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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»How to do a French Braid Heart Hairstyle 
 I saw this cute french braid heart hairstyle online and wanted to try it for myself! It's a cute and fun way to fancy up normal french braids. Thank you to jessyratfink for letting me play with your hair. Starting the Braid For this hairstyle, you'll just need a few small hair binders and some ...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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»Lemon Summer Sunrise Milkshake 
 This is a delicious milkshake that is perfect as a refreshing dessert in summer. The drink takes approximately 15 minutes to make and prepare, not including clean up. It is best to make this drink not long before you plan on serving it. You will need a few ingredients and materials to make this dess...
By: TaskMaster

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»Fastest/ Best Way to Skin a Mango: 10 Sec Mango Hack 
 Separate that sweet fruit from it's skin in ten seconds! This awesome life-hack/ food-hack will save you time and maximize the amount of fruit you get from every mango. Watch This Video! Watch this video to see me demonstrate first hand exactly how it's done! Cut your mango Every mango has a ...
By: The Best Hobbies Blog

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»Art and craft 
  Cuppun! - paper cup doll Pac Man and the ghosts costumes Teaching Colors with Frosting How to Dye Noodles--the Crafting and Edible Version!!! Kids Polystyrene Wall Art
By: crimsonandviolet

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»Rainbow Loom Triple Single Braclet 
 You will need: A Rainbow Loom, A hook, Rubber bands and a 's' clip or 'c' clip. Placing the bands With the pink bands move the band from the middle peg to the left and go in a straight line until you get to the second d to last peg then move the band to the right peg this is the same for purple a...
By: JazzysCreactions

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»Bike Dashboard 
  In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a electronic dashboard for a bicycle. We'll be using an Arduino and a few off-the-shelf parts to create a system with light control and an LED speedometer. Materials Arduino Micro (RadioShack #: 276-258) 12V 10W halogen bulb (RadioShack #: 272-01...
By: Aleator777

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»Crossfit Guide to Muscle vs Fat 
 Muscle vs Fat what’s the difference betweenthe two?Before I started to get into a crossfit training in my early teens I had a lot of misconceptions in my mind with regard to Muscle and Fat.I thought that you could turn fat into muscle by lifting weights and that if you stopped training that muscle w...
By: sarahdzek

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»Tools for printing using a Printrbot / 3D Printer 
 So you bought yourself a 3D Printer, maybe a PrintrBot Simple Metal like I did, and you want to get started taking over the world with your mad printing skills. Before you do, however, I've made a list of tools that I think can make your daily life with a 3D-printer a lot easier... Step 1: Masking...
By: kevinandersen

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»Paddleboat using recycled materials 
 A friend who runs a maker summer camp contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be up for doing some welding at her camp. When I found out the details, I was definitely up for it: help some kids build a human-powered paddle boat out of recycled materials! Finding materials The first step was...
By: goyo81

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»Wood carving with a Dremel 
 This Instructable was written as part of the Dremel Build at ADX Portland. I want to thank Dremel and Instrucatbles for sponsoring the event. I've used a Dremel before but this was a great chance to check out the latest models. I've never used the Multi-Max before and I was very impressed with its c...
By: geordie_h

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»Magnetic Fishing Pole 
  Fish on!Grab a cold one without ever leaving your perch with a magnetic fishing pole. This fishing line replaces the traditional lure for a powerful neodymium magnet which can be used to connect with the metal caps on unopened bottles. Provided you have a large and powerful enough rare earth magnet...
By: mikeasaurus

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»Lego Clash of Clans Builders Hut!! 
 This is yet another clash of clans modal! So I was thinking after the town hall project and thought to myself "you know how is anyone going to be able to build the town hall or any other modals if they don't have a builders hit? " so I went to work making a builders hut. Hope you guys like it! The...
By: woogs1765

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»Taffy Twist 
 I will be showing you how to make a rainbow taffy twist(infinity bracelet) Materials You will need a loom,elastics,a hook,and a clip Placing The Outline Turn your loom so the arrow is facing away from you and place your out side bands starting with the left side The Twists Make an 8 with o...
By: loomatic101

