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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»WiFi Weather Display with ESP8266 
 Every morning when I get ready to walk the dog, I want to know what the weather is like outside. Is it raining? Cold enough for the dog's sweater? From my current NYC apartment, it's even hard to tell if I'll need sunglasses when I step outside. I usually use my phone for checking the weather, but w...
By: bekathwia

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»Chatty BB8 With Littlebits 
 BB8 from Star Wars comes to life. Walk past and he will try to strike up a conversation! This instructable uses LittleBits modular electronics. A motion trigger makes a speaker bit play BB-8 sounds.You will need:Littlebits: usb power, 2 wires, motion trigger, mp3 player, split, 2 speakers, large mou...
By: FabLabLondon1

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»Animal Bones As Fuel and Fertilizer 
 The main goal for me in this project was to produce a fertilizer from animal bones I collecting from the food waste. But bacause in order to do so I had to burn the bones I decided to cover the usage of the bones as a fuel here as well. The method I'm showing here is not the only one available for p...
By: Waldemar Sha

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»How to Make a RC CAR Faster-|| Homemade Powerfull RC Car at Home 
 DIY - how to make Bugatti rc car at homeLink::- subscribe to my channel at Follow me on google MY Facebook page Blogspot: can also watch some of my other videosKeyword:: How To Make A S...
By: maruf0073

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»Cool Mint Listerine Mouthwash Slime 
 How To easy Make DIY Non sticky, Stretchy, Fluffy & Soft Slime without Borax, Detergent, baking soda, no shaving cream or Soap. Listerine Mouthwash Slime simple recipe!
By: lekoleko

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»ArduCAM Mini ESP8266 Web Camera 
 This video demonstrates using an ArduCAM Mini with an ESP8266-12E development board. The ESP8266 web interface allows jpeg files to be captured and stored to the onboard memory. The stored files can be accessed and displayed on a web browser. The interface also allows video streaming! This little we...
By: dmainmon

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»110 Volt Shop Outlet Install-Done Right 
 110 Volt Shop Outlet Install Done Right We're going to install a 110 outlet so let's get started. We shut the breaker off, and now we're just checking with a voltmeter to make sure that the power’s off. Now we're going to go ahead and measure out about nine inches and then go ahead and cut it of...
By: Error Code Guy

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»Copycat Sheila G's Brownie Brittle 
 The first couple of times I tried brownie brittle was actually when I'd made them myself at home from a couple of different recipes I'd found online. I thought they were great. Then I tried the ever popular hot commodity, Sheila G's. Wow. How did she make it all so light and so airy and so crisp...
By: paperplateandplane

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»Soda Bread 
 This tasty soda bread is going to make your mouth watery!! Its healthy and your children will love it!! P.S. Sorry for no pictures. Forgot to take some though the finished bread picture is taken :) Gatheing Ingredients. You will need:2 cups unbleached all purpose flour.3 cups whole wheat flour2 t...
By: Wania Ahmed

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»How to make a plaster bandage mother mold (part 2) 
 The video is the second part to "how to make a glove mold". If you haven't seen it, check it out. In this quick video I will show you how to make a plaster bandage mother mold. This is a super fast, easy and cheap way to make a support shell for your glove mold. I hope you enjoy!!
By: Zombiemeatstudio

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»Old Newspaper Placemats and Coaster 
 Material Need:Old Newspaper Acrylic paintPaint brushesWhite glue ScissorsHot glue gun and SticksLacquer Instructions Cut the folded edge off couple section of newspaper and cut those pages in halfstar folding the page of the newspaper and glue the edges at the end making the stripes you needed. ...
By: lorenzac1

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»Ninja Star Out of Sticky Notes 
 In this project you will make a beautiful ninja star all you will need is 8 sticky notes. This project is fast, easy and fun.Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!Please Vote, Favorite, and Comment First step First fold the top corners down to each other. Then fold the bottom flap to the top. Step 2 Then fold ...
By: MerkMan99

