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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»How To Make A Single Tie At Rainbow Loom 
 Single Tie At Rainbow Loom Get Your Materials (Importantly) Get Your ThingsThis Is The Thing That You Need:1. Loom Board2. Loom Bands3. Hook4. S/C Clip Start Applying Rubber Bands Be Sure That The Red Arrow Of Your Loom Board Is Facing Away From YouPlace Your First Band On The From 1ST Peg On ...
By: DonEdwardReyes

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»homemade rc car 
 this is my first instructable so please bear with me guys :)I loved playing with rc cars when i was small so i thought of making one now when i have some knowledge of it.moreover i faced some problems while making it and tried to solve those problems via different sources across the net.thought of u...
By: abhishek18

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»Projection-making Advertising Blimp. by AnTiProcrastination 
 Hi! This is AnTiProcrastination. We are from University of Michigan -- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (see Logo. in Figure 1) located in Min Hang District of Shanghai (Figure 2; cited from AnTiProcrastination is formed as a team in the course "Introduction to Eng...
By: AnTiProcrastination

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»Super Easy No-Knead Cheese Bread Rolls - and other toppings 
 This is a spin-off of my previous "super easy crusty bread rolls" recipe. Basically the same bread with toppings. NO MIXER, NO BREADMAKER, NO KNEAD, EASY CLEAN UP (NOT EVEN A FLOURED COUNTERTOP)! Quick ingredients list:Strong white flour (aka bread flour)Rolled oatsInstant yeast (aka 'easy bake', '...
By: myquirkyrecipe

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»DIY || Garden, Outside 
  Make a Grill for your Fire Pit Hammock Stand - Indoor & Outdoor How To Get A Shipping Container Eno Hammock Stand Pallet Sofa DIY Privacy Panels for a small balcony null
By: jbengochea

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»DIY || Seats, Benches, Chairs 
 A compilation of chair and bench DIY jobs I'd like to complete Tennis Ball Chair Scrap Table Rubber Hose Chair Full Metal Sofa ANICE stool Concrete Garden Bench Durable Hardwood Bench Reclined Pallet Wood Chair Hammock Stand - Indoor & Outdoor Eno Hammock Stand ...
By: jbengochea

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»Paper Roll Rainbow Bracelet (Biodegradable) 
 A Bracelet which is biodegradable and Cheap!It is made up of Paper Strip rolled to formed drums! Features:-1) Cheap2) Biodegradable3) Super Easy to Make!Make this for the up coming Friendship Day which is August 3 and give these to your Friends!So why not make it?? Buy Paper Strips And Neon Thread...
By: Ayush Sharma

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»Make a Sock Lion to Calm Nervous Pets (and Make Them Even More Adorable!) 
 Monkey the Science Dog is a chihuahua, which means he's insane. He's mellowed a bit with age, but he still goes nuts with very little provocation. Kids walking down the sidewalk, knocks at the door, loud tailpipes- anything can set him off on a barking fit. When new people come to visit his Napoleon...
By: Chuck Stephens

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»How To Make A Paper Origami Candy Box 
  The Origami Paper Candy Box can hold candy or chocolate and wrappers. It can be useful if you don't have a trash can nearby or to lazy to walk to the trash can. Begenning Part Get a square piece of paper then fold it in half and unfold. Then turn it around until the crease you made are pointin...
By: TheOrigamiBoy

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»Heat Exchanger in a Wood Fired Hot Tub for a Shower 
 In the middle of nowhere, far from cell phones, automobiles, and power lines, there is a little bit paradise that I frequent. On a point of land overlooking a sheltered bay on the ocean, there was a wood fired hot tub with no shower. The only running water available was cold and that was not good e...
By: BARKing

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»Party Hairstyle Tutorial 
 This Hairstyle is perfect for any Occasion. I combined three variation of hairstyles in this tutorial. They are1. Individual Twists2. Curl Rolls3. Twist BraidsI hope you all will like it. Things Required Individual Twists 1. Before you start styling your hair, wash your hair with shampoo and...
By: Khaweya

