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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»Simple and Durable Hydroxy Gas Generator 
 This instructable is a description of how I made my fifth hydroxy gas generator. Hydroxy gas has been an evolving science for me as I have learned what works, and what doesn't, what you need on a generator, and what you really don't, and that you shouldn't ignite a milk jug full of this stuff at 10:...
By: Austin Noble

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»Mini Kite 
 We had an awesome camp this past summer. We learned about light and sound, solar energy, and flight. One of the activities we started with was with mini kites. The Chinese were making kites as far back as 300 BC. Early understanding of flight came from studying kites. We made our own mini kites to s...
By: Cats Science Club

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»Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting 
 Do you love carrot cake as much as I do? Here's a recipe for a moist and delicious cake that your friends and family will ask you to make again and again. This recipe uses canned carrots that are blended, so there's no stringy texture from grated carrots.There are quite a few ingredients for this ca...
By: katvanlew

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»Custom Dash 
 I have a 67 corvair that I've been restoring for a while now, and although keeping a classic car stock is a fun thing in its self, I just really wanted to have my classic car with a modern feel. So one of the things I've been working on is building a custom dash for it so that I can put a double di...
By: god.favored

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»Electrical Tape Organizer 
 Here is a simple solution to organizing electrical tapes.Tubing an inch longer and a diameter smaller than your tape rolls. I used PVC since I already had some, but you could use metal tubing as well. 2x Lynch Pins with a ring diameter greater than your tubing. A drill bit the size of the lynch pins...
By: igottatinker

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»Wooden Screw Clamps 
 The most "woodworky" clamp of all woodworking clamps. I am always in need of more clamps, and I prefer to build my own tools. Imagine my delight when I discovered Jorgensen makes a kit that fills all my needs and desires. They're relatively cheap and well made. The kit leaves lots of room for im...
By: dpmakestuff

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»Hooked Carving Knife 
 In one of my many trips to Lee Valley, I came across a bunch of carving knife blades. I picked a couple up and finally had some time to build a handle for one.I had lots of small scraps of wood to choose from, and settled on Walnut and Paduak. I really liked this combination on the Secret Compartm...
By: dpmakestuff

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»Quick and Fun Pokéballs for outside play 
 Flash back, two weeks earlier, I just installed Pokémon Go! on my phone and sneaked out in the middle of the night to try it out. Catched some Pokémon and got home a lot later then anticipated. Pokémon Go! does get people to get out more and walk more, 2 hours to be exact. Our oldest got up in the m...
By: thijsv

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»DIY Fashion Notebook 
 This is my first ever back to school oriented DIY. I've been done with school for a while but I write a lot so I always like to have cute notebooks to put my ideas in. Hope y'all enjoy this DIY! :) Grab Materials For this DIY, you'll need the following:-Composition notebooks-Card stock (colors o...
By: Diamonds_OnTheInside

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»Lego StormTropper Helmet from Star Wars! 
 You probably saw one of the life size lego stormtrooper at Legoland or comic con, but it's not for sale and the lego custom builds are too expensive? Well, here is an instructable on how to build a life-size Stormtrooper helmet!( not wearable, display only)Please vote for me in the contests if you l...
By: Super space ninja

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»Liquid Level Capacitive Sensor 
 Developed @FABLAB VERITAS fablab.veritas.crIn this tutorial you will learn how to make a capacitive sensor to measure liquid levels. You will need the following: Arduino UNO1M ResistorPrototyping cablesSVGs of the tubes 3D PrinterAluminum foil Waterproof Concentric Tubes The sensor works with tw...
By: luismorales-navarro

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»RPM Measurement Using Hall Sensor and Arduino 
 In continuation with my previous instructable, RC Car that you can find on this linkRC Car using infraredI've decided to upgrade the car with RPM measurement using Hall sensor and a neodymium magnet. In the following steps I'll describe the parts needed for the setup and will provide the code.I did ...
By: JureINV