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»Removing fungus from the inside of a lens 
 I was sent an Industar 11n 450mm large format lens from the Ukraine on a trade deal & it was disclosed that it had fungus that was not cleanable and was thrown in as a bonus item that may function ok depending on lighting angles etc. --"good for soft focus"--that sort of thingI repaired my lens not ...
By: dkeating2

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 A small parts holding clamp replaces your fingers for holding small items when cutting them on a band saw, sanding them on a belt sander, drilling or carving them.There are many variations of small parts holding clamps. Mine are inspired by wood Jorgensen clamps, but use only one tightening screw...
By: KellyCraig

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»Inexpensive Stabilizer for Action Cameras 
 Today you can buy gimbals to stabilize your video camera/mobile/action Camera. A couple of years ago I stabilized my old Cannon camera with a string around my neck. The base was an aluminum bar which I drilled and bent. My old stabilizer became handy with my new Action Camera.
By: hermanwahsletn

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»White Chocolate & Coconut Cookies 
 These soft, chewy cookies are deliciously addictive – it took all my self control to wait and take a few photos before eating them. I’ve always had a slight white chocolate obsession and, paired with coconut, the two truly make a perfect match! I also love that this recipe doesn’t involve chilling t...
By: ArtsyTeen

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»Virtual Eye 
 This project is to help blind peoples.We cannot do our daily work without the help of eye.But the blind peoples are doing their daily activities without eye vision.This project helps blind peoples to avoid obstacles when they are walking.The blind people has to wear this helmet to avoid obstacles.Th...
By: Rajkumar2506

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»Minced Meat Pizza Ring With Soft Cheese Recipe 
 Ingredients:1 portion pizza dough500g minded meat200g gouda cheese200g frensh soft cheese3 onionssalt, pepper, greek spice mix & paprika Preparation Fry the meat in a pan and sprinkle salt, pepper, spice mix & paprika to it. Cut the onions in half moons and fry till they are golden. Roll out the ...
By: FoodforDude

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»Portable Overhead Camera Mount 
 I wanted an overhead camera mount that I could disassemble and move around easily, though the final result has slightly more screws than anticipated.An overhead camera mount lets me capture any drawing or desktop work head on, avoiding any angles.Of course you could mount steel pipe and flanges to ...
By: WardWorks

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»Make It: Mid-Century Modern Bench 
 I saw a picture of this bench in a couple of interior design magazines, fell in love with it, and before I knew it, I'd embarked upon making my own. The internet is full of both very pricey versions of this bench (retailing for stupid prices - $1,000 USD upwards) and cheaper knock offs ($300 or so)...
By: makerandco

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»Spicy piri piri bacon meatballs recipe 
 Ingredients:500g minced meat1pkt. baconhalf cup breadcrumbs1 eggpiri pirisalt & pepper Preparation Sprinkle salt & pepper to the meat. Add breadcrumbs and the egg. Stir erverything together and form small patties. Lay some piri piri on a pattie another pattie on top and form a stuffed meatball. C...
By: FoodforDude

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»Knex Ping-Pong Ball Popper 
 This is a handheld knex ball popper. It is powered by a rudder band and shoots about 3-6 feet in the air depending on your rubber band. You can store the ping-pong ball in the bottom to keep it from getting lost. It is very fun if you make two of these, than get two players to pop the ball back and ...
By: random_builder

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»DIY Digital Height Gauge 
 A quick jig can make the difference in a woodshop. This height gauge helps measure and set cutting tool heights and thicknesses for rabbets, dadoes, chamfers, etc. Since it incorporates a digital caliper, the dial is easy to read, precise and accurate.This tool came in handy building the light box...
By: woodshopcowboy

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»Fishing Rod Hanging Storage Rack 
 I needed an economical way to get my fishing rods up off the floor. I saw this design elsewhere online and decided to try it. Mine is a bit different and more simple which equals more better! Only one cut for me and some basic measuring and you're done. You can store 16 rods with this design. Yo...
By: PaulS312

