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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Creating a Connecting Rod in Fusion 360 
 This is a project under the Fusion 360 Challenges provided by Knowledge Point. I thought of making this instructable to help all those who are struggling with the challenges. Please refer to the file attached to this Instructables for the dimensions. You can also view this screencast for a quick pre...
By: alamtania

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»Creating a Coffee Mug Using Fusion 360: One of the Simplest Things to Do! 
 Fusion is something anyone can use to make anything, so did I. What can be more common that a coffee mug? Follow the screencast to see how I did it or just follow these steps. Creating the body Create a cylinder Diameter= 60mm Height= 40mmCreate a sketch on a lateral side using any of the central...
By: alamtania

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»Origami Firework - Yami Yamauchi 
 I have been re-creating origami patterns for years now. It's a wonderful way to relax and create something beautiful out of simple colored pieces of paper. Dynamic origami patterns are one of the coolest things, and this Origami Firework by Yami Yamauchi is one of my favorite patterns to make. It...
By: ash_doge

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»Footswitch Boss FS6 DIY - Pedal Casero Boss FS6 
 Hola a todos comparto mi proyecto DIY. Es un pedal de reemplazo del FS6 de BOSS. Utilizo los pedales RC3 y ME70 los cuales para usar algunas características adicionales necesitan de un footswitch. El pedal original tiene un costo de alrededor de $50 pero en los países latinoamericanos cuestan mucho ...
By: FranciscoA52

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»Updated Guide on How to Program an Attiny13 or 13a with the Arduino IDE 
 The ATtiny13 series chips are extremely cheap and useful chips for small projects that don't need a full Arduino, but due to very outdated tutorials and a lack of information, it took me the better part of a day to figure out how to program these with the Arduino IDE. To fix this lack of information...
By: NotoriousRapper2Chainz

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»Office Supply Organization - Unusual Use for Zip Tie 
 Do you want your office supplies to be more organized with cheap, easy to use zip ties? If so, stick around to find out how!Also, after you read my instructable (and hopefully try it), I would ask that you please consider filling out this form ( to tell me what...
By: mrw122015

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»Rechargeable Battery Hack for Autonomous Toy Truck 
 In this instructable, I will show how I will share by 40v rechargeable batteries to my future autonomous toy truck.My target voltage is 5v and 12v. 5v to power the light bulbs. 12v is to power microcontrollers ESP32, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Therefore, a buck DC-DC converter is needed to bring do...
By: John_TS_DTW

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»How to Dismantle a Bachmann Model Railway Coach by Paul Fast Post 
 This is how to Dismantle a Bachmann Model railway coach, I had to repair the windows as 2 windows fell out. The first thing I did was unscrew the bogies using a phillips screwdriver. I then unscrewed 2 small screws, which were under the bogies. I used a tray for this to ensure that the screws don'...
By: paul Fast post

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»Smart Lock USB. Use Magnet Polarity to Unlock and Lock Usb. 
 So many type of usb, and so many uses of usb. Fan, lights, air conditioner, hand warmer, drill, and many tools now is using this small usb!. Now, i will make something special from usb. Everyday i use usb plug from my pc, but the usb plug is to far from me, so i make this usb extension....
By: balsuryana

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»3 Step Banana Milkshake 
 A delicious banana flavored milkshake Ingredients 1 cup of milk3/4 of a large banana or a whole small one3 cups or 4 scoops of ice creamA blender A cupAnd a mouth (tastebuds are optional) Blend Ingredients Enjoy
By: AdamE79

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»Leather Pocket Belts 
 In this Instructable I'm going show you some techniques for creating different styles of simple leather belts from leather hides. I created these belts to attach to small pouches as pocket belts, but you could use these techniques to create normal non-pocketed belts too. As a girl who often wears ...
By: MikaelaHolmes

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»Laser Cut Leather Fitbit Cuff #2- Charge 1&2 
 This is the second style I have drafted up for you to create a new fitbit band if yours has broken. This is more of a cuff style band...Have a fit bit Charge?Did the band break? Did you just threw the bits and pieces into a catch-all drawer somewhere...alongside of the other lost and forgotten thi...
By: Modifiedminds

