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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Peach & Vanilla Cake 
 Since I remember my mommy bakes this delicious cake for daddy in his Birthday. We always make fun that daddy can eat half of the cake by himself (I bet you will understand better when you try it!) and it is not a joke, but he simply loves this cake! The secret is behind the freshness of the ingredie...
By: i-ve

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»Joint Support Brace DIY 
 Greetings fellow creators, today I'm bringing you an idea I had for a joint support brace for all that require it because of sports injuries or any other reasons.It's probably not as good as a professional one but will work great in a emergency, or at home and its almost free.I'm a very active perso...
By: cronosamv

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»Harry Potter Style Floating Bookshelves 
 Floating bookshelfs made from.. books ? Yes, it's very cool looking and functional room decoration which is also very easy to made. Wall holders First You need to make a holders. You can make them from angles which You can by in every construction shop. Use big ones and strong enough to sustain t...
By: woodenProjects

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»Yummy Veg Loaded Maggie 
 Hey! I'm here with one more delicious food tutorial.In this i'm gonna show you how to prepare Veg loaded Maggie with is Tasty also Healthy.As we all prepare Maggie just by reading the tutorial on the back of the cover of Maggie, i have also wondered why not to add some deliciousness to it and here i...
By: vn_ky

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»Scarf cushion cover 
 I enjoy mixing and matching cushion covers in my sofa because a small change can make it look totally different! I mix and change colors, sizes and also textures according to the season of the year or my mood.Creating this scarf cushion cover is simple but adorable. It will bring a warm touch to you...
By: i-ve

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»Miss La Sen Garland for Festival 
 On festival or wedding, people often make the garlands for decoration. Cut a Square 20 Cm X 20 Cm on Paper. Fold This Square Into 2 Equal Triangles. Fold This Square Into 4 Equal Triangles Draw the Ligns Like the Picture Cut the Ligns Like the Picture The Square Becomes Like Th...
By: jourlele

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»How to Avoid Overly Smokey Campfires 
 Super Smokey campfires is a real bummer. Particularly when you've agreed to "chaperone" a student camping trip and you have to stay up all night and your main source of light and warmth looks like a smoke stack chimney that is also choking you. A smokeless campfire isn't going to happen, but here ar...
By: Not_Tasha

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»Small Generator 230 V Using 2 Spheres 
 small generator 230 V using 2 spheres lighting 7 W bulb 230 V E 27 socket. Materials and operations Materials :1. 5 V dc motor inside electric cars2. external battery 5.1 V3. coil iron-less ( inside syncronous motor 230 V - A4 laminators and microwaves)4. neodymium magnet sphere 26 mm 5. neodymi...
By: sciencetoolbar

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»Fidget Spinner Generator 2 
 Fidget spinner generator using a single neodymium disc magnet which is generating a static magnetic field and a coil iron-less from a syncronous motor 230 V Ac. Materials and Operations 1. fidget spinner with iron insertions2. neodymium disc magnet 60 mm diameter, N42, strenght aprox 22 Kg3. coi...
By: sciencetoolbar

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»Mermaid Masquerade Mask 
 There's a bit of a story behind this mask. It begins in early July, when the heat was starting to become oppressive and I was beginning to wish that I had some water for my dog to play in. Because I have a dog, you see. His name is The Doctor and he rather likes to splash about in the water.Unfor...
By: pokiespout

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»Caribbean Fish Tacos 
 This recipe will either take you to your memories or your dreams in a hammock at a beautiful beach. This fish tacos are crispy and full of flavor. This recipe is for 20 fish tacos, enough to feed 4 hungry people. Ingredients 7 fish steaks (i've used mojarra and tilapia but you can use your favori...
By: ma-vela

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»Surprise Heart Box 
 I believe little details are the glue of a strong relationship. It doesn't have to be something very expensive or complicated. It's always great to let someone know you cared enough to make something with your hands.This little box will sure make someone's day brighter. Materials 8x8 inches kraf...
By: ma-vela

