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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Pumpkin Stuffed With Minced Meat & Mozzarella Balls Recipe 
 Ingredients:Hokkaido pumpkin500g minced meat200g mozzarella ballssalt & pepper Preparation Scatter salt & pepper to the meat and stir it together. Add the mozzarella balls and mix by hand. Cut the hokkaido pumpkin open and remove the seeds. Fill the hokkaido with meat & mozzarella. Finish Put...
By: FoodforDude

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»DIY Wood Block Lamp 
 Every year our friends host a Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange. The only rule for the gift exchange is that you have to make the gift. This is the gift I made for this year's Christmas party. Since we live in the era of the Internet of Things, I made the lamp a Smart Lamp by th...
By: Reimey

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»Why I Wear Gloves 
 Video tech tip on why to wear gloves when working on any projects. The rubber gloves I normally wear are made of a Nitrile compound which is particular great for people who are sensitive to latex as they are made of a 100% synthetic rubber instead. They feature a thicker layer which is very durable,...
By: 4DIYers

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»PVC Rose Arbor With a Copper Color 
 PVC Vs CopperI was motivated to build this arbor after seeing one a neighbor had in his yard made from copper pipe and fittings. Personally I like the look of copper when it's new and shiny. As it ages and gets the green patina it doesn't look have the same appeal to me. I thought I'd try to see...
By: rayp1511

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»Hall Effect Sensor on Arduino Using Fidget Spinner 
 AbstractIn this project I am explaining about how hall effect sensor works measuring fidget spinner speed with arduino board. working:-A Hall effect sensor is a transducer that varies its output voltage in response to a magnetic field. Hall effect sensors are used for proximity switching, positioni...
By: sriram yashwanth

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»Soldering Stand 
 Soldering stand Sometimes it is hard to solder a wire , as you might not have a support to hold the wire. In this project I am going to show how to make a soldering stand from using pliers. The things you will be needing are :Pliers A rubber band And the wires that you need to solder Inserting w...
By: suhanis2

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»Handsaw Hack Drawknife 
 Every woodworker has them. Toolboxes. Drill bits. And saws. Old toolboxes. Used drill bits. And used saws.They are all too emotionally loaded to be thrown away, but long gone replaced by more performant stuff.But they are still there. Stuffed in a corner, hung on the wall.We see them almost every th...
By: bricobart

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»DIY PVC Torch 
 Hai all,This is a simple instructable and I am going to share you how I made this little DIY to make a zero cost torch with a power bank. Following the simple instructions, you can make it easier. Collect the Raw Materials. For the project, you need:PVC pipe (small piece with diameter as per you...

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»Todlers Tools 
 Hey kid, you want to help your mom and dad build that new fence but the real hammer is a bit heavy for you to hold and mom keeps taking it away from you anyway because apparently it's "too dangerous to play with." Now what? Fear not, here are some safe, soft-grip, flexible tools just for you. Appro...
By: Tigermouse

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»RPi Pocket Sized Retro-Looking TV 
 This guide shows you how to make and setup a retro-looking TV, with a Raspberry Pi, a Touchscreen and some 3D printed parts.I have also posted the same guide on my website here.You will need: Raspberry Pi 3 (or Pi 2, B+ and A+ with WiFi dongle or ethernet cable plucked in) Adafruit PiT...
By: Anders644PI

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»PlantCare Best DIY Present for Mothers 
 Hello everyone,This is an instruction, how I built the perfect present for my mother. The project is a multifunctional, automatic plant watering device.Features of the device: measures and shows the actual soil moisture level of the plant if the soil moisture level is lower as the threshold, it tu...
By: Rundhall

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 Future/Primal is an exploration of animalistic deimatic behaviours, cloud based interactions, and the future of fashion and its role in building and maintaining relationships.This prototype consists of a tailored dress, a laser cut and tailored handbag, and inflatable sacs attached to the dress whic...
By: JaredG27

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»AUVC Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot With UV Germicidal Irradiation 
 It is an automated multipurpose robot which is designed to perform functions like dust vacuuming, floor cleaning, germ killing and moping. It uses an Arduino microcontroller that is programmed to drive four dc motors, one servo and two ultrasonic sensors. The main aim is to automate the cleaning pro...

