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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Remove Perf Board Components 
 Alright so you've caught the linear circuit building bug but no worries; it happens to the best of us. In this Instructable, I'll teach you how to harvest the components from other perf boards. You can find old boards in microwaves, TVs, old computers, or a battery backup like the one I used.All the...
By: Dave85

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»Meringue Ghost 
 Super easy and fun to make :) Ingredients and Method 125 ml egg white250 g sugarflavoring oil of your choice, I use apple this timeBeat egg whites until frothy on medium speedAdd in sugar a little at a timeOnce sugar dissolved, turn up to high speed and beat until firm peakPour in a drop or two f...
By: klinong

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»Little Red & Big Bad Wolf 
 Little red riding hood with a twist!All you need is makeup and face paint! I recommend water based face-paint as it is more vibrant and doesn't smudge easily. All of this can be easily removed with warm water!! Watch the video :D I got my costume (Lady Miss Red)This look would...
By: oxdessyxo

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»DIY Electric Longboard 
 Hey yall! CoolRextreme here with yet another DIY Longboard post...Yes, I will give you a detailed account of my build. From frustration to fascination. Why?Cause we all know builds are not just about going smoothly and coming together perfectly.No, I will not talk to you as if you have already done ...
By: CoolRextreme

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»My 99 Cent Shelf 
 It may seem hard to believe, but all I spent on this incredible shelf was a whopping ninety nine cents. Find the Wood Ok, I will grant I was incredibly lucky too. The tree was not as here in Chicago we are having issues with Emerald Ash Borer bugs killing all of our beautiful ash trees. The cit...
By: Humboldtartdept

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»Focus (z) drive for focus stacking photomicrography 
 I wanted to automate data collection during focus stacking imaging on my microscope. If you are not familiar with the technique I have included the figure "Focus Stacking" (above) to help explain the process. Briefly, photos are taken through a range of focal planes (z) and then the in-focus section...
By: Hagen13

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»Air Dry Clay Sunflower 
 This air dry clay sunflower is sure to brighten any day! Materials needed:Color Plus air dry clay in yellow and blackACTÍVA Product’s Clay Roller kitCotton sheeting cut into 3 8” x 8” squaresA small cup of waterWooden skewer or needle toolPattern for circles 1” and 1 ¾” (think quarter or bottle top...
By: ACTIVAProducts

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»Frighteningly Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Yard 
 October 31st is just around the corner so I wanted to share with you all a decorating job I’ve done in the San Francisco Bay area for 15 years. The Lady of the House is crazy for Halloween and the displays in her front yard have slowly expanded over that period of time. Ghosts, zombies, skeletons,...
By: JoyUsGarden

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»Laced fingerless gloves made from reused combat boots 
 I'm one of those people who can't stand to throw something out if it's still useful, so despite the fact that I had worn through the soles of my boots through excessive use and abuse (many times, I was going through them at a rate of about a pair a year until I finally invested in some quality boots...
By: LillianR2

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»The log birdhouse 
 this is the finshed birdhouse watch the video to finde out how it is madeit is my first video instructable that i ever madeso don`t be a hater
By: sir woodster

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»Setting OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 
 Materials needed:1. Computer2. Raspberry pi Model B 3. HDMI cable 4. Monitor or TV with an HDMI port5. Keyboard6. Mouse7. SD card Micro USB power connector8. Ethernet cable Setting up your pi Set up your Raspberry Pi model as shown above.Connect the HDMI cable to t...
By: ENG249Team2

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»Kids Racing Runner 
 For my sons second birthday, we were a little tight on money but we wanted him to have the best little , hotwheels birthday party ever! I searched and searched pre-made outside runners but they were all crazy expensive so that gave me the idea of simply making him one !!The cost is under 5 dollars (...
By: Erika021084

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»The Simple Knife 
 I inherited all of my grandfather's tools, especially tons of old putty knives. I wanted to make something really cool out of them, so I realized, why not make knives? Tools/Materials Tools -Bench grinder or Dremel -Sanding Device (sandpaper, palm sander, belt sander...) -Straight Edge (ruler...
By: Woodworker_17