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»Pallet Phone Stand 
 What inspired me?Like any good idea, this one is pretty basic and has a lot of potential. I believe that if you are to make something rustic, why not go all of the way. This project incorporated reclaimed pallet wood alongside the use of nuts and bolts. Enjoy.What will you need?-Pallet Wood (I used ...
By: zaclewis98

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»Laser Cut Leather Fitbit Band #1- Charge 1&2 
 Have a fit bit Charge?Did the band break?Did you just threw the bits and pieces into a catch-all drawer somewhere...alongside of the other lost and forgotten things that will 'definitely get fixed one day'....Not judging you but secretly I am.Do you have access to a laser?If you said yes then go get...
By: Modifiedminds

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»Parametric Chainmail in Fusion 360 
 Designing chain-mail just became a lot easier thanks to the "parametric" capabilities in Fusion 360. No more tedious copying-and-pasting or complex arraying all those hundreds of chain-mail links. Now you can change a couple of numbers and Fusion 360 automatically generates a completely new sheet of...
By: markk7

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»DIY Simple Pallet Speaker 
 What inspired me?Pallets. What can't you make using a piece of wood and a few nails. The endless possibilities have resulted in sheds, pieces of art and many pieces of furniture. And I decided to mix it up a bit by creating a mildly easy pallet speaker. I wanted this to be a very rustic piece. I lov...
By: zaclewis98

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»20 Unusual Uses for Somewhat Unusual Things 
 This project took 2 hours so for my sake If this helps you in someway let me know! And if there something that doesn't work or I wrote wrong feel free to leave a comment. Clean Your Keyboard Use a toothbrush to scrub down your keys and remove dust Having Trouble Opening a Jar? Put a rubber ban...
By: AdamE79

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»Light Follower, Also Avoids Obstacles...and Even Speaks!!! 
 Hi guys! this is my first instructable, so I am really excited and I hope you will enjoy it!I have been working on this project for some time, on and off, but finally I got there. This robot is a remarkable light seeker , and it is excellent for avoiding obstacles. Additionally, every time it runs i...
By: FranciscoV44

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»5-Color Reverse Acrylic Sign 
 This week we show you that you don't have to always settle on one color when doing laser engraving. In this projects we've used 5 colors to re-create "Whaam" a famous painting by American painter Lichtenstein! We first flip the image horizontally, laser engrave each color separately, and spray-pa...
By: Trotec Laser Canada

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»Laser Cut Miniature Sailboats 
 This instructable was made for a K-1 summer camp activity, however, it is versatile enough to make work for K-5. The project itself took a total of about ten minutes to make. It can be easily personalized with felt and stickers, as well as paint and markers. The campers really enjoyed this activity,...
By: Great Science Academy

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»Recycle Cardboard Tubes for Fire Logs 
 I've seen countless videos across the internet about making fire logs from paper, but I'd decided to save the inner cardboard tubes from toilet tissue and kitchen paper for mine. I'm not sure how well they're going to burn because, at the time of publishing this, they were still drying out. I Use...
By: midiansangel

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»Hexagonal Folding Table 
 By: Dale RosenTDJ-20 April 2010 ​Problem: The problem is that I have a very awkwardly shaped corner in-between two chairs in the living room of my cottage. This space is in desperate need of a small table that would fit in-between the two chairs. In the past, I have had problems finding a decret...

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»3D Printer Enclosure From Old Network Server 
 One of my friends kept this steel network server box for me, as his workplace were throwing it out...I didn't know what I was going to use it for at the time, but it turned out my 3D printer fits perfectly inside, so reusing the server as an enclosure seems right. Tools used:Electric drill8mm steel ...
By: wli

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»Making a Hair Clip in Fusion 360: Something a Girl would do! 
 Not too long ago, I saw someone asking a very interesting question is a post. "Write the girliest thing you did with CAD?" it read. Truly speaking, the idea of making this clip came spontaneously and it reminded me of that post. So, here goes out the complete tutorial on making a 3D model of a hair ...
By: alamtania

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»Easy Hanging Shelf 
 My new place had a large empty space on the bathroom wall, but there were 2 large stainless Q hangers still on the wall waiting to be used. The only thing I bought were things to put on the shelf itself. All of the materials were items I already had around. Tools Needed:ScissorsScrew GunA Chip Bag C...
By: TheLoMo

