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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Secret Message Elastic 
  What You Need -a blue elastic-a book-a pencil Put The Elastic On The Book And Write Your Message null You Don't See The Message null Stretch It And You See Have fun!Please comment and follow:-)
By: patatarium

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»3D Weaving 
 Maak je eigen kabel-monster t-shirt en ontdek andere vormen van weven en materiaalgebruik! Benodigdheden: t-shirt, potlood, schaar, 1 m rood en/of witte dunne kabel (± 2 mm), 1 m dikke (internet)kabel (± 10 mm), bolletje witte garen, bolletje rode garen en andere weefmaterialen.Make you own cables-m...
By: FabSchool

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»Great Information on Aston Martin Car 
 Aston Martin’s rich history is brought to life by a succession of outstanding sports cars. Buying a pre-owned Aston Martin means you are guaranteed uniqueness combined with luxury and comfort.Aston Martins are equipped with hydraulic speed-sensitive steering and brake pedals which are connected to c...
By: AryanK

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»Dye Mixer Plc program/simulation 
 Programmable Logic Controllers,are for industrial use mostly.They are robost and expensive because the can be installed in areas with harsh weather conditions and are expected to last for longer periods of time.Here we look at the use of a PLC in an industrial dye mixer.Problem descriptionThe proble...
By: rmikel

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»My Machine weefmachine - spool knitting 
 Bouw je eigen gerecyclede punnik- en weefmachientje van alledaagse materialen. In deze Instructable gaan we de weefmachine zelf maken en daarna leggen we uit hoe je die kan gebruiken. Het is heel simpel, iedereen kan het! Je hebt nodig: een toiletrolletje, 4 paperclips, duct tape en decoratie tape.W...
By: FabSchool

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»Intel IoT 
 We've partnered with Intel to create the Internet of Things hub bringing you the best, innovative Instructables that connect two or more devices into a system of action. Learn More: * IoT Zone – * Get Started guides -
By: audreyobscura

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»DIY Reliable Low-Power Home Solar Backup Solution 
 Here is a highly reliable low-cost low-power home solar backup solution. You can use this as a renewable energy power source too. Since as long as you got abundant sunlight beyond what can be charged into the batteries you can use this power to charge your gadgets. It is so small and lightweight you...
By: kiran_cyberpro

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»Arduino Simple Wav Player 2 
 Previously we introduced “Arduino Simple Wav Player”, which actually should not be given the name “wav player” because it’s not flexible at all for the limitation from Arduino flash. This tutorial and set of kits, is complementary to that. By contrast, it gets greatly improved in the flexibility and...
By: ElecFreaks

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»Garmin Colorado external power 
 My old travel companion Garmin Colorado.... He use two AA battery as a power source. According data this shall be enough for 15 hours, but.... ny 2500 mAh NimH battery usually is exhausted in 8 hours work. Its happened to me that at end of day I found Garmin out and I have not get data for last m...
By: KresimirPregernik

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»Awesome Wall Clock 
 This clock can be made in 5 minutes and looks absolutely awesome! The Only Step All you will need for this project is a wrist watch, a hard-disk platter, a hobby knife, and some pliers.Start by disassembling the watch. Break of the little knob on the side of the watch used for setting the time. T...
By: diyboy1

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»Remote Shutter and Focus for DSLR Camera 
 This is a remote I made that fits the three pin connectors that Minolta and Sony use on their cameras. The Connector For this connector, you are going to need three female to female/male jumper wires. A jumper wire with a triple socket won't work; it needs to be three single sockets. You are also...
By: diyboy1

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 Heya guys....This one here is interesting as well as one of the crucial projects we have done so far. It uses a wide range and coolest of devices. We have sacrificed many a nights of sleep, bunked hours of classes and toiled in order to complete this project since we had a short span of time to comp...
By: Johnson Tellis

