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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»11 Bouquets That Will Never Wilt 
 Give your loved one the gift of beautiful flowers that will never wilt!Whether you quill, crochet, carve, or hammer your bouquet, it will be appreciated for years to come. And it is extra special because you made it yourself. DIY Swirly Paper Flowers Crochet Your Wedding Bouquet Copper Ros...
By: xxlauraxx

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»May the FORTH be with Opto22 PAC and Linux 
 INDUSTRIAL CONTROLLERS: PAC,PLC & LINUXLinux support for industrial hardware like PAC or PLC, in the case of the big and well known brands is basically non-existent. Some hardware is based on "exotic" architectures, however the vast majority have in their guts an x86 or ARM based system (Linux frien...
By: Absolutelyautomation

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»Arduino Connected to Wifi Using ESP8266 Controlled by BLYNK (using a Mac OS X) 
 Though there are many tutorials on how to set up a new ESP8266 to connect to wifi, it still took me DAYS and a lot of hours talking to the technology department at the college to actually get my project up and running. Hoping this helps give you set by step instructions to bypass the frustrations an...
By: KayleenT

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»RC Car Damper Dynamometer 
 This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida ( In this instructable you will learn how to make a damper dynamometer to create a force vs. velocity curve from which a damping ratio can be extracted. Ot...
By: garydelarosa

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»Camera sliderbot 
 Simple camera sliderbot is made with Lego Mindstorm. I wanted to post this as an idea because you can do this setup in many ways. I used two wheels and one motor to drive this on the bar but you can make a sliderbot driving anywhere you need.
By: susiw

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 I had this storm shelter built about 37 years ago. It is all poured concrete with rebar reinforcement. The interior measures 8 foot wide x 12 foot long x 6 ft 4 inches tall with a concrete stair entry. I asked my wife where she wanted it built, meaning front or back yard. She answered, "I want th...
By: graydog111

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 I'm designed next usable thing for your kitchen, or place where you use paper towel in different length or center dimension (all producers of paper towels use their own dimensions / diameters)Vertical or horizontal instalation. Fully sliding and easily replaceable! optimized for 3D printing! next st...
By: Jean-PaulE

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»Arduino Nano to Arduino Uno adapter 
  Arduino Nano is a nice, small and cheap member of the Arduino family. It is based on the Atmega328 chip, what makes it as powerful as the biggest his brother Arduino Uno, but it can be obtained for less money. In Ebay now Chinese versions can be bought for less than 3 USD. Additionally to its s...
By: Milen

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»Cooking Tips: How to Make a Rosette With an Apple 
 In this video, I show you how to make a rosette with an apple. You can use the rosette as a garnish in a plate.Important notes: It's important to wash the apple (with a soap for fruits and vegetables) and rinse under cold running water. And you can dry the apple with paper towels. Coat the apple sli...
By: 1 minute recipe

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»Homemade Sirloin Tip Stew 
 If my son’s had their way they would have pizza, burgers, and hotdogs every night, this is my way of getting them to eat there vegetables. I would call this Sirloin Tip a soup but it is so thick and chunky you could eat it with a fork, so I call it a stew. It is simple to make but it is not a quick ...
By: Josehf Murchison

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»Rustic Step Stool 
 I needed a way to access higher shelves in my workshop, so I made myself a step stool out of some pallet wood! I hope you enjoy!
By: ShaunM11

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»How to Freeze Bananas 
 Maybe you got a ton of bananas you know you're not going to be able to eat before they go bad, or maybe you're lucky and have a store that sells food nearing its last Best Before date for half prize, and end up buying a lot of really ripe bananas.What do you do with them? You freeze them, of course!...
By: Mikki G.W

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»Dead Space: Schofield Tools 211-V Plasma Cutter 
 "Congratulations on your purchase of a Schofield Tools 211-V Directed Energy Plasma Cutter! The 211-V combines power and reliability in a portable form factor, allowing for one-handed operation.The Plasma Cutter delivers a cohesive pulse-stream, or "bolt", of ionized plasma when fired. It is capable...
By: Ghost3D

