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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Simplified Two-Tin Rainbow Cake 
 A simplified method of making a rainbow cake with just two baking tins.Background:I foolishly attempted to make a rainbow layer cake for my daughter's 7th birthday party recently. It turned out OK (see second image). It was a 'good bake' as Paul Hollywood might say, but very laborious and as you can...
By: hugheswho

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»Unicorn Poop Cupcakes! 
 Unicorn Poop Cupcakes!!! Okay, these are adorable rainbow frosting cupcakes too!The colors swirl and blend to make the most pleasing frosting rainbow! Supplies and getting started! You will need:1 batch of buttercream frosting1-2 dozen cupcakes, cooled completely.Red, Blue and Yellow Food colorin...
By: doodlecraft

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»How to Quickly Design a 3D Model using Basic Shapes 
 I have been designing my own parts, printing and putting them to use for some time now.In all of these projects, I've created all of my designs with a very simple approach. In this IBLE, I will demonstrate how I went about designing a 3D model for one of my most recent projects.Along the way, I will...
By: andymenon

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»Fowl most Foul - Roasted Black Silkie Chicken with Smoked Paprika Rub 
 There are few birds quite so beautifully suited to a dark dinner as the Black Silkie, a small chicken with naturally occurring black bones and skin and dark rich meat. Before you think the color of this chicken is a result of photo manipulation or dye, let me assure you, this is how these chickens ...
By: Tye Rannosaurus

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»How to finish 3D printed PLA objects 
 Here are a some methods I use to put together 3D printed PLA parts and a couple of ways to finish 3D printed parts. The best way to put 3D printed parts together, if you have a 3D printer that has a small build platform, is to break the STL file into smaller parts using a software like netfabb and ...
By: CarmelitoAndrade

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»Hyderabadi Dum Mutton Biryani 
 Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is one of the most popular biryanis in south India. Mutton is marinated with spices over night and dum cooked with basmati rice, incorporating the flavors in to rice. It is usually accompanied with yogurt Chutney, Raita (a yogurt dish) or Mirchi ka Salan. Ingredients you...
By: kart15

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»Long Range Wireless Repeater 
 Being too far from your WiFi router causes a lot of frustration. Here I will show how I used three ways to extend a network together with tested success. Better antennaRepeater Bridge Repeater Bridge After mounting a yagi antenna I bought online for $25 I ran the wire inside to the Linksys Route...
By: TheodoreP3

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»Pipe & Pallet Shelf 
 Steph has been looking for some shelves in her office to hold supplies. We haven't used pipe or pallet wood before in a project so we thought shelves would be a great way to try both materials and get some cool shelves! Watch the video Gather Materials Pallet (they come in different shapes an...
By: MotherDaughterProjects

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»Wood Shim Document/Book Holder 
 Parts:1. Wood shims 2. Wood glue 3. Duct tape 4. Spring clamps Glue wood shims together 1. Glue wood shims together to form a solid piece of wood 2. Use clamps to get a solid hold. Build the base 1. Take 5 wood pieces and tape them together using duct tape. 2. Glue 2 wood shim pieces to connec...
By: matt392

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»Free Tool to Download Videos, Convert Videos and Record Screen 
 In daily life, we often need to download videos from web so that we can enjoy them offline or transfer them to our mobile devices. We also need to convert videos to other formats according to different OS and devices. However, many software in the market are chargeable and we have to install desktop...
By: LittleS3

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»Website and Domain 
 I will be showing you how to use Wix to setup a website and a domain. Go to Wix You should get an account before you start anything. After, go to your account and create a new site. Choice Wix has many choices of layouts. I used a blog layout for my website. Edit Click 'Edit' then design ...
By: MacTab0602a

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»Glow River Bench 
 Just a little fun with an old piece of barn lumber, some glow powder, and epoxy Routing the river After running an old piece of barn wood through the planer a couple times, I looked at the wood and there was a really cool knot and hole in the middle of it that looked like an island. So I drew a ...
By: DaveL23

