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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Shark Surprises Aquarium With Rare ‘Virgin Birth’ 
»These Maps Literally Put the Alps at Your Fingertips 
»Why the World's Biggest Sharks Love Mafia Island 
»New Poisonous Frog Species Discovered in Peru 
»Which of These Snakes Is the Fiercest of Them All? 
»Massive Alligator Caught on Video Is Not a Hoax 
»Pictures Reveal One of the Last Unexplored Places on Earth 
»82 Dolphins Die in Mysterious Mass Stranding 
»Divers Remove a Fist-Sized Hook From a Shark's Mouth–By Hand 
»A Nightmare Disease Haunted Ships During Age of Discovery 
»Morgan Freeman Searches for the Divine 
»7 Amazing Animal Organs People Don't Have 
»Inside the Creepy Collections of an Oddities Museum 
»Turning Images of Earth Into Abstract Art 
»The Controversial History of Martin Luther King Day 
»Iran's Centuries-Old Windmills May Soon Stop Turning 
»Rare Ruby Seadragon Caught on Video for First Time 
»Stunning Pictures Show an Alien Moon Eerily Like Earth 
»Monkey Tries to Mate With Deer in First Ever Video 
 Why did a male macaque mount a sika deer in Japan? Scientists have some theories.
»New Species of Primate Is Named After ‘Star Wars’ 
»Stunning 360 Pictures Reveal Tops of Giant Sequoias 
»Exclusive: Biggest Worries, Wins of U.S. Disease Control Chief 
»Rhinos Use Poop Piles Like a Social Network 
 Forget Facebook: Rhinos get their gossip by sniffing feces at a communal latrine, a new study says.
»First Bumblebee Declared Endangered in U.S. 
»Look Inside Russia's Wildest Nature Reserves—Now Turning 100 
»Tarantula Found Eating a Snake in Wild for First Time 
»Crackdown Could Help End Giant Clam Poaching in Critical Reefs 
 New regulations in southern China aim to protect coral reefs by putting an end to the thriving trade in giant clam carvings and other handicrafts.
»Rediscovering the Earth in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors 
 Four years ago Paul Salopek's global storytelling odyssey, the Out of Eden Walk, began in Ethiopia. He is now poised to trek into China.
»Two New Bug Species Have All-Pink Females 
»Why California’s Ancient Sequoia ‘Tunnel Tree’ Toppled 
»Watch a Female Hare Battle Male Suitors 
»Fly Through a Huge Volcanic Cave With These Stunning 3-D Scans 
»11 Ways to See How Climate Change Is Imperiling the Arctic 
»These Simple Laws Explain How the World Works 
»See Earth and Its Moon From Mars in Stunning New NASA Photo 
»How the World's Smallest Birds Survive the Winter 
 "Little Arnold Schwarzeneggers," hummingbirds are tough—so tough they've evolved a clever way of coping with the cold.
»Exotic Pet Ban May Mean Fewer Cheetahs Posing With Fancy Cars 
 The United Arab Emirates has passed a law prohibiting residents from owning certain wild animals.
»Gorilla Made Famous by Dian Fossey 'Returns From the Dead' 
 Feared dead a few months ago, a silverback named Cantsbee has reappeared from the mist.
»How to See a Star Explode in 2022 
»Watch Shark Come Within Inches of Divers in 'Magical' Encounter 
»Why Tilikum, SeaWorld's Killer Orca, Was Infamous 
»Tarantulas May Be 'Right-Handed' 
 Once thought uniquely human, a preference for the right or left side seems to also occur among wild animals.
»Face of 9,500-Year-Old Man Revealed for First Time 
»Black Hole at Galaxy's Heart Launches Planet-Size 'Spitballs' 
»Chile Fever - Feel the Energy 
»Watch: 6-Foot Snake and Her Babies Rescued From Backyard 
»Strange Radio Bursts Seen Coming From a Galaxy Far, Far Away 
»Controversial SeaWorld Orca Shows End in California, but Continue Elsewhere 
»Maps Reveal How Global Consumption Hurts Wildlife 
»Watch Superdeadly Snake Swallow Another Snake Whole 
»World's Oldest Known Orca Presumed Dead 
»A Historic Explorer Leads the Way on an Epic African Journey 
»New Year’s Shooting Stars and 6 More Great Sky Events in January 
»Watch a Live Snake Get Pulled out of a Toilet 
»China to Shut Down Its Ivory Trade by the End of 2017 
 Advocates say that the move by the world’s largest consumer of ivory could help save Africa’s remaining elephants.
