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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»GSM controlled CAR 
 Developed a robot car and maneuvered it using Mobile Phone. We all have witnessed IVRS system where we key in different numbers to navigate through options. Can we do something interesting with keys. Watch the video and you will find the car being guided through the same cellphone keys.
By: Techgenie

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 Fun stuff to do with pallets! Recycled Pallet Rain Barrel Stand Pallets Pallet Table Pallet Chest Pallet shelves Pallet Projects Pallet Magic pallet woodshed Sawhorse made from pallets Pallet Recycling: Plant Bookcase Build a raised bed out of pallets nu...
By: ehudwill

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»How To Make A Bead Head Wooly Bugger 
 This is a very popular streamer with great action when stripping your line. Hope this helps you and catch's you lots of fish Materials For this fly you will need a vise (obviously),fly scissors, a bobbin, thread (has to match the color of you marabou), marabou, chenille, beads that fit your hook,...
By: Ringer1515

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»Make a GIF In 10 Easy Steps! 
  This instructable is specifically for tumblr sized gifs, but can ultimately be used anywhere.  Finding A Video Clip First, before anything, you'll need a short video or clip. This video can be from your own personal collection, or from a social media site like (a quick web search c...
By: Run-Boy

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»Conectar Android con Arduino por Bluetooth Capitulo 1 
 En este primer capitulo veremos como conectar y configurar un modulo Bluetooth HC-05 para conectarlo con nuestro móvil Android.  En los siguientes capítulos veremos como hacer una pequeña app para encender y apagar un led desde nuestro móvil. El código necesario para seguir el video podeis encontr...
By: jalucenyo

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»Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs 
  Get Your Materials - glow sticks- plastic Easter eggs- children!!! Making The Eggs Roll up the glow sticks and put them in the eggs Hunt! Hide all of the eggs and let the children loose! You can insert money into the eggs instead of candy for a fun time with older friends
By: trosen2109

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»How to manage several Dropbox accounts simultaneously on Android 
 In case you have more than one Dropbox account, it's becomes not easy to manage them on an Android device with the official Dropbox application. It supports only one account at a time so you have to log out each time you need the files stored inside another storage. But there is a way to manage mult...
By: MimiShell

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»Visor wiper gloves 
  I've had this problem since I started taking regular trips to work with my bike, from feburary to november. Summer is not a problem, but autumn and spring can be pretty rainy here in Hungary. And the rain is not your friend, when you're riding a bike. It get's on your everything, which I can cope ...
By: bachterman

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 Projects and ideas "to do" around the house. Under Cabinet iPad / Tablet mount Projects to consider for my house. Bending a credit card into a phone stand using a lighter Garden Lights Create Your Own Solar Powered Mason Jar Nightlight from Junk MicroGreen Machine (hydroponic micro...
By: Tasmith

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»DIY Easter Wreath 
 Picture Tutorial: DIY Easter Wreath I've wanted to make an Easter Wreath for the longest time and this year I finally did it! I purchased a wire frame and used ribbons to attach the sparkly mesh to the frame. This is a simple, no sew project that can be made by any beginner. Supplies 1/2 yard s...
By: Strikes My Fancy

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»[Tutorial for 4DIY.ORG] - How to tracking Humidity and Temperature using DHT Sensor and iphone 
  Materials and Tools 1. 1x [4DIY.ORG] Core Board. 2. 1x DHT Sensor. 3. 1x Battery Shield. 4. [4DIY.ORG] Application Upload Sketch to [4DIY.ORG] using FT232 Shield Connect Hardware Follow [4DIY.ORG] on Social Follow me on: Twitter: Facebook: http://w...

