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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Mutton Chukka, Cooked in an Earthen Pot 
 Our Grandmother used to cook meat and other food in earthen pot, which tasted very delicious. Here I made Mutton Chukka (Dry Curry) in an earthen pot which I bought from the local weekly market. Utensils An earthen potWooden spoon / ladleMortar and pestle set Season the Earthen pot If your ea...
By: aliceniraimathi19

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»Survival Raft 
 Sometimes in an emergency a way to cross a body of water can be a life saver. Water ways can be an obstical or a highway if you have a water craft. This lost skill is the simplest raft to make. It requires the least amount of equipment and takes a few minutes to build. Materials Like most su...
By: Dr. Joe

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»An Easy Method for Hard Juice Wine 
 This is a very easy, cheap method for making an alcoholic beverage out of juice. There are many more complicated methods out there but they all looked intimidating to me. This will demonstrate the basics so you can overcome any hesitation and start fermenting your own!I will explain the super easy m...
By: jʎɐɹ-ɾ

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»Detailed Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make a White Pearl Beaded Collar Necklace 
 Wanna make a pearl beaded collar necklace by yourself? This detailed Pandahall tutorial will teach you how to make a white pearl beaded collar necklace. Supplies needed in DIY the white pearl beaded collar necklace: 10mm White Round Pearl Beads3mm White Round Pearl Beads0.2mm Fishing WireNeedleSt...
By: DasiyD

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»Chocolate Silhouette Cupcake Toppers 
 In this instructable, I'll show you how to use chocolate, stencils, & acetate sheets to create unique cupcake toppers. These are perfect for an elegant party or a wedding!The hummingbird stencil that I used was actually a wedding place card. It was perched on the rim of the water glass at each perso...
By: cbayley

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»Parametric 3d Printed Death Star Speakers 
 NOMOON is a parametric spherical 3d-printed speaker generator created in OpenSCAD.You can access project NOMOON on Thingiverse here: can create spherical speaker enclosures of any volume....
By: nothinglabs

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»Make a New Top Out of a Boat Neck Tee! 
 I for one love a boat neck tee, but sometimes the boxy shape just doesn't look good on me! In this EASY Instuctable I will show you how to add a fabric bottom to your boat neck tee so you will end up with a really cute top that fits just right! What You Will Need A boat neck teeFabric for the bot...
By: JilC1

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»Tether-Treats for Wildlife Game 
 When leaving treats and food for wildlife why not make an interactive game out of it for them? Many animals are intelligent and have a naturally curious nature. Making a Tether-Treats for Wildlife Game provides treats and entertainment for wildlife. They first have to figure out how to get to the tr...
By: FoxysMyGirl

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»Survival DrawString Bag 
 DO YOU WANT TO SURVIVE THE WILDERNESS?DO YOU WANT TO HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR IT?DO YOU WANT TO MAKE AN AWESOME SURVIVAL DRAWSTRING BAG?Then Let's Started making this Survival DrawString Bag! The Materials needed! In order to make a DrawString Bag you need Materials, That are provided in the...
By: MehtlliK

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»T-Shirt Quilt (easy Method) 
 Do you have a stash of old t-shirts that you will never wear again but can't bear to throw away? Why not make a memory quilt out of them that's both practical and sentimental?Note: I am writing this guide for the T-Shirt Transformation contest.Materials required: A LOT of t-shirts to destroy. For a ...
By: jʎɐɹ-ɾ

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»5 Quick & Easy Headwrap Turban Styles 
 Shop headwraps for women here African Headwraps Learn how to tie these 5 quick and easy headwrap turban styles and rock it like a true rainbow queen! African headwraps are colorful, a statement accessory and add a touch of glam to your outfit. Plus it's a perfect solution when you don't feel like d...
By: pinkchocolatebreak

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»DIY Power Bank ? 
 Before Starting if you bored of reading you can check out my YouTube Channel for Full video tutorial.So lets get started Gathering Parts List of Parts:-18650 Li-ion cellsTP-4056Step up moduleWiresSoldering ironSolder wireCaseand a bit of patients :p ...
By: Nematic!

