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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Minecraft Animation Maker - Walking Animation 
 In this second tutorial of the Minecraft Animation Maker series, you will use keyframes to make a realistic walking animation. You can review the basic concepts in the first tutorial Here.First, you will use the 'Create Walking Animation' button to automatically add all the keyframes between the sta...
By: Minecraft Animations

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»Scale Kayak for RC Crawler 
 A friend of mine asked me to make him some accessories for his 1:10 scale 4x4, he had downloaded a whole bunch off the internet but as usual my mind ran away with me, so I ended up designing and building him a little Kayak and paddles to go on his truck.Tools 3D printer Hack Saw Sand PaperMaterials ...
By: ossum

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»Poisoned Apple 
 The Poisoned Apple is an iconic symbol from the classic fairytale from the Brothers Grimm. I turned this one on a lathe, and dyed it red with Transfast wood dye. To add an extra element of spooky, I used a Lichtenberg figure wood burner to burn lines in it. It's 4" tall and 3 1/2" in diameter, and...
By: Carl Jacobson

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»Cold-Dried Beef Jerky 
 Our family enjoys beef jerky but, honestly, the stuff at the store is really expensive. We also can't be entirely sure of the ingredients and procedures to make it, if the preservatives and chemicals on the bags are any indication. Enter this recipe and Instructable. We've been using this recipe,...
By: ClanRudkin

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»Spinning Your Own Yarn 
 Yarn is spun thread that is used for knitting, weaving, or sewing. Yarn is made from fibers that can come from plants or animals. People have been spinning their own yarn since pretty much forever and once you get started, it's extremely easy to do. You really only need a stick and some kind of fibe...
By: Not_Tasha

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»Preserving Carolina Reaper Peppers 
 There are many ways to preserve peppers, drying, pickling, freezing or making a salsa. But the best method to store them for a long time as a fruit is preserving them in alcohol. For the taste I used a plum brandy called Slivovitz, which has a high alcohol percentage for a long preservation. Ingre...
By: Joerg Engels

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»How to Draw Hamtaro! 
 Since Hamtaro is the main character, I decided to draw him this time! Thank you for viewing! hope you enjoy! Draw the ears and fur Finish up drawing the head Draw the body and the feet Draw the paws and the tail Draw the eyes and the ear details Finish drawing the eyes, add the...
By: newkid010101

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»Poor mans Pumpkin light/speaker 
 I will show you how to make a poor mans Pumpkin light/speaker You will need PLAN APlan A is where you will take a speaker and then connect a audio cord or a audio jack to it.PLAN B Plan B is where you will take a pre made speaker (this is what i mean, YOU DON'T have to get ...
By: LastPayLoad0

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»Rechargeable Flashlight With Hand-Crank Generator 
  Hey everyone!! It's been a long time since I last posted an instructable. I hope to post an instructable a week or every two weeks from now on, so I'm Back! Today I am going to show you how to make a Rechargeable Flashlight With Hand-Crank Generator. It is a really simple, and fu...
By: argha halder

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»Red Gold Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial 
 Heres a look great for fall/autumn. Ideal for a night out or even if you aren't scared to be a bit more glamorous in the day. Hope you like it. First take a red shade and a large fluffy brush and apply this in the crease of your eyes making sure it is very blended. Then with a chocolate brow...
By: Danielle Scott Makeup

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»Linear-Cam Driven Keyboard Drawer 
 ...(2) cams synchronize the height and angle of the drawer during deployment, providing an ergonomic improvement over the traditional drawer at the cost of some complexity. Using it is simple - just push it in or pull it out - but that gives you access to two optimized positions:1) As usual, when de...
By: BoilingLeadBath

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»Basil Pesto 
 A basil pesto is a wonderful way to preserve the taste of basil and enrich it with complementing flavours. Ingredients 50 basil leaves200 grams pine nuts250 ml olive oil2 cloves garlic1 teaspoon salt1 handful freshly grated Pecorino/ Parmesan Equipment Mortar and pestleKitchen scaleKitchen kni...
By: Joerg Engels

