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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Tethered Flight - a.k.a. Kites 
  4.5m Trainer Kite 6.5m Kite IAP 7.5m Kite 8.5m Kite v 1.0 8.5m Kite v 2.0 12.5m Kite v1.0 12.5m Kite v2.0 17m Kite v1.0 17m Kite v2.0 Sew a Kite Mini Indoor Stunt Kite Make. How to Make a Kite: The Tabloid Sled. Batman Kite Bell Tetrahedral Kite...
By: alcurb

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»DIY Recycled Drink Can Seed Starters 
 Things you'll need-Old Soda cans-Cutting instruments -A Drill & bit-Painters tape -Soil (I used soil especially for seed starting)-Seeds -Water-Some sort of tray for drainage -A marker for labeling Drilling This was the most difficult part of this little project. I highly recommend that drilling...
By: Auberrie

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»Hot Dog Prank 
 Hot Dog Prank!Perfectly harmless prank for April Fool's Day!I love doing April Fool's Day "food pranks" on my family. First, they are harmless and good for a laugh.Second, it's my daughter's birthday, so I like to keep it tame and about her...but she likes to make people laugh, so it's good for her...
By: doodlecraft

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»Frank Pranks 
 We are the guys with a camera and we like to mess up the things for our entertainment ;)You will get here edgiest Pranks, Social Experiments, bloopers and Short Films If you like our videos then don't forget to subscribe us on YouTube.
By: FrankP2

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»Egg White Omelette With Balsamic Red Onions 
 There are two main reasons why I decided to make an egg white omelette, one is that I felt the uncommon urge to start eating healthier and the second is that I had 3 egg whites left over after making half a liter of mayonnaise, I wish I could tell you that these two events are unconnected but unfort...

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»PVC Survival Crossbow 
 In a survival situation several things are crucial, water, food, shelter, and security. In this instructable you will be taking care of two of these things by building your own survival crossbow. Once finished you will have a hand crafted tool that can be used to hunt for food, and keep you safe f...
By: Spaceman Spiff

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»Line Following Robot 
 This is a simple Arduino-based robot which uses photoresistors to follow a black line printed on white paper. Materials (1) Arduino Uno or similar board(2) CdS photocell(2) 10kΩ resistor(2) Continuous rotation servo(2) 1MΩ Linear Rotary Potentiometer(1) 9 volt battery to Arduino power cable(1) ...
By: tmauriello

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»Fish Tank Auto Illumination 
 Hello Instructables, Tarek here. It is my first instructable please consider this fact. This is a project that I needed to do for my fish tank. I have a tank which is nicely cycled, aired and lit. But the problem is the duration of light which must simulate the natural lighting condition to ensure a...
By: TarekH1

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»Easter Egg Bunny 
 The is a 3D printed Egg decoration made of two pieces. A top and base. The base is in the shape of bunny feet and keeps the egg in place. The top ring goes around the bunny and adds the face, paws, and ears to your egg. You will need: stl files (included here) 3D printer (or access to one)Egg ...
By: Solstie

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»How to improve your grades while shortening the time you spend on assignments! 
 This instructable will help you focus your efforts and time to the areas of importance. This will also help you satisfy the requirements of the assignment which will in turn improve your grade. By the end of this lesson you will have learned how to write an assignment within a marking rubric.Using t...
By: Rick Fredericks

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»Stop motion movie with dough 
 I have wondered a long time ago, how hard it could be to make some of my own animations using dough.On sunday, we had really bad weather, and the kids wanted to play something new. I thought we could at least try it.So using the smartphone you can easily put a few pictures together and make a movie....
By: fcfelix

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»Homemade Root Beer 
 This homemade Root Beer recipe makes one liter of Root Beer. Things you will need: 1 liter water 6.15 mL root extract 0.12 kg cane sugar 0.26 g yeast Plastic Bottle(s) Step 1 add 500 mL of water to your brew kettle and begin heating up.Slowly stir in sugar and bring solution to 160 degrees F. ...
By: booemily

