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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Raspberry Drop Scones 
 A super simple and quick breakfast recipe, which can be made with or without fruit. Raspberries or blackcurrants are great in this recipe and simply added from the freezer. I like serving these with a blob of jam and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. The music is from one of my favourite Norwich bands, ...
By: Rock n Roll Recipes

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»Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter 
 I have wanting to make a bottle cutter for a while now, just because I really like the idea of making glasses from bottles. I found a lot of designs online, but one thing they all had in common, is that none of them are adjustable. Now I want to be able to cut different types and sizes of bottles, s...
By: sbanas

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»How to design your own t-shirt 
 An easy to follow walk through on how to design your very own t-shirt.See our Australian site hereSee our US site hereThanks for watching :-)
By: dave.greening1

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»Mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition! (Android Only) NO ROOT 
 Watch the video, or follow the steps. It's your choice! Get Minecraft, Dummy! You were obviously going to need this but I thought I should mention it anyway. Go buy it, don't pirate it like a jerk. Get a Mod App and Block Launcher! Block Launcher is here: App: This one ...
By: JD-UnderageGamers

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»Bicycle brake lights. (How to) 
 Are you bored of being invisible in the dark? Your problems are solved! This instructable will show you how to make braking lights. Those lights will light up when you are braking, this will help people behind you to know that you are slowing down. In 2012, 726 lost their lives in bicycle vehicle cr...
By: tomas.nera.18

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»Show the Intel Edison WiFi IP Address on a Grove-LCD RGB Backlight 
 If you're lucky enough to have a Grove-LCD RGB Backlight device, and want to save yourself the trouble of logging in via the serial console every time, here's how to set up the Intel Edison to print its WiFi address to the LCD.Sure beats having to look up the IP address every time! Connect the Gro...
By: nuket

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»World Map Clock Diy Decoration Kit 
 I am going to demonstrate diy world map that you can easily decorate kitchen wall or some empty spaces. World Map Diy Wall Clock Decoration You will have Wo...
By: Chicken Drum Stick

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»easy making coin case with pattern 
 Hello,this is my third post.Let's make a "coin case" today. Pattern and parts size notation / mm ■patternPDF file to printing.Please download from the web browser.Note:Custom size at the time of printing.■partsparts thickness "1.2mm" Make holes ■see photodoing like a photo.(Sewing machine stit...
By: junpei.aoi

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»Metal get well soon Card 
 Recently my best friend was diagnosed with a serious illness and so myself and my friend Mark decided to build him a metal get well soon card. What you will need Before you get started be aware this took over 24hours of work with even more then that in man hours. For this project you will need ...
By: elyk_nerok

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»Cardboard Jewelry Organizer 
 This is a cardboard jewelry organizer. It's not difficult to make and you Keep your jewelries safe and neat using this project. Materials and templates For this project you'll need:CardboardHot Glue GunPaper GlueRulerX-acto knifeMarkerWrapping paper/Fabrics. Making the box (1) Take a square pi...
By: Ami9702

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»Prepare your House for a Guests With a Baby 
 If you have a family member or a friend coming over for a moment or for a night with their baby, make sure you prepare your home and provide a safety environment with these few simple steps. Choose a Room The most important step is to first choose a suitable place for the baby to stay. Choose a p...
By: LishaGallo

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»Charging Problem in Electronic scale (500kg) 
 this is a scale having charging problem First Open the boxdisconnect the all jacks Checking the circuit check the secondary winding of transformerthere is no reading against secondary winding of transformerbut It have reading of primary winding and in circuit have a bad capacitor (1000uf/25v)...
By: usmanaliawan

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»Something from Nothing - DIY Solar heater from scrap bottles 
 One day, while walking I stumbled upon illegal dumping ground in the outskirts of the village - a familiar scene in Bulgaria: green meadows, blue sky and... piles of garbage dumped by fellow humans. "One's trash is another's treasure", I said to myself and started collecting empty plastic bottles...
By: NewAge-2014

