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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Spinach Strawberry Salad 
 A simple quick salad to throw together containing spinach, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds. This salad is nice because it's flexible. You can easily add or remove ingredients as you wish. In my personal opinion, as long as you have spinach and strawberries, you're good. Add Spinach Get en...
By: CantCacheMe

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»Ultimate Arduino Prank! 
 Need a really good prank? How about one that can last for days on end? while this isn't the best constructed project I've ever built (had to implement it on a pretty quick time line) it's most definitely one of the most fun and evil projects I've built.   So what is it you might ask? Well an air-hor...
By: god.favored

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»Make a can star with a beautiful front and backside 
 With Christmas knocking on the door I had to begin with some Christmas decoration. I like the thought of reduce, recycle, reuse and the idea of free material. I went down in the basement were we collect our cans to bring them to the recycling central. With only one can and a piece of wire or cotton ...
By: Amaries

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»Chicken in Walnut Sauce 
 This is a traditional meal in Republic of Georgia, called Satsivi. We usually have it with some bread but I serve it with rice as rice is popular in Britain.What you need:200gm of Walnut2 garlic cloves1 chiliSpices: ground coriander, dry dill, saffron, salt.1 big onion500 or 600gm of diced chicken1 ...
By: Vika84

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»Aprendiendo a automatizar con Arduino 
 El concepto Automatizar se refiere al acto de hacer funcionar un proceso en específico con el apoyo de una computadora, sensores y actuadores, el proceso automatizar será tomar una foto cuando una persona pasa enfrente de la cámara.Este tutorial fue realizado por alumnas del Colegio Hebreo Maguen Da...
By: MakerSapce MD

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»Control servo over bluetooth 
 A servo motor is a lot useful in DIY projects The reason is that you can control the angle of your servo motor through various commands. Today I would be telling you how to control your servo motor wirelessly using bluetooth. We would be using a smartphone application to control the servo. Please no...
By: kamlakant0903

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»How to connect tda 7052B to volume control 
 I accidently brought ic tda 7052b from local electronic store (it should be tda 7052) and find circuit diagram in google but seem the circuit not working so I decided to test it on my own way and finally I find the best wiring diagram that works,so I think I must share it to help diy lover like me....
By: Easy and work project

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»how to find and send your location to your friends (if you get lost) 
 this tutorial will show you how to send your coordinates to your friends or colleagues so that they can come pick you's not only useful if you suddenly get lost,but also if you are somewhere but dont have the exact address of your location. Open Google Maps on your phone click on the lo...
By: Kreat0r

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»10 Watt LED Task Lamp w/ 3rd Hands 
 This awesome LED task lamp is super bright and features a 10 watt LED bulb. It also has several 3rd arms for soldering, or for working on small projects. It's made with walnut and aluminum and features a cool, modern look. Check out how I built it! The Base So starting out, I'm using a thick 2 in...
By: darbinorvar

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»How to Make Plastic Bottle Cap Nozzles 
 I show how to modify a plastic bottle cap into a nozzle. The plastic bottle cap is heated up over a candle until it becomes malleable and can stretch. A skewer is then pushed into the bottom of the cap creating a funnel shape sticking out. It is then held for a few seconds until it solidifies and is...
By: Von Malegowski

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»Twilight switch using linkit one 
 A twilight switch is the one which switches itself according to day and night. The amount of light falling on the LDR helps us to know whether it is day or night. You can also use it as a dark sensor. The is a led attached to it. When more light will fall on the LDR, led will glow more bright . This...
By: kamlakant0903

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»Perfect Hot And Sour Soup For Winter 
 Perfect for warming your soul in this cold winter ;-) Method 225 g unpeeled raw shrimps/prawns2 lemon grass1 1/2 L vegetable stock4 kaffir lime leaves2 slices ginger root, peeled4 tbsp fish sauce4 tbsp fresh/bottled lime juice2 garlic cloves, minced/crushed1-2 green onions, chopped1 fresh chili, ...
By: klinong

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»Increase ampere of your linkit one 
 Many of you are making your projects using this fabulous board linkit one board. I am not sure that you are aware of this fact or not but this linkit one digital as well as PWM pin have a very less current output. It is much much less than a arduino board. 2 led connected to its digital pin glow ver...
By: kamlakant0903