»Why Newton Believed a Comet Caused Noah's Flood 
»Walruses Found Using Birds as Toys for First Time 
 Scientists have observed young walruses engaging in complex play rarely seen in non-primates—but the details are a bit macabre.
»Top 7 Must-See Sky Events for 2017 
»In the Operating Room During Gender Reassignment Surgery 
»Two New National Monuments Created in Utah and Nevada 
»Rare Ocelot Kittens Caught on Camera 
»The Unconventional Life of the Snake Man of India 
»Watch How Drones Fight Pirate Fishing From the Sky 
»Cheetahs Are Dangerously Close to Extinction 
»Hazardous 9/11 Dust Made Newborn Babies Smaller 
»Vera Rubin, Pioneering Astronomer, Dies at 88 
»7 Ways Wildlife Won in 2016 
 From the closure of the U.S. ivory market to the crackdown on captive tiger facilities like the famous Tiger Temple, we rounded up some of this year's most important victories over wildlife crime.
»Pearl Harbor Shipwreck Reveals World War II Treasures 
»Why Children Make the Best Environmentalists 
»Star-Gazing Women Made Trail-Blazing Discoveries 
»'Mouse Kabobs' and Saliva: Why Animals Give Strange Gifts 
 Let's just say it often involves sex.
»Historic Pictures Show the Hidden Women of the Space Race 
»Vintage Maps Rekindle the Romance of Early Air Travel 
»5 Gross Animals That Won Our Hearts in 2016 
»Finding a Home for Unused Medical Supplies 
»As Groundwater Dwindles, a Global Food Shock Looms 
»Watch a Newborn Elephant Rescued and Reunited With Its Mother 
»One of Earth's Most Dangerous Supervolcanoes Is Rumbling 
»Will We Soon Be Riding on Solar Roads? The Idea Gains Traction 
 Countries—U.S., France, Netherlands—are testing ways to pave roads with solar panels. Their plans have skeptics.
»The 10 Best First-of-Their Kind Videos in 2016 
»25 Years On, Collapse of Soviet Union Still Brings Cheers—and Tears 
»#BestSpots Contest Highlights Why Animals Have Spots 
»War-Torn Yemen Is Letting Its Zoo Animals Starve to Death 
 The 265 animals in Yemen’s Taiz zoo, including rare leopards, haven’t been fed for days. The government is rejecting proposals to save them.
»How Nat Geo Captured the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 
»Exclusive: Stunning New Photos of Isolated Tribe Yield Surprises 
»How a Hand Puppet Is Helping Millions of Ethiopian Kids 
»How to See a Meteor Shower During the Winter Solstice 
»These People Are Using the Word of God to Save Animals 
 With no end in sight to the illegal wildlife trade, secular organizations are working with religious leaders to help combat poaching and sales of animals and plants.
»5 Animals Helped by Obama's Arctic and Atlantic Oil Drilling Ban 
»The Best Maps of 2016 
»The 10 Weirdest Animal Stories of 2016 
 From a shark with a sex organ on its head to a spider with a flashing disco ball, we rounded up Earth's oddest offerings of the year.
»Watch Salmon Swim Across a Road in Frenzied Run 
»Winter Solstice Is Coming—Year’s Shortest Day Explained 
»Inside America’s Shocking WWII Propaganda Machine 
»Rainbow Snake, Klingon Newt Among 163 Newfound Species 
 All were found in 2015 in the biodiverse Greater Mekong Region of Southeast Asia.
»What Photographing a Father-Son Hunt Taught Me About Manhood 
»Saving Cambodia's Ancient Silk Legacy 
»Our 10 Favorite Animal Videos of 2016 
»Up Close: From a Car-Licking Moose to a Blood-Dripping Vulture 
»The Mysterious Discovery of a Continent That Wasn't There 
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