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»Super Simple Sweet and Savory Summer Salad 
 Are you on your way to a picnic and realized you didn't prepare a dish to share?Just got home from work and don't want to fire up the stove to cook dinner?Fear not my fine feathered friend .. I gotcha covered. Ingredients This recipe was not made with precise measurements, so I will do my best to...
By: Lorddrake

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»Multiple LED Display Module 
 Hello all,I like to work with LED displays with 7 segments or with dot matrix and I already did many different projects with them. Everytime they are interesting because there is some a kind of magic in how they can work because what you are seeing it is an optical illusion ! Displays have a lot of ...
By: lagsilva

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»How to Understand and Use 3-D Printing 
 This will teach step by step how to do 3-D Printing, how to use it, and how to understand it. TinkerCard First, you should understand 3-D Printing and how it works. Go to TinkerCard and take some lessons! In order to take the lessons you need to make an account. Go to Basics Once you have lo...
By: MacTab0602a

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»Breaking Tradition: REAL Strawberry Shortcake 
 It's your big day....CONGRATS!You've picked out the usual traditions for your wedding, because--hey!--it's what you do on your wedding day, right!? And not that these traditions are wrong or bad in any way...but isn't this YOU and YOUR SPOUSE's big day? Not to be confused with the millions of other ...
By: Meglymoo87

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»Automatic keurig refill 
 The goal of this ible is to show you how to rig up your coffee machines (or any other device that uses a reservoir of cold water) to automatically refill with a good old mechanical sensor... a floater! Material You will need the following A drill A 1/4 inch or larger bit for passing the tubing...
By: MakinThings

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»Blinky Paper Robot - 1st Paper Circuit Project 
 This fun little project is a fast, cheap introduction to paper circuits. It also makes use of sturdy self-standing paper people of my previous 'ible ( is a happy little robot with a cheerful red light on his head. The red bulb lights up whenever...
By: Bitsi

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»Rainbow Challah 
 Pretty braided rainbow bread! Dough Yeast Mixture:1 1/4 c lukewarm water4 tsp active dry yeast1 tsp sugarSprinkle water with sugar followed with yeast and let bloom for 10 mins, stirDough:In a large bowl, pour 1/4 c cooking oil, 1/4 - 1/3 c sugar (depending how sweet you'd like your loaf to be), ...
By: klinong

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»Gingered Carrots - Slow Fermented 
 I've been enjoying the health benefits of fermented foods lately, as well as the amazing flavors. After making (and creating Instructables for), sauerkraut, curry kraut, and pickles, I was looking for something different. I came across this recipe in the guide that came with my Pickle Pipe, and afte...
By: TheCoffeeDude

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»Lucky Number / Wedding Table Number Display 
 Display your lucky number in a pretty picture frame, or use this project to make table numbers for your next wedding or any other special occasion! Materials This beautiful "number" requires the following materials... small picture frameglass number glue gun / glue sticks fabric scissors any smal...
By: ArianaSLabus

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»Simple Skateboard Rack 
 This simple skateboard rack can be easily customized for up to five skateboards and can be built with a single 8' x 2" x 4" piece of lumber. If you're able to find a nice, surfaced piece of wood you should only need a miter saw or even a handsaw and a drill to build this. I'll be using a piece of ce...
By: AroundHome

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»How to Draw and Paint a Puppy 
 Learn in video how to draw and paint a puppy. Very simple and easy. Tutorial step by step.Draw with Gimp(you can use Krita, Paint ecc). Sketch Draw the sketch as shown in the video Step 2: Outline With the black color draws the outline of the image ​Step 3: Paint Paint inside the image usin...
By: stempelo

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»Simple Mindlblowing Card Trick 
 This card trick is extremely simple but is fools a lot of people. Whether you want to become a wizard or just want to impress your friends, this card trick if perfect for any level of skill. For the best results For the best results you either need to be a good talker or have a table. If you hav...
By: zjawesome

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»How to Sand Embroidery Hoops 
 If you display your embroidery in hoops, you'll want to sand them to make them look and feel nicer! If you use wooden hoops for embroidering (I normally use plastic), sanding them will prevent the wood from snagging on your floss or fabric. You can also stain or paint the hoops once they're sanded. ...
By: jessyratfink