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»DIY Bumbo Wheelchair for Kids 
 These DIY pediatric wheelchairs are life changing for disabled children. It makes a great stable first wheelchair to let them explore the world. Maybe even get into a bit of trouble! :) With stainless hardware they can be used at water parks instead of expensive wheelchairs that may rust. This...
By: charlestondiving

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 It is my passion to recycle things. whatever possible. So before and after is the contest ,which is very close to my soul, I am thankful to INSTRUCT ABLE, to consider recycling as contest. Thanks to organizer again. It was a new pajama. I parched for myself it as the fabric was very soft an...
By: MausumiM

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»Flowers Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles. Before and After 
 I love to give a second live to plastic bottles. I am working on a project related with a garden made out of recycled plastic bottles.I do not know for sure how it will be. Meanwhile, I'm working on small prototypes.I've made plants, trees and several different types of flowers. This one is a kind o...
By: RosaMontesa

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»Nutty Granola 
 I make this every week. I grab a handful when I am hungry and a bowl with almond milk every night. It is hearty, healthy, and yummy. Once it is made it is an easy fast snack. I don't overly sweeten it but it's your call. It is extremely versitile. You can tailor it to what you have or like. This is ...
By: LydiaH19

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»Easy On-The-Go Sewing Kit 
 I don't know about you, but I get bored on long car trips. This summer I'm going on some very long car trips(or should I make that RV trips?) and I need something to keep me busy. I also love sewing. So why not mesh the two together? I have made a easy to put together sewing kit that, if you have a ...
By: giraffe2275

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»Celestial Girl 
 Okay guys this is a pretty abstract look so I'm sorry if I don't explain it very well. This is WAY different then what I normally do it's not as 'eye caching' but I hope you still like it! I almost didn't even post it because I didn't like it that much but.. here it is! Haha let me know what you thi...
By: MsMaoMaoz

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»Better Handling for the Angle Grinder 
 Hi!I have used angle grinder over twenty years.I had allready forgot how difficult it was to use at the beginning.Then i heard people saying that its too difficult to cut with it..That started me to think about how to improve its handling. This is my simple and easy prototype for that problem.Later ...
By: Tuomas Soikkeli

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»Unattended Photo Booth 
 A photo booth that can be installed in a corner of a shop and run unattended. Why I wanted a photo booth that I could install in a corner of a shop and let it run unattended. People would come, use it and pay just like the mall photo booths. The challenge was: instead of paying many thousands of ...
By: olitank

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»Ultimate Recicled Parts 3D Printer 
 To make this proyect I have relied on AxiDraw Plotter, changing it to print on 3D. First, this printer was born as a CNC Plotter(I used a CD reader for Z axis). Secondly, I installed a more powerful motor as Z axis and I added a hot end. That was the first version which print dimensions were 180mm, ...
By: Makertronica

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»Getting Started With Eclipse in 5 steps 
  Hello everyone, this is my first Instructable . I'm a beginner programmer trying to learn JAVA, a programming language . So, first of all to learn a programming language we have to practice it well and one of the tools to implement java is ECLIPSE. Eclipse provides you with IDE (Integra...
By: vn_ky

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 PLUSHIES!!!! Kawaii Felt Apple Plushies Star Wars BB-8 Plush DIY Baymax Tsum Tsum! Ice Cream Cone Plush Pusheen the Grey Plush Felt Macaron Plush Felt Donut Plush How- DIY Creeper Plush Tutorial - How to Make a Totoro Plushie From the Anime Movie "My Neighbour Totor...
By: firestarclan

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»Bamboo Spotlight Stand Using IKEA VILDAPEL Plant Pot 
 IKEA item used: VILDAPEL plant pot, bamboo (Article Number: 902.336.13)The IKEA VILDAPEL plant pot made of bamboo can be used as a simple stand for recessed spot-lights. The spotlights can beam straight upward or at an angle depending on how the pots are placed. The spotlight stands can be placed...
By: dumboxp

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»Micro Magnetic Actuator for Rudder/Aileron Control. 
 Hello guys, So today I am sharing a tutorial of micro magnetic actuator for RC foam plane's Aileron and Rudder control. I have used an Arduino to test it and it worked really well, You can use RC transmitter and receiver too . There are many actuators available online but they are too costly so I de...
By: WolfxPac

