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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»‘Two-Headed Snake’ Shocks Homeowner 
»Female Helicopter Pilot Took on the Taliban—and the Pentagon 
»Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart Tissue 
»5 Animals That You Can See Right Through 
»11 New Cloud Types Named—First in 30 Years 
»3 New Snakes Found, One Named for Underworld Monster 
»4 Things You Need to Know About the Approved Keystone XL Pipeline 
»Watch a Colorful Sea Urchin Hitch a Ride on a Crab 
»How Fake News Tricks Your Brain 
»This Is Your Brain on Puppy Pictures 
»The Energy of Tomorrow Looks Strikingly Artistic from Above 
»Lost Tourist Says Monkeys Saved Him in the Amazon 
»Fossil Male Insect Wooed Mates with Sexy Legs 
»These Iconic Animals Could Again Be Hunted in Alaska's Refuges 
 Congress has voted to overturn an Obama-era rule prohibiting the hunting of bears, wolves, and other predators in Alaska's wildlife refuges.
»Exclusive: Rare Black Wildcat Caught on Film in Africa 
»First U.S. Bumblebee Officially Listed as Endangered 
»How Mid-Century Doomsday Tests May Help Save Elephants 
 Radiocarbon dating, made possible by nuclear tests, is helping scientists pinpoint when elephants were slaughtered.
»Exclusive: Tomb of Christ at Risk of 'Catastrophic' Collapse 
»Artist's Memory Loss Fuels Discoveries About the Brain 
»7 Alien 'Earths' May Be Swapping Life via Meteorites 
»New Maps May Help Chase Down Poachers Before They Strike 
 How harnessing troves of information can revolutionize wilderness management in Africa—and around the world.
»Why Pygmies Are Dealing Weed to Survive 
»The Potential Big Impact of Trump's Clean Water Rollback 
»Can the Amazon of Southeast Asia Be Saved? 
»How Thousands of 'Good Luck' Coins Killed a Rare Sea Turtle 
»Navigating the Water Crisis 
»Tiger Crushed by Excavator in Horrific End to Human-Wildlife Conflict 
»These Parrots Can Make Other Parrots 'Laugh'—a First 
»Teen Service Award Winners Fight Illiteracy and Climate Change 
»Watch Divers Get Swarmed by 2,000-Pound Sea Lions 
»Traveling? Mind Your Climate 
»The Journey of Humankind: How Money Made Us Modern 
»Baby Pygmy Hippo Latest in Viral Video Craze: Does the Trend Help the Animals? 
»This Is Why We Find 'Ugly' Animals Cute 
»China's First Orca Breeding Center Sparks Controversy 
 SeaWorld ended its breeding of killer whales following public outcry. Now China is getting into the business of marine parks.
»Watch a Woman's Dramatic Escape From Mudslide 
»Renowned Shaman's Death by Snakebite Exposes Health Care Crisis in Amazon 
»'Biggest Case on the Planet' Pits Kids vs. Climate Change 
»Secret Crime-Fighter Revealed to Be 1930s Physicist 
»Why Does This Calf Have Six Legs? 
»4 Important NASA Missions That May Vanish in 2018 
»Violent Volcano Eruption Injures Film Crew and Others 
»Mysterious Whale Swarms Perplexing Scientists 
»The Underappreciated Man Behind the “Best Graphic Ever Produced” 
»Czech Zoo to Dehorn Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack 
 More than a dozen rhinos will lose their horns at a zoo in the Czech Republic in an effort to deter poachers.
»This Is How the EPA Uses Its Budget—Now Targeted for Deep Cuts 
»Snake Kills Bigger Snakes With World's Most Powerful Squeeze 
 No one knew how the kingsnake could kill and eat snakes larger than itself—until now.