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»Customizable 3D Printed Jewelery 
 This project was driven by a desire to use 3D printed plastic in combination with other materials. My collaborator Kristina Larsen (Instructables member Kristinaliv) and I have been using felt for a variety of other projects and the bright colors, matte finish, and unexpected material juxtaposition ...
By: hotglue

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»Beer Caramel PopCorn 
 In preparation for a trip for this coming long weekend in Canada, my good friend and I went to the mall. As we were leaving, I saw a popcorn store and the smell of fresh popcorn struck me and I suddenly thought how would it be if I use beer to make this popcorn. I had no clue how beer would react to...
By: sabina delpinoh

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»how to make a linear actuator 
 Linear actuators are machines that convert rotation or any motion into a push or a pull motion.Here I am going to teach you how to make an electric linear actuator using household and hobby objects.It is very very cheap Go get the stuff All you need is a glue stickA servo modified for continuous ...
By: robobot3112

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 FPGA are Field Programmable Gate Arrays.They are used to implement very tough operations.Different FPGAs have different clock speed.We can change the clock speed of FPGAs internally. How to divide or multiply internal clock signals of an FPGA board We will be doing some coding in VHDL.We require...
By: iithparas

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»Lego 8957, 8188, And 8189 Combo Transformer: Mine Master 
 This transformer is made entirely out of pieces from the Power Miners mine mech, magma mech, and little lava car thing whose name escapes me. Enjoy! Body And Backpack null Arms null Legs null Weapons null Transformation Hope u njoyed! (Note: there are many parts leftover. There is alw...
By: Transforminglegodude

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»How To Make A Delicious Italian Soda 
  First these are the ingredients that you will need1.soda stream or carbonated cubes4.whip cream5. (Optional) straws Make your carbonated water Add about an inch to half an inch of coffee flavors to your cup depending on what size of cup. I like to use a chocolat...
By: zach_helton_lol

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»Carbon Fiber Aircraft Flap 
 Carbon fiber composites have been used for decades in high-performance applications that require high strength and lightweight components. Making something out of carbon fiber may seem daunting at first, so the goal of this Instructable is to demonstrate composite manufacturing techniques and provi...
By: danvida

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»"Carrot Cake" for bunny party 
 I made this cake for a little girls bunny themed 4 year birthday. Make the Pan The pan is made from a disposable aluminum turkey roasting pan. 1. Form the pan into the carrot shape by bending and pressing in the palm of your hand. 2. Coat the interior of the pan generously with a nonstick spr...
By: slow21969

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»Easy LED Clip-on 
 The LED Clip-on is inspired by the LED Throwie and LED Floatie instructables already available. These were made during our Summer LED Build Night as a cheap and easy to build sneaker clip for kids to wear but developed into other things as people attached them to collars, headbands, purses, and oth...
By: sepeters228

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»Rana: An arduino inspired biological robot 
 Rana (Italian for frog) is a biological inspired robot. It is the outcome of months of research and development. One of the principals applied comes from another intractable I made called "arduino biped robot". This robot uses the combined walking methods of an ant and a frog. This ensure that the r...
By: leadzeplin

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»How to Print Fabric at Home 
 Learn how to print on fabric using an ink-jet printer. There are great places like spoonflower, where you can get yards of fabric printed with your own design, but did you know that you can print custom designs at home too? Oh, the possibilities.This Instructable will also go over some helpful tools...
By: push_reset

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»Easy & Lightweight Screens 
 My wife wanted some lightweight screens that fit our decor, but she didn't want to spend the $100's that would have gone with it. So enter the hubby with a gift for building her stuff. These screens took an afternoon with painting and screening as well. Materials 10 1"x2"x96" (or 8') Box of stapl...
By: RoderickAngus

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»how to patch stretchy jeans 
 I have a love/hate relationship with stretchy jeans. I love them because they fit my body type loads better than standard denim jeans, but they also have a tendency to rip much easier. Last month my two favorite pairs of jeans developed holes right under my butt and I was heartbroken. Mostly because...
By: jessyratfink