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»Pickle Rick IRL!! (how to Put a Screen & Speaker Inside a LITERAL Pickle) 
 Inspired by episode 3, season 3 of Rick and Morty, I decided to make Pickle Rick IRL, this project involved squeezing an OLED and speaker, controlled by an Arduino Nano inside a pickle. Here is an exert from the episode as context for those who might be confused as to why anyone would put perfectly ...
By: Will Donaldson

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»Stamped Wood Cube Earrings 
 So. You've made a new DIY type of want to impress this person and show off your skills that you can "MAKE" too... but you only have a short amount of time to crank something out! Also, you don't have bandwidth to order parts either...So what do you do?? Make a pair of earrings! To impre...
By: Suisho

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»Lisa Frank Rainbow Dog Body Paint 
 So I have ALWAYS loved Lisa Frank, when I was a kid I always got her binders and pencils. Haha. So I decided to do this look! Hope you enjoy. =) Also feel free to help support me by subscribing to my youtube page! Base To start off I used a white body paint from Mehron and put it all over my fac...
By: MsMaoMaoz

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»Solar Powered Phone Charger 
 have you ever been in the middle of nowhere with no power and your phone dies? well, I have a solution for you... tools-soldering iron -side cutter/ wire cuttermaterials -solder -wire- charger for device -solar panel (5v+) Cut the charging end from the usb end. Connect the wires to longe...
By: rilling.marcus

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»Chunk Candle From Left-over Wax 
 I have posted an instructable earlier on How to make Rainbow Candles which you can see at the following link making the rainbow candle, there are still some colored wax left in the containers used for melting wax. So I have decided to make co...
By: antoniraj

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»Coke Bottle Wind Turbine 
 This is a very simple and cheap vertical axis design, using easy to come by parts. It is also very easy to assemble, with the minimum of machining necessary. Drilling a few large holes is as difficult as it gets.And of course it allows you to reuse some of that empty soda bottles you have lying arou...
By: mxx

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»Coconut Banana Muffins 
 If you like the tropical flavour of banana muffins you'll love these banana coconut muffins! Baking banana muffins is my favourite way to use bananas that are too ripe to eat by themselves. Even though my family likes the simple banana muffins, they love when I add different ingredients. And ban...
By: CraftersAndMothers

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»Paper Weaved Basket 
 A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my mother to make an explosion box for her supervisor who was celebrating her retirement. I was fortunate enough to work with both women and wanted to make her something that commemorated all the hard work she put into her team. The basket template was something ...
By: PaperChaser

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»Armor Crafting 
 Armor Building Collection Cassandra Alexandra Soul Calibur Build X-Men Body Suit and Power Gauntlets Surge Earth 616 Cosplay - LED tricks, Crafting highly metallic armor and comfortable armor. Nora Valkyrie Cosplay Build Nora Valkyrie Cosplay - Large Prop construction and small armor accou...
By: Ninja.Monkey.In.The.Machine

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»Binocular and Monocular Safe Solar Viewing 
 I've been watching all the instructables recently about viewing the upcoming eclipse and no one has posted my favorite for anyone who wants a good view of the eclipse with only two items, both likely to be on hand. It is based on the pinhole technique, but easier to make and provides much better mag...
By: Thorigol

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»Tuna Pie for 1 
 Have you ever been by yourself and just feel like getting pampered? This is a great idea to do so. Very easy to make and you'll sure love it. Ingredients 100 gr of puff pastry1 tuna can 1 medium tomato1/4 white onion1/4 red bell pepperOlives (i like just a few of them)1 eggOilFlour (like 1/4 cup)...
By: ma-vela

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»Weird Knex Ball Machine 1: Tiny Box 
 I am making a series of weird knex ball machines, and this is the first! Although it is pointless, it is tiny, really tiny. Actually, it is the smallest ball machine ever! (smallest piece wise, that is) A few years back I think there was some challenge to make a ball machine in a red rod by red rod ...
By: random_builder

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»Perfectly Organized Mini Sewing Box 
 If you travel or even if you don't you know a sewing kit is a must in every home or suitcase. With this mini sewing box you won't have to look everywhere just to sew a button, you'll have everything you need for an emergency. Materials Watch box. Mine was 3x4 inches.2 Paper straws ThreadsBlack ca...
By: ma-vela

