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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»The Ultimate DIY Guide for Quadcopters 
  Over the past few years, radio controlled quadcopters have been becoming ever more popular. Unlike Helicopters, They are much more stable, and can lift a bigger load. You can add DSLR's for aerial photos, or make it totally autonomous, with pre-planned flight missions. In this instructable, I'm...
By: madminor

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»Easily Mowable Archery Range 
 today I will be teaching you how to build an archery range that you can easily now around. materials -PVC pipe ( I used 3/4 inch)-T joint for the size pipe you use-coupling for the pipe size you chose-some sort of measuring device( I measured a piece of string at 10 yards to use)- PVC pipe cutter...
By: lkrewson

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»Levitating VINCENT 
 I saw Kludge77's levitating Tardis and realized I had to try the same thing. Kludge77 did a great job of taking a step-by-step of how to use a magnetic field to keep an object suspended, so I will not detract from his work. I'll just summarize. However, essentially, you take two powerful magnets and...
By: jedii72

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»Remixed - Cheese Press 
 I'm a fledgling cheesemaker, as some of you know from my Cheese Cave Instructable: How to Convert a Mini Wine Cooler into a Countertop Cheese Cave. What I was missing from making my cheesemaking efforts complete however, was an inexpensive and reliable cheese press. Enter this Instructable from spik...
By: Scottbus

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»Biscoff Muddy Buddies 
 This is a recipe for Biscoff Muddy Buddies, made with Chex cereal. This tutorial will show you how to make the best tasting snack food muddy buddy you have ever had. Tools required: mixing bowl(s), mixing spoon or spatula, measuring cups/spoons, and Ziplock bag(s).Here is the recipe: Biscoff Chex ...
By: ADSweets

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»Scottish Oatcakes, Organic Gluten-free - traditional recipe for cheese biscuits 
 Above is the beautiful and romantic Lake of Menteith, photographed by Andy and completely untouched - it really is that picturesque! In the distance Ben Lomond - Beacon Mountain and nearby The Highland Boundary Fault, where the Lowlands meet the Highlands - home of the oatcake.Traditionally each com...
By: Pavlovafowl

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»pipecleaner figurines 
 I made these since I was a little kid so I just want to share them I might post a how to depending on how people like them.
By: brody.murrell

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»5l beer keg planter 
 Just a simple instructables for reuse 5l beer mini kegs as flower or vegetables planters. What you need All you need is a grindersome expanded clay a piece of felt to sew a sackspray paint Grind I think that the best way to open the top is by means of a grinder instead of can opener, because i...
By: tiero

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»minecraft secret base 
 so today we will be building a secret base in minecraft! Find water find some water. it does not need to be special.... just water Place blocks place 5 blocks in a + pattern and remove the middle one Dig! dig! dig! you will want to dig down about 10 or so blocks deep, at the bottom put do...
By: WolfCommander13

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»Motion Controlled Ultrasonic Lamp 
 Recently I've been learning about Ultrasonic waves and how to harness their power. It's simple enough to make some type of sonar device, but I wanted to take at a step cooler and see if I could use Ultrasonic waves to not only detect movement, but also the direction of that movement. So let's take i...
By: gigafide

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»Economy Shopmade Precision Panel Clamp 
 A double-leg clamp is the tool of choice for doing panel glue ups as it equalizes the force over both workpiece surfaces and therefore resists cupping. This one is very light in weight, compared to its cast iron and black pipe rivals, yet is no less useful and is largely made with wood scraps. You m...
By: BeachsideHank

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»Dark angle mask made easy. 
 I like masks. and I want to share that love with showing you how to make one your self! Find the shape you want first make a shape I use the same basic shape for most of my masks its easy strips of paper and glue over what ever shape you want make a mold out of clay or use your own face whatever ...
By: Ravenous_wolf

