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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Daniella Torte - Chocolate Mousse & Hazelnut sponge Cake 
 Chocolate and hazelnuts make a fantastic flavor combination. Grandma Emma and Daniella came up with this cake, and it always gets compliments. Hazelnut Sponge Click here to get the recipe with American measures (ounces).Make the hazelnut sponge: Grind 100 grams of hazelnuts into fine powder using...
By: VideoCulinary

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»FRDM kl46z part 4 - ADC & DAC 
 Hi !In this part I'll show You how to use ADC and DAC using mbed compiler.In datasheet p.172 we can noticed that ADC0 pin is PTE20 and DAC0 pin is PTE30 ADC First of all we have to create object as AnalogIn name(ADC_PIN). I used PTE20 pin. Function to show ADC value is read(), but we have to call...
By: kubavit

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»Fun with hot ice (sodium acetate) 
 This video show to how to play with sodium acetate also shows the beauty of crystallisation of sodium acetate.
By: diybama

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»How to use DHT-22 sensor - Arduino Tutorial 
 The DHT-22 (also named as AM2302) is a digital-output relative humidity and temperature sensor. It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and spits out a digital signal on the data pin.In this tutorial you will learn how to use this sensor with Arduino uno...
By: codebender_cc

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»Clay Ring Bowls 
 This is an easy and simple bowl that anyone should be able to make. Everything You Will Need: BowlDifferent colors of clay (as many as you want)Rolling pinGreece proof paperBladeNail polish or paint First pick how many colors you want and roll them into thin snakes Then Twist all the snake...
By: MysticMakes

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»How To Un-tarnish Silver!!! 
 Hello everyone! I am sure almost all of you have silverware at home, be it glasses, bowls, or just jewellery. Although silver looks very pretty, it really tarnishes over time. In this instructable I will teach you how to remove that tarnish from that silver and make it shine like it used to!!IF YOU ...
By: ThatGuyMan

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»3D Printed 2 Servo Robot Arm 
 This is a very basic robotic system with 2 degrees of freedom (two movable joints). Its two servos can rotate by 180 degrees, just like your elbows and knees. The robotic arm has a capacity to reach any point in its radius and so it can be used to sweep the space around it Components: 3D printed arm...
By: Robotix_au

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»Semolina Heart Cutlets with Philips Airfryer 
 A very healthy cutlet recipe which included all the vegetables made in an interesting way and by now you can guess that it is NOT deep fried by Airfryed. Recipe Ingredients:Semolina – 1 cupMilk – 5 cupsRefined oil – ½ cupChopped vegetables of your choice (Cauliflour, Carrot, beans, peas, capsicum...
By: SuhanM

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»Teach a child to tell the time with a Strawbees clock 
 Very easy 5 minute project! Make a clock with hands that turn to help your child learn to tell the time. Even better, your child can make and decorate the clock with minimal adult help. Gather your materials You will need:5 straws3 single leg Strawbees12 double leg Strawbees5 thumb tacks or map p...
By: MakeBromyard

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»Fix A Broken Circuit Board 
 In this project I will show you how we can fix or repair a broken PCB . Sometimes when we are shifting our things from one place to another or just a circuit board fells from our hand then the circuit board breaks down and becomes idle . This is a common problem with us . And it also leads to new bu...
By: Gursimran Singh 425

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»Strawbees Ferris Wheel 
 Supplies needed Base14 single key strawbees4 bendy straws bent to about 30 degrees1 bendy straw cut off the bend to length of about 9 cm1 straight straw cut in half Base Attach white straws as shown to create a base Wheel Attach 5 9-cm long straight straws to a 5-spoke strawbee do this again s...
By: AileenR

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»Kabob Grill 
 I made this grill just to cook kabobs on. Its inspired by a grill at a local middle eastern restaurant that cooks most if their food on a mesquite trough type BBQ grill. I thought this would be cool for parties and small cook outs. Materials Needed Materials:One section of black stove pipe.( I g...
By: Straklin

