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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»The mini desktop lathe 
 here's how to make a mini desktop lathe! Mini desktop lathe PartsMotor . One to drive and one to act as a stopA plankStaples 30 v supply or other power sourceBolts2 steel bars to guid the small motorAnd a clamp or 2 Drive motor The motor that drives the lathe needs to be bolted squared to th...
By: GraydonT

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»Valentine's Day Wooden Box 
 Although I made this box to carry the rings for our wedding, it'd be the perfect Valentine's Day present for your soulmate. It's constructed of aged cherry wood from the farm where I grew up and hard maple. The M + K stand for Michael and Kim. The date was our wedding date.*Check out my other projec...
By: Kretschmer Kreativ

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»Handheld Flood/Spot Light (2-10k lumens) 
 Hi all!In this instructable I'd like to show you how I made this really powerful flood/spot light, which features huge coaxial lens for focusing, as well as it can output up to 10k lumens with correct LED used. So let's see how its made. Gathering all the parts The parts list:Enclosure - For this...
By: Kandrix

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»Light Synced Speaker 
 In this project I make a light synced color changing LED. Normal LEDs don't work. They only work with transistors and stuff but I'm trying to make this as simple as possible :) Parts To make the color changing light synced speaker you need-1 speaker1 color changing led2 wires that are stripped1 h...
By: John_Singleton_

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»DIY Cardboard Ultimate Mobile Phone Mirror Stand 
 Hello, welcome to a new Cardboard Instructable by me.Why did I build it:I desperatly need a second Camera to film my Timelapse viedeos. The one i had is mountedt in an overhead position. To use the overhead Camera for a second angle was out of the question. I knew that my Smartphone is able to recor...
By: MudbrainsTvDIY

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»How to Make the Devil Fruit Mera Mera No Mi 
 My name is Emerson Pedroso, I am creator of the YouTube channel Oficina DIY.Learn how to make the Fruit Mera mere mi in the One Piece is made of biscuit and easy to make, buy things now and start to do :D The reference image is this: http: ... // This is the Channel D...
By: Oficina DIY

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»5 Min. Fruit & Milk Smoothies (quick and Easy) 
 Here is an easy recipe to quickly make your own healthy meal, you can have before and after your work-out, if you are in a hurry, or just to enjoy a moment with your partner or friends :) You can keep a reserve in your fridge or even freeze it so you can drink it in the next days. Cutting fruit T...
By: magy_killer

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»Tree Trunk Garden Stool 
 I was given old cutoffs of trees. They looked so beautiful and I hesitated to chop and burn them.For our fireplace I though it would be perfect to have some nice stools to sit on while you prepare food or just be together with your beloved friends. It is much more appropriate than ordinary garden ch...
By: ggisler

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»Solar Powered Flower Motor Hack 
 A couple of dowel rods (chop sticks), a plastic soda straw, a sewing needle, a couple of magnets, tape, hot glue gun and pocket knife were used to cobble together a proof-of-concept motor. No modifications were made to the electronics and no time spent making it look pretty. There are many opportu...
By: RonC48

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»Not-from-a-can Sloppy Joes 
 This is a recipe my wife makes for us when we want some quick grub! Most of the ingredients are usually in most kitchens. Fast, delicious, and able to be customized to your liking. Note that the only real prep you'll need is to dice up the green bell pepper.Here are the ingredients that you'll need:...
By: Xayaza

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»How to Put on Your Personal Protective Equipment 
 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the approved clothing is required in labs to prevent injury and accidents while performing an experiment. Knowing what PPE and clothing you need to wear and how to put on your PPE correctly is a necessary skill for many physical science majors. If you wear t...
By: willi_sarah12

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»How to Make a Paper Airplane - Cool Paper Airplanes 
 How to make a Paper Airplane - Paper Airplanes by Mahir Cecen.After various science experiments and countless hours of folding I was able to create the plane shown in this instructional video.I name it Brown: Click HERE to learn how to make it.Paper airplanes that fly far have to be folded precis...
By: Paper-Airplanes