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»Revamp Old Jars (Into Juice Glasses!) 
 Hey everyone!I found these really cute vintage jars at a garage sale this weekend. The whole box of them cost $1 (There were 14 in total) and I brought them home thinking they would make cute juice glasses. I decided to personalize them a little bit more by adding phrases (mainly to do with the mor...
By: brn1986

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»Military Challenge Coin Showcase 
 This piece was made to show the career of a soldier in the South Dakota Army National Guard with his collection of challenge coins. I used a homemade CNC machine and Mach3 software to mill out the holes for the coins. I also used a Epilog laser and CorelDraw6, at my school, to etch the images on t...
By: jacobsbr

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»Dual Lack laptop desk 
 I wanted a short laptop desk that we could keep in the living room and that would allow reasonably comfortable use of the laptop while sitting on the sofa. Previously, the kids had been using the laptop while sitting on the cushion of an Ikea Poang ottoman on the floor and with the laptop resting o...
By: arpruss

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»Easy Chocolate Sauce 
 This is my first instructable, so please be kind. this is a simple and quick to make chocolate sauce which can be used on ice cream, brownies, or even to make chicolate milk! Ok, to start we'll need 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, and 1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp of cocoa powder you can skip this ...
By: sgtgroo

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»How to paint MDF: quick tip 
 I recently made this bench with MDF and when it came time to paint it, I had trouble getting a smooth finish at the ends of the MDF boards – all the paint was sinking into the MDF leaving holes and a rough finish. Here’s an easy fix I discovered which works like a charm. Brush on glue mixture Dil...
By: EYSpace

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 Please vote for this instructable. I've never won any contests. PLEASE help me out, and comment if you did.Thanks for opening this instructable. Since you did, i'm assuming that you're interested about coding websites. You'll be surprised how easy it is. All you need is:1. Interest in coding HTML2. ...
By: gogoguy

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»Laminated Chopping Board 
 I had recently made myself a mini-bar and the last piece of the puzzle was a chopping board to fit the shelf i had made. In the garage i had a fair few random bits of wood from old furniture that had been take apart, but no big pieces so the obvious solution was to laminate some pieces together, som...
By: msparker

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»How to hack mindspark 
 this will teach you how to unlock any theme on mindspark Log into mindspark and go to reward center Go to themes Right click on your button on which activate is given and click inspect element Right click on previously underlined blue line and click edit as HTML ​copy all the text ...
By: aryamani

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»Make Game Cases for N64, SNES, NES, Genesis Cartridges 
 This tutorial will show you how to create your own cases for older video game cartridges. Buy the Cases I bought one carton of 100 cases for $60 from this website: cases are about the same size as VHS tapes. They have pieces of plastic insid...
By: mattc1234

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»Raspberry Pi Ipad 
 This is a completely awesome project. It is a home made Ipad That costs less the $100! You need very little programming skills. If you want a cheap Ipad and you love making things this is the project for you! Please vote for me in the competitions. Hardware Materials: Raspberry PiSane Smart 7" in...
By: leadzeplin

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»My Pallet Playhouse 
 I made a Playhouse from Pallets and stud work battens.i decided to make something with all these pallets i had in my work yard that were unusable to us, they were almost brand new and quite decent thick strong timber with good size boards. i started to bring them home bit by bit and after 2 weeks i ...
By: nemesis5500

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»Super Yummy Brownie Desert! 
  Get Brownies And Chocolate But chocolate and brownies, and buy your favorite types. Melt the chocolate so it's a liquid consistency. Try to melt for 30 seconds in the microwave and if not melted, add 30 seconds more. Let sit. Make The Brownies Yummy! Optional Filling You can poke a hole th...
By: HeartAG123

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»How To Change Your Batteries In Xbox 360 Controller 
 Having trouble changing your batteries in your controller then this is for youThis is all part of my techno-fobe season starting from 30/8/14-25/12/14 if you need any help say something in the comments Remove The Case On the back of the controller there is lump type thing with a button on top hol...
By: shookets