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»Strawbees Pendulum Swing 
 Materials:8 black straws 5 white straws 2 single end strawbees 6 triple end strawbees 4 double ended strawbees Base Connect 3 straws as shown with a tri-strawbee Base Connect the other 3 straws as shown Base Using the 2 remaining black straws, connect the triangles together as shown Swing...
By: AileenR

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»Knot practice box for kids from things around the house 
 My 4 year is suddenly motivated to tie knots. He is trying to tie knots on everything. So I made this contraption from things around the house. Took me around 3 minutes to make this.Parts required:Egg carton (any cardboard box will do)Brightly colored shoe lace (any thick rope will do)something to p...
By: artworker

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»Raspberry Pi Wall Display Without X-Windows 
 This Instructable will walk through using a Raspberry Pi and a monitor or television to create a digital sign or display. A digital display like this can be used at home, at a company, or at any organization to display upcoming events, notices, calendars, photos, news, etc.What's different about thi...
By: jonadair

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»Washing Machine Clutch Replacement 
 As always, thanks for reading my instructable! So lately when I am doing laundry I have noticed that most of my clothes have finished the spin cycle and come out sopping wet. In most cases I have had to wring out a large portion of them otherwise they would be too wet for my dryer. Doing some resear...
By: Boddeeen

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»Geek Worthy Picture Frame 
 Perfect for techies. Tools and Materials 1. Drill and bit2. $ Store picture frame3. Old circuit board of some sort4. Couple small screws5. Sharpie marker Remove the glass from picture frame Remove the circuit board In my case this is from a 1995 cd rom Mark and drill your holes Lay out ...
By: aaahotdog

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»Aftermarket van roof vent 
 I own a 20 year old Ford Aerostar van. It has a 3.0L V6 that has cooling issues. That model had issues from the beginning. In the middle of the model year Ford added and rerouted cooling hoses, but even that didn't fix the basic problem of not enough air flow over the engine. So, even when I had wor...
By: DavidN71

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»Simple microphone support 
 Hey guys today I wanna show you how to make a simple microphone support.It's easy to make and doesn't require any skills or money.You just need an old coller like in the picture below ( it is better if it doesn't wrok anymore). So you just need to remove the head and keep the pole only.And I put a s...
By: peter14

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»How to manipulate image with Gimp 2.8 
  Hello, This is tutorial How to manipulate image with Gimp 2.8 software, you can download for free at, this is a easy way to manipulation image software, you can masking the picture with another picture, and this a sample video for masking a face to another can s...
By: eric dirgahayu

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»Homemade Cherry Jam: From Tree to Jar 
 One of the great things about summer is the fresh fruits and vegetables and all the tasty foods that can be made from them. My friends have a giant cherry tree around their house and this year we decided to use those cherries to make delicious cherry jam.Cherry jam is a great refreshing treat that c...
By: SNLouise

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»Brushless DC electric motor (with hall sensor) 
 This DC electric motor project uses a Hall sensor to detect the position of the rotor and turn on the electromagnet in the precise moment. Overview of device Circuit diagram & main components Sensor: UGN-3503-U hall sensorIC1: LM358N (dual OP amp)IC2: ...
By: simpletronic

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»St Louis Beer Arch 
 A fun little party idea I had using empty beer cans. Mathing the Arch Growing up in St Louis, I have been on my share of field trips to the arch. We also had math and science problems involving the arch. Somewhere along the way it has been engraved into my memory that the arch is not a regular ...
By: BryantM

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»Easy Epoxy Clay Pendant 
 While I love to use stamps in a lot of my artwork, I think I have the most fun stamping clay. This pendant project is especially easy when you use epoxy clay. Epoxy clay is a non-toxic, two part epoxy putty. It comes in many colors and is super durable. What You Need epoxy clay in the color of y...
By: Rhonda Chase Design

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»Processing Film Negatives Without A Scanner 
 In this instructable I will show you how to turn your negative film to a digital positive using stuff you have laying around the house, a digital camera and free software. Sound cool? Great read on. If you just want to dig right in go ahead and skip to the next section.Many, many, many (too many man...
By: jason.burr.946