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»Solar Powered Phone Charger dose not work see my other one 
 have you ever been in the middle of nowhere with no power and your phone dies? well, I have a solution for you... Tools/materals tools-soldering iron-hack saw-side cutter/ wire cutter( not pictured)materials-solder-wire-USB charging block-solar panel (5v+) Open the Charging Block Use the hack...
By: rilling.marcus

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»Skillet Biscuits 
 Easy prepare ahead skillet biscuits. Make the dough at home and then cook them on a grill at medium-high heat or over an open flame when you're ready. This can also be made in an oven at 425 for 10-12 minutes. These biscuits go great with butter and honey, gravy, fruit etc. This recipe is written fo...
By: CyberJaws

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»CNC Solitaire Game 
 I saw this beautiful wooden solitaire game on a friend's coffee table, and after an hour playing, decided to make one for myself. The game is fun and challenging, the board looks great on my coffee table, and most importantly, it's a great beginner's project if you're just learning CAD/CAM/CNC (as I...
By: davidrlerman

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»Barbie's Makeup - Free Printable 
 Have you noticed Barbie's makeup is always flawless? My daughter says that's because she always has her makeup in her purse. Now she doesn't have to pretend the makeup is there. I made this printable for my daughter's dolls and I'll share it with you now, so you can make a little girl happy too. ...
By: CraftersAndMothers

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»Stuffed Animal From a Kid's Drawing 
 I love my daughter's drawings, they say so much about her personality (like psychological tests) I just love to see how she perceives the world. I keep her best drawings in a special binder, but she had the idea to turn one of her drawings in a stuffed animal. I think it's brilliant, this is the...
By: CraftersAndMothers

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»How Well Do Houseplants Really Clean the Air? 
 Houseplants are a healthy addiction. They're good for the soul. I did a little research which got me to thinking: how well do houseplants really clean & purify the air? Here are my thoughts. Houseplants are an blissful addiction for me and I want at least 1 or 2 of them in every room. They make...
By: JoyUsGarden

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»Quick Scrambled Egg Toast 
 Scrambled eggs is a dish made from whites and yolks of eggs stirred or beaten together in a pan while being gently heated, typically with salt and butter and variable other ingredients.What better way to enjoy a breakfast toast than with some scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest and...
By: vn_ky

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»Elvish Bracelet 
 "For ancient king and elvish lordThere many a gleaming golden hoardThey shaped and wrought, and light they caughtTo hide in gems on hilt of sword.On silver necklaces they strungThe flowering stars, on crowns they hungThe dragon-fire, in twisted wireThey meshed the light of moon and sun."J.R.R Tolkie...
By: emilyvanleemput

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  Cornflower WHALE - Epoxy - Video Tutorial Resin and Wood Pendant Crafting With 2-part Epoxy Resin How to Combine Photography Into Jewelry Making Make Jewelry From Computer Parts DIY Pine Cone Jewelry Natural River Stone Necklace Creating Handmade Jewelry Using Patinas...
By: 3rdsurfer

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»Quick Onion Rings Recipe 
 Onion Rings is an all time favorite when it comes to evening snacks. Its simple, quick and tasty snack for everyone to savor with Tea or Coffee. In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make the simplest possible method of making Onion Rings. There are many different recipes to make this snack, th...
By: vn_ky

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»Boiled Egg Fry - Who's Hungry 
 This is a simple and quick boiled egg fry recipe where boiled egg halves are tossed with Indian spices. It can be served as a side dish for rice or can be served with rotis. Do try this easy boiled egg fry recipe.Let's move on to the recipe for easily boiled egg fry. Ingredients Eggs (as required...
By: kavyamaniyan13

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»ESP32/ESP8266 Weather Forecaster/Predictor 
 Using an ESP32 or ESP8266 we can forecast weather by reading air pressure from a sensor such as the BOSCH BMP085/180 or BME280.Then by monitoring the changes in air pressure and categorising the changes thus:  Rising quickly  Rising  Rising slowly  Steady  Falling slowly  Falling  Falling ...
By: g6ejd