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»Random Song Jukebox (Raspberry Pi) 
 After messing around with a Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi, I decided to re-purpose the hardware to make an offline jukebox. When a user hits the top button, a random song stored on the Pi will play. The volume knob is there to help adjust the volume and mute the song (since once a song is st...
By: NateH23

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 This Instructable will teach you how to crack the code of any combination lock in a matter of seconds! This skill is only to be used legally and I am not responsible for anything other than teaching you how to unlock your own combination locks that you may have forgotten the code to.DON'T FORGET TO ...

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»Talkative Automation || Voice Controlled Automation || HC - 05 Bluetooth Module 
 ..... ........... ............... Please SUBSCRIBE To my YouTube channel for more videos........ In this video we have built a Talkative Automation.. When you will send a voice command via mobile then it will turn on home devices and send feedback in voice. Like "TV on" "fan on"We have use SD card m...
By: vishalsoniindia

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»Cloud in a Bottle Christmas Lamp 
 Hi Friends, Christmas season is coming and you want to make sure you have prepared the gifts to give to little Anna and Timmy, but maybe you're having a problem figuring out what to get, or you want to give, but you choose to make over buy? Well, this tutorial is exactly for that.I will help you and...
By: Thadeo Arlo

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»Laptop Repair 
 This will be an explanation of how to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your laptops. But also the various important hardware in your laptop. Hardware is an important part of the daily function of laptops even though you may think they're simple. keeping your laptop up to date and following this gui...
By: sdlegg1

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»Glowing Christmas Stocking with Fairy Lights 
 Add some glow to your holiday stockings with some fairy lights/string lights. This is a quick and easy project that requires only a few materials.Materials Needed: Christmas stocking with outline or image to trace (I found this great reindeer stocking at my local craft store) Fairy Lights/String Li...
By: the_gella

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»How to Run Long Distances 
 Competitive long distance runner, who enjoys all things athletic, from the clothes to the workouts (mostly the clothes). While I love all sports, running is my favorite and the one I am the best at, and I’m part of two varsity sports. So I’m here to provide some tips on starting to run longer distan...
By: Jazmyne

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»Ski Rack from 2x4 & Plywood 
 I couldn't find dimensions for this type of ski rack when I decided to make one so thought it would be helpful to publish this. The rack is designed to fit some fairly wide powder skis but accommodates race skis, XC skis and others.It is designed to hold 4 pairs of skis and be freestanding, independ...
By: harmon_dan

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»Automatic Sit/Stand Desk 
 My girlfriend recently moved into a new house and needed a desk, as I have SOME experience in making furniture I suggested I make her one for Christmas. So we went to IKEA to check out their designs and get some ideas. We stumbled upon one of their automatic sit/stand desks (I think it was this one...
By: MrSirLRD

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»How to Make Simple Weather Station Using Arduino 
 Hello Guys, In this Instructable I will explain how to make simple weather station to sense temperature and humidity using DHT11 sensor and Arduino, the sensed data will be displayed on LCD Display. Before starting this instructable you must know some information about the DHT11 sensor.Lets Gets sta...
By: JunezRiyaz

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»Homemade Sail Kontiki 
 Hello. Today I am going to tell you how to make a sail kontiki. In short a kontiki is an unmanned raft (practically anything that floats and catches the wind) that is blown out into the water and takes 25 baited hooks further than you can cast. So lets get started! Materials I used PVC piping to ...
By: reagan1234

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»£1 Internet Alarm Clock Radio 
 So like many people I have an old smartphone and as we know there are a myriad of uses one can put them to.Here I'll make an internet clock radio which will cost far less than those fancy ones you can plug your iPhone into. Gather Parts Bill of Materials includes:-A smartphone - in this case a Sa...
By: SteveG155

