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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic  
»Mistakes and Reversals Shake Trust in Ebola Response, in Dallas and Beyond  
 Panic rises in Texas and beyond, complicating Ebola response.
»Armored Fish Pioneered Sex As You Know It  
 Fossils suggest that the first vertebrates to have sex performed the act side by side.
»Queen of the Underworld Sheds New Light on Greek Tomb  
 Newly revealed mosaic may hold key to unlocking mystery: Who was buried in the massive mound?
»Beautiful Feather Pictures: Birds Flaunt Majestic Tails and Dramatic Collars  
 These cooing Casanovas use showstopping plumage to court females and fend off rivals.
»Back to Everest in 2015? 
 Six months after killer avalanche, mountaineering community assesses next year's climbing season
»Weed Tourism: Have You Booked Your Reservation? 
 Relaxed laws in Colorado have allowed a weed-business boom.
»Amid Ebola Panic, Separating Fact From Fiction 
 As the United States response to the outbreak evolves, questions to answers like "Can I get it on a plane?"
»Week's Best Space Pictures: Clusters Form, Opportunity Pans, and Orion Is Assembled 
 Galaxy clusters give up secrets, a Mars rover takes a panorama, and the Orion spacecraft takes a step closer to completion in this week's best space pictures.
»Search Widens for Nepal Blizzard Survivors 
 Rescue teams have found dozens of missing trekkers in Nepal, even as the death toll mounts from the week's deadly blizzard.
»Two Years After Hurricane Sandy Hit the U.S., What Lessons Can We Learn From the Deadly Storm? 
 In an era of extreme weather, we have to keep the risk of weather disasters in the front of our minds, author says.
»A Century Later, Relics Emerge From a War Frozen in Time  
 A century after World War I began, a forgotten theater in the Alps known as the White War is being revealed thanks to retreating glaciers.
»Stinkbugs Have Spread to 41 States; Can We Stop Them? 
 Scientists are looking to parasitic wasps to control brown marmorated stinkbugs, which have now spread to 41 U.S. states.
»Avalanches Explained: How People Trigger Disasters  
 Avalanches can be triggered by one small push wherever snow layers pile up on slopes, experts say.
»Being Gullah or Geechee, Once Looked Down On, Now a Treasured Heritage 
 The Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor links historic African-American communities in four southern coastal states.
»3 Surprises (Out of Millions) About What the World Eats 
 The Chinese fondness for pork fat, the American oil binge, and more.
»Un-Cooking Africa's Books 
 With Nigeria and other countries' GDP figures based off of old data, the challenge becomes fixing the developing world's big data problem.
»Q&A: What It’s Like to Cover Ebola  
 Photojournalist Neil Brandvold—now in self-imposed isolation—describes the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak.
»'Death Star' Moon May Hide a Buried Ocean 
 A wobble in Saturn's moon Mimas might betray an underground sea.
»Q&A: Stop Wasting Food in the West and Feed the World? 
 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Tristram Stuart wants the world to stop throwing away so much good food.
»Site of Deadly Himalayan Blizzard and Avalanches Is Popular With Hikers  
 At least 23 hikers are dead along Nepal's Annapurna hiking circuit, whose trails are marketed to novice trekkers.
»Opinion: Yes, We Can Solve the Problem of Hunger 
 Building community is the best way to make sure people get enough to eat, says the fashion designer.
»Viral Shark Video Gives Rare Look at a Feeding Frenzy 
 Footage of sharks attacking a bait ball in the Outer Banks shows the big fish right up on the beach.
»Ebola Outbreak in United States Sees Another Diagnosis, Another Big Snafu 
 A newly diagnosed nurse flew on a commercial airliner on Monday.
»Tracking a Serial Killer: Could Ebola Mutate to Become More Deadly? 
 As Ebola evolves into a tougher virus, stopping its spread in West Africa is becoming more crucial.
»Pictures: Stunning Fossils on National Fossil Day 
 Parks and museums celebrate Earth's ancient life.
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