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»How to Repair Flashlight Switch (Fix Tailcap Switch) 
 Hello, Everyone!in This Instructable, I will Share with you How to Fix the Mechanical Switch in Flashlights (this method Should Work on Most flashlights except the Old Models like Maglite ) I will demonstrate the Repair on Skywolfeye Zoomable Torchok, Let's Begin :) Gently Pull the Rubber Cap *Th...
By: Thulfiqar

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»How to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer - DIY Guy 
 A total solar eclipse is coming to the USA on Monday, August 21st! There hasn't been a total eclipse visible here since 1979, and there won't be another one until 2024.Viewing a solar eclipse with your bare eyes is super dangerous. As little as 30 seconds of cumulative exposure can cause permanent b...
By: LowesDIYGuy

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»Wonder Woman Bookmark 
 Hello everybody :) Here is my Wonder Woman DIY.All the steps are in the video. Send me a picture if you recreate this DIY !! Celine's
By: CelineWonderland

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»Homemade Peanut Butter 
 Peanut Butter goes well with any breakfast, especially sandwiches. Peanuts are rich in energy which keeps you active all day long and it has various nutrients and vitamins optimal for good health.In this recipe I'm going to show you How to make peanut butter, which is a spread for bread and nan. It ...
By: kavyamaniyan13

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»Easy Hot/Cold Rice Packs 
 A fun activity to do with others and very customizable. Throw the rice pack in the microwave for a minute or two and then place on achy muscles or throw in the freezer and use as a cold pack. Works as well as ice and with no melting ice to contend with. Add scents for aromatherapy. BoM Sewing ma...
By: Not_Tasha

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»How to Design and Laser Cut a Game Card Storage Box 
 In this Instructable I show how to design a card box from the inside out to fit your favorite card game. I do my design in Adobe Illustrator and I cut the parts on a laser cutter. My example is based on Arkham Horror the Card Game, but you could use the same process for any card game. I show both ac...
By: greylightmay

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»Upholstered Picture Frame 
 In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful upholstered frame. If you want to display your favourite pictures but are looking for something different, this could be your answer. And if you already have wooden picture frames, but are tired of them, you could transform them into...
By: sonia-bv

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»Automotive Plastic Welding Repair 
 This is the inside of my boot lid.I drive a commercial 4x4 and somewhere in its life, something heavy fell against the door and cracked the plastic door card.The crack started small but over time and a large amount of off road driving through construction sites and quarries has made the crack so lar...
By: Left-field Designs

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»Soldier Silhouette Shelf 
 I suspect most Americans have one or more family members who served in the military. If we consider all the ancestors who we'll never know, I'd bet all Americans have family who served. My goal for this project was to honor not only my immediate family but also all my ancestors who were brave enough...
By: douglasroyal

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»Wind Turbine Mobile USB Charger 
 I love wind turbines. Last month, I built a new working wind turbine from recycled material. Today I've added some small gadget that made it a practical Mobile USB Charger powered by wind.I wnated to share it with you so you can start building your own.If you like my instructable, please favorite, v...
By: ahmedebeed555

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»How to Make Your Own Designs With Silhouette Studio. Barbies Necklaces. 
 If you have and electronic cutting machine (Cameo, Portrait) but only use files you buy, it can be expensive. And you won´t use it to its full potencial. What if you have an awesome idea to cut but you can´t find the file in the design store? In my opinion this tool is to use our creativity, not to ...
By: CraftersAndMothers

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»Bacon Braid 
 Who doesn't love bacon? It's delicious, crunchy and full of flavour. Just as puff pastry. That's why these two combined are the perfect match.Today I'll teach you how to make this bacon braid. It's so tasty and it looks beautiful. And even though it looks fancy you can make it in 30 min. ​ ...
By: CraftersAndMothers

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»Easy Scented Sachets 
 Fabric scraps have lots of great uses and making scented sachets is just one of them. Sew two pieces of fabric together, stuff with whatever relaxing scents you want and then stash them away. We like to keep a lot of lavender around in the hopes that it really does help calm anxiety issues in animal...
By: Not_Tasha

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