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»Liquid crystals 
 An experiment with liquids led me to the result of 'liquid crystals'. If you take a closer look, you can see the crystals are made from gelatin. Follow the next steps to create a liquid crystal! Gelatin First make the gelatin as indicated on the packaging. For one crystal you need just one or two...
By: Joekevdv

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»How to Cash in your Artist in Residence Stipend Card 
 Now that you are a full time Artist in Residence at Pier 9, you'll be getting a stipend - congratulations!The stipend is provided in the form of a pre-loaded credit card. You could just use the card at any business that accepts credit cards. But if you are like me, I need to pay for things like my r...
By: ADintheStudio

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»Inexpensive Mini Turbine 
 Knowing a teacher or two and with Momma Cat's bean counting problem, we thought we better come up with an extremely inexpensive turbine. This way the bean counter and teacher in all of us can be happy :-)Why build one of these mini turbines? Well they are inexpensive ;-) There is the wow factor. The...
By: Cats Science Club

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»A novel design for raspberry pi wireless shield extension board 
 Recently, we design a type of raspberry pi wireless shield (or extension board) for raspberry pi. By using this rpi shield, you can conveniently control your objective, like LED, TANK, CAR, etc. In this example, by using this wireless shield, we control the LED lamp to breathe.the video can be seen ...
By: yichone

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»Make:it Robotics Starter Kit - Understanding Bitwise Math 
 This blog post is a continuation on my tinkering with the Make:it Robotics Kit. Hopefully I can pass on some of the information that I have learned so it will make it easier for others to get up to speed on working with the Robotics Kit.After building the line following robot, the manual had a link ...
By: jpitz31

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»High Voltage Safety 
 HI, Basic description shows how voltage can travel through air, skin, water, etc...the higher the voltage, the more precaution to be taken! stay safe!you can watch the movie in bellow link:for up-to-date contents, you can follow me and subscribe in my channels:
By: abu7li

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»Thermoforming 3D Printed PLA for Use in Prostethics 
 One of the biggest challenges in low-cost 3D printed prosthetic devices is achieving the proper fit. If the loads on the device are not properly distributed across the skin and underlying tissue, it can lead to irritation, bruising, or rashes. In the case of the body-driven prosthetic devices that...
By: andreasbastian

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»How To Draw Elsa From Frozen 
  Lower Dress First, your going to draw a slightly curved line. Now you're going to add a little tail coming off the curve and a diagonal line next to the curve. Arms This is one of the hard parts in my point of view. You're going to draw a backwards 'C' with a little tail coming off of it T...
By: 4everbagelz21

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»Minecraft simple house 
 This house can be your very first house . It wont function later , because it has no place for enchantment table or lots of chests . It's made out of wood and hasn't got any fireplace or other decorations (such as tables or furniture or other creative awesome things ) You will needOak wood planks (...
By: Arman5592

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»Easy Arc Reactor 
 I promise this is the last build that won’t have step bystep directions. I built this a while ago and didn’t take pictures as I wasgoing. With that said, lets jump in. There are a ton of tutorials on building an Arc Reactor, butI wanted to share mine since I was able to make it for about $5. I u...
By: Nemesis9

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»Coconut Cream Pie - a few ways! 
 This pie can be made two ways 1) for those of you who like a lot of coconut in every bite - the coconut will be in the custard and on top of the whipped cream.2) for those of you who don’t dig as much coconut (like me) - the coconut will be in between the custard & whipped cream, and if you want on...
By: fig_and_pie

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»Tomatillo, Cilantro, Mexican Crema Chicken Thighs 
 This dish is quite simply, how do I put it, amazing. It combines tomatillos, cilantro, jalapenos and Mexican crema. I have never used Mexican crema before, it is pretty much heavy cream and I’m really not sure what the difference is. Get these ingredients 6 tomatillos, husks removed and rins...
By: fig_and_pie