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»Minecraft Water Wall Without Corner Blocks 
 Hi all BeardedKiwi here.Mumbo Jumbo in his latest Hermit Craft Episode 100.5 had an issue with removing the corner blocks from his water wall surrounding his Guardian Farm.Here is my solution to get rid of those glass Pillars. Setup To get started you will need to place a pillar of sand in the in...
By: nzsammy

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»Mini Concrete Lamp 
 Another DIY concrete project, this time a little, cute concrete lamp. Let's go! Tools you need: Rubber to metal adhesive (I mostly use the 3M Industrial Adhesive), vinyl electrical tape, super glue, a screwdriver, a modelling knife, a reamer, a marker and a soldering iron. Parts you need...
By: Stamatis K

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»Make Your Own Pen Press 
 I started turning pens and found it very enjoyable. One part of the pen making process I found difficult, was pressing the parts together with a clamp. I was still able to get the job done but it was slow and awkward to use a clamp. I realized that I would need a dedicated pen press if I was going...
By: Moy perez woodshop

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»Laser Cutter Senior Project 
 It has been a long time since I put something on here, but once college started, life got crazy and im sure you all can relate. on the topic of college, I am required to complete a senior project (even though were just juniors) that has to include a PLC (programmable logic controller, typically A...
By: my wookie

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»Cards Against Muggles 
 Hi! This is a Harry Potter Inspired card game I made and it's free to download, print, and play with friends enjoy! Check out the video I included for more clarification. Download Word Document The first step is to download the document I attached and open it in Microsoft Word. Then you can modi...
By: JessH41

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»Ambient Display for Bus Arrival 
 While screens may be popular for viewing information, they are definitely not the only means to consume information. There are several opportunities for visualizing information from around our environment and with this project, we seek to hack into one those. The model truck in this project helps vi...
By: patel-rohan

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»LED Light Bulb Card 
 In this instructions you will be shown how to create the back of the card. After following these instructions you will have a back to tape to the front side of a card to light it up with an LED light. Get Materials You will need:- Card- Copper tape- LED- Battery Circuit Draw the circuit on the...
By: macdonh

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»Christmas Tree – Face in Hole Photo Prop / Standin 
 Take fun photos at Christmas parties this year with a cut-out tree. Safety note: this tree was built for adults to use, not kids. The instructions call for staples to be used to secure the felt onto the cardboard, which can fall out or leave the occasional pointy edge. If you're making this tree for...
By: ErinF50

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»Airsoft Paper Rocket Launcher “Duck-tape Overkill Mark I” 
 enjoy! Hi everyone, this is my very first Instructable! Feel free to comment and follow! Soon I will make a video of the rocket launcher in action and how it works.First of all, you will need to find all the stuff in the list below:duck tape (optional)Armor-all container Water bottle and cap (th...
By: Airsofter14

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»Circuit Book V 0.2 
 Circuit Book is designed to help kids to understand different circuits , electronic components in easy manner. Building working circuit inside text book is fascinating for kids as they can learn theory and practical at same time. They don't have to wait for their practical class to prove what they l...
By: Atul N Yadav

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»How to Make a Cake 
 La Fourniture• 3 œufs• le mélange à gâteau (Duncan Hines)• 1 1/3 tasse d'eau• 1/3 huile végétale• four• glacage et paillettes • des casseroles• beurre fondu • mixer• grille• grand bol• minuteur • cure-dent Préchauffez Préchauffez le four á 180°c. Graissez Graissez les côtés et le fond de la ...
By: Alex Chiu

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»3D Printed Mouthpieces for Modular PVC Music Instruments 
 There have been many instructables and online tutorials for making musical instruments out of PVC but this one is slightly different because it is not a tutorial on how to make a single instrument.This is a system for making 3D printed mouthpieces that fit into a number of different pvc pipe and vin...
By: sleitman

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»Green Eyes 
 This Instructable looks at how to create unique images shot through custom glass lenses. Custom glass lenses Find yourself in a glass blowing shop where all sorts of glass forms can be created. Add color as desired. In this case, I went with green, and thus Green Eyes. Finish the lenses Prepa...
By: NewellNewell