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»How To Make A Seed Bead Bracelet 
 This bracelet is really cute and relatively simple to make. One cool thing about it is that you can easily make it as thick as you want pick whatever kind of clasp you would like. My sister is also posting a version this instructable on her page very soon (to avoid arguing over who got to do this on...
By: TheCraftingTeenageNerd

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»Making a modern Bike Old 
 Hi it´s that Guy from MAYER MAKESI converted my crappy 90´s Mountainbike (TREK singletrack 810) into a single speed retro cruiserI did this project about nearly 2 years ago, now it has new street-Tires and needs an update in the brake section but the look is consistent: it was featured at:BikeHacks....
By: clemens.mayer.56

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»baby flask 
 It's so frustrating not being able to enjoy my adult beverage in public. Sporting events, movies, church, all frown on bringing in your own booze. Instead of brown-bagging your beverage at the next bash, why not hide it in plain sight, inside a baby flask! Meet Brandi. Though she's not my daughter, ...
By: mikeasaurus

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»APRIL FOOLS DAY! Shopping Bag on Top of Car 
 This is an improved variation of the "Cup on Car" prank. Use the higher-quality shopping bags (I found the Walmart type tear too easily). Double bag, with the inner bag stuffed with newspaper and tied. I've gone down the Interstate with this on top of my car and it stays secure.. The key is the...
By: Boombuzz

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»Outdoor hot shower .... in the middle of nowhere 
 Spending time in the middle of nowhere is a fantastic experience. Sometimes it could be a requirement to escape from the city, zombies, or ... whatever is hurting you. Regardless the reason one will move in the middle of nowhere, everyone needs a little bit of comfort specially in a cold winter.So I...
By: Stefano DV

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»How to revive any Laptop by making a TInkerbook 
 Hi it´s that Guy from MAYER MAKESI want to adress something the concernes me since the dawn of my Computer-using carreer:In nearly every home there is at least one old PC/ Laptop ,whatever device that nobody uses beacause its old, outdated, or broken.Peoples basic(computational) needs haven´t change...
By: clemens.mayer.56

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»How to connect your Arduino BLE shield to a custom iOS/Android application developed in HTML5 and JavaScript. 
 This instructable shows you how to build a mobile application that communicates with your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) shield. In this tutorial I have used a BLE shield from RedBearLab, but this example should be easy to rebuild to work with any other BLE shield. The mobile application will be develop...
By: tekndralex

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»12 Tips on Growing Hot Chilli Peppers in a Cold Climate 
 If anybody reading this has actually tasted my cooking, you will know how important chillies are to my daily routine. Most of the meals I have cooked without chillies are fairly disgusting, with the possible exception of cheese on toast, although this too is normally served with a generous quantity ...
By: Tecwyn Twmffat

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»chewy brownie with crusty top: favorite spring recipe 
 This recipe is very easy and quick and the result of some experimentations on my part. I like the chewy texture of brownies but always missed something, I really like everything that is crunchy and crusty and decided to find a way to combine both. There are probably thousands of different recipes ou...
By: LineM

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»Free Vacuum Cleaner from Scrap 
 Hi, this is first time I'm publishing. this DIY is best for the beginner you can use tis vacuum cleaner it can be use for suction,holding,picking up roaming thermocol ball (usually difficult to control) .It is make up of the items that we discard after use or is from the old unused things.Basic prin...
By: sanyam jain

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»Creating an Android app using Ionic 
 Ionic is a framework which makes writing apps for almost all platforms extremely easy. If you know a little css, js and html you can create an Android/ iOS or Windows app. This instructable will focus on how to create an Android app on a Linux or Mac PC. It is also possible to do it on a Windows OS ...
By: RobinV1

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»Line Following Arduino Robot 
 This robot uses a PID control algorithm to autonomously follow a black track on a white background. It uses an array of eight IR reflectance sensors to determine the position of the robot on the line, and the Arduino Nano microcontroller calculates the appropriate action to keep it moving forward on...
By: boyles35

