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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic  
»Hawaiian Volcano Sends Lava Oozing Toward Town, With No Telling When I 
 Residents await a slow-moving threat from the Kilauea volcano.
»It's Thanks to Evolution That No Two Faces Are Alike, Study Finds 
 A new study suggests that people evolved distinct faces because this variability eases recognition.
»World Making Progress Against Hunger, Report Finds, but Large Pockets  
 A new report shows that rates of undernourishment have gone down in most countries, but in others, the problem of food access is far from solved.
»Ahead of UN Climate Summit, Environmental Report Sees Economic Opportu 
 Smart planning and new technologies are key to a brighter future, says a report from Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.
»Landing Site Chosen for Spacecraft's Daring Rendezvous With Comet 
 The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission picks a target site for landing a robot on a comet's challenging terrain.
»8 Places That Showcase Atomic Age Archaeology for Tourists 
 From the early atomic advances in Chicago to the bunkers built for U.S. leaders in wartime, eight places tell the story of the nuclear age.
»Landing Site Chosen for Spacecraft's Daring Rendezvous With Comet 
 The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission picks a target site for landing a robot on a comet's challenging terrain.
»Why I Bought the Magna Carta 
 David Rubenstein practices what he calls patriotic philanthropy. Among his efforts: buying an original 1297 Magna Carta, an Emancipation Proclamation, and a Declaration of Independence for public display.
»In Countdown to Scotland’s Independence Vote, Exploring the Country Behind the Clichés 
 A journalist sets off on a quest for a better understanding of his native land.
»Can Genetic Engineering Save the Florida Orange? 
 Genetically modified oranges resist a disease that's destroying Florida's groves. But will Americans drink the juice?
»Q&A: Ken Burns on Roosevelts at Center of History for a Century 
 National Geographic talks with Ken Burns about his latest documentary, "The Roosevelts: An Intimate History."
»Week's Best Space Pictures: Moons Ravaged, Auroras Revel, and Astronauts Return 
 Saturn's gravity pillages moonlets, a solar storm births auroras, and space explorers come home in the week's best space pictures.
»Paleontologist Finds Dinosaur Paradise, Including First Dino Known to Swim 
 Nizar Ibrahim scoured the deserts of northern Africa to paint the most complete picture of a mid-Cretaceous ecosystem ever described.
»Is the Cold War Back? 
 Tensions between Russia and the West have sparked debate on whether the world is witnessing the start of a new Cold War.
»Boom in Retiring Lab Chimpanzees Fills New Sanctuaries With Apes 
 Former research subjects move from labs to sunny havens.
»Hidden Monuments Under Stonehenge Revealed by High-Tech Mapping  
 Underground images show a large complex of monuments and buildings used in rituals dating back thousands of years.
»Scotland's Vote for Independence: By the Numbers 
 What would an independent Scotland mean for the U.K.? Here are some charts to break it down.
»Quadruple Homicide in Peruvian Amazon Puts Criminal Logging in Spotlight 
 Community leader foretold his own death at the hands of criminal loggers.
»Giant Spinosaurus Was Bigger Than T. Rex—And First Dinosaur Known to S 
 Spinosaurus could move from land to water, dining on the swampy prey of the ancient world.
»Faroe Island Whaling, a 1,000-Year Tradition, Comes Under Renewed Fire 
 A recent campaign spearheaded by Sea Shepherd seeks to end a thousand-year whaling tradition in the Faroe Islands.
»How Former Muslim Radical Helped U.S. Nab One of World's Top Terrorists 
 Morten Storm claims he enabled the U.S. to kill al Qaeda in Yemen's leader, Anwar al Awlaki.
»Ancient Flying Reptile Ate Like a Toothy Pelican 
 A pterosaur may have skimmed lakes looking for prey, collecting them in a throat pouch like a pelican's, scientists suggest.
»"Fantasy" of Fuel From Corn Waste Gets Big U.S. Test 
 The opening of a new cellulosic ethanol plant in Iowa last week marked a potential turning point in the industry's fight for viability.
»Big Bang Mystery Extends Into Nearby Galaxy, Puzzling Cosmologists 
 Astronomers think stars should contain three times more of the element lithium as they actually do—and new observations of distant stars add to the mystery.
»Elephant Refuge Founder Mourned After Being Crushed to Death 
 The founder of an elephant sanctuary in Maine who was accidentally crushed to death by the animals is remembered and mourned.
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