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»Easy Cheesy No Knead White Bread 
 King Arthur Flour Company's "No Knead White Bread" was named their Recipe of the Year last December. No kneading required to make a homemade yeast bread?! That sounded so easy, even I had to try it!In the last seven months since I discovered this recipe, I've made this bread over and over again. It ...
By: carolerosner

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»DIY Vintage Hogwarts Journal 
 A DIY Vintage Hogwarts Journal. I think, I have said enough. Just...Never tickle a sleeping dragon. The Required 1. Cardboard paper (Brown)2. Scrap paper and Scrap Cardboard paper3. String4. Hardback cover/ Chipboard paper/ Cardboard 5. Glue Stick6. Glue Gun7. Brown A4 pages 8. Paints (acrylic or...
By: hafsahaamer33

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»Simple Axe Cover 
 The following instructions were based on a 5lb axe.You will need the following materials and tools;30cm square of Leather (I used reclaim from a sofa)Polyester threadSuperglue (Superglue bonds skin and leather in seconds, use with caution)Strong scissorsSewing machine with leather needle2x clothes p...
By: woodpeker

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»What Are Capacitors? 
 PLAY VIDEO Learn about the basics of capacitors. Try the circuit! To see more from me, subscribe to Simply Electronics on YouTube. Follow on TwitterLike on FaceBook
By: Sutty5

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»Very Easy DIY Camping Led Light 
 This is about a very easy and ver very bright led strip lamp for camping and is made for use with very easy to build 9000mah power bank and not only.
By: giorgos.arapoglou

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»Japanese Woodblock Printing 
 This project started out as a open-ended school assignment where I was invited to make or do anything relating to Modern World History. I landed on Japanese woodblock printing because I thought it was an interesting blend of art and woodworking. This goes to say that I am no expert in this field, bu...
By: Jackofalltrades_

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»Coconut Hearts 
 This is a recipe of a typical dessert in Spain. We call them "coconut palms", I don't really know why, so I just called them coconut hearts, which makes more sense. Ingredients For the hearts:1 Pastry sheet (mine was 35x35 cm)SugarFor the topping: 60g Butter40g Caster sugar20g Coconut + needed fo...
By: misko13

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»Wall Tool Holders 
 In this instructable you'll see: How I made some holders, over my workbench, on a big piece of melamine, for some of my hand tools. I made these two same holders for my T-Handle Torx/Hex keys, Nut Drivers, Rasps and Screwdrivers. I placed them down to calculate the space I need to let, betw...
By: Elias Stratakos

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»Luxurious Outdoor Shower - Part 4 [Door & Plumbing] 
 This is the 4th and the last part of the Luxurious Outdoor Shower and in this instructable you'll see: How I made the "Door" and How I installed the "Plumbing". With a try square align the timbers in the corners. Also you can take a tape measure and check the length from the left side to be equa...
By: Elias Stratakos

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»Plastic Toy Basket 
 This is the plastic toy basket I made from 6 pint milk bottle. It is really handy, and useful. My daughter use it for many games.What you need is an empty and washed milk bottle. Cut it in half. Make two holes both side on same level. Use some string as handle. I used shoe laces. And draw something ...
By: amitguptagwl

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»Sparkling Spiral Rope Necklace Video Tutorial 
 A spiral rope necklace is simple and simultaneously stunning. There are many ways to change up the look of a spiral rope just by swapping one bead of the sequence.
By: thebeadclublounge

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By: DIVA2018

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»Mini K'nex Pinball 
 I made a pretty basic pinball machine. It has all the main features of a pinball machine and uses marbles. Please like. I'm so lonely.
By: Spitfire67

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»Holy Guacamole Mash Pit 
 Holy Guacamole Mash Pit. Guacamole in So Cal is like Gumbo on the Gulf Coast. Everyone has their own recipe and each is delicious. Considering you need very few ingredients its hard to go wrong. Ingredients 3 to 4 each 1/2 inch diced large Haas Avocados1/2 each diced Red Onion1 each finely dice...
By: Gooddadbadman