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»How to publish art 
 This is the easiest way I have found anywhere so farRima Publish your Art for free, and you can design anything like post office aproved Stamps I discovered a. way to publish my daughter's Art. So I desinged Stamps. She was so thrilled to get a letter through the Postal System. With her Art on t...
By: SparkySolar

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»summer life hacks 
 save you life with these life savers Life hack 1 cut a watermelon from the center and eat or remove the water melon from the center, now add loads of fruits of your choice and enjoy!! Life hack 2 take any type of juice available in your refrigerator and pop it into a popsicle maker after sever...
By: Blairwillows

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»10 minute, cheap, portable cooler A/C 
 Here is our instructable for a very inexpensive and very quick portable A/C made out of a Styrofoam cooler. I did this project with my 4 year old daughter after we had seen some of the other home-made Air Condition (A/C) units and she asked it we could make one. The challenge we put forth though, ...
By: mkchronos

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»Pokemon X and Y Double Battle combo 
 This combo is really helpful, if you know how to use it right and make good use of your Pokemon's stats and abilities. Have these Pokemon in your team. You need one of the Swords of Justice quartet (Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, or Keldeo), due to their Justified ability, and any Pokemon that kn...
By: PTMoney12

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»Survival Kit - Mini Tin 
 You will need:Mini tinMini flashlightRazor bladeNailRubber bandPlastic bagDuck tapeSurvival fluteFishing hookDental flossSugar (In a straw)FoilSuper glueMatchesBandages Birthday candle ToothstickPills (for hurting head/stomach)Safety pinFirestarter Plastic strips Survive You can also print a surv...
By: DanishMaker

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»DIY Glittery Shoes 
 Do you remember the last time you Sharpie-d or embellished a pair of sneakers? For us, it had been far too long so when we saw some glittery sneakers for the fall, we were anxious to bling out our own pair using a pair of classic Vans as our canvas. But honestly, what fun is it unless you can DIY a ...
By: Erica_DIY

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»Apple Brandy 
 Last year we had a massive haul of apples from next door's garden, so I googled recipes for apples and came across an apple brandy recipe, which I think is also called apple jack in America. Now I am not a major fan of brandy, it's okay on a cold night or when I have a cold, but this recipe makes br...
By: egladwell

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»Attiny85 RF Transmitter to Arduino Uno Receiver (Manchester library /w Arduino 1.0) 
 For this project you will need:Arduino UnoAttiny85315 Mhz Transmitter315 Mhz Receiver10uF CapacitorBread BoardBread Board Jumper CablesWire Jumper Cables Download Arduino Software, Attiny Support, and Manchester Radio Library The Arduino software can be found at this link:
By: finlander912

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»EASY Long Lasting Lipstick DIY 
 Thumbs UP, Share and comment on youtube if You want more Beauty Tips :DPlease Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: this Video I explain how to make the lipstick last longer using Concealer al base of the lipstick and make it last all day longThis ...
By: focamonca

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»Arduino Projects 
 Arduino based projects DIY Smart Home Automation using Android TEA5767 FM Radio Breakout Board for Arduino Use TEA5767 FM Module to Create an Arduino based FM Radio Shower Monitor Arduino with LCD display Augmented Water
By: AmitabhS

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»DIY Dom Perignon Bracelet Holder 
 Thumbs UP, Share and comment on youtube if You want more Beauty Tips :DPlease Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: is What you need:- empty Dom Perignon Bottle- Spray Color- Paper Tape- Your favourite Bracelet :Dand now follow the video :D
By: focamonca

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»DIY Hand Jewelry Holder 
  Thumbs UP, Share and comment on youtube if You want more Beauty Tips :DPlease Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:'s what you need: - a silicone Glove- 1 kg gypsum- Spray color (your favourite color)- wood to build the structure- basic DIY tool...
By: focamonca

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»Musical Instrument Ball 
 A musical instrument ball is fitted with a micro-controller, accelerometer and a musical instrument shield. Here we're going to program this ball to play drums. But you could use it as any of the instruments present in the musical instrument shield. We're using it as drums because beats are easier ...
By: doghk