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»Make:it Robotics Starter Kit 
 I finely got some spare time to start working on C/C++ embedded systems and robots. So in browsing around at Radio Shack I stumbled upon the Make:it Robotics Starter Kit. Apparently a joint collaboration between Radio Shack and the folks at Maker Media, Inc. The same people who bring you Make: Magaz...
By: jpitz31

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»Bird proof - Squirrel Feeder 
 Most back yard feeders focus on trying to keep squirrels away from the birdseed. I had the opposite problem. Every time that I would put peanuts out for the squirrels, the birds would quickly carry them all away. So I built this bird proof squirrel feeder. The pieces It was built from a 1x6 pie...
By: goaly

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»Chocolate Caramel Oatmeal Cookies 
 I love oatmeal cookies. I love chocolate. I love caramel. Why not combine all 3 into an amazing cookie? Well, I did.I'll bet you won't be able to just have one :) The ingredients 1 cup all purpose flour3/4 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda1 1/2 teaspoon coarse kosher or sea salt3...
By: fig_and_pie

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»Awesome, Permanent Bubbles From A CD or DVD..? 
 In this video I show how to blow Permanent bubbles using an old Cd or DVD all you'll need for this is: 1. A CD Or DVD 2. A lighter 3. Scissors, a Knife, or a Razor Blade And that's it, in the video I show you how to separate the two layers on the CD or DVD, heating it up, and actually blowing the ...
By: TrollFaceTheMan

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»PDRacer model 
 Model of PDRacer in size 1:10 from balsa and plywood.
By: yachtsman

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»The Remote Match 
 I recently had a need to "magically" light a bonfire at a Cub event. Other recent campfires had been dramatic, but obvious in their mechanism (burning things sliding down a wire or people pushing flaming brands into the fire). I wanted something more subtle, that the Cubs wouldn't notice happening...
By: Kiteman

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»How to Repair Your Cracked iPhone 5 in Less Then 20 Steps 
 How to replace the screen of your iphone 5A common thing today in our busy worlds: cracked iphone screens! You carry your phone everywhere you go, constantly traveling in your pocket or purse. It is one of your most important things right there next to your wallet (maybe even worth more then what is...
By: GaryLefoof

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»1800lm H11 Cree LED Headlight installation for Motorcycle 
 Install time: 40 minutesDifficulty: Moderate as it is tricky to cut the plastic and position the bulbs. I know that many will find the install frustrating.Parts & Tools: H11 Cree LED headlight kit Razor blade, single edge 3M mounting tape (optional) Remove the stock bulbs and top rubber cover No ...
By: Lighting Next

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»Spicy Chili Beef and Cheese Pie 
 Things You’ll Need2 Pie CrustGround Beef (Lean)Olive OilChopped GarlicQuartered Brown OnionsSliced Jalapeno PeppersTomato Sauce(8oz can)FlourButterFat Free MilkShaved Mild Cheddar Cheese2 Large EggsSour CreamBrown SugarSpices (Chili powder, Paprika, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powde...
By: Everythingbutfish

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»Awesome Tape Art 
  Looking for an easy new piece of art to hang on your wall i have got a perfectly easy project for you ;) For this awesome abstract artwork, all you need is a paintbrush, whatever acrylic paint colors you choose, a canvas, and some painter's tape! First, use your paint colors and canvas to creat...
By: Foodie crafter

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»Book Scanners 
 There are many people across the world making devices to photograph an opened book with a digital camera.The basic principle used is to hold the book against a glass (or sometimes plastic) platen, and to take the photograph through the glass, with illumination from above. See the diagram above. Mos...
By: kley1

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»Robot Key Rings 
 With small pieces of wood, screw, zinc ... the other things you do not use and some creative, cleverity then you’ll make for yourself the unique Handmade DIY Robot key rings. This handmade chain is made from wood, spring, door’s lock.. so it’s the most creative. Handmade Robot key rings fro...
By: Mo0k