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»Double Heart Necklace 
 If you need some DIY inspiration for Valentine's Day, try this sweet heart necklace! Team up with your child and surprise grandma, teacher or anyone you love. Everyone will be charmed
By: TutoTod

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»DHT11 + 7 Segment Display 
 This instructable likes others using DHT11 and 7 Segment Display module to show the current temperature and humidity, but I will not show you the construction, rather I will major on the technique to display data on the 7 segment display. Most of the code were not written by me, I tried to experime...
By: martinhui

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»How to Make a Hearty Beef Stew 
 If you plan to stay home for a lovely Valentine evening this slow cooking dish doesn't need to be watched so you can enjoy the day without fussing and it's low on the budget so you can buy your loved one a special gift ;DI use fennel tops and broccoli stems to add a twist to this stew as most peopl...
By: tastydelights

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»Cat Bed (from scratch) 
 This project is very easy and simple to make. Hope you guys like it! TheBox Grab a cardboard box out of the recycling or buy one from the store. Make sure your cat likes it! Decorate Decorate your box however you want to. I used green tape. It us not smooth, it is more of a papery feeling. P...
By: Catlover23846

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»Plywood Storage Case 
 This is a plywood case I built for a Expedition Blue Flame 14 inch triple burner Camping stove. It is made of 1/2 inch cdx plywood. The entire case was made with about 3/4 of a sheet of wood. This ible is more for the concept of making a case as compared to making this exact case. The concept of a c...
By: tjdux

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»How to Make a 3w Wired Portable Speaker Boombox 
 This is a creative recycling method for making a speaker. Tools: 1.Soldering iron2.knife3.Solder Materials: 1.3w 3.7v3.A 3w amplifier(preferably pam8403. I used one from a old induction speaker)4. A container5.Audio jack/aux cable/headsets Making the speaker: Connect ...
By: Winston 8

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»Simple Marking Guage 
 Rough oOak pieces from a cut off branch. Resawn at the time when the branch was cut off and left to dry in the workshop for a couple of years. Preparing wood planed down to size and ready for slicing on the table saw. PIeces for the marking guage All the pieces are same width and height.Using ...
By: Neroes

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»Control Arduino RC car using android phone & 1Sheeld 
 If you want to control RC car with your mobile without using Bluetooth module and programming android application, you can use instead of them 1Sheeld.Basically, 1Sheeld consists of two parts. The first part is a shield that is physically connected to your Arduino board and acts as a wireless middl...
By: ibrahim kamr

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»Delicious Pudding 
 easiest way to make a pudding I am using for this dish -4 eggs, 1 cup of milk, suger. Take a pan and put some suger into it.Then put this on the stove and keep it there until it's turn brown. Take a bowl and put some water on it and put this on stove Then take another bowl and put...
By: mchowdhury mumu

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»Valentine Scones 
 Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship and these fluffy and gorgeous looking Valentine Scones are created just for this special day which falls on February 14 every year. Valentine Scones with miniature chocolate chips added, are specially tinted red an...
By: Huang Kitchen

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»Popsicle Stick Field Goal 
 This is now my second instructable and I am so exited to be able to share my fun projects with all who come to see them! Materials You will need six popsicle sticks for this project. I like to use the bigger and bulkier ones rather than the craft sticks that are tiny. Base Lay one stick out fl...
By: GuineaSaber99

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»Easy Made Star Fruit 
 Here I am giving some instructions how to make a star fruit For this I am using-card paper, styrofoam, glue , sccisor, pencil, eresar, sharper, elastic rope at first fold the card paper and draw a star on it.Then cut it.You can have so many stars at once by this trickThen fold the stars on...
By: mchowdhury mumu

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»Fix Your Bluetooth Headset Clip 
 This is the most common occurring catastrophe with a bluetooth headset..BROKEN CLIP!!!!It literal freaks out how cheap the clips are made even of most expensive headsets..Here is the simple fix requiring no pains and no money(paper clips are lying in every drawer of offices) Things required:- 1)...
By: ajoshi24