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»Short Sheet Bed Prank 
 This simple prank is easy to execute and a perfect balance of annoying, frustrating, and funny. I'll show you how to short sheet the bed of a friend or loved one in no time flat. What is short sheeting a bed?short sheet[shawrt sheet]verb (used with object) fold and tuck in the top sheet of (a be...
By: Paige Russell

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»Strawberry Nutella Pie 
 On this page you will learn how to make the most delicious strawberry nutella pie. Preparing the Crust Crush the graham crackers while they are still in the package with a mallet. Melt the butter in a small bowl completely in the microwave. Take the crushed graham crackers and mix with th...
By: Brianna15

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 FeaturesIt syncs with Intel's IoT Analytic cloud to store data for later analysis. It also connects with our local web-app 'Hydr8 Connect'. Hydr8 connect allows for users to monitor their hydration habits. Hydr8 is also capable of tying into myFitnessPal's API, however, myFitnessPal's API has not ye...
By: hydr8

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»GSM 3G Home Automation Gate Opener via a mobile call 
 Authorized 999users open gate at the specified time!GSM Gate, Barrier, Shutter, Garage Door and Door openerOpen gate or garage door with a FREE call from your mobile phoneRemote switching machines ON/OFF with a FREE call from your mobile phoneRemote monitoring the Gate, Barrier, Shutter, Garage Doo...

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»Mad Max: Max's Costume 
 "I'm scared, Fif. You know why? It's that rat circus out there. I'm beginning to enjoy it. Look. Any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, you know? A terminal crazy... only I got a bronze badge to say I'm one of the good guys." -Max (Mad Max 1979)With the upcoming release of "Mad Max: Fury R...
By: The Replica Maker

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»Vanilla Chai Pear Pie 
  Greek Yogurt Crust Instructions Ingredients1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon sugar½ teaspoon salt½ cup cold butter, cut into small pieces1 egg yolk4-5 tablespoons* non-fat Greek yogurt**Highly suggested that recipe is doubled for larger pies**In the bowl of a mixer (with paddle attachment) ad...
By: markunasbri

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»April Fool's Joke - Cup on Car 
 My first thought was to have a baby carrier left on top of the car, zooming down the highway at 80 mph, but thought better of it...somebody (me) might get killed! Powerful Magnets Harbor Freight has these "90 lb. Pull" magnets for like, $5.99. I think the force is exaggerated, but the price i...
By: Boombuzz

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»Speaker Project 
 This instructable will show you how to make a speaker with few materials and even fewer skills. It is a fun little project that can be done by anyone and can be made as simply or as complicated and crazy as you like. Have Fun!Speakers work by sending electrical impulses through a wire which create a...
By: ZachB6

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»Recordings of all audio streams 
 Online streaming services have gained a great importance in the last years. In this Instructable the focus lays on audio streaming. There is one obvious but nevertheless important issue with online streaming: You have to have a stable internet connection to use them.Therefore it can be nice to know ...
By: Audials

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»deoderant trick 
 This is a really simple and funny prank to do on your parents brother or sister and it works wonders so here we go Stuff that you will need : a bottle of non pressurised clear deoderant those that look like water and smell like nothing some vinegar [white for water effect] a small empty water bo...
By: abkb

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»DC Op-Amp Circuits 
 In this instructable I hope to cover the fundamentals of DC circuits involving operational amplifiers, otherwise known as op-amps. The material I will present has been adapted from my Electronics lab materials at Pomona College. For a textbook explanation of these concepts, I highly recommend either...
By: David Sharfi

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»The Transimpedance Amplifier Circuit 
 The Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) is a useful circuit that allows the circuit-designer to turn light hitting a photodiode into an output voltage. With this circuit in your toolbox, you will be significantly closer to being able to design more advanced circuits such as servomechanisms. This exciting...
By: jjahn3

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»Measure and Model a Thermistor 
 A thermistor is an inexpensive (and often, inaccurate) passive component for measuring temperature. This instructable shows how to derive model parameters for a thermistor, given a few points using only hot (boiling) and cold (ice) water. Thermistor - Great if we know what value it is, otherwise we ...
By: vreinkymov