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»Friendship Bracelet 
 Very cute and easy and great to share with your friend! Materials 4 or more colors of craft threadScissors Charm(optional) Cuting Pieces Cut your pieces way longer than you wrist equally, fold and the make a loop knot Making The Stitch Grab one color and make 4 looking design then go under ...
By: GeekCrafterGirlz432

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»Flower Crown 
 How to make a flower crown using things you can easily find at home.. What you'll need -Toilet paper-Floral wire-Coloring pen-Scissors-Hair band-Cup Start by disassembling a coloring pen; What you need is the cilinder inside, put it into a cup with a water and let the color mix with the water...
By: maria_AI

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»Lamp Using Old Car Bulb 
 Recently I had problem with the indicator lights of my old car. So I bought a Red Bulb for it. I loved that bulb so I bought two of them. Since then I am planning to make something out of it. So I finally made it using scrap wood and old fish bowl. What do we need? Materials:1) Scrap wood 2) C...
By: The2Geeks

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»Starting a Bracelet With a Clasp 
 Are you a beginner with beading? Do you just want a refresher on how to? Or do you just want to know how? Well this is the right 'Ible for you:) What You Need Crimper beadWire cuttersFishing wire (I use this for the thread because it is very durable and cheap)Beads Round nose pliersClasp String...
By: GeekCrafterGirlz432

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»How to Print Shape Note Music 
 If you are familiar with “shape note” sheet music, then you may have from time to time wished you could print your own sheet music in the shape note style. These instructions are for you! Even if you are not familiar with shape notes the classic movie “The Sound of Music” has introduced the concept...
By: projectnotions

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»Mobile Workbench 
 This workbench is designed to move around a workshop and provide some extra space for your tools. It also helps keep your tools in order. I mainly used left over materials like an old kitchen drawer and a counter top. Making mobile workbench Measurements and materials Screws, staples, glue....
By: fortzero

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»Glow in the Dark Scary Wall Decoration 
 This is a halloween themed wall decoration that i have made that glows in the dark. You can basicaly put it any where you like to scare friends or even trick or treaters. Things You Need Need:Scissors RulerWater colour paperWated colour paintPaint brushesPencil and eracerGlow in the dark paintPr...
By: Cedricklavonne

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»Casting Aluminum Billets for Lathe Turning 
 VIDEO ABOVE, just click on the PLAY BUTTON in center of the lower imageDemonstrating The Casting of Aluminum Billets for 12” Craftsman Commercial Lathe. Aluminum Stock For Turning On A Lathe Can Be Quite Expensive. Here I Use My Backyard Foundry Furnace To Cast Up Nine Billets Of Various Sizes For U...
By: Makin Sumthin From Nuthin

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»Clay Pot Heater With Fan - Powered by Candles (DIY) 
 I spend a lot of time in my garage, more than I like to admit. When you spend a lot of time on one specific place you want the most comfurtable conditions. Unfortunately my garage has no heater, making it rather cold during the evening. What could I use to heat up my medium sized garage?In this Inst...
By: RCLifeOn

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»Robot in a Box 
 A great way to get into robotics andArduino is by purchasing an Arduino kit. This comes with an Arduino microcontroller as well as a bunch of peripheral devices and sensors to help you learn tons and build a few cool things as well. I would greatly recommend getting ahold of a key other key items ...
By: ringo_tiger

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»Chocolate Cinnamon Roll 
 A super easy and delicious snack that everyone will fall in love with! A perfect recipe for breakfast or a mid-day snack that anyone can make! Ingredients 1. 4 Cups Plain flour2. 2½ tsp Instant Yeast3. 1 Cup Milk4. 1 Cup Chocolate Chips (Your Preference)5. 2 Eggs6. ½ Cup Sugar 7. 2 Tbsp Cinnamon ...
By: Scrummy

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»Torus Sliceform Papercraft [Full Tutorial] [DIY] by Brain Washer 
 Making a Torus with the different color paper.This papercraft is little bit of tough but i really like the shape of Torus.I have created Torus which had taken my half day to make it.Pattern: ...
By: Brain_washer