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 GROWMAT is automation unit for home, greenhouse etc. Could be used as standalone automation unit, remote control or supervision and security system.Main Control Unit is based on Raspberry Pi with Linux OS.User interface is web base application written in Python Django framework.Communication with re...
By: bcsedlon

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»Programming Arduino with Another Arduino 
 This is my first Instructable. In this Instructable I am going to show you how to program an Arduino with another Arduino. No drivers are needed! This Instructable is also useful for uploading sketches to Chinese Arduino's Things Needed 1. An Arduino (To Program)2. Another Arduino (Which is to be...
By: BhuvanNarula

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»How to Organize a Great Student Party 
 So, you want to throw a party. A great party for the student crowd can be fun, memorable, and a great way for you and your fellow students to bond with one another. Unfortunately there are a few risks you face if you decide to throw a party. These risks include potential safety issues, boredom, and ...
By: AndyP43

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»Card 3D Valentine's Day 
 Hello guys today teaching to make a 3D card for Valentine's Day if you want to learn and make this card 3D, so watch the video, let models to download and show step by step how to ride it
By: tutoriaiseprojectsdiy

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»Getting Started with Arduino and Codebender 
 Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. The Arduino uno, Arduino mega and Arduino nano are some popular Arduino boards and are able to read inputs and turn them into outputs, for example you can press a button - input - and turn on/off an LED - outp...
By: Ardumotive_com

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»Make your own shoe pattern 
 Are you an aspiring shoemaker or designer? Making a shoe pattern is an art in itself, it affects how easy the shoe is to make, how it will fit on the foot and how it looks. It is important for both designers and makers to understand how patterns are made. I have 6 years experience in making my own c...
By: alreed

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»eggs showpiece 
 I am now making an elegant showpiece made of eggs ingredients I am using empty eggs, colours, paint brush, styrofoam, water, painting wet the paint brush and then paint the eggs painting part 2 Then paint all of the eggs and put them for dry decorating Then attach the styrofoams usin...
By: mchowdhury mumu

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»Photo Embroidery DIY 
 DIY your own photo embroidery. Make embroidery file. 1,Make dst file and SVG file by our software.Turn your own photo into embroidery format. Upload to pad Upload the files to your iPad ,our App will show the embroidery file as a movie. Embroider You could embroider by our embroidery easel....
By: zhigangF

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»Valentines Day Greating Card 
 Here I am teaching you how to make a card by quilling paper gathering ingredients I am using sccisor eresar sharper scale pencil anti cutter glue card papers (green, red, light blue) paper quilling Now draw a heart shape and cut it off.Then cut some quilling paper using scale and anti cutte...
By: mchowdhury mumu

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»DIY Bluetooth Speaker 2.0 
 Hi Im back with a new project!This time I will be making the second version of the bluetooth speaker that I made earlier last yearThis speaker is incredibly easy to make and its LOUDThe amplifier board is capable of 50w!!!!The speaker is rechargeable and lasts about 45 min, however by upgrading to a...
By: Constructed

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»Fish Curry(showl) 
 Here I am cooking a fish curry I am using this for this recipe some pieces of fish(showl)onion paste 2 spoon garlic paste 1 spoon ginger paste 1 spoon turmeric powder 1 spoon red chilli powder 1 spoon 2 tomatoes scallions green peasoil Take a pan with half cup oil and put all the ingredients...
By: mchowdhury mumu

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»Laptop Cable Management 
 Reminds me of spaghetti. Ever get to where you are going and you need a cable, cord, or mouse for your laptop? You pull the cable needed and out comes a mess like this. Yikes!! Here is a simple, free solution. Like mom always said.......drink your milk. Or if you are lactose intoleran...
By: aaahotdog

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»Makeup Brush Holder 
 Make an easy but elegant makeup brush holder gathering all supplies I am using for this empty pringles boxglue colours paint brush rope Making Take the empty box and make a knot on its end with the ropeThen keep making knot using glue Then colour it's middle partThen again start tied the bo...
By: mchowdhury mumu

