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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»D.I.Y. Fleece Pillow 
 In this project, I will be showing you guys how to make a homemade, hand sewn, Christmas gift pillow!!!! It is a really easy project to do and a really nice gift to give to someone special!! Let get crafting! Materials The materials needed for this project are:ScissorsFleece (any color)Another ...
By: Diymaster25

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»Adventure Time - Finn the Human, Jake the Dog Dolls 
 Adventure Time, come on join your friends! We'll go to very distant lands!One of my favorite shows of all time, one of my favorite crochet patterns of all time. The original two you see here were made before the showed even aired on TV and sent to Pen Ward as a congrats/good luck gift. It's been a l...
By: BunnieBard

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»KITT Cat Neopixel Plushie 
 Need to make a quick gift for someone special on your shopping list? It would be even more special if you gave this in kit form so that person can learn electronics and sewing at the same time.What better way to implement electronics than by embedding them in a cute plushie toy? And even cooler if y...
By: caitlinsdad

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»Getting Rid of Switch Bounce With a Debounce Circuit 
 In this instructable we look at how to deal with switch bounce by implementing a simple and low cost debounce circuit. If you like this video please subscibe to the ForceTronics YouTube Channel at
By: ForceTronics

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»Rotary Encoder: 3D Printed 
 In this instructable I will walk you through creating a custom rotary encoder for use with arduino projects. The two main parts of the encoder are 3D printed and I have included the files for them here, although chances are you will want to design your own to fit your specific needs. If you do not...
By: jf78

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»The Stair to Heaven, inspire by Romance architecture. (Weekend project) 
  I have always been fascinating about Romance architecture skills. From the Roman Aqueduct to the Temple of Athena Nike, these were all marveled architectural achievement for their time and their level of technology. The most inspiring thing about Romance architecture is their beautiful scu...
By: Khang Nguyen

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»A23 (23AE) Battery Holder 
 A23 batteries are 12 v and its size is almost half of AAA battery. So it gives chance to use it in smaller projects. Its voltage output (12 v) also an advantage to use it in arduino projects by helping 7805 5v regulator. I was made an A23 battery holder for my arduino project and it was so useful fo...
By: JeoleX

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»Repairing a dropped Sigma 20mm f/1.4 ART series lens 
 This will not apply to all cases for sure. And each broken item is unique in it's breakage, and requires different strokes for different folks to complete the repairs. But what I had found here was undamaged glass and some shattered plastic body elements on an otherwise said to be functional late mo...
By: mmmelroy

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 プロジェクトの概要:このプロジェクトでは、穴フィーチャの特定のシェイプを使用してマテリアルを除去する方法について学習します。Tinkercad のプロジェクト全体を確認する 穴を作成する ここでは穴をいくつか作成してみましょう。手順茶色の六角形のプリズム シェイプを作業平面にドラッグし、オレンジ色の境界領域の上に配置します。ヒント: 六角形のプリズム シェイプを見つけるには、シェイプ リストを下にスクロールしなければならないことがあります。任意のシェイプを変更して、穴ツールで使用することができます。六角形のプリズムを左クリックで選択し、エディタ ウィンドウの左上にある[インスペクタ]ウィ...
By: tinkercad-support

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»Generating high voltage from salvaging components 
 The third project I have in mind is a high voltage generator, through an old TV flyback transformer (of which there are many examples on the web), and some other parts that can be easily recovered... The flyback transformer I must say the first difficult I encountered in the beginning was that it...
By: slimtender.