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»Dots and Dashes Bracelet 
 I created the Dots and Dashes bracelet when Pandahall (an online Chinese bead store) asked me to make a video sponsored by them.This bracelet is made using Right Angle Weave (RAW).
By: thebeadclublounge

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»Amira Earrings 
 The cute earrings are made using Right-Angle Weave and Netting stitch.These are fun to make at any skill level as I show you exactly what to do in the video.
By: thebeadclublounge

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»Medieval Visby Gauntlet 
 Hi!In this instructable I will show you the process of making a Visby styled gauntlet. The gauntlet I made is ment to be sown to a leather welding glove.Now you will need some things and materials but not many and they aren't expensive. You will need the following items:-Leather (any color you want,...
By: Lustthall Workshop

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»Beading Bascis: Flat Herringbone Stitch 
 Herringbone Stitch, also known as, Ndebele Stitch, is created using pairs of beads lying in a V-shape. In this video, I'll show you Flat Herringbone Stitch. This video is perfect for anyone new to Herringbone Stitch.
By: thebeadclublounge

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»Budget Microfishing 
 Unlike regular fishing, microfishing aims to catch the smallest fish species in our local creeks, streams, and ponds; bodies of water which most anglers would overlook. Microfishing originated in Japan as Tanago (English: Bitterling) fishing where small species of fish were caught on the tiniest ho...
By: Common Man Survival

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»Flat Spiral With A Twist Bracelet 
 Flat Spiral With a Twist Bracelet is made using Flat Spiral Stitch. Flat Even Count Peyote Stitch is used jazz up the loops of the bracelet.Skill Level: BeginnerMaterials25 6mm round beads (A)24 8/0 seed beads (B)8g 11/0 seed beads, Colour 1 (C)4g 11/0 seed beads, Colour 2 (D)1 Clasp5 yards of beadi...
By: thebeadclublounge

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»Bottled Hope 
 This is a miniature bottle tutorial on how to make "Bottled Hope". This can be really easy if you are experienced, but if not, just look up some YouTube videos of other miniature bottles so you don't dive headfirst into something you don't know. That being said, I hope you like this! ASSEMBLE YOUR...
By: JustOneForgetMeNot

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»Plasma Cutter From an Arc Lighter 
 I recently purchased a few cheap arc lighters on ebay with various projects in mind for them. I hadn't thought of a plasma cutter until I had one in my own hands and saw how it could bore a hole through thin materials that get in the way of the arc. There's an issue with trying to cut things with an...
By: NightHawkInLight

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»Gas Stove Hack, Pot Stand From Tent Pegs 
 Has your cooking pot ever fell over leaving all your precious food tip all over the floor, or water being spilt over you and burning you. Well this simple hack useing only 3 tent pegs will eliminate any risk of this happening, and makes your pot much more stable and makes cooking a more hassle free...
By: paul the maker

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»5V Breadboard Powersupply 
 i am teaching basics of electronics at pifcamp organized by ljudmila in the alps of Slovenia and we needed to make simple powersupply for breadboard. no pcb needed- just few partsvery usefull because of the battery clip going thru the regulator hole it will not break materials you are going to ne...
By: bastl-instruments

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»Big Wheels for Suitcase 
 You're off on your holidays with a medium-sized suitcase. Modern suitcases have little wheels at the bottom, sometimes two, sometimes four. On a smooth airport concourse the suitcase fairly flies across the floor. But in my case, long before I reach the airport, I have to drag the suitcase over roug...
By: LittleTyke

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»Using the Spectrum Analyzer with the Analog Discovery 2 
 Spectrum analyzers are simple to use tools that take rather complex measurements and make it easier to understand what your electronic doo-dad is doing. Almost all electronic systems generate some form of electrical noise from the movement of electrons along the electrical pathways inside. Many are ...
By: brmarcum

