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Blog » Instructable Weitere Quellen
»DIY Light-up Halloween Candy Cauldron 
 With Halloween around the corner, trick or treating will be on the mind. Why not make your very own light-up candy cauldron to take out with you - or simply use it as a prop for your big party!Below is a handy video guide lasting just under 4 minutes :) Tools and materials For this project, you'l...
By: Cairdy Crafts

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»3D Printed Car Toy Windup Motor 
 Info: http://brico3d.blogspot.comDownload: FilesView: Video Parts and download I recommend to print all parties to a medium resolution, print density for the spring and axles must be between 80 and 100%.A small guide assembly is shown in the video added and the files can be downloaded from here:D...
By: brico3d

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 In this instructable we will show how you can use Python with the Vpython library to begin to create some pretty cool graphics for presenting sensor data from the Arduino. For this instructable, we will be using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. Circuit diagram: Since the object of this lesson is to...
By: alok014

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»How to Make a Table Saw - Anti KickBack for DIY Table Saw - Guard, Spliter, Paw 
 Hello friends!Today, I would like to go back and continue the Topic of "How to make a table saw" that I mentioned under the link:How to make a table sawToday, we are going to make the components supporting tablesaws include: spliter, guard, anti-kickback paw.I have made a video describing the proces...
By: VMH0307

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»Sew your own pattern weights 
 Pattern weights are really useful for weighing down fabric or pattern paper when you sew.I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for these lovely triangular pattern weights: made a modification to the pattern such that you can sew the weights in one se...
By: ruthgrace

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»Five Nights at Freddy's theme costume 
 Well what can I say my kiddos love the Animatronics! So here is the brief tutorial on how I made their costume/s. I don't have a video of the step by step so I will just share the video I made recreating a Five Nights at Freddy's video game characters. Glue gun is your friend. In this tutorial I...

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»GrovePi+- Parking Sensor for Robot Car 
 ObjectiveCreating an adjustable distance parking sensor using a GrovePi+ board, an ultrasonic ranger, two LEDs, buzzer and and RGB LCD Display.FunctioningThe adjustable distance parking sensor measures the distance the sensor is from an object or obstacle and it will emit an LED from blue to red as ...
By: dexter_industries

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»Christening Flower Crown 
 This a crochet crown and very simple to make. You need to know the basics of crocheting alone.The most wonderful thing about this pattern is you can change it to fit your baby's head circumference. I made this beauty for my friend's daughters christening function. She wanted a baby pink and white th...
By: Passion Make

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»Audrey 2 Costume 
 For all you Little Shop of Horrors fans out there. paper mache mask structure Blow up a big punching bag balloon (usually easy to find in the party section of Dollar Tree).I use just flour and water and newspaper strips for the glue, at a consistency a little runnier than pancake batter. At leas...
By: jendegroot

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»Fastest and Easiest Granny Square Pixels 
 You've seen them all over the internet: beautiful, giant granny square blankets of all your favorite 8-bit characters. Mario! Link! Sonic! And they're all just squares, right? "I can learn to crochet," you tell yourself. "I can make a simple square," you tell yourself.WRONG.Yes, crochet granny squar...
By: BunnieBard

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»Live Edge Coffee Table - Modern 
 In this video series we are building a rustic live edge coffee table out of blackbutt using simple techniques. Help support the show: / The Base In this video series we are building a rustic live edge coffee table out of blackb...
By: JordsWoodShop

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»Thumbs Up 
 Have you ever wanted some motivation for your other instructables? Or just a secret safe that no one knows about. Well, now you can make your very own simple 3D thumbs up sign. This project got created because I was browsing youtube and saw the thumbs up button, then I thought, it would be cool to h...
By: ExtremeSam

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»Tissue Paper and Glue Collage 
 Brighten up your laundry room or powder room with a simple and strong graphic that you can complete in a couple of hours. It's an easy and very inexpensive way to make a statement and fill a spot on your wall. Materials The simplicity of this project makes it perfect for any age group or level o...
By: Dr. P

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»Raspberry Pi Vnc Server 
 I store my raspberry pi slideshow on a really high ledge so when I want to use it, I need to get a step-ladder. This proved to be very inconvenient and so I decided to make my Raspberry Pi accessible from anywhere in the world.***This is written for the Raspian*** What you will need A raspberry p...
By: TheRaspberryPiMachine

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»My MIG Cart 
 This MIG (GMAW) cart is a little different than what is usually available currently. It is more compact. It was also built almost entirely of free steel I found on the curb around garbage pickup day or that was given to me. I did purchase the three casters. This exact cart will be difficult to dupli...
By: Phil B

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»Emergency Stop Button 
 Here it is. My latest.An Emergency Stop Button. What's it for? Any power tool/lighting/heater etc that may required to be stopped in a hurry.I mainly made this for using with my handheld Angle Grinder, as they have a lock on switch, after it kicked back whilst cutting a bolt, jumped out of my hands,...
By: andrewwilson

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»How to Carve a Scary 3D Pumpkin 
 It's been awhile since I've carved a pumpkin. I rarely get a trick-or-treater and my son is well passed the age. I don't usually get in the Halloween spirit until the evening of the 31st. By that time it's a little late. So when I went grocery shopping a few days ago and paused out front to pick out...
By: east fork spring