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»Photo Board 
 Photo board from junk Pallet wood AS we all know pallet wood is very handy , find some and keep it , you never know what you'll need it for next. Painting Spray with wood primer because wood will absorb tons of paint. Then spray with the desired colour, i went for a pastel blue. Touch up ...
By: alecvanwyk37

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»Your own notebook cover !! 
 I had a really old messed up notebook.I wanted to make my own cover so here it is :) Materials -an old notebook-scissors-glue -and a bunch of photographs from different magazines Cutting the triangle cut a triangle and check if it is in the right size and shape. Decorate Cut all the photo...
By: hinagiku

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»Two sided necklace 
 I had this key chain piece and i decided to turn it into a necklace.You can use anything you Materials -a piece of key chain or necklace -2 printed pictures-scissors-glue-a necklace chain -clear nail polish(opt Pictures Line them and cut them Glue them Nail polish This step is opti...
By: hinagiku

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»DIY Macro Lens For Your Cam 
 Hey!in this instructable I'm gonna show you where to get a macro lens (free) and how to make a strap to hold it still and take incredible macro pictures.The materials you need are : - laser pointer ( any cheap one will do just fine)- a rubber bracelet or thick rubber band The tools: - a puncher ( p...
By: mero55

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»Camping Firestarters 
 Firestarters -- making it easy to start campfires and bonfires Gather supplies To make 12 firestarters for starting campfires and bonfires, collect the following supplies:2 cups sawdust1 pillar candle1 paring knife1 cardboard egg carton (must use cardboard egg cartons)1 wooden stirring stick1 la...
By: pi526

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»Lego Picnic 
 This is a video me and some of my friends made for the Lego contest. PLEASE VOTEEEEThis shows you how to create: picnic table, table, basket, water can, farm, tree and many morewe hope you like it and again VOTEEee VIDEO
By: michael123d

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»Foam Skyrim Daedric Sword 
 This is a one day project to make a badass looking sword from:foampainthot glueand a craft knife. Starting off. so i started off by downloading a template from and tracing the template onto a sheet of foam.what i did was trace 2 single handles then the sword in it's entirety. w...
By: skyfly23

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»Paint a Child's Dresser 
 I wish I had the presence of mind to take a "before" photo - this dresser, which has been in our house forever, was painted white, and was dullsville... My wife was ready to send it to the curb. However, it was made of real wood, and a replacement from IKEA would cost much more than the cost of pain...
By: skipernicus

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»The Car Simulator 
 This is a cheep simulator.You'll need:-A ladder-A steering wheel with pedal-A computer (obviously)-A game (I have Dirt 2,F1 2013,Trackmania and Grid 2)-And a Hi-FiAnd on the photo it is my brother playing :) My Ladder Car Simulator This is my new lader racing simulator.Here are the steps to take ...
By: RowenConnects

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»LittleBits Game Controller 
 This instructable will show you how to make a game controller with littlebits.Difficultly Level: Very Easy (can be done in less than 30 mins)The controller is a really simple one, just one button and we'll make it work with a Flappy Bird clone game, made using Construct 2, an HTML5 game development ...
By: daryllukas

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»LEGO Halo Warthog (ish) Armoured Car With Suspension 
 Just felt like making something with suspension, I'm really happy with how it came out =DIf anyone wants to know how to make the gun just ask :PPlz vote for me and check out my HMS Victory!Triggerhappy
By: Triggerhappy101

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»Lego HMS Victory With Rigging! 
 My best Lego ship so far :DI used the HMS victory for the plan, I just couldn't fit 104 guns on this one, just 18. xDIt has a plank that slides in and out (For boarding) and just about full rigging, I plan on adding sails once i get the time to make them (With fabrics, not paper)... ... And when i...
By: Triggerhappy101

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»Free Simple DJI Phantom Gimbal Hack 
  Hey Guys, This is my first instructable so far, and I thought I would do it on something that really had me confused. When I first bought a gimbal of ebay for my dji phantom the gimbal didn't have a brand or instructions. When I first tried out the gimbal it was vibrating through the rubber 'ant...
By: lachlan373

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