: MadeByBarb

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»Paper Maché Claw 
 Materials used: *cardboard *paper maché (newspaper, flour, water) *acrylic paint (red, brown, black)*scrap material (approximately 6 inches x 16 inches)*hot glue gun + glue sticks Draw and Cut Out Claw Shapes *Draw out the claw shapes making sure to keep the "thumb" separate so you can move it*Tr...
By: theartfulbirder

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»Soldering Clean Wire Splices 
 Here's a quick tip about properly splicing cables. This is handy for changing the connector on your solar panel, or simply making any two-wire cable longer. This may seem like a basic skill, but I know that by the time I learned this technique, I wished someone had told me earlier.You will need:Wire...
By: bekathwia

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»Outdoor Adirondack Chairs (Reclaimed) 
 I guess its a right of passage for any weekend wood worker to make an Adirondack chair, so here is my attempt. I guess I did a pretty good job as I've already been asked to make more for family and friend. (Dang it) Step 1: Find Plans or design and Materials. I've attached a link to plans I use...
By: GFire

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»Inspecting a Tarp 
 This is an instructable to show new inspectors how to properly inspect a tarp. Locate the Traveler With no training, starting off as an inspector is hard if there's no past experience. Let's start off by looking at the work order traveler. The traveler will show the length, width, material ounce,...
By: hwdnfld16

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»Animal Costume Idea: Black Cat 
 Meow! Everyone knows that black cats are a real Halloween favorite! So, rummage through your closet and follow me as I take you through how I put together my take on this mystical feline! First Pieces First, I went into my closet and I was able to pull out a black hooded jacket and black leggings...
By: ArianaSLabus

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»Simple Halloween Coffin 
 There are a number of different coffin props on instructables already and they are all great for what they were intended to do. Some have dummies in them while others creak open by themselves. I liked the ideas but didn't have the time that people had estimated that these took to build so I looked ...
By: mattaw

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»Exotic-Wood Acoustic Marvel 
 Hello Dear Friends of the Instructable World!!!!Today I have set out to create something beautiful both visually and acoustically. I assure you if you follow the steps below you will create an amazing piece that will last you for years to come. As makers I feel we have a certain duty to uphold to br...
By: Tuba Fett

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 My name is Anwin my partner name is Lishawe made a parachute with a polythene cover.Materials Polythene cover Thread One bottle Needle Shape in the Polythene Cover first we take polythene cover and make a big round shape with scissor also make some holes around the cover. Stiching Around the ...
By: anwinantony0010

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»24k Gold Plating 
 24k gold plating Prepare disassemble every piece and prepare for dipping Electrocleaning Nickle plating & rinse with stainless steel you have to dip it in a nickle solution first so the gold will adhere properlydip through two rinse mixes and place in the 24k gld Gold plating & rinse di...
By: txtoolcrafters

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»Home / Garage Improvement 
  null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null Electric Furnace Turn Your Lights on With Clapping?! Solder Fume...
By: Sp1k33

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 Describe your collection here... null null The Recline and Go Chainsaw Bike!!!! Our Dog's $100 Recumbent Trike Easy Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation Timmy Green, My Homebuilt Delta Recumbent Trike. Solar Powered Trike Car Wheel Bicycle - the Learn to Weld P...
By: Sp1k33

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»3D Printing / CNC 
 Describe your collection here... null null null null null DIY 3D Printer Kits – Woes and Wonders 3D Printing Models From Video Game Raptor 5: a Fully Iron CNC DIY Ultra Low Cost 3D Scanner GotMesh: the Most Cheap and Simplistic 3D Scanner. First 3d Printer: ...
By: Sp1k33

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  Orange Angel Earrings by Ribbon and Pearl How to Make a Kirigami Pop Up Angels in Clouds Card (Paper Craft)! Christmas Angel Used Tea-Bag Angel Wire Angel How to Make POP-UP Card for Christmas - Angel POP-UP Card Angel Book Art
By: annamundi

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»Damascus Blades 
 Damascus Blades shaping & sharpening from billet to ready to use blade. Image is a before and after shot. Getting a Blank Starting with a 416 layer damascus billet we use a water jet to cut out blade blanks Thickness Grind The first step is to grind the blanks flat on each side to get the pro...
By: txtoolcrafters

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»Big RGB LED Screen 256x128px. 
 I would like to talk about how to assemble a large LED screen using inexpensive purchased items. Selection of LED panels. For this I used LED modules with a resolution of 64x64 pixels. Each pixel has a size of 3x3mm, and the total module size is 192x192mm.I bought 12 such panels, with them there ...
By: kirich46

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»Tools for Treasure Hunts 
 Hi my name is Bob and I'm a treasure hunting nerd. (crowd responds) "Hello Bob"For those of you who are familiar with my treasure hunts this will be somewhat of an extension to them. This is where I list all the other skills that are helpful for making a treasure hunt. I will also index all the othe...
By: amachinetech

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