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»Bioshock Infinite - Booker DeWitt Holster 
 Booker Cosplay wouldn't be complete without his super sexy holster! So let me show you how to make one.*note: this one is single fit only. You can not adjust it to another size Pattern making I did a little bit of research to know what an actuall holster looks like and how it is put together.Aft...
By: Kion Designs

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»painted planters 
 Hi everyone!This is my first instructable, so, please, bear with me...I love growing things and bright colors. So when I found these planters on the side of the road, I immediately stopped and asked the gentleman in the front yard if they were getting rid of them and if so could I have them. He wa...
By: fbarry1

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»Wall Lamp with LED's 
 This project was conceived as part of a summer class for my MLIS program at St. Catherine University. Our class explored makerspaces and the Maker Movement, their application in libraries, and different tools used in makerspaces. For my personal project, I decided to construct a lamp that could be h...
By: atmontoya

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»Creating the Perfect Lip 
 What you'll need, to create the perfect lip:Lipstick of your choiceNude/Natural Lip LinerTranslucent PowderSmall Fluffy BrushLip BrushThe specific items I used in the picture are linked below:Wet n' Wild, Fergie Translucent PowderUlta LipstickNYX Retractable Lipliner in NaturalSOHO Crease BrushELF L...
By: Leanoh

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»Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun - Easy Weekend Project 
 This super fun rubber band gatling gun project can be completed in a weekend with inexpensive material and basic tools that most people already have. There are easier ways to make some of these parts using expensive specialized tools, but we tried to make the entire guide more accessible by using b...
By: melarky

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»Rainbow Loom Hook Grip 
 This is the easiest rainbow loom craft ever! And it's a cute accessory for your hook! Twisting/ Wrapping Bands All you do is wrap a band around your hook four times and slide it to where you would like your grip to be. Keep wrapping more (you can do a pattern) until you get your desired length. T...
By: 105415

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»Easy Pencil Stand. 
 Hi! So today I am going to be showing you how to make an easy desk storage device. And the best part is you don't need to go to the grocery store. It's completely and totally FREE! Because guess what. Most and I think probably all of the items in this project are basically things that you would not...
By: mind blown

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»Easy Headband Braid 
 What you'll need 2 small elastic bands2-4 bobby pinsBasic braiding ability Grab your section Take a section of hair from behind the ear. If your hair is very long, you may also take your section from the corner of your nape. Braid your section Now braid your section. If you don't know how to ...
By: Leanoh

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»The Element a k'nex ball machine 2014 
 Hey everyone! Weston and I (William), are very excited to say that our ball machine this year is complete. It is entered in the toy rods and connectors contest so Please vote for it! Thank you and I hope you enjoy! I will soon be publishing instructions on how to build the new elements! Thank you an...
By: www139

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»What to Bring to Burning Man 
 Hi!I've been going to Burning Man for a few years now, and over those years, I've maintained and tuned a list of my favourite, most necessary things to bring. If you're new to the Burn, or just don't feel like remembering all of the basics, I'm open sourcing my list of What to Bring to Burning Man.N...
By: at0mbxmb

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»Tavros Robot Legs Part 1- Cutting Out Cardboard 
 This stage is mostly cutting out cardboard. As this progresses, I will add more steps. Part 2 will likely consist of (pain)ting it and adding detail, and Part 3 will be assembling.Feel Free to use this template to assist your Homestuck art-ing; but please credit me!! If you have any questions, ple...
By: Umbrae Oscula

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»Everything I Know About Stencils 
 (Note- I recently started writing notes about stencil techniques for a workshop at our maker space. When I saw the Paint contest and the Epilog Laser contest, I decided to do a short Instructable about stencils, since I use a variety of paints to create them and a laser cutter would help me take my...
By: Chuck Stephens

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»The Goodness Sandwich 
  Stuff You Need Ice cream Pop tart Any kind will do Assembling Toast the pop tarts then wait for them to cool so it dosnt melt the ice cream then put a scoop or two on the pop tart and eat it
By: spaktashabit

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»Tabletop Lazy Susan 
 I wanted to create a lazy susan that I could use when playing board games (with mechanics much like the deluxe version of Scrabble). However, this could certainly be used for a variety of purposes!Check out the short video below to see the tabletop lazy susan in action! Gather your materials. Ma...
By: GameShowGuru

