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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»How to Make a Jello Watermelon !! GUMMY JELLO WATERMELON SLICES 
By: MonsterKids

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»Illuminate - A Social Garment 
  In my fashion tech projects, I am always inspired by social interaction with a strong visual impact. Since my background was in visual design, I enjoy bringing a strong visual impact into the interaction designs of my garments. This garment highlights a physical interaction by illuminating the area...
By: YuchenZ

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»Protect a new/rebuilt engine; prime the oiling system by modifying an old distributor 
 This instructable outlines how to make an engine oiling system primer from an old distributor (for engines that drive the oil pump off the distributor). This type of modification has been around for years and thousands of these exist in shops and garages around the world. That said, I was rebuildin...
By: wrenchtoo

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»Centering a Painting on a Wall with Off-Center Studs 
 An interesting challenge is posed to American families who want to decorate their new home by hanging a very nice but heavy painting on the wall. To our foreign readers: walls in modern American homes consist of a timber frame covered with sheets of so–called “drywall”. The latter is a ½-inch layer ...
By: MolecularD

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 This is an "easy to use" music player with a reasonable sound quality. The main objective at the start of the project was that the box had to have only one cable, the mains. The way to achieve this was putting a chromecast audio inside the box. The rest of the electronics are just a low budget ebay ...
By: danielrpirun

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»Easy Stylish Concrete Phone Stand 
 Make a stylish, modern and sturdy stand for your phone.The result is a serious build, standing reliably on your desk, and catching the attentive eye.The slant will dramatically improve the readability of the screen.- The limited slant obtained here, below 45°, is good for intensive usage, e.g. if yo...
By: laxap

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»DIY Arduino Capacitive DDR Pad 
 This guide describes how to build a capacitive dance pad for dance games like StepMania. There are no mechanical parts involved as the pad is capacitive and the construction requires no tools whatsoever. You cannot use the pad with shoes and you cannot trigger more than two arrows at once. The ma...
By: TahRobin

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»Cartoon Elephant 
 Really Easy!!! Trunk Draw a simple trunk. Add Eyes and a Mouth Draw two oval shape eyes and a mouth. Draw Head and Ears Draw a circle around what you just drew. Them add a ear each side like shown in the picture. Add Pupils to the Eyes and Detail to the Trunk Draw a smaller oval in eac...
By: owlgirl2003

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 Yes you can make a lava lamp in simple steps with stuff we use everyday! Step 1 Get ingredients and what you need...1: Canola oil2: Water3: Fizzy sort of tablet4: Food colouring or soya sauce5: A bottle [see through bottle] Step 3 First take your bottle and fill it with water of up to 1 quarte...

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»Back Country Prep: Tomato Sauce Leather 
 Ok, so in past Instructables I have made for back country camping we always just brought canned sauces to go with the traditional spaghetti dinner.I had multiple people tell me that they make sauce leather to take with them and it works great. So here are the steps for making dehydrated tomato sauce...
By: chadovision

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»SQLite database access using JAVA on Raspberry Pi 
 This tutorial is an overview of interacting with SQLite database using JDBC connector running on Raspberry Pi. It's not about learning SQlite. I have tried to show briefly how it can be done.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SQLite Getting STarte...
By: WearGenius

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»Adjustable Skate Sling 
 It's summer in London (finally!) and that means... Outdoor roller skating!And what better way to transport your skates than with a custom made, adjustable sling?Almost all of the elements I used to complete this project were found around my home (the one exception will be revealed at the end of this...
By: Ponchos For Chickens

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»Cardboard Rubberband Car 
 Cardboard is a versatile material. Rubberband is a versatile material as well. combine them and you get something even better.In this instructable i will show how to make a simple rubberband powered car using cardboard. 1. Materials You will need the following materials:1- Cardboard.2- Scissors.3...
By: swagato koyal

