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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Romance of the Seas: Strange Mating Habits of the Seahorse 
 From daily dances to male pregnancy, these fish are unique in life and love.
»Why Brexit Freaks Out So Many Scientists 
»Stonewall: Celebrating Diversity in Our National Parks 
»Sea Turtle Recovering After Being Stepped on and Beaten for Selfies 
 The animal is receiving care from a rescue group after incident on a Lebanon beach, which is the latest in a string of attacks on wildlife.
»Before Stonewall: Four Other Significant LGBT Rights Sites 
»How an Obsolete Copy Machine Started a Revolution 
»Orlando Strong: A Community United After Massacre 
»Vintage Photos Show Daredevil Mountaineers 
»See Neptune Sprout a New Dark Spot 
»Mysterious Great White Shark Attacks on Sea Otters Surge 
 So many juvenile great white sharks are biting—but not eating—sea otters that scientists say the phenomenon could slow the marine mammals’ recovery.
»Forest Fires Can Heat Up the Whole Planet 
»How Chili Condoms and Firecrackers Can Help Save Elephants 
 A low-cost, low-tech method for scaring elephants away from fields could help people and elephants live in peace.
»Photos Reveal Ship Damage to Coral Reef in Shark Sanctuary 
 The Belle Rose hit a famous reef that is home to rare thresher sharks.
»Ancient Stars Unleashed a Space-Time Tsunami Felt on Earth 
»Peek Inside Cat Mummies With New X-ray Images 
»Brown Bears Use 'Human Shield' to Protect Their Cubs 
 Mother bears have a difficult choice: Take their cubs nearer to humans or risk infanticide by males looking to mate.
»Animals Gone Wild: Nature Gets in on National Selfie Day 
»Jaguar Paraded at Olympic Torch Ceremony Shot Dead 
 The big cat was exhibited chained up in Manaus, Brazil, prompting outrage. Olympics officials say nothing of this sort will happen again.
»This Strawberry Solstice Moon Is the Last for 46 Years 
»Emu Flees Raging Wildfire in Southern California 
»One Expert’s Better Way to Save Elephants 
»Dog Meat Festival Opens Amid Outrage 
 Animal advocates say China's Yulin festival promotes inhumane conditions.
»Vintage Pictures Show Why Parks Should Be Preserved 
»Trained Falcons Serve as High-Flying Scarecrows 
 When falcons take to the air, sparrows, starlings, and pigeons know to get the flock out of there.
»This Week’s Night Sky: See Stormy Mars and Faint Pluto 
»Famous Bear Cub Killed in Hit and Run in National Park 
 The popular bear known as 399 tried to save a cub the public called Snowy, but who was killed in Grand Teton.
»Manta Rays Prefer Staycations Over Long Migrations 
»Hundreds of Mouse-Sized Spiders Released in U.K. 
 …And people are celebrating.
»Look Into the Eyes of Refugee Children 
 Photographer Muhammed Muheisen wants to introduce the world to the children who grow up fleeing war.
»Solar Impulse Attempts Epic Atlantic Crossing in Trip Around World 
 The experimental solar plane takes on another challenging leg of its historic journey around the world.
»Chameleons’ Secret Hunting Weapon: Super-Sticky Mucus 
 A thick, honey-like adhesive at the tip of a chameleon’s tongue lets it bring its prey to its mouth after snagging it, scientists discover.
»Four Creepy, Cool Ways Roadkill Helps Science 
 Dead animals don't have to be a total waste.
»See the First Solstice Full Moon in More Than 50 Years 
»War Is Hell. Mary Roach Met the Folks Who Make It Less So. 
»Busted: Fishing Boat Caught With Contraband Shark Fins 
»14 Photos of Giraffes With Their Heads In the Clouds 
»Exclusive: Obama on Threats to Nature, Power of National Parks 
»Here's What Happens When a Chameleon Looks in a Mirror 
 For one, males tend to get emotional.
»A Green Way to Clean Ponds 
»In Fighting Illegal Ivory, EU Lags Behind 
 The EU is the largest exporter of legal ivory, leading to concern that it’s fueling a parallel illegal trade—and the slaughter of elephants.
»Amputee Tortoise Gets Moving With Wheels 
 The procedure probably saved the animal's life at a zoo.
»See Nine Amazing Treasures from the Revolutionary War 
»See a Mars Rover Selfie and Saturn's Broken Ring 
»Retro Posters Show NASA’s Vision for Our Future on Mars 
»NASA Probe Is About to Give the Best Ever Views of Jupiter 
»Map Shows Where Being LGBT Can Be Punishable by Law 
»A Bicycling Suffragist vs. an Antique Car? Watch This Wacky Race. 
»Animal Attacks Are Scary. How to Talk to Kids About Them. 
 Following recent incidents with a zoo gorilla and wild alligator, experts weigh in on how kids should approach and think about animals.
»How Whales Are Deliberately Hunted by 'Accident' 
»See How a Mystery Blob Messed Up Saturn’s Rings 
»‘Star Trek’ Is Right About Almost Everything 
»Now Is the Best Time to See Electric-Blue Clouds at Night 
»Latest Space-Time Ripples Confirm New Era of Astronomy 
»Coral Reefs Doing Better Than Expected in Many Areas 
 A new study found "bright spots" where corals are thriving, despite global bleaching events.