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»Decorative Magazine Craft 
 This is a very stylish and beautiful decorative stand made from a magazine! Nice! Materials Needed. Main materials: Two old magazines (a standard book might also work) A pair of scissors Glue stick (or other glue)Additional materials: Staple device Paperboard (carton) Setup. Take you...
By: Fathomlis

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»Budget recycled and hand painted kitchen 
 new kitchens are a utter rip off! This kitchen used all the old doors that have been sanded filled and undercoated many times to give it a professional finish. The oak work top on the sink area and wine cupboard is made from real wood flooring clamped and glued to good quality plywood which is about...
By: Jackadamsjoiner

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»Linkit one audio messenger 
 Have you ever met to this problem that urgently you have to go somewhere and you are try to call your wife or children to tell them about the problem but unable to call them due to some network error. I am sure on some point in life you have met with this type of condition or similar to it. In these...
By: Dushyanta

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»STM32F103 USART Receive 
 In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to Receive data using USART2 of STM32F103 Nucleo board.This tutorial is divided into 3 Steps:Creating Project using STM32CubeMX Programming in Keil Visualizing the Output Creating Project Using STM32CubeMX Open STM32CubeMX. Click on ‘New Project’. From Ser...
By: ARK4579

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»DIY Wire Tulip Bookmark 
 These tulip bookmarks look really cute and are undoubtedly useful if you're a reader or a writer. Follow this ible to find out how easily you can make these bookmarks in no time! Materials Needed To make these bookmarks you'll need:Craft wire - 18 gaugeCraft pliers - cutting, looping and flat no...
By: Muhaiminah Faiz

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»LinkIt One : Adding an ePaper display 
 This instructable shows how to interface SHARP LCD ePaper display with LinkIt One. Even though many arduino modules for Sharp LCD module is available, I'm using TI's LCD Booster pack for this demo. Also, I've adapted the LCD library from Energia(Primarily to be used with TI uCs) to work with LinkIt ...
By: v-i-s-h

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»Building a Robot using MSP430 Launchpad 
 In this Instructable we are going to build a small robot using MSP430 Launchpad from TI.The robot will use two DC geared motors and will employ differential drive system.The Intelligence is provided with a MSP430 Launchpad Board and the Motors are controlled by L293D Motor Driver chip.Here I am usin...
By: xanthium-enterprises

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»How to LEGO Mini-Figure 
 In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to build a LEGO mini-figure without accessories. Hope you all enjoy! Also vote for this Instructable! Acquire Materials Get any kind of LEGO mini-figure legs, torso or head. Attaching the legs and torso In this step, you will be attaching the leg...
By: AlexKein

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»Egg Drop Chicken Noodle Soup 
 This classic Asian one-dish recipe is filling enough to be considered a meal and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Egg drop soup is a Chinese soup of wispy beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth. This quick and easy soup is ideal for chilly days. You'll love the addition of tender chicken. Homemad...
By: Passion Make

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 Very easy to do drones Recycled Motherboard RC Quadcopter Low cost How to make an entire drone/Multirotor and camera gimbal using laser cut parts Low cost PaperQuad DIY Quadcopter Very easy the pencil drone Very easy Cheap flying Lego quadcopter nice quadcopter DIY Drones drones
By: mcapurso

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»3d printer 
 A set of 3d printers, with introduction 3D Printing Basics Introductory Concrete 3D Printer Very strange 3d printer Curiosity 120$ eWaste Educational 3D Printer Low cost Pinya3: a 3d food printer platform Original Cherry- 60€ 3D-Printer Simple & low cost Edge 3D Printer 1.0 - an af...
By: mcapurso

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»Garlic Baked Asparagus 
 This dish of Garlic Baked Asparagus is extremely easy and healthy. Mix it up with a few ingredients, then throw it into your oven. (no, not literally). Preheat Oven to 400 degrees ...Preheat Oven to 400 degrees Ingredients Ingredients:1 good sized bunch of asparagus (see picture for reference...
By: MichaelM2015