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»Fresh Mint and Lemon Iced Tea 
 This fresh mint and lemon iced tea is a great summer drink! It’s refreshing! It’s healthy! It’s low in calories!Most of us are blessed with long summer days. Days filled with lots of sunshine and high temperatures. During these hot days it’s important that we drink plenty of liquids, preferably w...
By: HappyFoods

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»Coconut Bounty Alike Chocolate Bars 
 With the current coconut contest in mind, I was all excited to create a new 'ibles. I come from Kerala and it is indeed famous for coconut based recipes. You wont be finding any meal without coconut in some dish.This is an adaption from the bounty recipes found online. I have tweaked few ingredients...
By: Passion Make

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»ReCycled Coffee Creamers 
 Just a short and sweet post to let you know of a really nice recycle. I have been saving my coffee creamers for a while now. I use them to hold some of my gems. These containers are so great in your craft room to hold gems, beads, all kinds of stuff.But these are so great when your traveling with ki...
By: kelleyscuties

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»Elecraft KX3 Cardboard Desk Stand 
 KX3 is one of the best outdoor friendly radio. Everything in one module, excellent performance of receiver, ATU, and ergonomics of use which is hard to compare to any other radios. But when you use it at home, angle of built in feet's are too low. Thats why you can find a lot of commercial desk stan...
By: tpabich

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»Simple and Fun Proximity Alarm 
 Do you have a pesky sibling or pet that sneaks up on you? Are cars always in your blind spot? Create a proximity alarm that alerts you to approaching objects. This simple guide will teach you how to create a proximity alarm that will light up and make noise when something approaches. An ultrasonic r...
By: Lucas Reed

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»Freestyle Swimming | How to Do Advanced Flip Turns 
 Here is a second more advanced video on how to do flip turns while swimming freestyle in a pool. Here are 4 tips that will make you fast! 1- Head position. Practice keeping your head in line with your body at all time. 2- Instant stream line. At the moment your feet leave the wall, you should be ...
By: MauriU

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»DIY Jewelry Organizer: Necklace Holder Tutorial 
 Admit it.You struggle DAILY with tangled jewelry and wonder, why? Why does this happen to me every time?! Isn't there a solution for it? (well, well I know you have a nice jewelry box lying somewhere in your house which you don't bother to use.) So for you, my dear lady, a special DIY Necklace Holde...
By: Splendid DIY

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»DIY Crop Top and Mini Skirt made from Denim Jeans 
 DIY crop top and mini skirt made from one pair denim jeans. Grab a pair of denim jeans Grab a pair of your old jeans or sneak a pair of your husband's or boyfriend's jeans that you hate. hehehe Make your design I used draping tape and my dress form to make my design. Making the pattern piec...
By: Lynette Alexis

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»Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 
 Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Makes 1 scant quart (which becomes a full quart with mix-ins) 1/3 cup cane sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar2 egg yolks (room temp) OR 1 tablespoon cornstarch (see notes) 1 can full fat coconut milk 1 can coconut cream 1 vanilla bean pinch of saltNotes: Egg yolks v. Cornst...
By: KneadingHome

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»Paracord Hornet Weave 
 There are a lot of paracord weaves for bracelet or keychain. The most well known is Cobra Weave which is solid and stylish. Having some cords around I sat down and start twisting them to see what kind of simple pattern I could get. This is it. Then I searched the net with the terms "paracord weaves"...
By: chienline

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»Tasty & Healthy Green Tea Summer Treats 3 Ways 
 We prepared these tasty & healthy green tea treats in three funways to help us enjoy the summer in a low calorie but yummy fashion: Popsicles, dibs, and regular pudding The whole recipe is under only 200 calories and it is made from all natural ingredients. The green food coloring is made from fresh...
By: GetFitwithMindy

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»BBC Micro:bit – Using Bluetooth With Samsung Example Scripts 
 There is a Samsung Android App on Google-Play called “micro:bit by Samsung Electronics UK” which allows you to connect your micro:bit to a Samsung phone using Bluetooth (I have successfully used a Samsung Galaxy S4, but it apparently also works with other phones and tablets that support BLE).When ru...
By: Rob__S

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