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»Modular Wiring Installation 
 Step-by-step instructions on how to install modular wiring to Panel Built's binder post system. Install Junction Box Into the Binder Post Place two pieces of cardboard between the junction box and the sides of the binder post. Use two screws to fasten the back side of the junction box to the bin...
By: PanelBuiltInc

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»Slave Flash Trigger 
 In this instructable I will explain how to make a real (optical) slave flash trigger with a minimum of components.There are many complex designs you can find on the internet, this design is a very simple one and works well in bright and dim lit environments up to a distance of 5 meters. (Even more i...
By: alexpikkert

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»Gift Boxes Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles 
 If you want to make a small box, this one will be perfect.It's made out of recycled material. It will be perfect for small gifts or sweets Step by step, Before and after of recycled plastic bottles You can see the images here We will need plastic bottles We will use cylindrical plastic bottles...
By: RosaMontesa

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»Cat Whack-A-Mole 
 In deze instructable ga ik stap voor stap uitleggen hoe je zelf een Cat Wack-A-Mole kan maken, de cat whack-a-mole is bedoeld als kattenspeeltje. Het is de bedoeling dat de kat zelf met zijn pootjes de hendels overhaalt (zie afbeelding). Daardoor komen de vingerpoppetjes omhoog en zodra de kat dan n...
By: 0925648

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»MySmartFoosball: Analyse Your Game! 
 Imagine a 'foosball table' that autonomously calculates LIVE match statistics, such as goal scores, ball possession, successful passes, shots on goal... and even announces which of the little plastic footballers was the ‘player of the match!’ Using NI myRIO, an iPad, and a tin of conductive paint, y...
By: Leonard Goldschmidt

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»Raspberry Piでホームオートメーション:導入編 
 フリーのConductor-liteを使ったホームオートメーションの導入編です。Conductor-liteはRaspberry piで動作するタイマーやセンサー入力でI/Oを制御したり、インターネット経由でインターネットブラウザから状態を監視できるソフトウェアです。ここでは、プッシュボタンでLEDの点灯をON/OFFしている状態をブラウザから監視するプログラム(フロー)を作ります。Conductor-liteのインストール方法は、ここでは省略しますのでこちらをご覧ください。OSがインストールされているRaspberry piがすでにあれば、インストールのためのシェルスクリプトの実行と、リモー...
By: KojiK1

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»How to Make a Fire Bowl 
 This was one of my most exciting projects I have worked on. With the little experience I have, I love concrete work. I will give you all the steps I took to create this awesome fire bowl.The bowls I use I'm not sure where you can get them. I snagged these from my office after a lunch part. They are ...
By: diycreators

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»Dipping Oil 
 In my house we do a lot of "appetizer" type dishes for meals. Recently, we started making an olive oil mixture for dipping bread. This is a nice, easy, no cook addition to any meal. BoM 1/4 cup favorite olive oil1-2 cloves of garlic1-2 tbs Basil (fresh if possible)1/2-1 tbs Sea salt 1/4 Garlic s...
By: Not_Tasha

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»Sensors With APP 
 This device shows you how to receive multiple sensor data from arduino with your android phone. In this project sensor value is displayed on smart phone through Bluetooth. As smart phone is user friendly. Today smart phone is available at any person. This device takes environmental reading. ​ Mat...
By: wadekar suvarna

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»DIY HEPA Air Purifier (Lasercut + 3D-print) 
 After having seen IanVanMoruik his Open Source Air purifier I decided to make a similar device. include some basic steps in order for you to replicate the air-purifier. However, the main goal is not providing a full detailed construction overvie...
By: StevenVB

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»Tree Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles 
 This tree is made out of recycled material. I love to give a second live to plastic bottles. I am working on a project related with a garden made out of recycled plastic bottles.This plant is a prototype of one of the trees of my futur garden.For the leaves, we can use plastic bottlesFor the trunk a...
By: RosaMontesa

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»How to Transfer Data From PC to Android Wirelessly 
 You may have pictures, music, or other files stored on your PC, and now you want to have it to be transferred to your Android device so that you can enjoy the pictures, music and read those files on your phone at any time. Is there any way to realize it wirelessly? This instructable will offer you a...
By: Jones Blue

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