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»Fun With Wood Veneer! - 4 Way Book Match 
 The fun really kicks in when you start book matching veneer! Make your own 4-Way Book Matched panel with Walnut Burl veneer, or ANY kind of veneer for that matter. This technique is much easier than you think and you don't need a lot of fancy tools either!Materials needed: 4 consecutive sheets of ...
By: Charlie Kocourek

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»Knex Checkers Set 
 This is a knex checkers set that I made. Parts Count ConnectorsGray 3D - 12Purple 3D - 62Blue 3D - 32White - 32RodsGreen - 145White - 28Blue - 8 The Board The Sides Connecting Finished! Now you can play a knex checkers game.
By: random_builder

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»How to make tissue paper flowers 
 This tutorial gives a basic overview of how to make tissue paper flowers quickly and easilyMaterials: Tissue Paper Scissors String Equal size rectangles Stack 6 sheets of tissue paper into rectangles of equal size Fold accordion style Fold tissue paper accordion style upward starting from the ...
By: pinatadesignstudio

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»Tinkercad の基本スキル 
 Tinkercad で作業するための基本スキルについて学習しましょう。楽しいプロジェクトを試すことができるようになります。 移動について学習する カメラ コントロール 穴を作成する スケール、コピー、貼り付け
By: tinkercad-support

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»Fast, Great Looking Bird Feeder 
 What ?It's winter now, so it's good idea to feed some birds. Not everyone has a good bird feeder and not everyone has an ability to make one. So, I will present fast and easy way to make bird feeder which can be hanged in the garden or on the balcony.Ingreedients:-fat/lard-seeds- cake forms- straw ...
By: woodenProjects

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»The Best Christmas Pudding - Probably 
 The traditional Christmas Pudding is a little too rich and fruity for many tastes. With that in mind, I have experimented over several years and come up with a delicious alternative recipe. It is also perfectly possible to prepare this pudding as late as Christmas Eve, or as early as October - it ta...
By: WOmadeOD

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»3D Printed Insulin Pump Case 
 Why we made these casesWe made these cases to raise awareness about kids who have type 1 diabetes. Many kids have no idea what diabetes is and if they do have it they might want to hide the insulin pump so no one talks about it. This project’s aim is to bring more visibility to people who have diabe...
By: pros1234

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»Nine Men's Morris 
 Some time back we had a camping holiday in Lincoln where we visited one of the museums on the hill up to the castle. In it there where a number of old games available for people to try out to see what people did in the past to pass time.One such game was called Nine Mens Morris, some people call it ...

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»Dumbell Fat Head Zonker 
 This has enough weight to use with a conventional or spinning rod and I use this fly to catch flounder in the Texas gulf with my conventional gear. It is also a great fly to use with heavier fly rods (8wt and up) just because of the excess weight. If you lighten up the weight, you could use it wit...
By: McFlyAngler

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»Pi Zero Binary Clock 
 I’ve had a Unicorn pHAT sitting in a box for a while, but I finally used it in a simple project. Because it has four rows of LEDs, I thought it would be ideal to make a binary clock from. Electronics The electronics involved in this project are limited and practically plug-and-play: A Raspberry P...
By: Frederick Vandenbosch

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»Cinnamon Crumb Muffins 
 I made a box mix of cinnamon crumb topped muffins the other day. The boys loved them. Unfortunately, I bought the mix a while ago and have no idea where I got it. This makes it hard to buy more.This was my attempt to recreate both the taste and the easy to prepare nature.The box called them cupca...
By: mrsmerwin

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»Tic Tak Power Supply 
 This is a really simple project which takes a wall wart and using a Tic Tak box makes a cheap, easy, useful, power supply; in a hurry. In this instructable I am going to try to write a little and photograph a lot. If you are in a hurry, the picture here pretty much says it all. Wall Wart and Con...
By: russ_hensel

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»Origami Bow 
 A beauteful bow to put on eg gift Use a square formed paper and fold as the picture Fold as the pictures Fold as the pictures Fold as the pictures Cut on al four sides Fold as the pictures Cut a straight line in the midle Fold as the pictures Turn around an...
By: Melker03

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»Owl Leather Coin Purse-key Chain 
 My sister always threw her keys in the middle of no where and of course, lost them so many times. She loves to buy street food, and then doesn't know where to put the coins exchanged. So she'd rather spend them all. But later, when she needs some coins, she always asks me for it. Thus, I started to ...
By: TwinnieL

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 Made with wild salmon marinated in a blend of oils,spices, and lime juice, then skewered with colorful mini sweet peppers, chunks of fresh pineapple, slices of Kiwi Fruit and Zucchini Squash, these kabobs not only make a great appetizer, you can serve them for dinner with a salad of side dish! ING...