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»Wireless Infra Red Perimeter Detection Device 
 This Instructable will provide you with the instructions to build a Wireless Infra Red Perimeter Detection Device. The device consists of two parts: the Transmitter and the Receiver. The Transmitter senses motion, flashes an infra red LED light(viewable with night vision and some cameras), and se...
By: waylon meurs

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»How To Make The HyperDagger Paper Airplane 
 Fast, long range and small, the HyperDagger is a nimble paper airplane derived from the larger AeroDagger. Unlike the latter, the HyperDagger has been redesigned for production from square sheets of paper to use less material.Development of the HyperDagger was begun after I viewed TriKDang's "Glider...
By: OrigamiAirEnforcer

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»DIY : Chrysanthemum Bowl 
  Chrysanthemum Bowl is so cute and this easy origami Chrysanthemum Bowl is no different. The best part about this paper Chrysanthemum Bowl is that it is so easy to make: you can fold yourself a collection in no time!Step 1 : Fold up and flatten along the creases.Step 2 : Make a crease and open out.S...
By: VentunoTechTalk

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»DIY Grinding Machine by HDD(hard drive) 
 Hello! This is my first Instructable, and English isn't my mother language. So please give me some comments to tell me how to make it better. Thanks!!!The progress is pretty simple, but the product is really amazing.Material: HDD, sand paper(roughness depands on what kinds of grinding you want), dou...
By: thomasya

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»Arduino stuff 
 Various project pieces that involve an Arduino. Arduino Web Enabled RGB Lighting A watering controller that can be home networked Arduino sprinkler valves + wifi + twitter Arduino Sprinkler System + Web control SOLAR POWERED ARDUINO WEATHER STATION how to use the IR library wit...
By: DBrianKimmel

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»Radical Robert's Halloween Party Drinks 
  null Some friends are planning a scary party for Halloween and asked me to help. ;-) null null null null Halloween storm cocktail Liquified Ghost 3 Flaming Holiday Shots Flaming Skull Shots Eyeball cocktails Eyeball Ice Cubes Witch's Brew Cocktail ...
By: BobDohse

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»Create Custom 3D printable Dice 
 Custom dice have long been a part of gaming, and I want to show you how you can create your own 3D printable custom dice. Whether you are a game designer and need some special dice for your project or you just want some cool dice to toss around, this Intractable will get your started. You will need:...
By: nathansmind

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»Diced Onion Hack 
 Use a plastic lid to help dice an onion. Wanting to easily dice an onion ? Peel onion .. Find plastic lid that the onion will fit into .. (This onion is already sliced as i started the photo shoot after i was midway through the dicing process ) Place onion in plastic lid. As you slice down...
By: payst

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»Bacon 3 Cheeses Stuffed Mushrooms 
 While they aren't the easiest or quickest appetizer or snack, these generally go over pretty well and the recipe is easy to scale. Gather Ingredients You need...Mushrooms, Baby Bellas or ButtonsBacon, I am lazy and get bitsVegetable oil, 1 TablespoonMinced Garlic, 1 TablespoonCream Cheese, 8oz. ...
By: Vahyla

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»Radical Robert's Halloween Party Snack Table 
 Some friends wanted me to design the snack table for their Halloween Party ... so I'm assembling a collection of Instructables null null Rotten head Jalapeno Chili Pepper Screamers Vomiting Dip Holder Finger Food Bloody Cut Dessert Deviled Eyes Severed Head Dessert...
By: BobDohse

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»A PDA or Phone Desk Stand 
 I made this stand for a PDA (that I use primarily as a world-time desk clock) but it could be scaled up or down to fit a phone or phablet. Here is the parts list:1x small scrap of 1/4" (~6mm) plywood (scrap bin)3x T-nuts 1/4x20 thread(Home Depot)2x 1.5" carriage bolts (Home Depot)1x 3/8" shrink-wrap...
By: scd

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»Ball and Triangle Game 
 A quick craft with things you probably already have around the house or classroom. In my opinion, it's BETTER than a ball and cup! Gather Your Supplies You will need:1 sheet of paper3 craft sticksGlue (just a drop of Tacky glue works great)Masking tapeDuct tapeGimp/Craft Lace or thick string(I fo...
By: sclements3