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»Cardboard Boomerang 
 Boomerangs have existed for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest evidences of booremangs were 50,000 years old. Its simple design has been a reason for its success. Till today it is one of the most iconic and classic toys.Usually boomerangs are made out of wood or plastic. They work great. But at...
By: swagato koyal

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»How to Make Rope (nautical look) 
 Did a little open/closed sign today, had no rope to finish it off with (wanted that nice nautical look). I had some thread and some time to experiment to make it work. This is the result. Set It Up you'll need:- scissors - thread/yarn (cotton, bamboo, something soft and strong) - board with nai...
By: One80Bits

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»No-bake Cheesecake 
 If you want to prepare a delicious dessert without to much effort, the no-bake cheesecake is your best bet! The cheesecake is a typical dessert form USA. In fact, it has a national day on 20 July. There is a competition of cheesecakes on this day (see the following link), when a lot of people enjoy ...
By: cerrmcneel

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»Third Hand (Helping Hand) 
 I recently started with PCB fabrication and some basic soldering.The first challenge I came across was... I only have 2 hands. (Come on evolution this is your fault)So I needed a third hand. After shopping for one I realized that they are over priced and stupidly simple. So I built one myself. Let's...
By: Bean_MD

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 Hello Everyone!! Today I'm going to show you all how to make Indian style hoop ear ring from leather. It is simple but very attractive and beautiful design suitable for all women. I just used only few things to make this earring plus it took only few minutes to make this wonderful article. You can m...

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»End Grain Coasters 
 In my efforts to clean up some of my scrap wood in the workshop, as well as my efforts to protect my coffee table from moisture rings, I made these handsome end grain coasters from various bits of scrap! Glue! I used a waterproof wood glue to secure all of my scrap pieces together, in a pattern t...
By: ShaunM11

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»Joule Thief With Ultra Simple Control of Light Output 
 The Joule Thief circuit is an excellent entrée for the novice electronic experimenter and has been reproduced countless times, indeed a Google search yields 245000 hits! By far the most frequently encountered circuit is that shown in Step 1 below which is incredibly simple consisting of four bas...
By: Lionel Sear

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»Java Mathematical Operators 
 this instructables gives u some idea about user input in blueJu will require some basic idea of java and blueJits quite easy thats all i would like to say so u will learn about java easily from youtubeu will need blueJ software Open your blue j software and create a new class Codes copy these...
By: ankesh2002

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»Leather ETextile Breadboard Bracelet and Continuity Tester 
 This is a project to make a leather breadboard bracelet and a continuity tester bracelet using only eTextiles and soft circuits. I wanted to make soft wearable tools with the aim that they could be cool accessories as well as being functional.This Instructable shows you how to make a leather breadbo...
By: rachelfreire

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»Functional Art Using Recycled Materials 
 With a wood pallet, glass bottles and little creativity you can help recycling efforts and create an elegant and functional piece of artwork. This project is going to use a wood pallet for the backing, glass bottles for the cups and a personalised message to create a unique piece of wall art that c...
By: vipercmd

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»Children's Finger Puppet Disappearing Bird Rhyme. 
 This is a little ditty that intrigued my english Dad as a kid. His grandfather used to entertain him with it, and he adopted it to entertain me and my sisters as well. He even claimed that he could use it to entertain his grade 8 math students for the last five minutes on a Friday afternoon.I rememb...
By: Loblaw

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»12V NE555 PWM Controller Under $3 
 While making my mini table saw I bought a 12 V motor speed controller module from eBay. Fair enough, I thought ... that was an easier and straight forward solution. But then I decided to make my own.I did some hunting around on the interweb and found a pretty good starting point in Circuits Today, b...
By: baelza.bubba

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»Cube Puzzle Prototype 
 I don't know why I love things that bring headache. I have to admit that solving a puzzle is complicated, but making one is much more complicated. Well, I made one. Pardon my bad woodworking. I do need a workbench and jigs and more practices :DI made this 11 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm Twist-Push-Pull to unl...
By: chienline