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»Sumo Robot 
 Series of DIY projects that inspire me to learn Arduino and other stuff for my Sumo Robot. Grippy robot wheels Wheels for Sumo Robot Arduino Modules - L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller L298N for beginners. Arduino Electronics 101 Understanding Arduino Simple Arduino and HC-SR04 Example...
By: chiobesek

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»Boba Fett Cardboard Helmet 
 Here's a fun project for Halloween or just to create your own crazy Star Wars inspired creation. You can either download the files, print, trace and cut your own cardboard or visit my Esty shop and purchase the kit and I'll cut the pieces for you! Note: Use gloves to avoid paper-cuts from laser cut ...
By: JasonP4

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»Harry Potter Quill DIY | CassKnowlton 
 I've always wanted to have a quill of my own to feel like less of a Muggle, so I decided to create my own!This DIY is from my newest Harry Potter DIY video, so check it out to see more easy DIY's! ♥ Supplies At my local Dollar Store I found long goose feathers that were a variety of colours. The...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Hedwig Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton 
 I was on Pinterest looking up ideas for Harry Potter DIY's and saw a Hedwig candle holder that looked almost exactly like the candle holder I already had, so I decided to transform it into something amazing! This DIY is in my newest Harry Potter DIY video so be sure to check it out for more easy DIY...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Floo Powder Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton 
 I've wanted to have a jar of Floo powder to display in my room for quite a while now, so I decided to make one for my newest Harry Potter DIY video! Be sure to check out the video to see more easy Harry Potter DIY's! What You Need I went to my local dollar store and found some sand in a variety o...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Harry Potter Dry Erase Proclamation DIY | CassKnowlton 
 If you're a huge Harry Potter fan you'll know exactly what this is! This is one of the easiest DIY's i've ever done, and I think it's awesome!This is in my newest Harry Potter DIY video, so be sure to check it out to see more easy DIY's! Print Print out the Proclamation onto white printer paper...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Monster Book of Monsters Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton 
 I've always wanted the Monster Book of Monsters in my Harry Potter memorabilia collection, so now I have a home made one that I love! Be sure to check out my newest Harry Potter DIY video with more easy DIY's! I found this wooden box from my local dollar store along with all of the felt I use. S...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe 
 Cotton candy is one of my favorite treats (probably because it's just sugar) so when I found a Starbucks secret recipe for a cotton candy flavored frappuccino, I knew I'd have to try it out. Recently, this became one of Starbucks fan flavors so anyone could order it. Now, if you want this deliciou...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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»Tom Riddles Diary Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton 
 I had a subscriber ask me to do a Tom Riddle Diary DIY, and I think my rendition turned out pretty well! This is a part of my newest Harry Potter DIY video so be sure to check it out for more easy DIY's! Drawing I found a medium sized black leather journal at my dollar store and I knew it would w...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton 
 There are loads of Hogwarts acceptance letter DIY's online, but I wanted to make one that has everything you would need without buying anything special to make it look great!This is a part of my newest Harry Potter DIY video so be sure to check it out for more easy DIY's! Envelope Download the im...
By: CassKnowlton

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»Leather Sewing Needle 
 Some years ago i had to repair my shoes, but the standard leather needle was not feasible to use since the other side was not accessible being inside the shoe. So I came up with this. It is a simple nut turned into a one sided needle that can be used to sew leather, fabric and other soft materials. ...
By: bjkayani

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»Helping Hands 
 For those that can use an extra hand around the house!I like to ask my students to think of some small thing in their life that could use a little extra assistance around the house. It can be small, from a toothpaste holder to a coat rack or an extra fist bump them when they finish their work. Then ...
By: The Oakland Toy Lab

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»How To Setup Personal Hotspot ("Tethering") with iPhone 6 (iOS 9.0.2) 
 IntroductionAfter working with a couple of retail cellular providers for the last five years, I came to realize that one of the most overlooked features of the iPhone is the ability to create your own personal hotspot, or WiFi connection using your phone. Also known as "tethering". This Instructable...
By: amf6640