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»Cleaning a Car Battery Pole. 
 The negative of my wife's car battery pole is slack to touch. This is not good! It is so slack I can remove it by using 2 fingers. Corrosion. As you can see the pole has significant corrosion. This needs to be removed. The tool. This brass brush is perfect for cleaning lead poles. Clean...
By: Mjtrinihobby

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»Custom Leather Cap Gun Holsters 
 I made these leather holsters for my nephews last x-mas. Cut Leather Cut out leather for the body of the holster. Holes For Lacing Punch holes for the leather lacing. Stamp Pattern Stamp a pattern into leather. Dye & Lace Dye your leather, let it dry. Then lace it up. Cap Gun Wet...
By: heathdevil76

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»Quick Check and Top Up of Car Air Conditioning. 
 After getting the car back from the AC service guy, I wanted to perform a quick check and if necessary, a top up on the refrigerant. Ideally the car AC should be evacuated then refilled by measuring the mass of refrigerant. This vehicle takes 23oz but I didn't want to do that in case there is a hidd...
By: Mjtrinihobby

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»Vacuum Extraction of Transmission Oil. 
 Every year I replace the transmission oil in all our vehicles. It typically requires removing the drain plug and catching the old oil. This time however I am using my DIY vacuum powered liquid extractor. Enough of going down low to perform this job! Arghh! The vacuum extractor. My latest tool f...
By: Mjtrinihobby

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»DIY Cut & Color - Edgy Blonde Ombré Short Choppy Layered Hair Style With Bangs 
 My hair sucks.When I was young, my Dorothy Hamill wedge/bob flipped out on one side. When hair got big, no amount of teasing, curling, and Aquanet could persuade my fringe to mimic the fantastic mall bangs my friends had. The Jennifer Anniston layers of the 90s framed a million lovely faces, but onl...
By: east fork spring

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»How to make cheap DIY OpenLRSNG Receiver RX 433mhz 100mw for RC and Drones 
 I have UHF LRS transmitter from OrangeRX and my last 2 receiver is broken and damaged after several crash. In this article you can build your own DIY Receiver/RX paired with any TX as long as using OpenLRSng UHF. This implementation can be used for RC world like rc car, boat, submarine or drones. Th...
By: rikiris

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»Cute Yarn Dolls 
 My siblings Love to play with these dolls they are SOOOOO cute. These dolls are Homemade and very fun to play with. Materials The only materials you need are a pair of scissors, a ruler or measuring tape and some yarn ( about 12 yards ). Starting to make it First cut 2 pieces of yarn 1 six inc...
By: ajc_131

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»Hardwood Floor Cleaner 
 This hardwood floor cleaner is very easy to make and costs almost nothing (if you have a few basics already)! All natural and sustainable! Materials Needed 1gallon warm water10 drops of Doterra lemon essential oil2 cups of white vinegarA bucket Mixing The Fluids So , this step is pretty easy: ...
By: GeekCrafterGirlz432

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»Marinated Lamb Cutlets 
 I love Lamb (not just because I'm Australian but it helps) and this recipe is so quick and easy that even my brother can make it! (it is now his favourite/ go to recipe to impress). This recipe is so great because you can make it in under 10 minutes if you are in a rush or it can be made (at least m...
By: ElisesEats

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»Make a Coaster From Old Wine Bottle Corks 
 I made this for an upcycling task as part of my teacher training course (a Design Technology related component) and thought I'd post it here too.This Instructable only outlines the steps to make a single coaster, but could be extended for placemats too.Things I used:Old wine bottle corksSelf-Adhesiv...
By: MrJonesEducation

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»Leafpile Lamp 
 As the evenings are drawing in, what better way to brighten them by bringing in the colours of Autumn (Fall if you will). After all who doesn't enjoy kicking through a pile of leaves. Components 1. Large glass jar, this is a demijohn, usually used for brewing wine.2. Leaf garlands.3. Topper.4 Led...
By: radiograf

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»Make Your Own Windex! 
 I have always bought windex at the stores and never once until now looked at the bottle in search of the ingredients to their "formula" so why not make my own with essential oils that smell really good! What You Need To put together your own windex you need: 2 cups of water2tablespoons white vin...
By: GeekCrafterGirlz432