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»Mojito Muddler 
 This instructable was born out of necessity. It was summer... I wanted a Mojito... I had no muddler. So instead of buying one, which would have required finding a store that sold one or waiting to have one shipped, I made one. Besides, peer reviewed research has shown that 100% of those who consume ...
By: Ssmo72

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»Makeup And Hair Contest 
  Step 1 Start of by priming your eyes I used a loreal eye primer than add a white shadow to your lid Step Two Then on the crease I added a gold eyeshadow called sombra from cover girl and patted a dark green over that from my loreal eyeshadow quad in wild orchid Step 3 Eye added a dark s...
By: makeup2249

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»Building a Ledge Vardo 
 Welcome to my 1st ledge vardo build. My name is David and my wife is Martha. We're from Northern Indiana. We're looking forward to the first journey with our Ledge Vardo.I had this chassis built for this purpose. $2600It's 12 ft long and 6 ft wide.3500 lbs axles, led lights, 15" wheels, 10" electric...
By: 1stimevardobuilder

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»Female Drow (Dark Elf) Makeup Tutorial 
 Materials: Mascara (darkest black possible)Metallic Ice blue eyelinerblack eyelinersilvery blue eyeshadowsky blue eyeshadowdark blue eyeshadowdeep blue eyeshadoweyeshadow brushblush brush Mascara Put a thick layer of mascara on your TOP eyelashes. Metallic Ice Blue Eyeliner Go around your eyes...
By: Umbrae Oscula

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»Knex M4 Carbine 
 So I was bored and I threw this together. You should easily be able to build from the pictures...nothing too special about this gun.Pros:Real sizeReally comfortableLooks? Stock (IMO)Cons:Old style gunNot an internal push magMediocre rangeMediocre accuracyMediocre overall Pictures They need to fi...
By: SumRndmGuy

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»Make:it Robotics Starter Kit - Analyzing LineFollowing.ino Part 1 
 In our last blog post we captured some sensor data from the three different positions that our robot can encounter when following the black line, (left sensor black, left sensor/right sensor white, right sensor black).In this blog post we are going to take that sensor data and run it thorough our re...
By: jpitz31

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»emac trash can 
 emac trash can take a stupid Emac and tear it down and give it it's real purpose
By: timcox7714

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»Arming cap / helmet padding 
 This story will be a two ible story, the first part(this) will be about the padding of the next ible.Spoiler alert: it'll be a helm ( not telling you what kind though;) ).This part of the project doesn't take that long and only requires basic sewing skills so its an easy way to add to your armour co...
By: knutknackebröd

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»German Cheesecake Cupcakes 
 Hello everyone!This will be a short and simple instructable. I made some cupcakes at a party that were a hit, so I decided to share the recipe with everyone. German cheesecake is traditionally made with quark, a soft german cheese also known as "Farmer's cheese". This makes it fluffier and lighter t...
By: JRPeyesatsne

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»Duct Tape Rose 
 The materials you need are•duct tape any color• pen that has a cap•ruler•exacto knife or sissors Cutting The Squares Measure and cut the duct tape 2 inches by 2 inches Folding The Petals Fold the corner until it makes a L shape Folding The Petles Part 2 Fold one side of the sides till it m...
By: softball9

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»LED Critter 
 The LED critter is a simple adaptation of Hans Schantz's creation. It involves basic materials that almost any classroom has and it is simple enough for kindergarten through fifth grade to create a fun critter. Materials Needed You will need the following materialscardboard egg cartontwo LEDs3V ...
By: Khuttner

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»Make a Bee Vacuum that Really Sucks 
 When I tell people I'm working on designing a bee vacuum the response typically varies from blank stares to shock. Everyone wants to know what the heck a bee vac is, and why would I want to suck those cute fuzzy stinging beasts into a shop vac in the first place. As a beekeeper, I am occasionally ...
By: JenniferBerry

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 my cheap way to store a 100 foot drop cord... you need a bucket, a plastic tie, and 100 foot drop cord cut 3 holes, large hole for male end of drop cord to come out and go to wall outlet, 2 small holes for tie cord going up side of bucket bring male end of drop cord out hole and up side ...
By: gman29669