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»Epic Battleship out of kitchen supplies 
 Digging through my photo archives, I found pics of the time we made this epic battleship out of a discarded chipboard soda box and aluminum foil. The boy was six years old at the time, and he was particularly fascinated with battleships at the time. I think this build might have been part of a boo...
By: Tanju-B

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»Airsoft 40mm Special Effect Projectiles 
 P.M.O.G. Airsoft 40mm Projectile is a cheap, safe, and effective alternative to Nerf rockets used in Airsoft gameplay for taking out vehicles, bunkers, or, as indirect fire, personnel. One P.M.O.G. round costs around US 2 dollars in materials, and can be easily made with household or commercial prod...
By: PMO Gordo

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»Python Programming: recursion 
 Short program that demonstrates recursion in Python. File is attached:
By: matt392

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»Basic Saddling Technique (Western) 
 This instruction guide is for the purpose of intermediate to advanced riders looking to brush up on the proper saddling technique. Beginners may find the information useful but this instruction guide calls for prior knowledge. What you need:HorseHalterLead ropeCurry combDandy brushWestern saddleBl...
By: jstarmer21

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»Best Chocolate Chip Cookies 
 Total Time: 25 minPrep: 15 min Cook: 10-12 min. Ingredients: 3/ 14 cups All Purpose Flour 1 tsp. Baking soda 1 tsp. Salt 1 cup butter, room temp. 1/3 cup Crisco shortening 1 cup dark brown sugar 1 cup sugar 1 Madagascar vanilla bean, split and removing the seeds 2 eggs, room temp. 1 1/2 tsp. vanill...
By: cyann04

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»Small K'nex Mixer 
  Hello there,the first thing I want to say is that I have entered this instructable in the knex contest so please vote.Otherwise, I first made a eggbeater you can find the instructions here.Then I got interested in knex mixers so I just had to make one for myself this is what it turned out to look l...
By: autumsawesome

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»Cleaning up my Data Storage - The Adventure... 
 Howdy All -I've finally got a handle on this, and here's my story.NOTE: I mention different hardware and software in this Instructabus. I will just share the names and basic functions. Should you want or need to use these packages, please perform some research, as I did, to learn the functions and...
By: togo1919

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»Simple Singlespeed Conversion [SSC] 
 A Singlespeed bicycle, is a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. The one-speed revolution actually involves two different styles of bikes, singlespeeds and fixed gears, also known as a fixie. These are not the same thing, although they have much in common. As long as the back wheel on a fixed g...
By: jenspen

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»Powering my logitech surround speakers with pure dc. 
 Most surround sound speakers for pc systems use a transformer and rectifiers to convert 120 volt AC to the DC that the electronics need. Since my pc is dc powered from my Solar battery bank, I wanted to get rid of the transformer in my speakers to reduce idle power consumption and waste heat from it...
By: Mjhobby

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»Double Chocolate Fudge Crinkle Cookies! 
  Mmmmm... These cookies are delicious! A light crackly top and as chewy inside contribute to the taste. And of course, I am guilty of being chocolate obsessed, so these cookies are basically a dream come true. Enjoy!Preheat oven to 350 degreesIngredients:2 cups powdered sugar1 tbsp vanilla1 cup regu...
By: kiwi23

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»DIY Glitter Notebooks 
 These notebooks are sparkly, stylish and easy to create. They will add a little shine to your day and make a great personalised gift! The materials required for this DIY are mainly household items so you do not need to spend a fortune purchasing new materials. Avoid Using Glitter Inside! Be warn...
By: bella_p

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»#Sharpify Your Old Keyboard 
 I wanted to redesign an old keyboard that I had but I couldn't find any instructions, other than steampunk, but I didn't want to do that so I decided to make it myself. Remove the Keys Remove the keys from the board by using a screwdriver or a pocketknife. Put the edge under the key, and pop it o...
By: digitalr2