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 In this emoji Diy I will show you how to make easy emoji notebook or notepad. This is very fun and easy emoji diy project. All you need for this emoji notebook is some paper, white, black, pink, red and yellow, scissors, chalk and some glue. You can choose which emoji you want to make and use that ...
By: Home Factory

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»Fantasy Globe 
 Hey kids, so you wanna make your own fantasy globe? Look no further, everything (most of things) were already done for you!The following steps will show you how to make use of Google Earth and Map Generators that are available online to make our own navigable globe. Step 1: Get Google Earth Pro ...
By: НикитаВ3

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»Raspberry Pi - Remote Desktop Connection 
 In this project, we will programming Raspberry Pi that could be control remotely via Secure Shell (SSH) from any Computer.Remote Desktop are useful to communicate between Raspberry PI and another Device remotely through SSH. SSH provides a secure channel over an unsecured network in a client-server...
By: AdrieSentosa

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»IoT Service Robot 
 In this project, we will be making a Vacuum Cleaner Robot that could be control remotely via internet with single-board computer raspberry pi. We also would use camera as user interface feedback!It’s a quite complicated project and need some basic knowledge requirement which is : Introduction to Io...
By: AdrieSentosa

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»Kitchen Cabinet Island / Shelving Storage on Wheels 
 If you are planning on building this cabinet. I strongly recommend watching the accompanying video and read this tutorial fully, as there might be a step or two I missed. I have a video documenting almost every part of this build, feel free to check it out at your leisure. I also have plans availabl...
By: UnitedKreative-Com

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»C# programming tutorials for beginners 
 In this video series i am covering a wide range of tutorials for beginners and implementing features even experts have trouble with implementing.Subscribe for more lessons - fun thing about this we not only build projects together, but ther...
By: RickyD33

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 Hello friends!In this instructable I will be showing you how to control your TV from your laptop.Before we begin I want you to know that that this instructable is applicable to any device which uses a remote control...In this project we will using Processing which if you don't have downloaded on you...
By: RishikeshC

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»Balancer tools for self tightening propeller (using unused Tamiya rollers) 
 I wonder, how many of u ever playing a tamiya... and how many unused spare part of it left behind... i just found my tamiya bumper roller and i tough i could make it for a balancer tools for self tightening propeller such a DJI 9450 prop or else... i need this balancing tools to reduce jello effect ...
By: MusaW

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 Recently, I am interesting in boombox. So I bought some component from EBAY and trying to make a simple boombox by myself. The boombox that I want to make must have those functions: 1. It is very chip due to i don't have a lot budget on this project.2. It must be cute. 3. I can control the boombox o...
By: yoyojacky

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»How to Make an LED Bed Lamp in 2 Minutes 
 Here i am showing you,how to make an led bed lamp in minutes.Its very easy DIY project,everyone can do this project in home.It uses less number of components. We need 5v dc regulator or mobile charge2.male USB connector 3.100 ohm resistor glue,adhesive glue...5.An egg Circuit Here ...
By: ecworks

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 In this tutorial we will see how to make a simple light dector using Operational amplifier.Operational amplifier generally use in many purposes which includes summing,difference,average amplifier.etc.lets get started. Components list.LM324 Resistor LDR wiresbattery Here we have connected Re...
By: apramnaik62

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»Mini Solar 1.5v Cell Charger from useless claculator 
 Here, in this instructable it is shown how to make a solar 1.5v Rechargeable Cell.For this project we will use useless calculator and reuse it!By charging the cell with this method you can use this cells in Camera and other equipments. Gather Materials 1. Useless Calculator having solar panel2. 1...
By: Patel Darshil

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»Flower Growing Greeting Cards 
 A greeting card that grows flowers? What? Now you can give a card that doesn't just get stuck in a drawer somewhere, and flowers that don't wilt and die in a vase... at the same time! These cards take recycled paper scraps, left over from other projects, and make them awesome! Supplies For the P...
By: liquid_fire243

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»Hole Saw Arbor Fix 
 This one time, I bought a relatively expensive holesaw arbor to have around as a spare I could use with an older holesaw kit. I don't know maybe it wasn't that expensive. Seemed expensive at the time. Regardless of the price, it was the cheaper design with the locknut instead of the design with two...
By: good_apollo