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»Emergency Charger for Solar Battery Bank. 
 Here is how I implemented a Low voltage cutoff for my solar battery bank. This feature is used to turn on an emergency charger to replenish the batteries should they deplete before sunrise. The outback fm80 auxiliary output. My fm80 charge controller has a spare output that provides 12v to cont...
By: Mjtrinihobby

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»Crocheted bow tie 
 Instruments:-needle;-thread;-dog-collar/ We choose a loop of wire (point of intersection is held between the thumb and middle) we go through the loop crochet thread crochet once (English: yo, rum.: jeteu) and pull the thread through loop. In this time, we go loop because it will loosen, but face...
By: lera2

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»How to Draw and Color a Cougar 
  This Instructable, step-by-step tutorial will show you how to draw and color a realistic (more or less) cougar. Materials 1- blank piece of paper2- colored pencils ·black ·red ·pink ·dark brown ·light brown ·orange ·tan ·pe...
By: Makayla Lear

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»Child Piano Toy 
 Hello.Ones my daughter come to me and say: "daddy my piano not working"It was cheep "china piano". The problem was really simple - just replace battery and clue Brocken casing.But daddy want not repair but upgrade this "ugly" deviceWhat Wrong was with old toy?1. Cheap plastic that can hart child’s h...
By: prototype_mechanic

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»3D Printing - Processes for Design to Finish 
 This 3D printing collection of instructables is for amassing the ABC-Z of 3D Printing. The history of 3D Printing, how to 3d print, software (free), online communities. Follow for future posts and updates 101 useful, practical, functional 3d prints! Introduction to 3D Printing Intro to 3D ...
By: concept2formllc

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»The Fibonacci Sleeve 
 World's smartest, slimmest, modular sleeve is luxuriously affordable yet functionally fantastic.Fibonacci does express individuality with bespoke customisation & vents gadget heat with smart snaps in the most thoughtful way. Making of Fibonacci : Truth Is In The Details. The FIBONACCI Sleeve is a...
By: NishantF1

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»How to Make Your Own Walking Stick 
 Happy Sunday!!Whats up guys, This week I was walking though the woods geocaching with the family and it occured to me I dont have a walking stick... I found this old dead maple tree and dragged a branch home with me. I stripped the bark with a knife, sanded it down with 60 grit paper, edged out a ha...
By: The Woodworking Junkie

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»Daugherty's Step-Ramp 
 My dog, Daugherty, a dachshund, lost the use of his hind end in Aug/Sept of 2014. Almost immediately, we started going to a holistic veterinarian. Daugherty was one of, if not the, worst case she had ever seen. But, we started TCM and acupuncture. Until mid October, I had to help him defecate. A...
By: AmbodesWorkshop

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»Homemade Automatic Coil Winder - Bobinadeira Automática Caseira 
 ApresentaçãoUma bobinadeira é um equipamento empregado na área de eletroeletrônica (outras áreas, como a tecelagem, também a utilizam), que pode ser mecânico ou eletromecânico, com ou sem controle automatizado, que permite enrolar um determinado número de espiras de fio em um carretel ou fôrma, prod...
By: cioncassiano

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»Mutton Bone Soup 
 I prepare this mutton bone soup, specially for my aged Grandmother once in a while. It is very nutritious, easily digestible and tasteful.The recipe is my Grandmother's, only difference is I have used a pressure cooker to make the soup. Mutton Bones We bought 250 grams of mutton bones from our re...
By: aliceniraimathi19

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»1.75mm conductive filament feeder (redesign/development) for Ultimaker 2 types 
 Hello everyone,I decided to 3D print conductive circuits with the 3D printer. When I buy conductive filament, I faced with a situation that feeder system of the Ultimaker series are not supporting 1.75 mm filaments. Buying new kits was expensive. So I decided to solve this problem for my big goal an...
By: osdoyi

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»DIY Wedding Table Number Holder 
 Weddings can be so expensive but there are some items you can make yourself and save lots of money! Ensure your guest find their way to their designated tables with these exceptional DIY wedding table number holders.Materials Needed: Candlestick Tiny mirrors or cardboard circles Spray paint Gold but...
By: Mizfashionablylate

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»How to Make a Single Chain Loom Band Bracelet 
 In this lesson for beginners, I will show you how to make a Single Chain Loom Band Bracelet using a step-by-step hands-on tutorial.Just watch the video, and enjoy!
By: ClayDesk