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»Rima's Own Herbal Butter 2014 
 I believe that using fresh naural maybe even home grown good is best.So I stay away from GMO's and High Frustose Corn Syrup.this is not as easy as it sounds.Have fun, Hope you like it.Rima My newly planted herbal garden from which I hoped to get lots of herbs This is the planters box Here are ...
By: SparkySolar

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»Wooden laptop stand that looks stylish and modern 
 The full tutorial is available on YouTube here this wooden laptop stand that looks stylish and modern, this video will show you woodworking techniques including using a router table and applying a finish to complete this project.To start with we design ...
By: onewoodtools

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»In Car Cycle Carrier 
 Here is an easy to build solution to the dodgy issue of transporting bikes by car. I have a roof mounted set of racks but after driving into a height restriction bar in a local car park I am nervous of using them, along with the complex yoga positions required to get a bike on the top of a SUV as yo...
By: aideym

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»pvc crash test dummy 
 The perfect subject for all of your expieriments can be made with this instructable. Arms,legs,and body Joints Drill the holes For the body , drill 4 holes (2 on each side). For the arm and leg pieces drill 1 hole. Put the rope through the holes Just feed them through until both sides ...
By: squidcraft

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»Granny Square Creature 
 I wanted to see if I could make a amigurumi/stuffed animal type thing using only granny squares. This is the result. What You Need 2 very small granny squares1 small granny square2 medium granny squares1 large granny square1 extra large granny squareNote: Each square is only one row larger than ...
By: melodicmetallove

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»Make an Alternate Raspberry Pi Power cable 
 I saw another instructable on here a while ago about soldering a power cable directly to the board and i liked the idea of not using one of our micro usb cables for a permanent power solution. I found the gpio pinout online and decided to try to make another power cable but using parts i have all o...
By: jdogtotherescue

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»U.K Bug out Bag - 1.0 
 No I am not some nut job who stands in the town on a weekend proclaiming the end is coming... But with a society dependent on energy & open to terrorism, in a world of nuclear, chemical, biological & mother nature the possibility of disaster is high, again i am not saying the end of the world, ma...
By: spartan.hargreaves

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»How to make a useful duct tape dispenser from a tin can 
 Well, there is hardly a man who would say, ‘I don’t think duct tape can fix that. Since, this sticky silver adhesive tape with durable fabric coating dubbed duct tape is a fix it solution for almost everything from mechanical to packaging. Each one of us have practically used duct tape at some poin...
By: bverdi

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»How To Make A Cartoon Self Portrait. By Bridget 
  Draw Your Eyes On The Head null Then Make A Mouth null Then Add Freckles If U Want null Now Add Hair null Then Make A Neck null Then Add A Shirt null Add Whatever Now null
By: fionag123

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»A Pocket Siren! 
 Have access to a laser cutter? Want to be really annoying?Then you need to make a turbine whistle!I designed it to work on the same principles as an air-raid siren, so you can imagine the noise... ;-) Tools, materials and files Well, obviously you'll need a laser cutter and the computer & softwa...
By: Kiteman

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»Competitor V : Hammer Gun Concept Preview 
 Ahhh..... Finally we have number five in the Competitor series. So as you can probably see right away, Competitor V brings a brand new shape for to the table and also a semi new mechanism. Hammer mechanisms have been done on K'nex guns before on this site with varying success, me included. My first ...
By: JonnyBGood

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»Keurig water fill 
 This easy project will take little skill and almost no tools. Materials were bought from the local big box hardware store. The furnace humidifier aisle should have most of what you need. The solenoid valve and low voltage transformer are plug and play with no soldering. The saddle valve is how you c...
By: GoforLarry