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 In the Tinkering Studio we've been prototyping ways to introduce people to aspects of electronics and programming. Since these topics can be intimidating to beginners it's been a fun process for us to try to think about ways to lower the barrier to entry. Some of our favorite ways to introduce learn...
By: tinkeringstudio

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»Filament free xyz jr printer 
 Filament free xyz jr printer Tag run to zero. Unable to print After slicing you will be able to see gcode. Edit hghlighted lines to "=0" After you edit gcode you will be able to print. Link to download xyzware advance print...
By: Simpleprint

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»Aduino I²C 2-Way Communication 
 Inter-integrated circuit (I²C) communication is a common protocol with wide support. If you want to use all the robot parts on the market, you need to know how to talk to them. In this lesson I'll show you some what is I²C and how to use it.In this tutorial, you will learn how to do 2-way I²C comm...
By: aggrav8d

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»The Three Uses of Chaga Mushroom 
 I don’t camp as much as I did in my youth; but when I do, my go to tinder is chaga mushroom, and it has made camping a joy to experience.Chaga mushroom; or true tinder fungus, is a survivalist or bushman’s multi tool fungus. The dried light brown inside of chaga is used to start fires as the smalles...
By: Josehf Murchison

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»IoT PiRadio/Alarm using Cayenne. 
 Hi again!This time I'm here to present you a very simple project, however a very funny one.Two years ago when I have bought my first raspberry pi, I had done an Internet PiRadio where I could listen to some foreign radios.Today I had done a little more! I had removed my LCD showing what radio statio...
By: duartejm

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»Crown and Wall Lanyard 
 In the tutorial I do not mention the wall knot. The wall knot is formed when the knot knot turned over and a crown knot is tied. - "a wall knot is a crown knot turned up-side down". Middle two cords and seize them together Tie a crown knot to the right. Take any cord (blue in this c...
By: asemery

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 Learn how to make this fun Candy Corn Slime with Annelise & Julia. No Borax, liquid starch or detergent needed. Happy Crafting! You will need: A jar White school glue (must be PVA glue) Baking soda Eyedrops or contact lens saline solution (see note below) Paint or food dye in yellow and orange Bla...
By: CraftyGirlsTV

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»Feel the Heat With Arduino and Cayenne 
 In my house there are several types of heat sources and theyare independent from each other and none of them are regulated, so it's really difficult to keep constant room temperature. Therefore I decided to add a regulated heat source in to existing system. I find that the easiest controllable energ...
By: PauliusPlus

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»How to Make a Pendant Light From a Whiskey Bottle 
 Learn how to make a pendant light! Watch my video tutorial below. Gather Your Supplies Having the right tools makes all the difference.To Cut the Bottle: Wet SawDiamond Blade (Here's the link to the one I used)BottleTo Make Pendant Light Cut Bottle (or other vessel)Pendant light kitPlugWire strip...
By: DIYwithCaitlin

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»Injured Zombie Waitress Tutorial 
 In this tutorial I show you how to achieve this Zombie Makeup, and I also show you how to create a wound using nothing but a non toxic glue stick! The best part is you can Zombify anything, so it's a perfect last minute tutorial!Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos. :)
By: JennaJMac

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»Bloody Mary Bacon Sushi 
 This recipe was inspired by an overabundance of tomato juice and a particularly unique hot sauce. While technically not sushi, it offers a unique presentation and tasty platform for two of my favorite things, heat, and bacon.Ingredients:1/2 lb bacon 1c up Calrose Rice ...
By: TheCoffeeDude

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»Making a Silicone Mold "zombi Head" 
  Hi, my name is Ken and this is my first Instructable. Today I will be showing you how to make a silicone jacket mold. This is a silicone mold that will have a hard casing around it to help it keep it's shape. our mold today will have a plaster jacket. A jacket mold is a little more time consuming...
By: kenfigured

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»How to Change Guitar Strings on a Electric Guitar 
 This is a simple step by step process that will show you how to change your electric guitar strings fast and correctly. By following this process your guitar will sound fresh, will maintain proper neck tension, and will be ready for performance. All you will need is... Guitar strings of choice Cl...
By: athom0627

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»Diy Miniature Sweet Shop
By: MissArtieCraftie

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»Cheese stuffed burgers 
 Do you need a perfect burger to impress your friends at a cookout or a tailgate? Well heres your solution: cheese stuffed burgers! The perfect blend of flavors for any event. Requirements - For this recipe you will need a grill or a stove Ingredients Ingredient set:- Ground Beef- Salt + Pepp...
By: brenenhatch

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  Leather Wrap Wire Elf Ear Cuff Focal Bead Pendant in 10 Minutes or Less Old-Fashioned Chain - Wire Work Tutorial Adding Safety Chain to a Wire Wrapped Bracelet WigJig for wire Jewelry Wire Wrapped Pendant Leather wrapped brass jewelry Simplified Wire Inlay on Wood ...
By: GibsonGirl497