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»Minecraft Crane 
 Today, I thought "hmmm... I want to build some houses and skyscrapers and stuff, but building a structure on its own is not realistic." So I went ahead and fixed that problem for you guys. hope you enjoy!!! Base First, you want to build the base. You can add a vehicle if you want, but basically,...
By: Apple_jay

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»The Ultimate Dog Gift Pack 
 Hey momoluvers, it's Momo and today I'll be showing you how to make a dog gift pack including bathing products, toys, treats, and more! This kit includes so many things that are all useful for anyone with a dog. I personally don't have a dog, but I'll be giving this to a friend. I hope you enjoy mak...
By: momoluv

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»How to make ferrofluid With iron oxide 
 What is ferrofluid here is a link to Wikipedia on what it is. am going to show you 2 ways to make ferrofluid with iron oxideSupplies:Iron OxideOil ( I used motor oil but most works)Magnet (Preferably Strong)Sealent or blue rtv Dry Ferrofluid Put the iron ...
By: ryan422

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»3-Tier Black & White Wedding Cake 
 I recently constructed my wedding cake. It was a challenging project, but also fun. This is the results of that.I'm also submitting this for consideration in the wedding contest, so if you like it, please vote! How many guests do you need to feed? Before you start making your cakes, you need to f...
By: hwhitt

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»Hedgehog Pouch (NEHR) 
 This is a guide to help anyone that is looking to make a pouch for a smaller animal. Predominantly this is for hedgehog's, however could also be for guinea pigs or similar.You will need: Cotton fabric (FQ: 22" by 18") Fleece of contrasting colour (FQ: 22" by 18") Thread of corresponding colour Goo...
By: SwattonA

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»Facial Soft Tissue Defect Quantification for Fat Transfer by Using 3D Scanner and 3D Reconstructive Software : a Non-invasive Novel Approach 
 A patient photograph with temporary implanted quantified 3D printed templet . Introduction: The face is the central organ for expression of emotion. Any deformity due to congenital, developmental or acquired cause decreases once self confidence and is considered as social stigma. The deformi...
By: drsoni

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»Plastic Knife Handle 
 make your own plastic handle for old knife slice plastic milk bottle use scissor to slice a hdpe 2 plastic milk bottle wrap all slice in bigger slice it is more convenient to put all the Julian plastic together.because it's less time consuming and easy handle. binding give it a good squeege...
By: mhniaz

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 INTRODUCTION Controlling the home appliance and electronic gadgets through an infrared remote control is now general. But the same controlling task can be done more easily. Primary motive of purposing the new system of hand gesture remote control is to remove the need to look in to the hand held rem...
By: vignesh3397

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»Half Life 2 Glowing Bolt Crossbow 
 Let's do it...HALF LIFE STYLE B**CHES Glowing tips hurt more than regular tips I thought, so here we go: The HALF LIFE 2 STYLE CROSSBOW (tips will glow red : ) Tools:- Dremel tool plus drill bits and cutting wheel- Files rough and fine- Soldering iron- Scissors - Screwdriver- Jig-saw and metal-sa...
By: -Selfmade-

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»Recirculating bird bath/fountain 
 Gather your supplies. I used: a 16" diameter plastic flower pot with no drainage holes, a submersible pump with a 1/2" outlet, a 14" plant saucer into which I drilled several drainage holes and a 1/2 hole for the flexible tubing a piece of plastic grid from the hardware store (it is in the lightin...
By: hdoman

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»Sriracha-Basil Lemonade 
 Lemonade is a delicious summer treat, but sometimes you need a little twist on a cool summer evening that will warm you up. In order to make a sweet and spicy drink, we added sriracha sauce and basil to warm lemonade before cooling it off. In order to make this drink you will need 2 quarts Lemonade,...
By: PerriR

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»Mason Jar Planters With Reclaimed Wood Base 
 Making a cute little planter out of scrap wood and a few mason jars is an easy and quick little project that can be done on a weekend. In this Instructable I will show you how I went about making a planter that will have it's place on a garden table. Raw Materials I don't know if you feel the sam...
By: Making-Stuff