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»Hot Glue and Cardboard Movie Box! 
 Hey Instructables! Did you ever want a movie theater experience at your home? Now you can! This project is made entirely out of hot glue and cardboard! This is my first ible so please leave questions or concerns in the comments. The great thing about this is it costs $0 to make! Gather Materials! ...
By: zk28

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»Pinhole Eye Model 
 Ahoy there, matey! Prepare to get kicked in the eyeballs with this wonder of a vision modification!The pinhole eye model is a great way to see how squids and octopus see the world, and you'll get a bit of a surprise looking through it. I often preface making this with my students as it revealing "th...
By: The Oakland Toy Lab

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»Knex Chinatown Hill Ball Machine Instructions 
 Alright, it took a headache and a couple Advil but I finally got done with this ball machine. It uses ping pong balls and is very quiet when it is on. This design is a little different from its previous version but not much has changed. Have fun building this and wish me luck in the Knex contest:D-K...
By: knexpert#10829476

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»Flash Mob Art Gallery 
 There is a long history of impromptu performance and installation art on public transportation. Last month some friends of mine and I decided to make a train on San Francisco's BART system into an art gallery during rush hour on a Friday. There are some important things to keep in mind when conducti...
By: CobyUnger

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»3D Printed Modular Support (Case) for Arduino and Raspberry Pi - CustoBlocks 
 When building electronic projects it is important to protect components against moving. This way they cannot slide and touch each other causing a short circuit or even damage.I have seen many cases, some dishes and other housings but what if our project consists more than one breadboard or more elec...
By: zygmuntw

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»Phone/selfie flashlight. 
 You probably make pictures with your phone, sometimes you need light to make pictures or videos in the dark that's why most of our phones have a flashlight, however some phones don't have a flashlight or your current flashlight isn't bright enough.That's why i came to this idea, it's very simple and...
By: yolo7bear

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»Paper Spiral Shell Thing 
 I made/finished a paper shell for Build Day at pier 9 today!Now I can have nice shapes and colors to look at when I sit at my desk. Yay shapes and colors.This sort of shell shape is a Gnomon, or a shape that by adding a copy of itself becomes a scaled-up version of the same shape. Another way of des...
By: jlopezbi

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»Single Crochet Stitch 
 Hi there! Crocheting is another great craft if you like to knit or sew. You can crochet scarves, hats, blankets, even pot holders. You will need yarn and a hook. Hooks vary in size and the smaller the hook (A, B, C, etc) will create small, tight stitches and large hooks (K and up) create large, loop...
By: kaitlyn5curtis

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»Light Drum! 
 Light up your life! Opt in to this optic option with the most wonderful way to introduce kiddos (and adultos) to all of light's tricks. From refracting, diffracting, reflecting, diffusing, the light drum is just wonderful. This is one of our favorite projects for awesome science in the dark. What: L...
By: The Oakland Toy Lab

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»Glass Slippers DIY 
 Make a wearable version of Cinderella's glass slippers from the latest Disney movie. Watch the short video tutorial here! You'll need White heels (Got these at Payless)2" wide holographic tape E-6000 glue 2 clip on earring bases 2 brass butterflies Flat back Swarovski crystals Minwax Polycryl...
By: Mark Montano

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»Italian Rice Cake Bites 
 The rice cake is a typical cake from Bologna, Italy. I've been eating it since I was very little but for some reasons I never realized how good it was until a few months ago. It's a very soft yet crispy cake and its particular consistency makes the flavor even better. The rice and almonds make it ve...
By: lindarose92

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»Perpetua Stool 
 The Perpetua Stool combines traditional woodworking tools with 3D modeling software and 5-axis CNC machining to create forms through a digital workflow that are as repeatable as they are sensual. This project matches the sensitivity to detail hand-carving techniques with the efficiency and geometric...
By: xbremer

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»AC Power Switch with No Moving Parts 
 In this instructable we look at how to use a Thyristor (TRIAC) as an AC line power switch. Great tool to use in home automation projects for turning on or off a light or building your own thermostat.
By: ForceTronics

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