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»How to Make a Netting Needle 
 In this video, I show you how I made a netting needle with a handful of basic tools and a small chunk of wood. How To Do It
By: sanctifiedwco

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»Shop Parts Tag 
 In this Instructable I will show you how I turned an oil filter cardboard box, masking tape, and transformer wire into a labeling system that I now use for my storage of shop items and/or car parts. The idea could be expanded into many household uses and the items used could be substituted with many...
By: good_apollo

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»Copy cat Restaurant masala dosa and other dosa variations: 
 -Dosa is favourite indian breakfast which is healthy and prepared very regularly by all.- Their are many dosa types in restaurant menu but the most common dosa is masala dosa with a potato filling inside ordered by many people.It can be accompained with some chutney or sambar prepared with lentils.-...
By: chiraj

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»Tiny Sugru Rubber Ducky Travel Nail Brush 
 I wanted to make a little gift for a friend who is travelling overseas, I had made a tiny travelling nail brush from a toothbrush for myself years ago and found it really useful, so I thought I would make one for her too.I wanted to personalise it and thought the rubber ducky would be cute - Sugru i...
By: alialexander

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»Homemade Pop Tarts 
 9 copycat flavors of pop tarts, that are even better fresh from the oven! Ingredients For Crusts These recipes will be mixed and matched to create different flavors of pop tarts. Original Crust: (used for Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Wild Berry, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon)2 2/3 c. Flour3/4 c....
By: liquid_fire243

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»Mainboard Clock 
 How to convert old computer mainboard into stylish wall clock? Parts & Tools Partsold mainboard (best is Micro-ATX format in rectangle shape)quartz clock movement kit (ebay, aliexpress)picture hanging hookToolsdrillsoldering iron and desoldering tool or wire cuttersscrewdriver Preparing mainboa...
By: Rian_C

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»Scrapbook Storage Rack 
 My daughter-in-law is into scrapbooking to the point where she has stacks of paper and rolls of stuff all over her work room. I told her I can help fix that- with a 4 sided rotating rack. This rack has 52 shelves (13 on each side) and approx. 1'x4' peg board on each side. Should be lots of storage ...
By: kevincarruthers

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»Photo Enhancing 
 This instructable demonstrates how to selectively enhance photos using "layer masks" and "blending modes" as found in "Adobe Photoshop Elements ® or similar.This technique can be used for hand-coloring monochrome imagesselective lighteningselective darkeningselective sharpeningIn the above photo a s...
By: lingib

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»Build a House Out of Old Boxes 
 This Instructable will show you how to make a life-sized (you could fit one person in it or you could use it as a dog/cat house) house out of a few cardboard boxes. I had a bunch of boxes in my garage and me and my friend (Ronnies123 give him a follow) decided to make a house out of them. It took ab...
By: MerkMan99

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»Stair Case Refurbishing 
 Refurbish you old , broken outdoor steps into new, beautiful outdoor steps. For my parents anniversary I decided to redo there back door steps as an anniversary gift.I known its not a great gift but this is all I know, so I thought why not give it a whirl.Note:At the end comment if you saw my new as...
By: Leviathan17

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»Play Shut the Box (Without a Box!) 
 Shut the Box or Lo Roll is a basic game of dice for any number of players commonly played in a group of two to four for stakes. Traditionally, a counting box is used with tiles numbered 1 to 9 where each can be covered with a hinged or sliding mechanism. Variations exist where the box has up to 10 o...
By: shambuda2000

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»Standup Paddleboard Car Roof Rack 
 DIY Poolnoodle Roof rack • thick pool noodles • vinyl coated clothing wire • Zip ties For Straps: Kanulock Straps - nylon coated wire straps with lock! Whatever cuts nylon, doesn't cut wire. Whatever cuts wire, doesn't cut nylon. The Design Improved pool noodle roof rack. With my first design and...
By: DianaK1982

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