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»Wireless Car/Xbee Series 2 Section 
 When choosing xbees, you must decide between series 1 and series 2. Series 1 xbees use point to point communication. This makes programming them simple since a series 1 xbee can only talk to one other series 1 xbee and not more then one. The series 2 xbee is a much more versatile tool. It can be use...
By: chris1205

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»Circuit Scribe Fob or Remote Pad Fix 
 Here's a quick and easy way to use the Circuit Scribe to fix a Key Fob that has stopped working, or even a remote control that has you pressing the buttons as if you were trying to reach the other side. Tools and Materials Just one thing you need... the Circuit Scribe pen. Well, that and the Fo...
By: mkchronos

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»Water Trick 
 This is a prank in which you can fool anyone just by using some easily available materials. In this you can give a water bottle which is filled with water to a friend whom you want to fool. After opening the bottle we can see the water spilled over the friend's dress Required apparatus The materi...
By: kaza.chandra

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»Arduino Based RADAR system with TARGET Acknowledgement 
 RADAR is an object detection system which uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects. Radar systems come in a variety of sizes and have different performance specifications. Some radar systems are used for air-traffic control at airports and others are used for...
By: anuj.dutt.35

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»The best speaker/cup ever! 
 Small speaker made from scratch that you can drink from!Items we used-28 gauge speaker wire-Red solo cup (2)-Electrical tape-Neodymium magnet (2)-Knife-Scissors-Audio jack-Water to drink from your new speaker Forming the wire housing -Take your magnet and wrap a piece if manilla folder around it ...
By: csenez

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»Create a Cuddly Memory Quilt (cat not included) 
 Sometimes you want to immortalize a person, a place, or a particular day in a way that makes it tangible and tactile. This Instructable explains how to do that in the form of a quilt. Your Memory Quilt can incorporate photos of your pet or favorite movie star, an exciting vacation, or even your wed...
By: pamala.leonard

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»The Winter Soldier arm 
 So my daughter decided she wanted to cosplay TWS. I started looking online and just couldn't find the right arm piece to make. I then came across a post on RPF (would give credit if I could find again). They said they used the left arm from classic iron man pepakura foam file. So I gave it a shot. ...
By: bolingas1

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»Casting a 3D Model 
 Starting from a 3D model, I wanted to make a mold that I could use to cast tinted urethane plastic. Translucent urethane beautifully conveys interior space and mass, which I think makes it an interesting medium for the physical iteration of a 3D model. I was eager to see this virtual object become a...
By: bayne.peterson

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»For the goblins 
 Collection of projects I would enjoy doing with my children and they can share with their friends. Homemade rocket with rocket fuel and engine How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell - NEW VERSION How to Make a Soup Can Forge How To Make a $50 Pottery Wheel The glowing egg
By: geartechbrandon

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»DIY High Waist Pencil Skirt Tutorial 
 I hope you like this tutorial for drafting a multi-paneled pencil skirt! Enjoy! Please comment any questions and feel free to share!
By: ErynS

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»Caramel "Apple" Prank 
 Muahahahaaaa.... I love pulling pranks on people. :) here's a really funny prank you can sure get a tear out of laughing so hard. (Or the smell of onions....) What You Need: 1. Caramel apple onion3.a target Follow The Instructions To The Kit Follow the instructions of the caramel apple...
By: Space_Narwhal_Girlie

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»DIY Plotter with Stepper Motors 
 An XY plotter is a machine that can control a plotting instrument (such as a pen or a cutting tool like a blade or a laser) over two axes in a accurate, precise manner. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are very accurate XY plotters than can be used for anything from decorating cakes to c...
By: vu2aeo

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»Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies 
 In this Instructable, I will show you how to make Amazing Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies, or Triple Chocolate Chip cookies. They are packed with chocolate, so you get that yummy chocolate taste with every bite. The cookies consist of chocolate chips, graded chocolate flakes, and then are...
By: In The Kitchen With Matt

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