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»Foam Katana 
 When I was a child, I often fought with my siblings with sticks. However, it was too "dangerous". Then, I had an idea : why not cover some sticks with foam ? This idea has evolved into what I present now. These swords are cheap, solid and safe. The fact that it's PVC pipe inside allows the sword to ...
By: RisaotaO

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»Hand Drawing How To 
 This Instructables will teach you how to do a hand drawing. Outline of Hand Sketch a box with lines that overlap. Draw these lines lightly so, they are erasable. The size of the box will depend on how big you want the hands to be. You will use your ruler to get straight lines. The tools you will ...
By: helen.rosell

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»Mid-Centruy Modern Chair 
 I have this beautiful mid-century modern style couch. I thought it would be nice to have an accent chair that stylistically matches my couch. Here's how I built it and what I learned on the way. Design and Plan DesignWhen planning to build a piece of furniture it is important to first create a vi...
By: combiNATE

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»Anonymously Browsing With Tor (installation) at the Raspberry Pi 3. 
 Hello everybody.This is an instructable about installing and using Tor in order to access anonymously the Internet.The whole installation takes some time so grub a cup of coffee and start typing some commands.This is not a Tor Relay installation Few Words Before the Whole Process. As i said this...
By: Tsartsanis

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»Breadbin With Tambour 
 Through this project I will show you how to make a solid wood breadbin with tambour, documenting step by step along the way to the best of my ability. As well as this I will have full technical drawings of all the parts and a full set of CAD files.If you are wondering what a Tambour is the best way ...
By: diggoryrush

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»PVC Beach Sand Shovel 
 My friends will tell you I have an affection for making things out of PVC pipes. I tell them "they're like Lego for grown-ups!". Don't get me wrong, I think Lego are for humans of all ages, but PVC is something I can buy from Lowe's or Home Depot. That, and it's much cheaper to make big things when ...
By: Supreme Overlord

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»Knurled Steel Scriber 
 I was tired of always losing scribers and decided the kids needed to make their own. Tools Required Ramset nail100mm of bright steel 12mm in DiaLathe 6mm Tap Procedure Cut the 12mm bright steel to 100mm longCenter drill and face both endsUsing a 5mm drill, drill in 30 mm from one endUsing a 6x...
By: motoring

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»Simple Hardwood Cutting Board 
 This cutting board is made using scrap hardwood. This is a great project if you're looking to get rid of some left over pieces of wood, the ones that lie around your shop and somehow never get used.It's a good idea to use hardwood if possible because it's generally more stable.Watch the YouTube vide...
By: Robin Lewis

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»Wooden Baby Gym 
 DIY wooden baby gym. I hate the look of the plastic baby gyms and this wasn't too hard to make. If you have all the tools, your biggest expense is two pieces of wood and some screws. Items you will need I went to Lowe's and bought one 8 foot piece of 2.5 inch pine and cut it into 4 equal pieces....
By: shelbydoudpt

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»Micro Thor Hammer Mjolnir Keychain 
 This instructable will hopefully teach you how to make a micro Thor's hammer which you can use as pendant or keychain. I made it for my friend as a christmas gift because she is big avengers fan. It is not difficult project but sturdy hands and a small workshop is needed. Step 1 : Materials You a...
By: bobes360

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»Multiform Beanbag for Cheap 
 Let's be honest - bean bags are awesome! They can take any shape required by its user to offer maximum comfort. Some say that bean bags were invented after Bruce Lee made is "Be like watahh" speech!For years and years, I had dreamed of owning a bean bag. Unfortunately, I did not really need or have ...
By: CraftAndu

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»Tiny UHF Tracker Transmitter 
 This is a little circuit that could be used to track an object up to 400m.It is essentially an SAW stabilized OOK modulated RF transmitter. The modulation is done with two low frequency ultra low power oscillators that activate the transmitter every two seconds for a short period.With the setup show...
By: TomTechTod

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