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»Pacman On A String 
 Well it is not exactly a Pac-man, but it basically moves along a long LED strip to collect good things and avoid bad things. So you get the idea!A group of middle-school kids have been learning and playing Arduino, NodeMCU and MQTT with me over the weekends, and as I heard about a Maker-Faire event,...
By: RaymondX

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»Stranger Things Cookies 
 This holiday season I wanted to up my sugar cookie game, and thus I made cookies inspired by the Netflix show Stranger Things. If you have not seen the show, stop everything you are doing, and spend the next eight hours getting up to speed. If you have seen the show, then you probably understand why...
By: randofo

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 Golden crispy dumplings are one of my favourite foods of all times. These vegetable dumplings are filled with mushrooms and a variety of other vegetables. In this recipe, I use non-GMO sesame and avocado oil by Chosen Foods. Avocado Oil can withstand high-heat cooking and it's fairly scentless so...
By: christieathome

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»Outdoor Workbench with Internal Wood Storage 
 For the past year and a half we have been living in a small, one bedroom apartment, where the only place for me to get dirty work done is on the deck outside. When I first went to build something, I realized that I needed a surface to work on - primarily to protect the deck as I drilled through pie...
By: makjosher

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»DIY Lace-Up Shirts 
 This type of lace up shirt does not use any lace, instead it only uses fabric. You will need the same materials as the DIY Lace-Up Shirt, besides lace. You will need scissors, a sewing machine or a sewing kit, a ruler, and lots of thick fabric. Cut Shirt ...
By: corrinepen

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»Homemade Dart Board 
 You will need:Cork boardMarkersScissorsHot glue gunCircular objects to traceDarts Step 1:Trace a circle onto the cork board First find something circular the size that you wish the dartboard to be and trace it onto the cork board. I used this mixing bowl to trace. Step 2: It should look someth...
By: Lholliday05

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»Finch House (Nest) 
 hi all.first of all im sorry for my bad Englishthis is my first post on instructablesthis is a really easy to make finch house that too many kind of finches love it.its natural. its wood. its your handmade. :)this finch nest (finch house) tested in cage of Zebra finches, Java finches and Gouldian fi...
By: amiir

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»DragonBoard: How to access GPIOs and Analog pins 
 Sample to show how to access and use the GPIOs and Analog pins Install dependencies To access the pins from the dragonboard, we're going to use the MRAA library to keep this really easy, but to use this, we need to setup a fill things before start.MRAA library needs to setup some environment vari...
By: GabrielA173

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»Gingerbread Ice Cream 
 Planning on baking gingerbread cookies? Why not make gingerbread ice cream as well? It’s a perfect Christmas treat with pieces of gingerbread cookies inside!Read more my blog for more tasty recipes - Ingr...
By: HappyFoods

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»Another wreath on a budget 
 Another Christmas on a budget project Did I mention I love great stuff foam? Yes this is another great stuff foam craft. The cheapest I have seen it is at Walmart. It costs $2.70, the ornaments are still part of the package I got for a$1.50 at the dollar store. The green paint is leftover from th...

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»Retro Style Electric Candle 
 I wanted to make little different electric candle.. that kind wich we had when i was a kid.I used old, broken light bulp, piece of pine for the base, and a piece of willow tree for the holder.Candle is made from the steel pipe, painted to look like a candle. Light bulp is lit up with led. Turning....
By: Tuomas Soikkeli

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»Getting started with NOKIA 5110 LCD screen using Arduino 
 Hi guys!This is my first tutorial that I'm writing. So, sorry for any mistakes. I might not be effectively able to make u understand what i'm trying to tell! Anyways, let's start it...This tutorial on 'How to use a NOKIA 5110 LCD screen' is different from the all the tutorial that are available onli...
By: srivamsimalladi

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»Basys3 Bicycle Odometer 
 Wouldn’t it be cool if the government promoted environmental sustainability by offering rebates for distance biked? This would encourage people to bike rather than drive, which would decrease our carbon emissions. This was the idea behind our project. We imagined that we could create a bike odometer...
By: gabbysantamorena