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»Stick Bombs 
 Materials:Multiple packages of tongue depressors.A large spaceCost: Under $10Time needed: 15-20 minutes Step 1: Beginning the weave pattern Take two popsicle sticks. One of the sticks will face downwards and the other stick will be facing upwards. Place the up stick over the down stick at an acut...
By: teggebroten

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»The Marble Maze Runner 
 This Instructable will try and help you learn how to make your own Marble tilt Maze The Materials Arduino Uno Wires x 8 (diffirent colors, see building.)Bluetooth Serial Module Servo Motor Servo Motor Horns x 2 (You can 3D print these) Bread Board Screws and nuts (To hold the Servo Motor i...
By: tacocat1

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»Binaural head for stereo recording 
 Binaural recording can be used to imitate the human hearing using a pair of stereo microphones placed in silicone ears on a dummy head. The time difference between the sound hitting ear A, going around the head and hitting ear B is what makes this work so well. For more info Wiki binauralIn this Ins...
By: simon.w.nordberg

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»Popsicle Stick Playing Cards 
 A while back, I made Clear Playing Cards. I really liked making them so, since then, I've been trying to plan other alternative playing cards. In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to wood burn playing card sticks! They are pretty fun to make and are easy to read and hold. I think these ca...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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»How to Use Scrap Wood to Make Cool Table Top or Doll Table 
 I had some scrap cedar decking so I made a table top for my mom and doll table for my younger sister. I did not not stain and paint the tables. My mom and sister did. Find Wood We have a huge burn pile in our yard. That is where I got my wood from Start Drawing The Table I put a nail in ...
By: Cayd13

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»Pallet Herb Garden 
 I have created this stand up pallet herb garden, but you can really plant anything in there that doesn't need deep root space materials things you need:palletcrowbar and hammerpaintroll of garden linerchicken wirestaple gunwire cutter prepare your pallet remove every other pallet board to crea...
By: Jeslack

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»Travel Skivvy Roll 
 Hello Everyone!This is an Instructable on a method I used to pack clothes on smaller trips during my semester abroad in Chile. It's a skivvy roll I got from a post on Tumblr a while back that I decided to try to use. It's not especially complicated but the Instructable might still help someone.All...
By: casey.lundy

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 Describe your collection here... Leather Leather Corset Tutorial Leather Key Cover Dye Your Shoes (or other leather goods) Leather Gentleman's Kit Leather Watch Strap Make a Real Leather Watch Strap! Simple Leather Journal Leather Tote - DIY Leather Clutch Bag ...
By: AmirK39

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»Magnetic connectors for batteries 
 Hi everyone,Here is a small tutorial about useful and easy to make battery connectors. I recently started to use 18650 cells batteries from old laptops, and I wanted a quick and easy way to connect them. Connectors using magnets were the best option, but I had to figure out how to use them correctly...
By: Matlek

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»Twisted Prism Lanterns 
 I've been playing with the idea of panels that are 3d printed in PLA, but that flex in only specific directions (I intend to make a Halloween costume using this). There are plenty of instances of plywood that's laser cut to accomplish this (like this from kofaktorlab), so I modified the patterns and...
By: BarbMakesThings

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»South Pacific Shower 
 The first step is to have your sketches when you plan building your shower. If you don't plan out your shower sketches, you will incorrectly. The scale of the of the shower is 1/4"=1'-0". The height and length of the shower is (H) 8'ft, (L) 6'-1 3/4". The ladder must be on the right side of shower l...
By: ChrisW305

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»The Creation of the Star Wars Hailfire Droid; Introduction 
 To begin with, Wolfgang, Braxton, and Tyler are high school students who are working on a 3D design project. Why we chose on making the Hailfire droid was our inspiration of Star Wars, and it was simple to build some of the 3D parts. We started off by brainstorming the project step by step, creating...
By: BraxtonL

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»Ladder and barrel for south pacific shower cart 
 this is how to make a ladder and barrel for south pacific. Supply 1/ roll of plumer strap 2/ van dike brown 3/ burnt umber 4/ wood 2/4 5/ 3/8 by 8th inch bar stock6/ dry wall / tech screws7/ thick rope. This is the ladder when it is finished SUPPLY.1/ 2/4 wood.2/ van dike brown/burnt umber...
By: AntonH15