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»How to Sculpt a Stone Fairy House and Garden in Polymer Clay 
 I think you will like this one and it is for everyone, beginner and expert sculptors alike. I did it at 4X speed but feel free to slow the video using the cog icon next to the YouTube logo on the video or pause it to catch up and enjoy the classical guitar music that goes with it. Be sure to rate th...
By: jakecreates

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»Cool and Cozy Cat Hammock 
 Every cat needs a cozy place to sleep. A hammock allows air to flow underneath and helps keep your sleeping kitty cool. The canopy provides a little shade and also some style.This project requires no metal fasteners, and minimal materials and tools. Total cost should be under $10. If you can cut and...
By: Noodleworks

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»How to make an origami butterfly 
 Make these for your friends, family, or just for yourself! gather materials You will need scissors and a sticky note, square paper, or origami paper. Fold the paper diagonally Fold your paper corner to corner. Unfold the paper, turn it, and fold corner to corner again. Unfold it. When you're d...
By: CaitlynE2

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»Dog Overheating Alarm Gadget 
 Summer is here...And so is the summer heat!Unlike humans, dogs do not have the evaporative sweating mechanism like humans have to cool us down!.This means dogs can be vulnerable to heat stroke if your dog's temperature reaches 109 degrees fahrenheit (42.8 degrees celsius).Luckily, this is entirely p...
By: Maker Saga

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»Add a Formica Top & Drawers to Your Work Bench 
 This Instructable shows how I added a formica top and drawers to a portable work cart in my workshop.In a previous instructable I described a portable dust collection system cart that I made for my workshop. This cart has become a great accessory to my workshop, but I found that I was using it a lo...
By: pbriggs8

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»Advanced Potion Making Book & Pages 
 This instructable will show you how to easily transform your hardback copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince into the half-blood prince's copy of Advanced Potion-Making - complete with a couple of torn pages containing his original notes.Things You'll Need:Glue StickScissorsHardback Copy of ...
By: DannyM28

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»Lampe - Fully 3D Printed Designer Lamp 
 Lampe is a fully 3D printed and customizable lamp.The minimal design doesn't need support material to be printed and it can be combined with exotic materials to get a premium result. The models were 3D printed with Colorfabb Woodfill (body) and White nGen (lamp screen). There are two main versions o...
By: flowalistik

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»Engine Cleaning. 
 With the wife's car engine, I wanted to give it a cleaning to remove at least some of the accumulated grime. Having a clean engine is great for spotting any oil leaks. Here is how I did a quick 15mins cleaning. Degreaser! Good Ole engine degreaser. Cures all yuh ails. Application. Spraying...
By: Mjtrinihobby

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»Statue of Liberty 
  Set Up Base null Put In Cross Bars null Set Up Top Section null Attach Bottom And Top Section null Build Crown And Neck Section null Attach Crown To Spine Structure null Close Up Of Top Section null Ensure All Cross Bars Taught null Create Face null Attach Face To Neck ...
By: 83steven83

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»Signing My Powershell Script 
 This instruction is for those that are not able to do a "Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned" yet want to run their powershell script from a doubleclick or from a DOS-script.Remark: if the ExecutionPolicy is set to Restricted, and you can't change it to Allsigned, then stop reading. Try this to start a...
By: HenkW3

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»Inexpensive garage lights from LED strips 
 Hello all you happy people. Welcome to my first instructable.This project came about as I recently rebuilt my garage and found myself in need of complete lighting throughout.I had two main objectives: I wanted bright/even coverage and I wanted to do it as inexpensively as possible.For a number of re...
By: happydupa

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»How to Make a Fairy House and Mountain Garden With Polymer Clay 
 I always loved the mountains and here I show you how, in detail to create a fairy mountain retreat of your own with live mosses, stones, a polymer clay fairy adobe house, a touch of creativity and a pinch of fairy dust. Please see below for more information pertinent to this video. Rate, comment and...
By: jakecreates

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»Grass Jelly Drink 
 Grass jelly is a brown-black jelly made from an herbaceous plant, Mesona Chinensis, which is largely found in Southern China. Grass jelly is also known as xian cao (仙草), chin chow or divine grass. It is a popular dessert in East Asia, normally eaten in jelly ...
By: IbniH

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