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»Hackgyver weather station 
 Since some time on my hackerspace, one of our member (futex) made a weather station with a Raspberry Pi.After viewing his work i had the idea of making one but instead of using an RPi as plateform i've focused my work on Arduino, my weather station collect: Temperature Humidity Room brig...
By: Xylit0l

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»Hops Garden Tower 
 I've had flower gardens for many years, and I'm always looking for ways to introduce new plants into existing gardens. My son has been brewing beer for the past few years, and he grows hops in his backyard. Since hops produce beautiful flowers and are fast climbers (20-25 feet in a growing season),...
By: pi526

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»Bentwood Rings best tutorial online 
 I love the look and feel of the bentwood rings,but the only ones I could find are a bit plain for me. If I'm going to have a wooden ring, It's got to show off my skills a little, right? So had some time and paitence, so I thought I'd take it up a notch and show you how it's done. Since I couldn't ...
By: adenda2

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»Southern Style Sweet Tea 
 I've recently found out that some friends of mine (who happen to be from below the Mason-Dixon Line) did not know how to make sweet tea. Whenever they come over I make certain I have 2 gallons at a minimum, because we go through it. When we go see them, they have the Publix variety. So I had to ask....
By: RoderickAngus

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»Stormtrooper Cut-Out Shirt 
 Over the last while, one of the most popular crafts floating around the internet has been the skull cut-out shirt, such as this one by scoochmaroo. It's appeared on craft site after craft site, Pinterest board after Pinterest board, and I decided to give it a new, nerdy twist - converting the skull ...
By: LD_P

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 Having Crashes are fun! But having an ESC to blow up during flight is not fun at all especially if its on a multirotor! What are FETs?FET is a short form of mosfetFet. FETs in an esc is just an electronic switch which switches voltages between the three wires which causes the motor to turn. what oft...
By: pawanvs99

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»Table-top Mini-bar 
 In a few days i'll be going back for my final year at uni. So far its been great, but with the wisdom of 3 year behind me what could i do to improve the experience? a mini-bar of course!!!For my mini-bar i was going to build upon the experience of making a bar for my girlfriend: http://www.instructa...
By: msparker

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»Fake Egg And French Fries: Peach Yogurt And Apple 
  What You Need Tools----------------spoon-knife -plate----------------Ingredients------------------half peach in a can(it's most realist, but I don't have)-vanilla yogurt-apple Peel The Peach With The Spoon (optional) null Cut The Peach In A Half null Peel The Apple null Cut The Apple ...
By: patatarium

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»Minecraft auto-harvest wheat farm 
 hey people! its time to build a wheat farm! this is my first 'ible so enjoy! Eradicate chickens make sure you have no chickens in the area. this is a crucial step DO NOT SKIP! Build a platform build a 6x7 dirt platform and one more with 3 blocks in between Build walls build a wall around yo...
By: WolfCommander13

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»Spinach Rolls in Papaya Sauce (With Gathering Experience) 
 Hi Friends!I have made a spinach roll in Papaya sauce as the title suggests. Though first when I decided to make this dish I was wondering how it would taste. But the sweetness from the papaya sauce did compliment well with the spinach rolls. A healthy dish indeed!My native is Kerala, which is a Sou...
By: Passion Make

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»Cake in a pressure cooker ( family recipe) 
 Have a dorm birthday coming up? and don't have an oven? or even a microwave? well you can make a cake in a pressure cooker and feed it 5 or more people :) like we used to when we didn't owned an oven ( we stil don't) This is a recipe by my grandma's sister :Dignore the decor... i am new at it loli h...
By: sabu.dawdy

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»Printing Paper Origami Squirrel 
 Learn how to make a printing paper origami squirrel tutorial. This paper squirrel project looks good and also it is suitable for kids. You need only one sheet of printing paperDesign&Video tutorial by Ventsislav Vasilev (Origamite)Background Music: Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John perform...
By: origamite

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