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»Receiver Box PA 2200 RV 
  Designing a custom Receiver Box for my 1:8 scale RC carLink to ShapewaysGoals are: - Lighter (Original 25.6 gram) - Cheap (at least not more that original € 13,90) - Easier Cable Routing - Adding Programming Cable - Adding ON/OFF Switch - Fit Spektrum SR3520 Receiver Achieved: - 9.2...
By: Racing Victim

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»DIY Easter inspired Candle Holder 
  Looking for something innovative for your Easter celebrations? With little creativity, you can make an Easter inspired candle-holder and illuminate your living room. This is budget friendly and colorful candle-holder can give dramatic finishing to all your decorations. Supplies Needed: Plas...
By: lisaraygbor

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»Easy and Funny Text Messaging Prank: Loads of lol 
  While messing around with my iPhone 5 I found a fun way to hack someone else's phone so that when he or she texts or sends out an email, it'll be a bit frustrating and a lot of fun. What this prank does is use the keyboard shortcut to replace words with some more interesting words or phrases. I'll...
By: tofu911

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»Gorget / neck armour / neck armor 
 Second ible, here we go. still a work in progress(back piece isn't finished yet) Im building a neckarmour piece(gorget) and wanted to share on instructables, to my surprise there is not a single one for neck armour so here's the first. For the decorations in the center you can check out http://www....
By: knutknackebröd

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»Defense Business Confidence Market Research Reports 
 An analysis of defense business along with industry sentiments globally on the latest economic and customer issues, and their impact on investment decisions reveal growth prospects within the defense industry. Change in supplier prices of various products, are likely to influence the growth prospect...
By: matildefernandes

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»5 Easy Steps to Going Solar for Your Company 
 What better time to set your mind to a new initiative to be more in control of your electricity than now. This will be the time that you go solar! Whether your motivation centers around the economics of solar electricity or your business values to protect the environment using solar energy, or maybe...
By: AbhishekGupta

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»The Finest Nourishment Consulting Alternatives In Toronto 
 Are you wanting to get rid of some weight? If you're overweight since you've a hard time with embracing a well balanced diet, you should think about getting assistance from an expert nutritionist. Making great nutritional decisions is not simple, exceptionally if you do not understand enough about n...
By: torontostrengthcamp

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»K'nex - M14 Instructions 
 Hey guys, and today for fans of the M14, I bring you instructions for the M14 that I reviewed by in September 2013. This is the second time that instructions have been made for a M14 on Instructables.   Good Points  · Good Iron Sights · Comfortable Hand Grip · Very Realistic · The Magazi...
By: Zombiekiller-93

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»Brass Bullet Polymer Skull Pendant 
 How to make a skull pendant with an old bullet a little wire and polymer clay. Materials needed and setup First thing is I only use spent bullet shells I found while metal detecting. For safety purposes I advise against using any live rounds for this project. The bullet used was a .223 shell. Usi...
By: mosspossum

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»Fish Tank Dividers 
  Materials 1. Office Depot (Report coverswith sliding bar)or any report covers that have the sliding bars.2. (Plastic mesh) I got mine at Walmart they come in 6pc. Size are 10.5 in X13.5 In. (a 15 and 10 gallon and smaller tanks works fine with these size) 3.(scissors) to cut mesh and sliding bar...
By: jvazquez-lopez

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»Arduino Robot V2 (Fast) 
  This is my second version of my arduino robot after "Build your first robot". My Second version is slightly complicated as compared to my first one but offers better features. In this instructable I'm going to show you how to build a fast robot which can measure temperature, find things in front o...
By: lamefreaks

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»Arduino Lilypad Slipper Automatic Foot Massager 
  I made a little automatic slipper foot massager with the Lilypad Arduino and some of the Lilypad Vibe Boards for the actual massager. The sensor it uses is a Lilypad Accelerometer that I'm only using as a basic tilt sensor. Essentially it detects when the slipper is in a more vertical position ...
By: melarky

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»Magic Rose Cube 
  In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a magic rose cube! here is what you'll need Materials: *6 square sheets of paper (3 for petals and 3 for the leaves) *something to crease your papers (optional) If you are using double sided paper like I am here place it with the whi...
By: lovelyydeath

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»Desktop Ferris Wheel 
 To complete this project you will need the following items: (3) Pieces of 12 in. x 12 in. sheet metal, any gauge will do (2) Bearings with an inside diameter of 3/8 in. outside diameter of 7/8 in. and thickness of 1/4 in. (2) Pieces of 12 in. x 12 in. plastic, any type will do (1) Power drill with 1...
By: CaptCupcake