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»Cinnamon Basil & Mint Dessert Pesto 
 I mistakenly planted what I thought was basil, but turned out to be cinnamon basil in a pot on my deck. My roommate thought the pot was free and planted mint a few days later.The experiment began!We watched our basil/mint compete against each other for space in the pot and took bets on what would wi...
By: Loblaw

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»How To Make The Swift Vulcan Paper Airplane 
 Very fast and long range, the Swift Vulcan is an improved development of the popular MetaVulcan paper airplane. The Swift Vulcan features redesigned, strengthened wings that enable faster flights and increase wing strength. In spite of all of these changes, the design is still straightforward.The Sw...
By: OrigamiAirEnforcer

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»K'nex Phone Charging Stand 
 Once you are done this is what your new phone charging stand should look like! Side of stand The side of the stand has 1 dark grey connector, 1 dark blue connector, one white connector, one green connector and one red connector. For rods it has 3 green rods and one blue rod. You will need to make...
By: jonathan_01

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»Hola Mundo =) Hola MAKER con la SIM800L 
 Hola Makers, estamos haciendo una comunicación desde la sim800L hasta cualquier dispositivo móvil para envio de mensajes. Espero que este tutorial les sea de gran ayuda para aquellos que aun no han podido utilizar o no han encontrado la forma de enviar mensaje desde este simple módulo. Estuve varios...
By: Maker Chiapas

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»Cutting Glass Bottles 
 Bottles make the most interesting of simple glassware. However every method I found to cut a bottle resulted in a heap of shattered glass. Each one was unique but not practical as glassware. That is until I came across a simple and elegant method using clay. And who doesn't like to play in clay!...
By: vipercmd

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»Winter Is Coming Cocktail 
 Mix yourself a sweet drink that tastes as good as it looks!This cocktail is based on a Game of Thrones themed drink from A Heaping Spoonful, called The White Walker, but uses crème de cacao instead of white chocolate liqueur. Ingredients For this drink, you'll need:IceCrème de cacaoCream soda (cl...
By: ModMischief

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»Making Fractal Art With High Voltage 
 How to make Litchenberg Figures using High Voltage.The Litchenberg figures were first noticed in the 1777 by Georg Christoph Litchenberg, while doing high voltage experiments. The two dimensional versions made by this device are fractal-like in their design. They can resemble lightning in their shap...
By: PaulGetson

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»Pokémon Clothespin Puppets 
 Here's a fun and easy craft for all the pokémon trainers who want to take a break from catching them all! They're fun and quick to make, and don't take a lot of materials.You will need: The printout of the pokémon heads (found in the next step), or draw your own!Clothespins (the spring kind)Somethin...
By: crafty-bookwyrm

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»Arduino- TM35 Controlling a DC 12v FAN with Temperature Sensor 
 Hello world! Today i made a simple project with a LM35 Temperature Sensor and a LCD1602 Screen to control a 12v DC Fan with a arduino and a Relay. Check out the next step for the Schematic, Code & Parts list. Schematic, Code & Parts list. Simply wire it up like the schematic make sure you have th...
By: vandenbrande

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»Leather hinged business card holder 
 If you find yourself regularly travelling to trade or craft shows where you have your business cards out on display, this card holder might work for you! Load it up with cards, close it for travelling, and open it wide up to display your cards in two sections - put the same cards in both sections or...
By: licheness

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»Table Lamp 
 This table lamp reduces plastic.We can make this lamp with waste cardboard. Equipments Needed 1.One sheet of cardboard2.Ruler3.Scissors4.Glue5.Sketch Pen6.Bulb7.Wire Draw the outlines as shown in the picture Cut the outlines like the picture Paste it Paste the pieces like as shown in t...
By: AnishS25

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»Cast Metal Bookmark Using a Clay Mould 
 Having never tried my hand at metal casting I thought I would have a go.I decided to try first on a small project to minimise expense.Most of the "ingredients" I had lying around the place, the end result, while not perfect is, I think, a good start and I will use it as a learning experience -- ie w...
By: buck2217