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»Old-fashioned Streetlight Lampshade from Poster board and Grocery Bags 
 I love old fashioned streetlights. This lampshade turns any lamp into a mini streetlamp and is surprisingly easy to make. Only costs about $2!Materials:-grocery bags (white)-2 pieces of large posterboard (black)-Popsicle sticksTools:-Scissors-Hot glue (optional)-School Glue-Box cutter or X-acto knif...
By: slovesu

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»My Girl as an egg 
 So next project, this time a little present for Easter Getting the shape I used a photo and imported it to Microsoft word and edited the picture until i got as far as i only have the shape of her face. Getting the outlines So after I had the shape i drew it with an marker on the ostrich egg an...
By: PatrickL23

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»LED Christmas Tree Topper - Restoration Hardware 
 So when it comes to Christmas....I pull out all the stops. I saw a like design in a retail store ($100) and wanted to see if I could make one for myself. Along the way I decided that it would look great as a tree topper or just as a wall ornament. In any case, what could be cooler than this proje...
By: KiteArmy

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»Cauliflower Pizza Bottom 
 Pizza is probably the best thing mankind had ever invented. In this instructable we alter the standard recipe!ingredients:- 1 small cauliflower- 1 egg- 150 grams of shredded mozzarellaLet's get to it! Prepare the cauliflower Start by cutting the flowers of the cauliflower as small as possible. we...
By: Leners

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»My Girl as a cookie 
 I wanted to impress my girl so i decided to bake some cookies :) Testing First i tried to get a form by using FIMO and sculpted the model to find out how the cookie should look Getting the shape After I had my idea how the cookie should look i took some aluminium and bended it until i had the ...
By: PatrickL23

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»Control por IR 
 Hoy les presento como realizamos el control de un rele que puede ser ubicado en apagador de un cuarto por medio de un control remoto. El montaje es sumamente sencillo. Paso 1.Se escogio el circuito primero para probarlo Circuito esquematico Escogimos el circuito y buscamos la vialidad, en este c...
By: lfcorrales

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»Glowing Slug Blood Experiment 
 This is a simple experiment that demonstrates biology and florescence. You can make slug blood glow bright green/blue using a standard UV light. All you need are three things:1. A SLUG!2. Rubbing Alcohol3. A UV lightHuman blood is made up of proteins that hold IRON atoms. The iron has a natural attr...
By: drdan152

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»NeoMickey: Mickey/Minnie ears using arduino and neopixels 
 This article will show you how to make my NeoMickey ears. I made a set of ears for both my girlfriend and I to use at Disneyland. The ears were a huge success and a lot of people wanted to know where to get them. So this is my best attempt to answer that question. This instructable was trans...
By: bramuno

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»How to Cook Korean Instant Noodles 
 Don't you get annoyed when you want to make Korean instant noodles, but you don't know, so someone else do it for you? This instruction will tell you how to make noodles without any help from others. I want to write this so that everyone who wants to know how to cook instant noodles to know how. You...
By: ILoveKalista

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»Arroz con Leche!! 
 Arroz con Leche or rice pudding is a Latin American dish but is found almost everywhere. This is a simple dessert to perfect and the best thing is that you can store it after you make it. It is best to eat it right away, but if you put it in the fridge you can just take it out later and reheat it in...
By: IreneM8

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»Autonomous Robot with LinkitONE 
 Ever wondered how autonomous robots are made? Wanted to make a cool project? Got a Linkit board? Then you are at the right place!Here i'll be making a robot with LinkitONE with some local robotic parts and servo motors.Lets begin.. What Do You Need? Electronics:1) LinkitONE board2) Battery pack3...
By: ssarthak598

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»Aruduino DIY Night Light / Disco Light 
 Hello! Welcome to my intractable, in this intractable I will teach you how to build a night light which can also be used as a small disco lamp. For this project you do not need to have any experience and when I started I barely had any.Materials:Arduino UnoBreadboardPlastic boxBreadboard WiresTrans...
By: StanTheElectroMan

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»LinkitONE DIY Oscilloscope 
 Ever wanted to own a oscilloscope? Well it starts from $300 which can't be afforded by all! So I came up with a new solution for this!Imagine, if you could use your PC screen as display, and your LinkitONE as data receiver!!!YES, you can do it, and that too under $100!Let's get started! What do yo...
By: ssarthak598