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»Ceramic Sculpture: Tree Stump Bonsai Planter 
 Once you can make a piece of tree bark, it is not such a large step to make a tree stump. In this case it will be used as a bonsai pot. If you are a beginner, your first attempt at a tree stump might be a little smaller and it can be used as a base for an animal or turtle or something. I show an e...
By: CliftonSears

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»Lego Minecraft Potion 
 This is my lego minecraft potion based on the one built by ZaziNombies ( is a short instructable that gives the gist of how to build one. Base In this step you make a two flat brick thick base in the shape of the potion. Front/ Face In this step you...
By: harrypotter2280

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»Full Metal Crochainmaille Pendant 
  This Instructable will show how to Crochainmaille an all metal pendant Stuff needed 2 pliers2.10 mm crochet hook1/4 inch 17 gauge steel jump ringsSmaller assorted colored jump rings(brass looking ones shown)26 gauge black colored copper wire1 ear hoop (optional)1 unit of leaf-maille Crochain...
By: durango421

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»Dodecahedron coin bank 
  This is a 12-sided figure that i made at the shop at my high school. You will see that you may not have the tools/materials needed for this project. But if you are up for it, it is not impossible. This project has a lot of math involved with it, so it would be help full to have CAD(Autodesk). YOU ...
By: Matt428

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»Shibori Spring Fling Scarves with ColorHue Dye 
 Super easy Mother’s Day Shibori scarves! Using ColorHue and some simple Shibori techniques you can make some beautiful spring silk scarves without any steaming or simmering. A great project for the kids, and handmade is always the best gift for Mother’s Day or any gift giving occasion really. Let'...
By: dharmatradingco

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»Arizona Green Tea Nails 
  The Base Coat Always apply clear to your nail before putting any nail polish on it will give you a flat surface to work with Green Baby Green Now apply a green to your nail for the base coat Gold Nuggets Now grab your greenish gold nail polish and apply a stem of a branch Blossoms Ne...
By: Indy Dawg

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»Mandel Bread Passover Recipe 
  This is my moms amazing mandel bread recipe for Passover. It is kosher for Passover because it doesn't use any leavening agent. Mandel bread is usually hard and crunchy. I prefer this recipe because the bread is moist. Don't let the word 'bread' fool you! It tastes just like a cookie! Ingredien...
By: Carleyy

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»Hedgehog Cat Toy 
 A toy hedgehog stuffed with catnip and plastic strips to entertain your cat. It can be modified to be simply a plushie. Needed Materials and Other Notes Needed Materials: -a size f (3.75 mm) crochet hook - tan worsted weight yarn (I used red heart) -a stitch marker -a popsickle stick (optional...
By: Little Dragon and Company

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»How to Draw Creative Eyes 
 Want to get creative when drawing eyes? Well here is how I draw eyes with a twist. Gather Materials You will need:- Paper- A pen or pencil- (optional) crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Draw a Lemon Shape Draw a lemon shape. Then add a curve in the corner for the tear duct. Add the Eye ...
By: Kittenfluff

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»Adorable Nails 
  Supplies First off you will need your supplies you will need the following:Various shades of pinkSparkles The Base First apply a different pink to each nail depending on what you likeYou can also do the same shade Sparkle Time!!! Now apply a bunch of sparkles
By: Indy Dawg

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»Oops! Erase Sharpie Marks on a White Board 
 Erase Sharpie Marks on a White Board. Oops... Oops! You just used a Sharpie on your White board instead of a Dry Erase Marker. Draw over Sharpie Writing with a Dry Erase Marker Scribble over the Sharpie Writing with a Dry Erase Marker. Wipe Off! Wipe off with a eraser or a paper towel. And ...
By: Kittenfluff

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»Alien Spaceship Lamp 
 Cool design that works well.  Materials You will need:  21  3V LED lights (Color does not matter) The computer program Solidworks 3D printer and plastic for the 3D printer USB cable or IPhone cable (5.3 Volts) Two 10 Ohm resistors Soldering Iron Soldering Wire Extra Wire Wire Strippers Drill Hot ...
By: rgreen2014

