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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Emergency Jewelry From Office Supplies 
 So there you are at work wearing business attire and conservative jewelry. Suddenly, everyone decides to go out for drinks after work. Maybe your SO calls and wants to meet at that hip new place, but you won't have time to go home and change. You suddenly feel under-dressed and square, but not in a ...
By: Chuck Stephens

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»Object Oriented Programming Teaching Method 
 Teaching method for students new to object-oriented programming. This is a way to allow them to visualize and see the process of creating objects.Parts:1. EkTools 2-inch large punch; solid shapes are best.2. Piece of paper or cardstock.3. Marker. Object Oriented Programming Definitions A "cla...
By: matt392

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»Globo aerostático origami modular | hecho de papel | Air balloon 
 Bueno no les mentiré este globo lleva bastantes tiempo en el plegado de los módulos y debemos de ser pacientes y prestar mucha atención a los detalles y lo primordial de todo es marcar ,muy bien cada pliegue para después poder armar el modulo sin problemas. ​Materiales: Hojas de colores tamaño A4...
By: ScalyD

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»Cute Cross Stitch Photo Frame 
 Hello today I'm gonna make a cute photo frame that is made by cross stitch hope you enjoy What We Need We need a kit called sew cute it is in some art stores In the US and other places or you could look up on the net the kit contains all things above Step 1 To thread the needle,fold the yarn a...
By: Coolloom

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»Lego Star Wars Kashyyyk Outpost 
 My Lego creation is set on the planet Kashyyyk from Star Wars. I decided to make the setting more in the Jungle, while adding a cool river. This took me a couple of months to build and I feature some of my own custom vehicles and such. I'm sorry some of the pictures are mixed around (like the trees...
By: Legoman1122

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»DIY Wire Wrapping Wave Pendant 
 Ocean owns a lot of precious resource; it is so profound that many mysteries are still waiting for our exploration. It has been bearing the dreams of young people for many generations. Therefore in my eyes, ocean is always colorful and vigorous. Today I present the wire wrapped pendant tutorial and ...
By: DasiyD

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»DIY Sage Smudge Stick 
 So, I burn sage in my house because it relaxes me, and I feel like it brings forth positive energy. So I thought why not share my little tip on how I make my own sage sticks! Hope u enjoy!For more DIY videos, check out my Youtube Channel Here
By: SheetalC

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»Soft Waves Hair Tutorial │ How to Curl Long Layered Hair 
 In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an easy, effortless hairstyle that will look so elegant and classy, people will think you spent hours on it!I love curling my hair this way because it just looks so voluminous. One of the main reasons for all this volume is the way that I cut my hair w...
By: SheetalC

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»Crispy Oven Baked Chicken 
 Crispy and juicy chicken that great hot or cold, Great for picnics, and cleanup is a breeze!! In a gallon sized zip lock bag, add chicken and evaporated milk; seal and refrigerate several hours, or over night. Pre heat oven 375ºF. Line a jelly-roll pan with aluminum foil. Finely grind th...
By: cyann04

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»Silhouette: Faux Glass Etching 
 I make decals for a living and have lots of tricks to share. One trick is using specialty vinyl. There are lots of vinyls (or polyesters, etc.) that don't look like vinyl. There are materials that look like brushed aluminum, gold, silver, leather or wood for example.One of my favorites is vinyl t...
By: steve.m.graves

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»How to easily replace your bike wheels wth simple tools 
  Replacing wheels on your bicycle is an easy task that you can accomplish in the comfort of your home. In this instructable we look at a speed bike that goes by the name of GMC Denali (no seriously that's what it's called). But, remember that these steps can be modified to work for any kind of bicy...
By: abdulghania

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»How to Make a Towel Cake │ DIY Pamper Cake 
 This is such a cute gift idea and you have so many options of towel colors, body washes, perfumes, and lotions! It was so easy to make and such a blast picking out the decorations, which you can get from the dollar store. Items Used: Victorias Secret Body Lotions and Body Sprays Towel Plastic Tray ...
By: SheetalC

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»Arm Cannon Of DEATH 
 Here is my arm cannon, it doesn't shoot very far yet. Just wanted to see if you guys like it. If you do I'll make it better and post. Hope you like it. ;) null
By: plumeri1

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»How to Make Sangria │ 2 Steps! 
 Easy, Fun and Delicious Drink with Port Wine?! Yepp! I love port wine! I used: Fairbanks Port Wine ( my absolute FAVORITE wine ever) Passionfruit Orange NectarI love making these drinks when we go camping. Its easy, takes 5 minutes and is perfect on a hot summer day!The great thing about this is th...
By: SheetalC

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»Mini cooler A/C 
 My pregnant Daughter and her Hubby came over. We live in Florida and they have no air conditioning in their car. Renee (my Daughter) was Miserable. So my Hubby and I Hooked her up with this very simple device we threw together in a few minutes with stuff we had around the house. MIni A/C We had a...
By: gutzybroad