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»Port forwarding LinkitONE to Public IP & Domain 
 Many of us make IoT applications with WiFi but they only work in your local area network. Do you want to forward your public IP address to your local IP that is linked to your LinkitONE or any other board? Like 192.168.x.xx to i'll show you how you can do so and also link your ...
By: ssarthak598

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»DIY Battery (Galvanic cell) 
 This gonna be short and simple instruction for making a Galvanic cell and battery from some normal wood screws or Nails or any other similar material and copper wire and some tissues and stickies and using the battery to power an LED. the principle is simple and 1st time discovered in 1780 by Luigi...
By: arjx

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»Mobile stand using Pepsi Tin 
 This is My first Instructable.I have used a pepsi tin to make a mobile stand.The things you need are:1.Pepsi tin2.Tape3.Sponges Cutting the tin for the placement First cut the bottom of the pepsi tin,and cut as the shape as given in the picture.Don't forget to smoothen the edges,they may give som...
By: khadu77

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»Controlling DC motors using MSP430 Launchpad 
 Hello Folks,In this Instructable we are going to Control two DC Motors using MSP430 Launchpad and L293D Motor Control Chip.The original article is available online hereHere we are using a Motor Control Booster Pack (or shield) for MSP430 Launchpad development board to control the DC motors.The board...
By: xanthium-enterprises

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»Vegan wholegrain oat spelt pancakes with spiced plum compote 
 This recipe combination, came to Peter & me this midday. I invented the lovely whole grain pancakes recipe & he invented the spiced red plum compote. A few days ago, we received a whole lot red plums, from a friend so we had to use them up.These lovely pancakes are very healthy & give you plenty of ...
By: SophiesFoodieFiles

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»How to make Miss La Sen foam eyeglasses for kid. 
 Miss La Sen is a fictional character in Sorim Story boardgame, mobile game. Download this pattern and print it out in A3 size paper. Cut 2 orange Temples on piece of foam. You should use the thick foam to create the strong base for the eyeglasses. Cut the blue hinges. Punch 2 holes on...
By: jourlele

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»Faux Fireplace from Scraps 
 I have a small place with my girlfriend, and she missed the fireplace hearth from her old house, so last Christmas surprised her with a fake fireplace made from stuff I found around the house. The fireplace barely gives off any heat, but the red glow gives off a warm ambiance, and somehow it tricks ...
By: jʎɐɹ-ɾ

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»STM32F103 USART Transmission 
 In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to Transmit data using USART2 of STM32F103 Nucleo board.This tutorial is divided into 3 Steps:1) Creating Project using STM32CubeMX2) Programming in Keil3) Visualizing the Output Creating Project Using STM32CubeMX Open STM32CubeMX. Click on ‘New Project’. ...
By: ARK4579

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»christmas string shape wreath 
 The earlier tutorial Christmas stars from string shows you the process for making decorations in star shapes, trees, circles and hexagons. We’ve taken the star and tree shapes and turned them into a wreath in no time at all. We’ve used a pretty aqua blue instead of red and green. The familiar shapes...
By: Denzil MaeM

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»Turkish Coffee 
 Back in the homeland, drinking coffee is a national pastime. Being in the Balkan cultural crossroads we consume every type of coffee and Turkish coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Turkish coffee for us represents a social activity and entertainment in the form of fortunetelling. Materials ...
By: artsybot

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»Easy way to do paper quilling 
 Hi guys. Today I am going to make this paper quilling with easy way. paper quilling is one of my favourite do and enjoy. Materials needed: colour papergluescissorpencilscale Now we have to make a strips so take a colour paper and draw lines. Now take scissor and cut lines. Now ...
By: SimranAnsari

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»Cheap Filament Spool Holder 
 A cheap alternative to store bought spool holders. Parts Parts; 8mm Smooth RodString or ropeelectrical tape Prep Smooth Rod Add electrical tape to the rod, just leave enough room for the rope. Cut Off The Clip Now just cut or break the clip, or just use any string you have already. Put on...
By: tankapotamus

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