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»Processing Data with RasPi and Particle (formerly Spark) 
 Greetings! Welcome to another Instructable from NextFab. In this Instructable we will be switching gears a little bit and doing an Instructable that's much more fundamentals based that anyone can pick up then expand upon. The Raspberry Pi 2 B is a pretty impressive little computer for $35. It has a ...
By: NextFab

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»Bunny Bows 
 I hope you and your bunny enjoy your bunny bows. My bunny Nala loves hers and never tries to get it off, it is so comfy to her Supplies All you will need to make these bows are duct tape or wash tape and scissors. Step 2: Measurments First cut a piece of duck tape that is about 6 inches long(...
By: gymno pro

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»Windmill with Strawbees 
 List of parts: Base9 black straws3 white straws7 strawbeesFanOne white straw2 white straws cut (1 inches in length)7 strawbees Directions for Windmill Base Take 3 black straws and connect with the tri-key strawbeees Windmill Base For the end of each black straw, attach another black straw with...
By: AileenR

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»How to pick the software to use with a Digilent board 
 Digilent is a company that makes hardware for engineering students and hobbyists. So you order a board, it comes in the mail, and you wonder, what software do I need to use my Digilent board. Well I created a handy flow chart to guide a first time user to the appropriate software. Who makes the p...
By: kaitlyn1franz

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»Kids Build - Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet 
 We wanted to create an arcade cabinet as a fun project for the kids at our (Coventry) Makerspace, as a group project that could encompass many different skills and techniques, give them a 'big build' to be proud of as a talking point in our Makerspace... and, of course, a fun way to play our favouri...
By: coventrymakerspace

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»How To Make Animated Hipster Caligraphy 
 Hello instructables, this is my first post. i hope you will understand. before we started i realy sorry about my english. So, lets get started. The application that you need is Adobe Ilustrator CC, Adobe After Effect (Optiona), and Adobe Photoshop CC(you can also use CS6). Before we reach the next s...
By: MuhammadH10

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»Emoji Polo Shirt and Pins DIY 
 Use your favorite emoji to upstyle a polo shirt and make pins for your favorite jacket! Watch the short video tutorial here! You'll need IronIron on transfer paper (I like Lesley Riley's TAP) Polo Cereal box cardboard Pin backs E-6000 Glue Diamond Glaze E-6000 Stitchless (Iron-on glue) White...
By: Mark Montano

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»Easy Crown Braids 
 Really, to be specific, its more of a french rope braid, but all the same it gives the wonderful effects of having your hair intricately piled on top of your head: you look great, your hair doesn't stick to your neck, and it looks like you spent ages doing it. When really, this hairstyle takes at th...
By: beautyismybeast

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»Installing a spill guard over Ember's ring bearing 
 If not careful, resin can sometimes find its way into the ring bearing on which Ember's resin tray pivots. To prevent resin ingress, users can install a simple shield. Download and print the attached STL "FDM-resin-guard-v1.stl. ABS or PLA at a layer height between 0.15mm and 0.3mm will work well...
By: andreasbastian

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»Fast and Easy PVC Kids Fort (for under $60) 
 Who doesn't love a good fort? Whether they are built indoors or out, forts of all kinds are pretty much awesome. Especially when you're a kid!Recently, my 8 year old daughter asked me to build her a "Club House". A place outside, that she could go hang out, use for walking games, and maybe, just may...
By: Technodrumguy

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»Cajun Seasoning 
 This is a cajun seasoning that you can make at home to spice up many different types of meals. It is made from many spices that you might already have lying around. It is also highly adaptable and can be easily altered to suit your tastes. Whether you are making blackened alligator or waffle fries, ...
By: randofo

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»Waffle Fries 
 Making perfect waffle fries at home is easier than you would think. In fact, there really is not much to it at all. Once you know the trick, you can feast on waffle fries to your heart's content. No longer do you have to go to fine eating establishments such as Chick-fil-A to endulge in such a delic...
By: randofo

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»Make a Lego ROV part 2 - the controller 
 This instructable will show you how to make a simple controller that can be used to control any robots or devices that have 3 or less 3V DC motors.We built it as a controller for our Lego ROV project and have used it to great success in a number of workshops. Bill of materials We designed a small...
By: darkwaterhq