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»Wood Spool Chess Set 
 After collecting quite a few vintage wooden spools from estates sales, antique shops, and donations from friends, I thought it was about time I made something with them. I recently acquired two large spools and thought they would make great chess pieces, so here's how to make a sewing themed chess s...
By: Brooklyntonia

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»Yummy Zucchini Bread 
 I have an over-abundance of zucchini in my garden this year. And I only planted 3! But I've been scouring the internet to try and find something to put them to good use. This a zucchini bread recipe that I found and it tastes fantastic! I hope you like it! Your Ingredients... These ingredients an...
By: Maverick12

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»Use Sensors and Actuators to Make a Mechanical Labyrinth Maze 
 A three-axis accelerometer captures the tilt of the Kinoma Create. Kinoma Create processes the tilt data in software to control the rotation of two servo motors connected to the maze. The result is intuitive movement of the maze relative to the controller. Mechanical gears convert the 180 degrees of...
By: Kinoma

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»Home Made Air Cooler Upgraded version 
 Hi, Friends i Just Came up wit an idea of building a Upgraded version of Cheap Air Cooler for a room, (its Cheap When U have things laying around at home & make use of them) you ll need to spend some money only on buying few thins like ( TEC Thermoelectric Peltier Module Tech-1 12709 ).And this vers...
By: cyberwolves

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»Strawberry and Cream Flowers 
 These cute flowers are so easy to make.You can use whipped cream, custard, vanilla pudding, cream cheese cream, or even yogurt. Ingredients Super simple as you will only need:Chocolate chips A box of instant pudding such as Jell-o, prepare as directed on the boxAnd fresh strawberriesWhile pudding...
By: klinong

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»Strawbees DNA model 
 Strawbees are becoming the latest rage in tinkering and making. You can form remarkably complex structures with deceptively simple connectors.ConceptUse Strawbees to model deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)Required MaterialsFull length straws (100%) - 12¾ length straws (75%) - 4½ length straws (50%) - 14¼ ...
By: ArkansasDiscoveryNetwork

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»Comic Book Headband - Silhouette Machine 
 We've said it before and we'll say it again... The Dover Public Library loves crafting and all things geeky. For our June Build Night we combined the two. Inspired by comic books, we used a Silhouette Portrait machine to create sound effect headbands! You Will Need: Silhouette Machine Foam Pape...
By: DoverPL

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»Never tangle earphone life hack 
 It is a scientific fact that earphones "want to tangle" in your pocket. According to this article, this is due to the fact that earphones have more ways of being tangled than being untangled. That combined with time causes headaches. To fight against earphones' natural tendency to eat your nerves, y...
By: ptkrf

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»piaskownica sandpit 
 Szybka piaskownica dla siostrzenicy , bo brudne dziecko to szczęśliwe dziecko :) rozmierzanie desek i ciecie ich na wymiar , desek za dużo nie było wiec jak starczyło to taka duża wyszła piaskownicapiaskownica ma wymiar 220 cm x 200 cm x 30 cm około, deska grubość 1 cal Deski pochodziły Z zodz...
By: jan matejko

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»Quick improvised face tracking camera using an Intel Edison 
 This is a tutorial on how to build a simple face-tracking camera using an Edison with arduino breakout board, any android smartphone, a servo motor and a few other things you may find lying around in your desk.The code is written in python and is very simple. What is does is repeatedly download fram...
By: Douglas N

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»Raspberry Lime Swirled Soap 
 Melt and pour soap is great for beginning soapmakers. It doesn't involve lye and uses a microwave.Raspberry Lime Swirled soap is not a difficult soap to make, but it would be a good idea to watch or read a few tutorials on melt and pour soap before attempting this soap,This soap was inspired by my f...
By: absurdwords

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»3 Mode 14 Led Home-Made Reading Light 
 The LED's came from a Bike-light i had and didn't want anymore, So, why not build something new?The re-used parts I used are:1. Phone holder for car to make it adjustable2. 3 X AA Battery case from a remote control car3. Wires (from a desktop computer)4. LED's (as I said earlier from a bike light)5 ...
By: yonatan24

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»A Monitor that Rings a Bell Every Time a Person Supports a Crowdfunding Campaign 
 When we were being crowdfunded, we built an Indiegogo monitor that rings a bell every time a new person supported our campaign and purchased a Kinoma Create device. We want to share this project with you.Kinoma Create runs an app that scrapes our Indiegogo campaign page periodically and displays the...
By: Kinoma

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»DIY KeySmart/Key Organizer 
 So, I was browsing the internet and came across a couple of key organizers such as these: and are pretty cool right? What's not cool is their price tag, so why not make one that is just as effective and durable for...
By: MarkYu

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»How to make a easy on and off switch 
 Do u hate having a switch that a wire falls off and u either have to rap the wire around the posts or hot glue it well this is simple and easy to do....... DO NOT B STUPID AND HOOK UP TO OUTLET ELECTRICITY I ONLY SUGGEST USING THIS WITH BATTERIES SUCH AS 9V AND LOWER DON'T B DUMB XD.. Clothes pin...