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»Ultrasonic MIDI control. 
 I made a music tool that can be used either in tandem with a computer or hooked up directly to a MIDI playback system. The computer in this case only does the translation of the notes sent by the Arduino through a MIDI to USB converter. P.S: Hi Prof George. I made this to demonstrate one of the idea...
By: RobertI24

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»Short Start Arm Lift: A K'nex Ball Machine Lift 
 Hello!Welcome to the first lift of a series of 3 new lifts on our k'nex ball machine Impossible!This lift is called the Short Start Arm lift because it has a...short...start! We hope you have fun building this lift. So for now, just look at the pictures, look at the video, and if you feel like it, m...
By: www139

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»D.I.Y Fancy Necktie Cushion Case 
 This video is about Making Necktie cushion case Hope you like it ! Like and share with your friends and if any suggestion or any questions comment below Like and Follow us on Facebook,Google Plus ,Twitter Google Plus Prinzoya Random Creativity Twitter @Pri...
By: PrinzoyaC

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»How To Make: VEGAN Banana Nice Cream 
 Hello everyone and welcome back to TrendingSeasons! Today I’m going to show you how to make Banana Nice Cream. (Click the video below for the tutorial!) INSTRUCTIONS: You are going to need: -4 ripe bananas (make sure these have several brown spots on their peels, that way you know they’re ripe! You ...
By: TrendingSeasons

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»Dollar Patio Chair Seat Replacement 
 I have two wicker patio chairs that both decided to come apart around the same time. Instead of trashing the set and buying a new one, I decided to try creating a new base that I could put a pretty cushion over. I stopped at the dollar store and picked up two 1/4 inch 100 foot "cloth rope". I sort o...
By: atapia2

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»Remote Control Car With Arduino and Bluetooth 
 This project consists in making a remote control car using a bluetooth connection. This car is meant to be used in a balloon popping competition against other similar cars. The wireless connection is achieved by using a bluetooth module that's connected to the Arduino and is controlled with an app f...
By: Zeners1

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»Magic 8 Ball Using Esp8266 and I2c LCD Screen 
 I thought it would be a bit of fun to make a Magic 8 Ball using an Arduino and an i2c LCD screen, so here are some Instructions on how to do this. Stuff you will need Arduino of some type (I'm using an esp8266 but there is no need to use this type) LCD Display i2c Module for the LCD Display ...
By: padeath

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»Chicken Noodle Meatballs Soup (Mie Ayam Bakso) 
 This soup can be found almost every where in Indonesia, from street vendors to restaurants and hotels. Needless to say, one bowl is not enough ;-) Meatballs As I am not a professional meatball makers, mine aren't so round, but they taste divine :)400 g ground beef - store bought, if you are grind...
By: klinong

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»EasyFork v1 and v1.2 
 Introducing the EasyFork. The EasyFork, is exactly what it sounds like. It's a fork, made for use by people who have trouble gripping onto things, whether heavily disabled, or just mild arthritis, the EasyFork is good for most everything. My inspiration for this was the fact that my grandfather had ...
By: brianthornber1

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»Oscilloscope DSO138 Case 
 A few weeks ago I made a circuit with ac power and had some trouble with it. I only have a multimeter and not enough money to buy a real oscilloscope (300$) to solve the problem. So I decided to buy on internet a little diy oscilloscope for less than 20$. Of course I'm not able to work with high fre...
By: Romain7333

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»Smartcube tutorial 
 Smartcube is an opensource notification lamp, easy to make and a real elegant object.For this project you will need: Particle photon6 RGB diffused LEDs (common cathode)Breadboard & wires Let's get started! Let's make the circuit The connections are very simple, just wire RGB leds to the correspon...
By: lcomito

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»The Pillow Pillow 
 Yes, I know it sounds repetitive, but it is a pillow with pillows. This is a really comfy pillow that you can put lots of little twists on if you please. This really didn't take me a long time and I had a fun time making it. In all it probably took around 4-5 hours to finish creating, but depending ...
By: LaineyB1