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»Building A Prop Boat 
 Recently for a production, I was asked to build a small boat, which can be controlled by the feet of two people sitting on opposite sides facing each other. Tools needed:- table saw- compound miter saw- air compressor- a pneumatic staple gun with 1 1/2" staples- belt sander-palm sander- safety glas...
By: bdauterive

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»The Quietspeaker 
 The idea seems slightly counter-intuitive, but it can come in handy. Say you want to listen to music to help you fall asleep, but you don't want to crush your device and you don't want to wake everybody in the house, or you want to share music with someone but don't want to share headphones. You nee...
By: ominously

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»Small Animal Trap 
 I built this animal trap to catch several wild pests taking down our bird feeders, and opening our outdoor trash containers. The varmints were raccoons and opossums. I sympathize with them for not being able to find enough food to live as they should be able to do. Each animal I trap are relocat...
By: blackwillow

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»Pen Thing 
  Items Pen this kind null Put tube back in
By: kenny18

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»Simply Gorgeous (and Food-Safe) Beeswax Wood Finish 
 If you're anything like me, you love woodworking carpentry, but hate the tedium of finishing. For small projects, like the pictured wire spool holder (poplar), it's not worth waiting for dry-times, sanding and polishing.This is a simple, food-safe, fast, and overall gorgeous way of applying a satin ...
By: anarnold

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»Basic Lego ship 
 This is what were building What we'll need You'll need a 8 by 16,2 by 6, controller, and a lot of other pieces Building Take a one by six and place it onthe top connect it with another piece on the bottom Building Take the controller and take the 2 by 6 and put it on the end of the controll...
By: Daisy Doo

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»Basic Lego ship 
 This is what were building What we'll need You'll need a 8 by 16,2 by 6, controller, and a lot of other pieces Building Take a one by six and place it onthe top connect it with another piece on the bottom Building Take the controller and take the 2 by 6 and put it on the end of the controll...
By: Daisy Doo

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»loom bands inverted fishtail 
 in this I will show you how to make an inverted fishtail is quite simple and short but I couldn't think of what to do:-)Don't forget to comment and follow thank you. kippyflip7 out. Starting first do what you would do with a fishtail Finnishing and Inverting now go inside the middle band and ...
By: kippyflip7

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»Plastic Pail 3D Scanner for 123D Catch 
 Build your own 3D scanner on the cheap! All you need is less than $50 of hardware store materials, a digital camera, and 123D Catch.Why a plastic pail? 123D Catch works best using pictures taken at even intervals around an object under good lighting conditions. Using a white, translucent pail gives ...
By: renejsanchez

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»Paint bucket seats 
 Does it look like a paint bucket? You got to accept, yes it is.These can be used as chairs and you can have extra storage space. You can have them stacked in a corner when not in use and Take them out when your friends come over. You’ll need a 25- 30 kg paint bucket or a joint compound bucket li...
By: zeyanimisbah

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 charm bracelet easy to make and looks pretty good too THINGS YOU’LL NEED •Printout of the book’s cover•Bracelet•Glue•Card paper•Plain white paper•wire PASTE THE COVER ON THE CARD PAPER FOLD THE CARD PAPER WHERE THE COVER ENDS FOLD AGAIN LEAVING A BIT OF SPACE CUT OFF THE EXTRA PART ...
By: amatul.shafi.90

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»3D-printable coffee table (coaster) 
 This miniature model of a coffee table is made to be used in dollhouses or as a unique coffee cup coaster for your desktop.The tabletop, frame and legs are designed to be 3D-printed and assembled with glue-less snap-fit joints. Download the 3D-files and 3D-print them Download the STL files in thi...
By: CreativeTools

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»Monstertail Straight Pin design 
 this is a fun design created by Strawless (Me!)And this is a tutorial on how to do it!please tell me how this works out Step 1: getting your supplies you will need:4 different colours of bands.a hookmonstertail looms or c clip. Step 2: adding bands Now, add one band over the two pegs in the p...
By: Strawless

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