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»White Chocolate and Raspberry Crème Brûlée Made With Milkybar 
 Often mistaken for being somewhat difficult to make, Crème Brûlée is surprisingly quick and easy. You can have the whole thing done in under an hour (including the cooking time!).This is my take on a classic Crème Brûlée recipe, but made with a twist. I've replaced the traditional vanilla flavour w...
By: ThirdEarthDesign

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»Sound Blocking Headphones 
 So, a couple of years back I modified some headphones for my eldest son. Basically they were fraying at the plug end so I rewired them with heavier bell-wire, added a right angled plug and covered the whole lot in heat shrink. It wasn't pretty but it made the 'phones a lot better. Until the head ban...
By: Grahamwithimps

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»Remote Controlled Telescope - Arduino 
 This is an improvement of my previous project Telescope motorization (focus + orientation).At the end of this project, I mentioned that you could build a remote control for the telescope, instead of pressing buttons on a breadboard wired to the telescope and the Arduino.In this Instructable, I will ...
By: Hugo Trombert

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»Current Pulsing Keeps Power Bank Active 
 Using Mobile Power Banks to Power Electronic CircuitsMobile Power Banks can be used as an excellent power source for simple electronic circuits and DIY projects. However, as they are designed primarily for charging mobile phones they possess certain inbuilt features which need to be suppressed.Basic...
By: ajoyraman

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»Blinking LED Using Arduino 
 Blinking led,it is the easiest just need any version of Arduino, in this I used Arduino nano. Step1: writing The code you should have the Arduino program to write your code, you can download it from Arduino website it is an open source program.Arduino Code:At the first, I used a digit...
By: NadaFab

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»Tiny Terrors Dagger 
 The dagger in the Tiny Terrors line. Blade The blade. Hilt and handle attacher 3 white rods and follow picture. Handle The handle. Handle The handle Done! You have completed this dagger! Nice work!
By: tinyhooman

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»Portal 2 themed Virtual reality room 
 While I was waiting for my pre-ordered HTC Vive to show up. I decided I was going to need more room then where my gaming computer was at that time.So I decided that our empty shed was being wasted and to make it into an area where I could move my gaming stuff into and wife can have a gym. Somewhere ...
By: tekeem

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By: vlad881

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»WindTrain 2.0 
 The aim of this prototype was to develop a wind train from our last model - the Windtrain Protei Land Yacht. And that would have both improved performance and construction compare to the last model we had. We were more interested in making a single module that functioned well on its own than a long ...
By: edip1108

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»DIY Air Machine Gun 
 Hello! I've made some air machine gun, (watch video review). Do you like devices like this? I can make super-duper detailed instruction about how to make it =) Review GG-1 (GyverGun-1) is built around gas cylinder of montage foam with 11 bars of pressurized air inside. It gives the rifle a power ...
By: AlexGyver

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»Upgrade CPU Cooling on DELL Inspiron 15R 5010 
 This mod was done in a Dell Inspiron 15R - 5010 because the basic CPU cooler seems not to be good enough for the task. I have tried to replace the original thermal paste first, with a good aftermarket one but the difference in tempreture was 5C degrees. The laptop was reaching 93C on stress CPU test...
By: ninjanody

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»Retrofit Lights with Remote Control - Existing wall switches keep working 
 IntroductionUnlike commercial remote controlled lights, this project retrofits WiFi control (ESP8266-01) in parallel with the existing light switch. That is the existing light switch and the remote control both can turn the light on and off. You can use the existing light switch to turn the light of...
By: drmpf

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»Hand loncher 
 MakersSridhar.sMaterialsTwo ice cram stickRabercardboardHot glue Take rubber and ice cream stick hot glue join it Take rubber and ice cram stick tired it Take once more ice cream stick and cardboard fix it Take ice cream stick and cardboard fix it
By: Sridharas5999

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»How to Glue Wood Without Clamps 
 This tip couldn't get any simpler. I have a video demonstrating it so if you would like to see it action here it is:Now onto the tip itself... The Tip Wood glue as you know is very strong but it can take a long time to set up. We often need to use clamps to hold the pieces together while the glue...
By: AverageJoesJoinery

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