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»Cute Mummy Candy Jar 
  MATERIALS The cost for this candy jar was 0 I had all the materials in my craft stash :)Clear jar of any kind Scissors Glue gun/ glue stickGauze Googly eyes (any kind)Elmer's glue Putting It Together Place your glue all around your jar make sure your holding on tight to that side you want it ...
By: Erika021084

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»Ethernet cable lock 
 Small paper clip used
By: jaybraxmaier

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»Little Wooden Box 
 It's a small wooden box with a metal sliding door. I built it to use on my earphone project,will add few push buttons on it to play/next/prev for Android earphone. i think this idea is cool. no screws used, just a slider metal door to close and can be used to keep micro stuffs inside too. ...
By: ZiddiK

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»Oatmeal breakfast 
 This is a very simple oatmeal for your breakfast. This can also be a good meal before exercise. What you need:A bowl1 dl or cup of oats1 Banana2 spoons of Cottage cheese 1 spoon of liver pâté1 knife MilkCinnamon Starting point Start out with a bowl. Adding oats Fill a deciliter mesure or a ...
By: Kackerlacka

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»Ein Raspberry Pi Kamera basiertes Mikroskop aus LEGO Teilen 
 Please note: This is the German "sister" site to the English presentation of the LEGOscope, which you can find here: had desided to prepare a German version as well, as it is nice to be able to present an idea world...
By: Dr H

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»Fantastic Props! 
 This is a collection of some of my favorite prop builds here on instructables. Here you may find anything from video game or sci-fi props, to steampunk or fantasy, to wooden swords. (Essentially this is just my way of categorizing some of my "favorites", so if you find it useful I'm glad, but you m...
By: The Rambler

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»How To Make Hot Glue Matches - *SO EASY* 
 Today I show you how to make hot glue matches.It's a PRETTY SIMPLE way to make your hot glue portable.All you need to do is:Put some hot glue on your matches, but do not hit the red head, (these could ignite due heat). After this.....allow it to cool down....NOW your hot glue matches are READY for A...
By: Ehlers_TV

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»How to make ribbon pumpkins 
 Are you thinking of how to decorate your small mantel for fall? Today I am sharing how to make these mini ribbon pumpkins that are perfect for any small spaces. Materials Required Any ribbon of your choice (I am using 1.5 inch ribbon )Empty toilet paper rollHot glue gun & Glue sticksScissorsA Mag...
By: Vikalpah

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»How To Flash Windows IoT Core On Raspberry Pi 2 And Access To It Trough Web Browser 
 "The Internet of Things (IoT) brings together devises, sensors, cloud, data and your imagination" - Microsoft . Today I am going to show you how to flash Windows IoT Core on your Raspberry Pi 2 also how to access to it trough your browser. Requirements You will you need:1 - Raspberry Pi 22 - SD 8...
By: KonstantinDimitrov

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»Replacement Toothpick for a Swiss Army Knife 
 Every one knows of the classic Swiss army knife and almost everyone has owned one at one point in there life. I picked this small victorinox up at a thrift store for 25 cents, sadly the tooth pick was gone, and so I made up my mind to make a new one! And so here is how I did it ,ll hand tools and it...
By: CJStephens

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»MeArm Robot Arm - Your Robot - V1.0 
 This is the very latest version of the build instructions for the MeArm Robot Arm. The MeArm first came to instructables in April 2014 when we claimed a second prize in the Robots Contest. Since then we've seen around 10,000 built all over the world! Just a handful are shown on our map, but we're re...
By: phenoptix

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»Build your own Home Automation and Monitoring System 
 In this Instructable, I will walk you through the steps to build an ED-E (EDison-Esp8266, pronounced Eddie). ED-E is a Home Automation and Monitoring System Built with the Intel Edison and Esp8266. ED-E consists of two parts: The Base Unit Wifi UnitsThe Base Unit consists of an Intel Edison...
By: Mach_5