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»Table Saw Sled (w/ Toggle Clamps) 
 I had kickback accident in the shop (linked in the video above), so I decided to build a cross cut sled to make safer more precise cross cuts on the table saw. I wanted to make it my own so I used UHMW plastic for the runners, and added mini t-track on the back fence for toggle clamps and a flip st...
By: mikeandlauren

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»Make a Lego ROV part 1 - the ROV 
 This a fantastic project that combines basic electronics and Lego to build a functional underwater ROV.We have used this project in a few workshops with children ( and adults ) with great success.This Instructable will guide you through building the basic ROV, whilst this will work very well in the ...
By: darkwaterhq

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»5 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2015 
 There comes a point in some people’s lives when they think about trying to tackle the desire to develop their own software code. Programming is a very versatile and exciting form of self-expression that results in working applications. One of the first questions aspiring coders ask themselves is, “W...
By: Fayez Ali

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 Het uit drie delen bestaande asbak is gemakkelijk in een uur of drie te printen. Aan de binnenkant van de deksel zijn 2 aluminium plaatjes geplakt die contact zal maken tussen de plus en min draadjes die naar het lichtje lopen. De draaibeweging van de deksel zal het aluminium contact of geen contact...
By: Bob van Veen

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»Forever Easter Eggs, two ways 
 Decorating wooden eggs is a fun, easy project for adults or older kids. Pyrography (woodburning) or a Dremel tool are used to create patterns and detail. Try both methods and see which you like the best!We used: Wooden egg blanks. We made some on our wood lathe, and bought some pre-made eggs at the ...
By: SLOMakerSpace

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»Three phase power demo box 
 The premise of this build was to recycle a an old crank up flashlight. After a time the battery would not hold a charge. I replaced with a newer crank flashlight. Parts List Parts List:1 crank flashlight with working crank generator:1 Small Breadboard small DC motorseveral LEDs several 220 ohm r...
By: n2mpm

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»DIY Nail Dotter 
 Nail Dotters can be expensive. With this you will learn how to make cheap nail dotters with things you already have in your house. Things you will need: A pencil with an eraser on the end,bobby pin,a pin (you will probably find in your sewing kit) Press the pin into the end of the eraser. It d...
By: littleCUPCAKEZ

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»Silhouette machine - 3 ways with 1 cut file image 
 As an avid paper crafter I am always on the lookout for cool new tools and techniques for creating cards. The Silhouette machines offer a lot of options for projects that traditional manual die cutting machines don't. Images can be edited, have the size adjusted, and the tacky cutting mat allows f...
By: CraftNinjaStudios

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»Pyramid with paper 
 How to make a pyramid with paper.Any Earthling can come up with such a pyramid, so I'm not claiming to be exceptional. Why i did it? To answer this question, you must ask a deeper question - why are people so fond of handmade items, why do they exchange new ideas?Let's begin a journey to the past! ...
By: vladimir_tango

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»How to Make a Twitter Cover for Your App 
 Having an effective Twitter cover image is a deal breaker when it comes to your social media strategy, but this isn't always that easy to accomplish. With this instructable, I'll tell you how to create a beautiful twitter cover using mockups from Placeit. Step 1. Choose your template and create yo...
By: analuisaglez

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»Halcón Milenario con Strawbees 
 Hola a todos!Desde Wazzabi les presentamos el Halcón Milenario, a escala sorbete, hecho gracias al kit de Strawbees que nos envió Instructables para la Build Night de Mayo.Los Strawbees son piezas de plástico reciclado, pensados para unir sorbetes entre sí. Hay de diferentes formas, que cumple difer...
By: wazzabi

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»Picture Wheel 
 Do you want a cool new peice of wall art that also has function?Who wouldn't?Make yourself a cool wheel to display pictures. It's awesome and it's easy :D Gather materials All you need is:Primerpaint color of your choiceclear coattire with rim Clean Make sure that your tire is clean. If you t...
By: bginoza

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