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»D.I.Y Hardwood Aquarium Stand/Surround 
 Built over a 7 month period in my spare time. Starting out I started with a pile of rough sawn iroko planks 3 metres in length and roughly 30mm thick with various board widths ranging from 125mm to 250mm also some 110mm square posts,1 plank of american white oak and a plank of sapele.Work gave me...
By: PhilipM50

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»Festival Lights DIY 
 A step by step Instructable to make a DIY Festival Lights this Season . Step 1: Material First Step is to collect the proper material .These can be easily available in most countries at any local electrical shop or online at low prices .We need :1. Holders or Adapters . 2. Tester 3. Wire cutter4...
By: kmanchanda

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»Drone Design: 4/4 Making a Mapping Drone 
 This is part 4 of a project to show the positive impact that drones can have on disaster relief. This part focuses on the Surveillance Drone. Imagine the benefits of having a drone be able to fly into areas where conventional cars, boats, or humans can get to during and after a natural disaster in o...
By: ENGL_106_Group

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»Dual purpose table/walking aid 
 My old mum in law shuffles around the house using her sholly...(shopping trolley), I removed the cloth lid years ago and replaced it with a flat area that she uses to carry a tray from kitchen to her chair. I watched her start to struggle with having the tray on her lap and decided that I could make...
By: rog8811

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 Lernen Sie die Grundlagen für das Arbeiten in Tinkercad und fahren Sie dann mit interessanten Projekten fort. Bewegen Von Formen Kamerasteuerung Erstellen Von Bohrungen Skalieren, Kopieren Und Einfügen
By: tinkercad-support

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»Skalieren, Kopieren Und Einfügen 
 Projektüberblick:In diesem Projekt lernen Sie das Ziehen, Skalieren, Kopieren und Einfügen von Formen auf Ihrer Arbeitsebene.Wir beginnen bei diesem Projekt mit einer leeren Arbeitsebene.Weitere Projekte finden Sie auf Tinkercad Hinzufügen von Formen zu einer Arbeitsebene In dieser Lektion werden...
By: tinkercad-support

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»Dark-Activated Energy Saving Light 
 Introduction:According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2015, a U.S. residential utility customer uses an average of 901 kWh per month, which roughly equates to around $90 a month. Although most household uses the energy efficient light bulb, the same amount of electric current is s...
By: jessicapatterson

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»Mood Collar: Final Class Project 
 The mood collar was a project for an Interactive Electronic's Class at college. The assignment was to design a wearable as a form of electronic art. Please read through the instructions first before, you set out to build one yourself.NOTE: IF YOU DO RECREATE THIS PROJECT, DO NOT WEAR IT IN PUBLIC AS...
By: WhisperH

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»How to Make a Cootie Catcher! 
 this time, in my instructable, I am going to make a cootie catcher! equipment you'll need the fallowing equipment:a 15cm by 15cm square paper(I'm using a origami paper, but if you don't have one, make one!) start folding! first,fold it in half in a rectangle and fold it back again.second fold...
By: jihomake

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»Making a Kitchen Knife From a Machete 
 In this Instructable I make a kitchen knife. Now the metal I chose to use was from an inexpensive machete. It was easy to get locally, typically high carbon steel that can be used for making knives you need to mail order for it and in Canada is it costly unless you place a large order.The metal in ...
By: MaxPower1977

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»Drone Design: Part 1/4 Making a Model House 
 This is step 1 of a project to show the benefits of drones in disaster relief situations. This step is the start of the scene we wish to create involving this house, a person, and two drones both helping this person in his home in their own ways.For the designing you will want to use 123D Design.App...
By: ENGL_106_Group

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»Drone Design: 3/4 Making a Delivery Drone 
 This is part 3 of a project to show the positive impact that drones can have on disaster relief. This part focuses on the supply delivery drone. Imagine the benefits of having a drone be able to fly in relief supplies to areas where conventional cars, boats, or humans can get to during and after a n...
By: ENGL_106_Group

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