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»Turn an IKEA Magazine File Into a Speaker 
 In an effort to reduce clutter around my house, I got rid of a bunch of old magazines I had been saving. That left me with a number of Knuff magazine files from Ikea. Staring at the empty files one day, I realized the bottom of the files looked to be just about the right size for a speaker box. I...
By: entomophile

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»Cheat Meals & Cheat Days: Good for Weight Loss 
 Do you have planned cheat days or cheat meals in your current diet? Do you know the difference between cheat meals and refeed meals? Would they be beneficial for you when you are on a strict diet? Find out more.
By: GetFitwithMindy

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»Japanese samurai helmet 
 personal hello today teaching to make a helmet Japanese samurai if you want to learn and make this helmet and just watch the video, let the templates to download and show step by step how to ride it
By: tutoriaiseprojectsdiy

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»Walking Robot Sheep 
 Hi, in this instructable I am going to teach you how to make a robo sheep that is actually so small that you can carry it anywhere.This sheep is a kind of vibro bot.but it has amazing features an is very cute. Watch the vedeo Before starting the instructabe I recommend you to watch the video so t...
By: Aakash the great

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»DIY PBC Vertical Garden 
 Create a very Beautiful, and Space Saving Vertical Garden From Recycled PBC Pipes Lets Get Started Gather all Needed MaterialsYou will NeedPBC Pipe with Desired SizeRound Plastic Container that must be fit to plug PBC pipe bottomTape Measure, Pentel PenSanding Paper, Metal SawGas Stove, or any He...
By: bonglim72

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»Pondant Au Chocolat - With Microwave 
 You can make it with very simple ingredientsand easily with microwave.!Give it a try if you like a dessert with coffee or tea :) What you need are... Chocolate (milk or dark), 90 gButter, 30 gEgg (regular size), 1Sugar, 1 tbspCocoa powder, 1 tbsp Prepare the Chocolate and the Butter. Prepare t...
By: wo2di

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»Grandma's Soup (with tips) 
 I don't have any talent for cooking. Actually, I suck at cooking. And I don't like cooking. But one day... I went to see my Grandma. She was shocked to learn I had no idea of cooking. She told me: "do you have some free time ahead? Like, an hour?" And this is how my cooking lessons started. Thanks t...
By: Kozmicblues69

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»Measuring Height Using Trigonometry (Measuring Tape Hack) 
 Measuring height using a measuring tape could be quite stressful. When you try to measure something that is too high, the measuring tape will start to bend backwards. Recently I saw some workers having difficulty measuring the height of the walls in my house when they want to install a canopy on the...
By: Samuel_Alexander

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»Timeshifting Food – Pizza From Scratch 
 Let’s do the time shift again, with apologies to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.Dinner for two? No problem.Imagine a 12-inch pizza with a “from scratch” crust filling the kitchen with its yeasty aroma! You just don’t get that with frozen or delivered pizza. Thaw a crust “puck”, roll and dock it, an...
By: Quadrifoglio

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»Miss La Sen 13 lotus lantern 
 Miss La Sen is the character in Sorim Story boardgame, mobile game and some cartoon clips, comic books... Download this pattern for the lantern form and print it in A4 size paper. Download this pattern for the Miss La Sen head shape and print it out in A4 size paper. After printing the pat...
By: jourlele

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»Cream Cheese Oreo Ball O.O 
 For my friend who really likes OreoI made this!Simple to make, tastes good. What you need are ... Materials- White Chocolate 200g- Oreo-like Cookie 4- Cream Cheese 200gInstruments- bowl- zip bag- cooking paper Crush the Cookie Put the cookie in the zip bag and crush it.It is convenient to use ...
By: wo2di

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»Anenome Sensor (Silicone Circuit) 
 This concept is a rubber version of Plusea's Stroke Sensor: The idea is the same, conductive and non-conductive lengths mixed together so that when the hairs are brushed past, it makes a connection. The idea would be to make a version that could maybe ...
By: blorgggg

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