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»Lit Constable Hat 
 I thought it would be fun to add LEDs to my brother's Constable hat so it appeared to look like the light bar on a police cruiser. Materials There are a lot of wearable electronic materials available. I ordered LEDs, Arduino and battery box from AdaFruit and so far have been happy with the pro...
By: kristeller62

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»7 Segment Display 
 This is a short tutorial on the usage of 7 and 8 segment LED displays..For this tutorial you will require:An ArduinoA Bread BoardJumper wires230 Ohm ResistorsA 7 or 8 segment LED display.NOTE: All of the above components (and more) can be found in a convenient kit at this link: http://www.gearbest.c...
By: Just4Fun Media

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»Resin Butterfly Tray 
 Turn a few pieces of wood into an incredible butterfly tray that looks like it cost a fortune. A beautiful idea for a wedding gift or to jazz up your home decor. Watch exactly how to make it here! The video is helpful to see exactly how to do each step. Stuff You'll Need Wood for base (size i...
By: Mark Montano

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»Bobbin Lace 
 This centuries-old craft is currently enjoying a surprising resurgence in popularity. Youtube tutorials and books are readily available but the best way to begin is to find an instructor.You will need a bolster or pillow which – again – can be made with help from youtube or books. Your instructor ...
By: wordswork

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»Crochet Eggplant 
 Okay, normally fuzzy eggplants are bad, but this one is cute! It's about 3 inches tall and makes a fun decoration, keychain, or whatever. Plus it only takes about half an hour and a wee bit of yarn! Supplies I used a size F crochet hook, some green cotton 4 ply yarn, and some unevenly spun purple...
By: The Phantom Chemist

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»Open a Stuck Jar with a Knife 
 Jars can be troublesome little jerks. They're stuck tight and you're stuck trying to pry them open with your hands. To make them easier to open all you need is a regular table knife. No fancy tool, no extra junk to fill up your kitchen, just a few hits with a knife. A few whacks To loosen the jar...
By: fungus amungus

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»Making Set of Squares 
 In this video we use old 12" combination square and 5" square to make nice set of 4 squares. We use mahogany for handles and tune the squares before applying epoxy to rivets. For finishing we use boiled linseed oil. The result is beautiful and useful set of squares any craftsmen would be proud to ow...
By: tony_912

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»Mothers Day Present 
 I want to start by saying that i didnt think about making this an ible until about half way through it so not every step was pictured. I made this for my wife so i can give it to her on mothers day this sunday, she has always like it when i made something as a gift versus buying something, it makes ...
By: nramirez10

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»Easy Changeable Mobile Phone Cover 
 Make easily a changeable/ removable mobile phone cover in just 5 simple steps.Follow for more :D Things that you'll need From left to right..1. Tissue paper/ Toilet paper2. Fevicol/ white adhesive 3. Scissors 4. A paint brush5. Transparent thin sheet (like a polythene)6. Mobile case cover7. A bo...
By: awesomesauce18

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»Motion Detection Using Raspberry Pi 
 Here i am explaining a simple motion detection project. Platform used is raspberry pi. Motion is detected using the simplecv libraries in python. What is SimpleCV ?SimpleCV is an open source framework for building computer vision applications. With it, you get access to several high-powered computer...
By: mebinpm

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»DIY Batteries 
 Stuff how to build batteries (primary cells) and/or maintain accumulators (secondary cells). Make Your Own Rechargeable Battery Arduino Battery Voltage Indicator Building a "Baghdad Battery" Reusable Vinegar Battery Smart Battery Charger (no soldering!) Joule Thief Battery Char...
By: hackbyte

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»Complete Shoulders & Forearms Free Weights Training W/ Supersets & Dropsets 
 This complete shoulders and forearms free weights training workout uses both drop sets and supersets to maximize time under tension for muscle size/strength building and targets all three heads of the shoulder muscles, anterior, lateral, & posterior deltoids. Barbells are used first to focus on s...
By: GetFitwithMindy

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»DIY Jean Shorts 
 This is a fast and easy way to turn old, jeans, into new shorts. Materials: Jeans, Scissors, Marker, Ruler, Thread/needle (or sewing machine), fabric or lace In this instructable you will learn how to turn old jeans into new and improved jean shorts. Step 1 Get an old pair of jeans, figure ou...
By: Kiersten McCrary

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»Building a $550 (AU) Delta Printer 
 The Kossel XL Delta printer is a great piece of hardware to have you can either buy it in a kit I recommend it takes about a month for a full kit to arrive and they are roughly £560 ($650 US) ($860AUD) or the individual parts can be bought for significantly less (About $550AU or $...