»Super-Efficient Cars Are Doable But Hit a Political Speed Bump 
»Get Sucked Into This Mesmerizing View of a Mud Volcano 
»Historic Gift Helps Chile Protect 10 Million Acres 
 Widow of The North Face founder pledges to hand over private parks
»Watch First-Ever Video of Python Swallowing Hyena 
»3.6 Million More Penguins Live in Antarctica Than Thought 
»Quiz: Do You Have the Traits of a Genius? 
»Illegal Wildlife Trade Booming Across U.S.-Mexico Border 
 President Trump vows to stop illegal immigration from Mexico, but what about all the wildlife coming illegally across the border?
»Behind the Scenes of a Groundbreaking Wildlife Series 
»6 Great Archaeology Discoveries Funded by the U.S. Government 
»Great White Sharks on the Rise in This Vacation Town 
»3D-Printed Reefs Offer Hope in Coral Bleaching Crisis 
»Pictures Show Climate Change's Dramatic Arctic Impact 
»This Man Hiked the Entire Route of the Keystone XL Pipeline 
»One of World's Most Mysterious Cats Caught on Camera 
»Trick or Treat: Conniving Behavior Discovered in Dogs 
»5 Animals That Carry Babies On Their Backs 
»Surfer Becomes First to Cross the Atlantic on a Paddleboard 
»See Every Piece of Earth’s Surface Change With New Satellite Map 
»Provocative Art Reminds Us That U.S. Is Nation of Immigrants 
»California’s Heated Water Wars Make for a Modern ‘Chinatown’ 
»Massive Statue of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Found in Cairo 
»Frozen Clocks and Radiation Mark Fukushima's Abandoned Towns 
»7 Reasons Hagfish Are Amazing (#6: They Can Live in Dead Bodies) 
»What You Need to Know About Trump’s Proposed Climate Cuts 
»Tracking Wildlife for Science Could Actually Help Poachers 
 Incidents of abuse raise concerns about the unintended consequences of pinpointing an animal's location.
»Giant Catfish Fossil Found in Egyptian Desert 
»Why California Deserts Are Experiencing a 'Super Bloom' 
»Striking Photos Show The People v. Climate Change 
»Here's Our Best Look Yet at Saturn's 'UFO' Moon 
»Skeletal Remains of WWII Nazi Pilot Found by Danish Schoolboy 
»Formed by Megafloods, This Place Fooled Scientists for Decades 
»Not All First Aid Kits Are Created Equal 
»Prehistoric 'Aspirin' Found in Sick Neanderthal's Teeth 
»Watch a Couple Rescue a Baby Kangaroo From Its Dead Mother's Pouch 
»Powerful Photos Reveal a Nation in Crisis as Drought Hits 
»How Much Do You Know About These Women Who Ruled? 
»Exclusive Look Into How Rare Elephants' Forests Are Disappearing 
 In violation of a moratorium, oil palm grower clears vital habitat in Indonesian biodiversity hot spot.
»Poachers Kill Rhino in Brazen Attack at French Zoo 
 A four-year-old rhino was found shot to death with a horn hacked off—a new twist in the ongoing slaughter of the vulnerable animals.
»Watch a Huge Snake Battle a Mother Leopard and Cub 
»One of Africa's Last Great Tusker Elephants May Have Been Killed by Poachers 
»Teenager Is on Track to Plant a Trillion Trees 
»How to Fight Like a Viking 
»Why Adult Penguins Mooch Off Their Parents 
»These Photos Show the Pollution That Kills One in Four Children 
»Floating Hospitals Treat Those Impacted by Rising Seas 
»Past Disasters Reveal Terrifying Future of Climate Change 
»Fleas Hitch Ride on Earwigs to Suck Bat Blood 
»This Is What Really Killed The Famous Swimming Pigs 
»Do Zebras Have Stripes On Their Skin? 
 What's under animals' hair and fur coats may surprise you.
»Historical Atlases Rescued from the Trash Could be a Boon to Historians 
»An Elk's-Eye View of Migrating Through Yellowstone 
»Why Did These Turkeys Circle Around a Dead Cat? 
»Photos Reveal How Climate Change Affects the High Andes 
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