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»How to use text in blender 
  In this tutorial I will teach you how to use a custom font in blender and I will teach you how to use it with shapeways. Creating the scene Start by running blender. Click outside of the info box. Blender will automatically create a new scene when you start it. It should look something like thi...
By: NinjaISV

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»How to hardwire a disco ball motor to be controlled by an external switch! 
 Ever had a time with a battery powered disco ball motor, where you had to reach up and fumble for the switch? Those times are over! Level: Novice WARNING! IF YOU DO THIS INCORRECTLY, YOUR MOTOR WILL BREAK!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU ARE INEXPERIENCED!!! Step 1: Getting Stuff Get your moto...
By: Jack The Hacker

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»Super Mario Rhinestone Cuff 
 Rhinestones = pixels. Super Mario + rhinestones = : ) Supplies For the Bracelet: Tools: Leather Hole Punch Hammer or Rubber Mallet Scissors / Rotary Cutter Ruler Snap Setter (I purchased mine here) Painters Tape Materials: Leather (my cuff measured 8 1/4" x 3") ...
By: mactothefuture

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»School bag/Man bag/Any old bag to Cool bag! 
 Hello and welcome to my first instructable, the idea for this project came from taking my daughter for days out and noticing a need for a decent bag for the picnic. I see there are plenty of them out there however they don't seem to be designed to be carried around comfortably all day and those that...
By: davec75

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»Lego V-22 Ospry 
 This is one of my large lego projects. It is a vehicle that can take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane.
By: JacobPi

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»Decorating Easter Eggs 
 Have you decided how you are going to decorate your Easter Eggs this year? You can go with traditional dip dying, but why not try something new! Take out a box of crayons and start coloring, grab a silk tie and see how the design transfers or you could even head over to your laser cutter and see w...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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»Chalieplexing 4 RGB-LEDs with 4 wires on Arduino 
  Did you every need many LEDs, but only few wires? Then Charlieplexing is a great thing to try. With only 4 wires you can drive 12 LED with only 4 resistors as an optional protection and without any "intelligen" component like a 74595 or similar. - This example will show how to use 4 RGB LEDs to te...
By: ochâtelain

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»3D Printed Easter Egg 
 Add a twist to this year's Easter Egg hunt by using 3d printed easter eggs. Unfortunately I lost the CAD files, so this instructable is to serve as an inspiration. If I have time, I may remake the CAD file and share it.  Ingredients Ingredients 3D Printer Filament CANDY!!! Humpty Dumpty had a g...
By: King of Clubs

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»The Allen Hydrautomat, a working paint tin model. 
 A silent system of raising water patented in 1926 by Thomas Gaskell Allen, was alleged to have an efficiency of 80% of the pressure water used, a more efficient device than the hydraulic ram pump at the cost of greater parts and complexity.Sadly, this wonderful device seems to have faded into obscur...
By: petercd

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»Ipod/Iphone/Phone Nightlight 
 A tiffany glass instructable for an Ipod/Iphone/Mobile Night Light. An old school hack for a modern device. Setting any phone or iPod screen inside this nightlight will transform it into a vintage tiffany glass lamp. Whats needed. Safety Goggles (It is glass after all!) Gloves (if using chemicals...
By: platinumflux

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»LG 37'' LCD TV board swap 
  Tools I used A skinny phillips screw driver,padded envelops,two magnets,multimeter Lay tv on flat surface,Remove back panel Lay pads down first then turn TV screen side down on them. Now remove all the screws approx. 20 of them,use magnets to fish out deep onesRemove the stand as well Check...
By: mantis22

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»Nifty programmable backpack tail light 
  This is a simple, inexpensive and FUN programmable tail light for your night-time bike rides. And it doubles as an Arduino you can carry around with you for impromptu programming sessions! Every time I go out riding with this I'm asked "Where did you get that? How do I make one?!?!" so this Instru...
By: danasf

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»DIY Universal Robot Gripper 
    There are a lot of different kinds of robot grippers (end effectors). The most common strategy when designing a robot hand is to try to replicate the human hand. However, in 2010 researchers at Cornell University and University of Chicago developed a unique approach. They created an amorphou...
By: DIY Hacks and How Tos

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