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»Minecraft PE - Small Fishing Boat Tutorial! 
 Today I will show you how to make this simple small fishing boat! So letz get started! :D Materials Materials:*White wool*Oak slab*Oak block*Red wool*Oak Log*Fence *Chest Hull Just follow the pictures and you will be O.K! :D Sail and Mast Just follow the pictures and you will be O.K! So ...
By: AssassinDude

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»Captain America Wing Hair Clips 
 You have to show your Captain America pride some how right? Gather Materials! 1. White Felt2. Black or Navy Felt3. Small and Large Scissors4. Masking Tape5. Tacky Glue6. Strong Adhesive like E6007. Two Large Hair Clips8. Pattern (above, the wing should be 3 inches wide from flat side to the cur...
By: MsSweetSatisfaction

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»Day of the Dead Bear Skull Vanitas Encaustic Beeswax Painting 
 Encaustic wax art is pure organic beeswax and dammar resin. The pigments are high quality cakes of wax made with natural ingredients like oil paints. The word Encaustic is Greek which simply means to burn in. The wax is melted on a hot pallet and applied to the substrate hot, it cools instantly, t...
By: cabinfeverinalaska

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»Rainbow Loom Bead Flower Charm 
 For this charm you will need..-6 beads-6 flower color bands-9 bands for the back of the flower Making The Bead Bands Take a single flower color band and slide a bead onto it. You will need six of these. We will use these later Adding Bands. Now we will add the bands on the looms. These bands a...
By: 105415

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»How to 'organise' steam's screenshot folder 
 Ever get tired of having to look up a game or app's ID just to find a few screenshots? Well this Instructable will help you alleviate that exhaustion. Navigate to your Screenshot folder Navigate to your Steam folder, by default it is C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\Insert User Number\760\remotePi...
By: Jords001

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»Land Paddle 
 Make a land paddle for under $10. I actually got enough materials to make two kid sized paddles (about 5 foot each) and it cost less than $20. I Find that this paddle grips better than my $100 Big "name brand" Paddle. Gather Materials 1 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe cut to your desired length. No...
By: meierjo

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»How To Sneak Your Phone Passed Your Parents 
 Wanna go to a friends house without getting caught with your phone? WARNING: DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE TO SCHOOL IF NOT ALLOWED. THIS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Do this if you want to. Find Out How Your Parents Are Can your parents tell if you are being honest? Just know that you can't smile passed them...
By: HeartAG123

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»Lego Supercar 
 Please leave a comment if u have any project ideas Materials All the pieces came from emmets construct-o-mech set but they're probably in other sets too Construction After I made this car I realized that it can also drive upside down as shown in the last picture Enjoy Hope you liked it leav...
By: ehoff2002

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»Cruelty Free Make-up ~ Cat Eye 
 Cruelty free make-up I use and love! Affordable for any budget, great products for animal lovers!Budget for these products $10.00!Elf and NYX do not test on animals, these are my 2 favorite brands and I recommend there products to everyone :) its nice to wear a cat eye and know no cats were harmed (...
By: donutella

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»Garlic Mozzarella Bread 
 Garlic Bread typically is a baguette soaked in olive oil and Garlic with herbs, for this recipe i have decided to make a less traditional and more unhealthy takeaway version of this classic, perfect for that Friday night in accompanied with pizza and a good film.  i will keep this one short as it i...

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»Hair Hair Bow! 
 Hair Hair Bows!A perfect summer time or back to school updo!Great for lazy days...doesn't take much more work than a ponytail or a bun!Popularized by Miss Lady Gaga, this is a hit with tweens and teens too!It's easy to do on yourself, doesn't take much skill...and it's totally ATTENTION getting! S...
By: doodlecraft

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»Colorful Crochet Choker Necklace 
 I have emboridery floss and I don't know what to do with it. Lol, I'm just going to make this... oh well that doesn't look half bad... it looks great. Another!!I made my first choker on a whim and I was just playing around with the floss and the smallest crochet hook I had. Which was not the smalles...
By: gwenif

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