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»360° Photo Spheres with a cell phone 
 Do you know what is a 360x180° spherical image? Well, they have been widely spread by the Google Street View, and more recently by its extension, the Google Business View, but this kind of photography already exists since late 90's.It can also be called as 360 pictures, immersive images, fulls spher...
By: cartola

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»Power Your Battery Draining Devices With A DC Power Supply TUTORIAL 
 These are some of my devices that I power and use with an outlet socket instead of batteries The Remote of the Spy Tank Camera This spy remote uses 4 AA batteries4b X 1.5v = 4.5 VOLTSI didn't have a high amp 4.5 volt power supply but i did have a 5.2 volt power supply, So...How do you turn 5.2 vo...
By: yonatan24

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»Origami Note Rose 
 This rose is a cute way to pass a note to that special someone. They are simple to make and with practice can be made in under 5 minutes. The best part is that you don't need special origami paper to make them; they only require notebook or printer paper. For reference:BLACK line is CUTRED line is V...
By: JohnWilliams

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»(Harry Potter Inspired) Custom Printed Candles 
 These cute candles are such a nifty little make. They are quick and simple to make, cheap (only using stuff you find around the house) infinitely customiseable, and they look great! They are one of my go-to gifts for all of these reasons. These are some Harry Potter inspired candles that I made for ...
By: coventrymakerspace

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»Geodome Tent Kit < £50 
 This instructable is going to take you through my process of design and development and give you all the information you need so you can build a 4m diameter geodome kit for under £50. I am also going to go in to some key decision points and ideas for keeping the cost down and making this accessible ...
By: fisho1

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»Mocha Frappe 
 It's been so hot here lately I will not blow anymore money on fancy, expensive frappes with super high fat and sugar contents. McDonalds is the cheapest and some of these coffee shops are charging $4.50 for a small frappe. No way! I do just drink iced coffee but sometimes want a treat. Gather a...
By: clewis21

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»Robo TK-100 Tank Chasis Assembly 
 This is an Instructable on how to assemble the Robo TK-100 Tank chassis.This Chassis will be the base of an Autonomous Rover with attached Arm to be controlled via bluetooth. A Full set of Instructables including code coming soon. The tank chassis can be found at It ships from Chin...
By: Gallifray_Todd

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»DIY Car Seat Cover 
 Avoid getting burned in the summer time with this super easy car seat cover.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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»Fun With PIC Assembly - Episode 13 
 A few months ago I was considering making a capacitance meter using the PIC. I did some research on the web and checked out various designs. Then I made the mistake of checking eBay to see how much one would cost. The single board versions I found varied, but most of them also included capabiliti...
By: boomer48

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»Robotic Arm for Autonomous Tank 
 I recently purchased a robotic arm to mount onto my Autonomous tank project. I was unable to find any real tutorials on how to build the arm so I decided to do one myself. The frame for the arm can be found on eBay and usually ships from China. It took about a month for all the parts to come in. h...
By: Gallifray_Todd

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»Smocked Bishop Bubble Tutorial 
 Learn how to make a smocked bishop bubble. Also, free pattern included to convert a smocked bishop dress into a bubble.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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»Buttonhole Loops and Thread Keepers 
 Buttonhole loops are a great way to close timeless, heirloom garments. Thread keepers are a wonderful method to keep ribbons, belts, etc in place around a dress waistline.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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»Creations by Michie Bubble #107 
 This pattern is a classic and can be dressed up for heirloom standards or kept casual. Watch the video to see one method to put the pattern together.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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»Multiple Fermentation Chamber Control with BrewPi 
 In this Instructable I will try to explain how I built a BrewPi based fermentation chamber control system for multiple chamber control. If you are a brewer like me, you don't usually have just one beer going at a time. I have several. Subsequently, I have several fridges/freezers that I use as ferme...
By: jgroner

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»Text Window Greeting Cards 
 Wedding stationery can be surprisingly expensive! And it is not always possible to tailor it completely to your own theme or need. But, handmaking literally hundreds of cards, from save the dates and invites through to orders of service and thankyous, is massively time consuming... and that's before...
By: KerryW

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»Camera Trap: A trap that takes a picture of whatever blocks the laser 
 We built a camera trap which takes pictures of whatever blocks the laser. A laser pointer and a photoresistor were used to detect blocking. A camera was used to take a picture and send the data back to the Kinoma Create through UART serial ports. Then the picture was sent to the laptop and stored in...
By: Kinoma

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»Simple DIY Criss-cross Dress 6 mos 
 Watch the video to see how to make this simple dress. Free pattern available here.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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»Arty Sneakers 
 Grab your old pair of sneakers or your new ones and vamp them up with cool designs! Be unique and different, and show your friends your no afraid to make a statement. What do you need? All you need is a silver or white marker. I am using Pilot super color fine tipped marker. I also have an Artli...
By: Elné Rall

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»French Seams 
 French seams are a timeless, durable, and beautiful way to sew your garments together. Watch this video to see how easy they are to make.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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»Buttonhole Stitch 
 Hand-sewn buttonholes are the perfect addition to any heirloom outfit. Watch this video to discover how easy these pretty buttonholes can be.
By: Slowvannah Farms

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