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»Fix and Strengthen Broken Dog Cable 
 This instructable is to teach how to fix a broken dog leash with 2 Swivel Snap BoltsI had to fix my dogs leash, because I accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower, but luckily I only chopped it off the end of the leash and not somewhere in the middle. I decided to use two clamp sets and bolt sna...
By: MTKapp27

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»Fire Hoody 
 So last year we showed up for burning man with no lights which is the worst mistake you can make there other than not bringing water so....... Gather Materials This hoody is cool because it broadcasts a pillar of fire outline and has a accelerometer in the headpiece that makes the fire level tip ...
By: rabbitcreek

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»Jeans Jacket Electrified Bar Sign 
 Hey we are packing up for Burning Man--so this has got to be quick. Grab your materials! So of course you need an old Jeans jacket to screw around with--so don't use one your partner is going to cry over when its covered with glue. Also some leather--Im not an expert on this so just go to your...
By: rabbitcreek

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»Perfect Gift for Wedding or Bridal Shower - Candle Poem & Candles 
 I was looking for the perfect bridal shower gift for my niece-to-be and found this great idea: A basket of different color candles grouped into pairs and a poem about when to burn them during milestones in the couple's marriage.I LOVED the idea, but the poem and design of the gift was a little too f...
By: lanavonhaught

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»Arduino - TM1637 7 Segment Display & DHT11 Temp Sensor 
 Hello world! Today i made a simple Temperature & Humidity Meter with the TM1637 7 Segment Display & DHT11 temp sensor. Follow the next step for the Schematic, Code & Parts list.This is very easy to build, I made it because i have no temperature meter at the attic. SO a simple cheap option is to buil...
By: vandenbrande

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»Roasted Carrot Salad 
 Autumn is here so it is time for a delicious salad that speaks of all the wondrous colors in nature. I was serving this meal at a dinner party that included a pregnant friend of mine. For that reason, I put the blue cheese on the side, but you could integrate it into the salad.This salad is adapted ...
By: Loblaw

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»Multi-Purpose Cardboard Platform 
 Ever wonder where recycling meets a multi-functional canvas? Using an old cable spool and some shipping tubes it's time to make a DIY studio production apple box (cylinder, stool, thing). Cardboard is a great material to work with, it's cheap and relatively easy to find when you need it. By using ...
By: BrickSmith

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»Grilled Mac N Cheese Sandwich 
 So yea this one may be for the more adventurous type but I promise you it is AWESOME Ingredient Roll Call 1 box of your favorite cooked and prepared mac n cheese1 slice of cheese (any kind will do i am partial to Pepper Jack)2 slices of bread butter Prep Bread butter 1 side of each slice of b...
By: Itsatrav

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»OpenHAB on Intel Edison 
 What is openHAB?openHAB is a software for integrating different home automation systems and technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules and that offers uniform user interfaces. This means openHAB is designed to be absolutely vendor-neutral as well as hardware/pro...
By: jose_meraz

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 Hello world! Today i Soldered a DIY kit from VelleMan - The K5600R Advertisement Led Display. My plan is to put a arduino on it and the Bluetooth Module HC-06 & a APP to control the effects and power!. I will show you How to build the arduino/ Bluetooth part in the next video about the K5600R this p...
By: vandenbrande

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»Build a Tinkercad House 
  In this activity you will follow along with the steps to create a simple house shape. After completing this activity, you will be let loose to create your own unique design or personalize your house further on your own. Find more projects like this on Tinkercad. Create the Walls of the House T...
By: tinkercad-support

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»metal rose 
 ive been making these for a little over a year now and blacksmiths, copper smiths, and tin smiths alike have been using this method for hundreds of years. I think im ready to share them on here finaly Materials the name "rose metal products" is just a coincidence as far as i knowremember you don...
By: my wookie

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