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»South Pacific 
 About To Tell You How To Make Boxes For The Play Final Product This is the end result of how to do the boxes for the play South Pacific. It look like a lot of work but it don't time if you just be focus. Cut Wood First You Start By Cutting Some Lay Sheets 19" x 9" Wood. You going to Need A...
By: Ty Cobb

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»How to Use the Sharp IR Sensor (GP2Y0A41SK0F) - Arduino Tutorial 
 In this tutorial we will use the Sharp IR sensor (GP2Y0A41SK0F) to measure distance from an object. IR Sensors work by using a specific light sensor to detect a select light wavelength in the Infra-Red (IR) spectrum. By using an LED which produces light at the same wavelength as what the sensor is ...
By: codebender_cc

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»Tools For Use With Propane Tank Smelter (No Weld) 
  During my build of a smelter for melting aluminum I decided to make some tools that I would need to help me during the melting process. I had some junk items lying around that I figured would be of some use and there were some that I had to purchase for a minimal price. I have already upl...
By: NphRandom

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»Pallet Basketball Wastebasket 
 I know not all of you are BBN or UK fans, but please look past a logo and see what cool thing was created with leftover pallet pieces. Gather and cut wood to size. This is totally a customizable project. I am giving you the rough dimensions of what I used, but if you are going to do this project...
By: DaveL23

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»Propane Tank Aluminium Smelter (No Weld). 
 For a long time I had been watching YouTube clips and reading about people making their own aluminum smelters and figured one day I would go ahead and make my own. Time passed and there was always another project or reason why I never got around to making one and then I decided one cold winter’s day...
By: NphRandom

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»Most Easy 5min Vacuum Chamber 
 I wanted a small vacuum chamber for science experiments but they were to expensive to buy. So I made this. Materials I used a very cheap electrical tape because you will need the whole roll. I used a glass jar because I don't know how well plastic will hold up to the vacuum. The tube I use is...
By: Cayd13

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»Giraffe Cup 
 In the past two weeks i start to design my own 3D models. I don't have any training on this matter and for my first project i have my husband's help.Now this is my second project, made only by me after i started to use Tinkercad. If i can do it everyone can! Draw the giraffe cup For the giraffeFo...
By: upalermo

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»Garden patio swing bed - when a simple hammock just won't do! 
 Wanted a spot lay down in the garden.So, I bough a hammock. Hated it. Returned to shop in a day or two.Regular "hanging beds" do cost around 300-500 euros down here. Decided I can build something.Therefore, my orange garden patio swing bed was born.It's 140cm in length and 100cm in width, regular pi...
By: skiedra

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»Creme Brulee Recipe 
 Crème Brulee is the king of all custards for a reason. It's rich flavor, delicate consistency, and crisp caramel topping make it irresistible. I was recently gifted a cooking torch so I decided to give this delicious treat a try. Amazing, I mean mouth wateringly amazing! The best thing is, it was ac...
By: MaddieJ3

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»From Hymnal Racks to Plant Stands - an Exercise in Repurposing Architectural Wood Findings 
 A short while ago the pastor of the church across the street from us was retiring. As he and his wife prepared to move out of the church parsonage that had been their home for the past thirty years he faced the problem of what to do with the eclectic collection of, well, stuff that had accumulated ...
By: Radical Geezer

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»Flint sparkle bomb 
 so in this instructable i will teach u how to make a flint sparkle bomb.#HERCULES2016 Materials 1)lighter x2 or candle2)screwdriver or tweezers Take the cap off. so get one of your lighters and then get your screwdriver and then put it in the hole where there fire comes out. after you have don...
By: _th30_

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»UpBrella - Waste Knot 
 This project looks at using 2 waste streams that I found readily available to create an umbrella which I have called Upbrella. Bike inner tubes seem to been in abundance as is high grade rip stop sail material from sail manufacturers. For this project you're going to need: - Bicycle pump - Lezyne Ro...
By: MaxwellP5

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