»Butterfly Thieves Steal From 'Badass' Ants—A First 
 Amazon butterflies swipe food from ants, a never-before-seen behavior, a new study says.
»Fossil Hunters and Climber Among Winning Explorers 
 Meet this year's winners of the Hubbard, Buffet, and Explorer (and Adventurer) of the Year awards.
»For Dolphins, a Bold Decision by the National Aquarium 
 The aquarium’s plan to move its eight dolphins to an ocean refuge could pave the way for others.
»Alligator Attacks Can Be Deadly But Are Quite Rare 
 Officials are searching for the boy at the Grand Floridian Hotel, after an attack that experts say is very rare.
»How a Hunting Reserve Became a Snow Leopard Sanctuary 
 Kyrgyzstan’s president is taking bold steps to protect a crucial Central Asian population of the cats, long seen as sacred by the Kyrgyz.
»Which National Parks Do You Want to Get $2 Million? 
»Scientists: Trophy Hunts Should Target Older Lions 
 New research reveals that stricter trophy hunting rules are needed to conserve the big cats.
»Get Ready for Artificial Meteor Showers 
»First Mammal Species Goes Extinct Due to Climate Change 
 The humble Bramble Cay melomys has disappeared from its island in the Great Barrier Reef.
»That Time Mob Violence Inspired Gun Control in America 
»Why an Astronaut Is Exploring the 'Mount Everest of Shipwrecks' 
»New Mating Position Adds to 'Frog Kama Sutra' 
 All of the nearly 7,000 frog species mate in one of six positions—except for the Bombay night frog, which has introduced a seventh.
»This Week’s Night Sky: See Mercury in the Morning 
»Big-Nosed Monkey Is the 6,000th Member of the Photo Ark 
»Watch How Aliens Could Contact Us With Giant Laser Doodles 
»In a Harsh Desert, a Watery Forest Survives 
 Hot, salty, and dry: a Persian Gulf mangrove forest overcomes a land of extremes.
»Photos Show Global Solidarity After Orlando Shooting 
»Before Orlando: A History of Modern Anti-LGBT Violence 
 The Orlando attack is the latest, and deadliest, in a long history of attacks against LGBT people around the world.
»78 Rare Tortoises Stolen From Breeding Center 
 In this week’s crime blotter: a tortoise-taking scheme, bear paw sales, and a prison sentence for four pangolin traffickers.
»'Badass Librarians' Foil al Qaeda, Save Ancient Manuscripts 
»Rangers Use Artificial Intelligence to Fight Poachers 
»Here’s What Happened the Day the Dinosaurs Died 
»Meet the Very Venomous Portuguese Man-of-War 
 These jellyfish relatives can pack a punch, but they're also fascinating creatures.
»Insurance Companies Unwittingly Aid Marine Poaching 
 New research reveals an overlooked aspect in the fight against pirate fishing.
»You’re A Grand Old Flag: Photos of Banners Around the World 
»More Controversy for Tiger Temple 
 The monastery accuses Thailand’s wildlife department of bullying, and the temple faces possible closure.
»80 Percent of Americans Can’t See the Milky Way Anymore 
 New sky atlas reveals the worsening state of light pollution, which has several consequences.
»See a Messy Galaxy Glitter—and the Real-Life Mount Doom 
»How Acid—and Bacteria—Could Make Recycling Your Phone Greener 
 Rare earth metals make technology work, from cell phones to wind turbines, but they are in short supply.
»Great White Sharks Invade This Town Every Summer 
 Cape Cod braces for another great white summer. “It’s not if, it’s when, in terms of somebody being fatally attacked,” says the biologist who tracks these predators.
»'Shell Shock'—The 100-Year Mystery May Now Be Solved 
»Sperm Whales in Caribbean Have Distinct Culture 
 The marine mammals form clans with their own unique dialects, a new study says.
»You May Owe Your Existence to Tiny Vampires 
»How One Country Is Making Rocks Out of Air Pollution 
 Iceland's volcanic formations offer a new possibility for trapping carbon emissions.
»Record Greenland Melting Caused by Surprising Feedback Loop 
»World's Largest Rodents On Lam From Toronto Zoo 
 After escaping from the High Park Zoo in Canada, two capybaras have eluded capture for over three weeks.
»Are You Spending Enough Time Outside? 
»For Donald Duck’s 82nd Birthday, More Ducks Without Pants 
»Yellowstone Geyser Death Shows Peril of Straying from Boardwalk 
 The death is the first since 2000 in the park’s thermal features, but the latest in a string of unfortunate incidents in 2016 as visitors push boundaries.
»Massive New Monument Found in Petra 
»New Fossils Hint 'Hobbit' Humans Are Older Than Thought 
»Millions of Spiders Coat an Australian Town With Silk 
»SeaWorld Orca Was Trying to Save Itself, Not Kill Itself 
 When the orca Morgan beached herself in Tenerife, the Internet exploded with speculation and criticism of captivity.
»Palm Oil's Human Cost Alleged in New Report 
 Indonesian plantations are accused of exploitative labor conditions and other harmful practices by a coalition of nonprofit groups.
»How Saving One Chimp Led to a New Kind of Anti-Poaching Group 
 Protecting West Africa’s wildlife from poachers is all about making law enforcement and the courts work, says activist Ofir Drori.
»To Honor Oceans Day, Our Favorite Photos From Instagram 
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