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»How to fix bad Chinese Arduino clones 
 Have you ever wondered if a cheap Chinese Arduino clone will actually work?You pay only a few bucks and get the same product. Sounds to good to be true right? The truth is that some work and some won't. Follow the rest of this instructable and I'll explain you how to make them all work in no time. ...
By: tomheylen

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»More Micro Madness! | K'nex Ball Machine Paths 
 As you may know, recently I have been experimenting a lot with micro k'nex and k'nex bricks. They have lots of potential for ball machines however it's not used very much! So, today I have for you a few simple paths I have developed which are similar substitutes for normal paths!I don't think any of...
By: Linkin_J_Knex

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»More Micro Madness! | K'nex Ball Machine Paths 
 As you may know, recently I have been experimenting a lot with micro k'nex and k'nex bricks. It has lots of potential for ball machines however it's not used very much! So, today I have for you a few simple paths I have developed which are similar substitutes for normal paths!I don't think any of th...
By: Linkin_J_Knex

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»Audi A4 S4 RS4 B6 B7 8E SEAT Exeo ST 3R5 Glove Box Lid Hinge Snapped Broken Repair Fix Kit Brackets Install Instruction Guide 
 X8R Ltd The ProblemThe hinges on the glove box lid are prone to snapping; rendering the glove box unusable. This is a very common fault. The glove box lid on the models listed have a damper fitted to allow the lid to drop gently. Unless periodically lubricated the damper will become ...
By: x8rltd

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»Box Shelf 
 Box Shelf(my first erection on d'internet)Oct 2nd 2015 I was out in my mam's back garden having a smoke and i noticed this big long box thingy (see pic 1)Now there's an awful lot of auld shite in this back yard, but i thought I'd still better seek permission to commandeer this long box garden rubbis...
By: ozzbyrne

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»Bookmark from flyers 
 Every time I go to a concert, I end up collecting lots of flyers. Last time I went to a KISS concert, I got a bunch of flyers from Slash's next concert. I got so many that I had to do something with them. After much thinking and having Slash flying around my desk for so long, I had a brilliant idea....
By: Kozmicblues69

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»Wind Blade - Super Low Cost Micro Wind Powered Generator 
 After stumbling across Chia-Ying Lee's Wind Band generator I was very impressed with the simplicity and usage when creating small scale power in low level residential applications. I scoured the internet looking for someone, anyone, who had taken the wind band idea to the next level. For example cre...
By: assasinsareus

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»Quickible: Yet another TRX (poor people style) 
 Hey,another short ible which is somehow just a variation of my ab/swing construction, as always cheap and fast, but nevertheless useful.Materials(1x Door Bar)2x Rope (strong enough to hold you)2x PVC pipes1. Put pipes over ropes2. Fix ropes in adequate height for your workout3. Done!
By: blueye81

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»AC light 433 mhz radio controlled timer with arduino 
 In this instructable I will document how I made a radio controlled timer for my outdoor flood lights. My lights are of the older type and uses a whole lot of power (150w and 500w lights). For this reason I've barely just used them, but now I've made a timer that is triggered from a small 433 mhz rem...
By: Jean0x7BE

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»Nintendo Game Boy Color Power Switch Replacement 
 A corroded power switch seems to be one of the common problems that can cause the console to not power up. In my case I opened up the switch by removing the upper metal layer just to find it was all completely corroded. There was no bare metal to be seen, even on the arms of the slider. So i just f...
By: ubaHh

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»Eggless Banana pancakes 
 These pancakes can make us bananas!!! I simply mean just go bananaswith these eggless banana pancakes. A very quick and simple breakfast recipe for kids and family. Recipe Ingredients:Banana – 2 large pcsMilk – 1 cupRefined flour – 2 tbspRice flour – 2 tbspCastor sugar – 2 tspOil – 2 tspMethod:1....
By: SuhanM

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»VFD AL CLOCK-A clock that snores and plays game 
 When I saw these dusty VFD display tubes, an idea of making something interesting bumped into my mind. Any idea of what I made? Now let’s blow your mind step by step:You may wonder what a VFD display tube is. As it’s abbreviated for ‘Vacuum Fluorescent Display’, the meaning may be self-explained. It...
By: EmmaSong

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