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»Crochet Ring 
 Very quick beginner project. Abbreviations Ch~ChainSc~Single Crochet Supplies ~Thin tread ~D/3-3.25mm crochet hook~Scissors Ring Row 1: ch 16 (enough for it to go around your finger) sc 1 until the end Row 2-3: ch 1, sc 1 until the end Sew the ends together to form a circle Done I hope you...
By: indywave

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»Bike Rack Attachment for Pickup Truck Above the Cover. $20 (after the Kayak Rack Project.) 
 In a previous instructable I built a very useful kayak rack out of 1 1/2" steel conduit tubing. This instructable takes the front piece of that and uses it as a base for a bicycle rack. No tools will be necessary to put the bike rack piece on or off and the kayak rack still works. It also works...
By: jleslie48

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»Monty Python Holy Grail Backpack 
 I made a Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed backpack as a prop for a monty-python holy grail photo-shoot (hs senior pages). Simple and quick to make, they look really good and are surprisingly comfortable for being made of sticks and jumbled other things strapped on. Prepping the frame I used...
By: thebrownie

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»Walk Through Dog Gate 
 This is my first Instructable!I have four new puppies and a few weeks ago I was looking for a dog gate to create sections in the house to keep clean some areas. With a low budget, it was hard to find a gate with all my requirements, so I decided to make my own. My idea was simple, I wanted a low-cos...
By: jaibarramzz

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»Smartphone Controlled Cat Laser 
 I've been wanting to start exploring the world of microcontrollers and programming for some time now, so I came up with this simple project which uses an app called "Blynk" to allow you to wirelessly control an Arduino board through your wifi. Now obviously the end result isn't the most practical de...
By: Ikkalebob

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»Halloween Door Decoration. Zombie Attack! 
 Decorate your door for Halloween as a zombie attack, DIY this halloween craft with some cardboard and acrylics paints! A piece of cardboard and black EVA or fomi This will be the base, you can glue it at the beginning Cut some cardboard as planks Cut some cardboard as planks and paint them loo...
By: vmpozuelo

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»Easy Peasy White Glue Sticker 
 Please Vote for me in the contests if you like this instructible!This is a White Glue sticker that is super simple to make and would stick to windows, flat glass, mirrors and any other super smooth surface. Removable and leave no stain. perfect project to do with the kids and dress up your boring do...
By: PiguCoupon

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»How To Make IPOD Tableau 
By: Serhanb1

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»IKEA hack: The Persian Lounge 
 With a need to create a chill out area, we asked the talented Danish design duo Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen to give us their finest spin on a cosy area using only IKEA products.The result is a cosy ‘Persian lounge with Scandinavian bones’ that you’ll find hard to leave again. Watch the hack come together b...
By: Space10

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»Creating the Head 
 The following information is a single lesson in a larger Tinkercad project. Check out this and more projects on Tinkercad.Project Overview:The main layer of the shell is going to be made of several objects that vary in size shape and color. Creating the Head For this lesson, the Ruler Tool can he...
By: tinkercad-support

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»Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf (aka Meat and More Meat) 
 After receiving an email about he Meat Contest, I decided to write up this instructable. After all, what could possibly be meatier than meat wrapped up in more meat? This is a literal joining of two noble beasts -- hearty flavorful beef and succulent pork, all prettily packaged in glazed basketweave...
By: cchen4

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»Advanced Signed Card to Shoe REVEALED! 
 In this video I will show you how to do a really awesome magic trick called signed card to shoe! in the past I have shown a different way to do this trick for beginners but this is way more advanced! this is also way more effective and usually gives better reactions! this has recently became my all ...
By: sean12263

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 This eggstrodinary recipe will make you 2-4 cups of amazing, thick Egg drop soup. This dish is better than you will get at any restaurant! When cooked to perfection, this dish will make your mouth water just from the delicious aroma. This egg drop soup would make a great lunch or dinner, and can be ...
By: Eggcelent Eggs

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»Logic Level Shifter using 2N7000 
 The 2N7000 and BS170 are N-channel, enhancement-mode MOSFETs used for low-power switching applications. The two are nearly identical except that the leads are arranged differently and the current ratings are somewhat different; they are sometimes listed together on the same datasheet, along with oth...
By: WearGenius

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»Eggcellent Ham and Cheese Pie 
 This is the famous Eggcelent Ham and Cheese Pie, it's gooey, salty, and delicious. Everything you have ever imagined in a ham and cheese pie is right here. If you like quiche then you'll surely like this! Enjoy! Ingredients For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:1tablespoon unsal...
By: kitchen6

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»DIY: Squeeze Extra Capacity From Old NiCd Batteries 
 This time I’ll show you how to squeeze some extra capacity from old NiCd batteries.How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow. For this project you will need: Materials: NiCd BatteriesTools:Soldering ironScrew driverKnifeImaxB6AC V2 or other smart cha...
By: Well Done Tips

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»Articulated bat and demon wings 
 I wanted some wings that would have a lot of movement, and would be BIG, because... well because. But big wings can be hard to move around in. These hand-operated wings can be tucked behind you when not in use, which means they can go from gigantic and impressive, to something reasonable to get thro...
By: JessicaRArt

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