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»Analogue Wind Vane with Self Calibration 
 As the amazing online GPRS Weather Station project continues, we have yet another upgrade to the vast array of sensors with a professional analogue wind vane, kindly donated by Vector Instruments. This device will eventually be hooked into the new, upgraded, weather station module that I am designin...
By: Tecwyn Twmffat

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 Today on my way to work I looked at the cloudy sky and decided to paint a "Purple Rain Umbrella" Supplies I needed an Umbrella bankshades of purple fabric paintbrushes and an iron Painting I opened the umbrella and painted cloud like images on the inside.when dry I ironed the panels to heat se...
By: Susan Cirigliano

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»DIY Pinhole Camera With an Oatmeal Tube 
 Did you know you can take awesome pictures with nothing more than an oatmeal tube, a piece of tin can, and some photo paper? It's the oldest form of photography and has a really interesting history - but I won't nerd out on you here, if you're interested in some background check out the links below....
By: theblckwlf

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»Peanut Butter Brownie Bowls for Sundaes From Scratch 
 Subscribe on YouTube for more recipes every Tuesday! Requests honored :) Ingredients: 1/4 tsp baking powder1/4 tsp salt2 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup sugar1/2 cup brown sugar1/2 cup flour1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder1/2 cup of melted butter 1/2 cup softened peanut butter 1 tsp vanilla1. Preheat oven to ...
By: CaitStraightUp

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»Monitor temperature and humidity value from your website (Internet of Things consept) 
 Today, I am going to show you how to plot DHT11's reading temperature and humidity values to put graph produced on your website. If you have got wireless modem, I mean WiFi hotspot point anyway which allows you to connect internet wireless, I am using ESP8266 ESP-01 module to connect wireless intern...
By: Bay Yolal

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»The Discreet Garden Defense System 
 This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida ( project is the Discrete Garden Defense System -- a laser turret that is attached to a servo head that moves back and forth and is fired via IR control...
By: CodyU3

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»King-size Platform Bed 
 Hello, and thanks for taking a look at my first Instructable! Last November I got married and my wife was interested in getting a new bed for us. I started entertaining the idea of building my own but wasn't sure on the style I wanted until I saw an old post on a woodworking forum "Lumberjocks." As ...
By: djohansen2

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»11 LED Adjustable Chaser with 555Timer 
 Parts:Leds: Pack of 25 Can use Purple OnesIC: 555 timer, CD4017Capacitor: 10uf, 100nf(104)Potentiometer: 10k Linear MonoResistors: 1k, 10k, 120ohmBreadboard + Cables + Battery Clip Place Base Components The 555 timer and Cd4017 are placed along with the leds and the wires connecting to power and ...
By: hkerr

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»Unlam GalileoGen1 Project - Temperature Sensor 
 Documentación - Proyecto Sistemas EmbebidosConexión a la placa mediante el cable USB – micro USBA continuación se muestra la forma que se utilizó para comunicarse con la placa en primera instancia.Primero se procedió a hacer la conexión entre la placa y equipo Host mediante el cable USB – micro USB....
By: AgustinL18

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»iPhone 5S & 5C Battery Replacement - How To 
 Hello!I wrote battery replacement guide for the iPhone 6 which seems to have helped members of this community so I figured I'd write a guide for the iPhone 5S (the iPhone 5C is almost identical) as well.The iPhone 5S and 5C are a bit more difficult to open up than the iPhone 6 as the back assembly i...
By: AppleFixer

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