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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»How Did Giant Rabbit Die on United Flight? Experts Weigh In 
»Humans in California 130,000 Years Ago? Get the Facts 
»What You Need to Know About Trump’s National Monument Rethink 
»This Nature Reserve Boasts Natural Beauty—and a Monkey Circus? 
 At Vietnam’s Can Gio reserve, a place where wildlife is supposed to be protected, monkeys are forced to jump over flames, walk tightropes, and ride bicycles.
»Whistling Caterpillars And 5 More Surprisingly Musical Species 
»How Social Media Saved One of the World’s Last Sumatran Rhinos 
»Get an Amazing Whale's-Eye View Underneath Antarctica 
»Artificial Womb Could Offer New Hope for Premature Babies 
»10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Einstein 
»NASA Gets Last Close Look at This Eerie Alien Moon 
»12 Penguin Portraits Show Personality 
»Watch This Octopus Use Shells as a Shield 
»This Bug Can Eat Plastic. But Can It Clean Up Our Mess? 
»Astronaut Breaks Space Record 
»Intimate Details of Dolphin Sex Revealed 
»See Earth and Its Moon From Saturn in Stunning New NASA Photo 
»Inside the Bizarre Life of the Star-Nosed Mole, World's Fastest Eater 
»How Creativity Drives Human Evolution 
»10 Easy Ways You Can Help Scientists Study the Earth 
»Watch This Huge Tarantula Wriggle Out of Its Skin 
»Watch the World’s Biggest Animal Lunge for its Dinner 
»Why a 'War on Science' Puts Us All at Risk 
»Exclusive: Secret Room Holds 'Lost' Michelangelo Artwork 
»China's 'Great Green Wall' Fights Expanding Desert 
»Thank NASA for Baby Formula—And 6 More Government-Funded Inventions 
»Invest Now to Nourish the Cities of Tomorrow 
»These Monks Saved Their Abbey by Protecting the Earth 
»This Surprising Rodent Can Survive 18 Minutes Without Oxygen 
»Dog's Death Spotlights Use of Cyanide 'Bombs' to Kill Predators 
 One of the weapons the U.S. government uses to poison predators killed a pet Labrador in Idaho, sparking new calls to ban the devices.
»One Man’s Plan to Transform a Major City Into a National Park 
»Mummies, Thousand Statues Discovered in Ancient Egyptian Tomb 
»New Super-Earth May Be Best Yet for Finding Signs of Life 
»Antarctica Is Covered With More Meltwater Than Thought 
»New Video Shows Returning Pandas to the Wild Actually Works 
»Discovery May Help Decipher Ancient Inca String Code 
»Why Man-Eating Lions Prey on People—New Evidence 
»See the Best and Worst Places for Breathable Air in the U.S. 
»Why the FBI Kept a 1,400-Page File on Einstein 
»These Sharks Thrive Inside an Underwater Volcano 
»How Sniffing Poop Helps Monkeys Stay Healthy 
»A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment 
»Delightfully Awkward Portraits Taken In an Old Irish Pub 
»Watch: Bizarre Deep-Sea 'Worm' As Long As an Arm Revealed 
»16 Incredible Pictures Show the Beauty of Bats 
»Dung Art Helps Genocide Victims Recover 
»After April the Giraffe’s Calf Is Born, See 5 Dramatic Animal Births 
»How the Discovery of Two Lost Ships Solved an Arctic Mystery 
»See Powerful Images of Pilgrims Celebrating Easter in Jerusalem 
»April the Giraffe Gives Birth–6 Facts You May Not Know About Giraffes 
»Birds With the Weirdest Bills, Just in Time for Tax Day 
»Trained in Secret, These Fearless Pilots Retaliated for Pearl Harbor 
»Boston’s “Hogmosh” of Neighborhoods, as Mapped by Bostonians 
»Video Shows Alleged Elephant Abuse at German Zoo 
 Zookeepers at the Hannover Adventure Zoo are seen striking three-year-old elephants to make them perform tricks.
»New Spotted Gecko Found in Tiger Reserve 
»Exclusive: Jungle Puppies Captured on Film for the First Time 
»Icy Moon May Have the Right Stuff to Fuel Life 
»Behold North Korea’s Bizarrely Majestic Bus Stops 
»Quirky Portraits of One Town's Trash—And the People Who Take Care of It 
»The World's Most Polluted River Revealed in Photos 
»Eating Dogs Banned in Taiwan—A First in Asia 
»Watch Ants Carry Wounded Off Battlefield—Never Before Seen 
»50 New Spiders Discovered In Australia 
»Straw Wars: The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic 
»Here's Why Easter Is Bad for Bunnies 
»Astronomers May Finally Have the First Picture of a Black Hole 
»Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S. 
»Watch: Geese Attempt to Save Their Eggs From a Baboon Thief 
»These May Be the Deepest Traces of Life on Earth 
»Explorers Enter Heart of Africa With Fat Bikes and Scuba Gear 
»Listen to an Earthquake’s Eerie ‘Whale Songs’ 
»Warming Bleaches Two-Thirds of Great Barrier Reef 
»Why the North Pond Hermit Hid From People for 27 Years 
»81 Captivating Travel Photographs From Around the World 
»These 18 Autochrome Photos Will Transport You to Another Era 
»These Animals Spawn the Most Offspring in One Go 
»4 Stunning Comets Are Close to Earth Now—How to See Them 
»Watch: This Is What Happens When a Lion Steals a GoPro 
»New Spider-Like, Tree-Climbing Crab Species Found 
»Watch: Dramatic Footage Shows Possible Squid Cannibalism 
»The World’s Snowiest Place Is Starting to Melt 
»Killing of Orcas in Front of Tourists Could Spell End of Whaling for Island Nation 
»Raucous Orgies Speed Up Aging in Male Snakes 
»Stunning Rare Footage Reveals Elusive Snow Leopards 
»Cannibalism Study Finds People Are Not That Nutritious 
»How Maps Became Deadly Innovations in WWI 
»These Satirical Nat Geo Headlines Aren't Too Far Off 
»Breaking: Rhino Horn Trade to Return in South Africa 
 The high court’s decision means that rhino horn sales will soon be legal again within the country, which many fear will exacerbate the poaching crisis.
»Demand For Seal Products Has Fallen—So Why Do Canadians Keep Hunting? 
 The seal business isn’t booming any longer, but the Great White North is reluctant to give up the controversial pursuit.
»Watch as Octopus Eats Jellyfish, Then Clings to It as Likely Weapon 
»You Can Help Nat Geo Win A Dozen Webby Awards 
»Striking Yellow-Black Rain Frog Found, Is Already Endangered 
»New Slime-Shooting Snail Found On Shipwreck 
»‘Gatling Gun’ Plankton Reveals Violent Microbial World 
»Angkor Wat’s Collapse From Climate Change Has Lessons for Today 
»Couple Flies Small Helicopter Over the Atlantic to Record Melting Ice 
»Follow Me To Cuba with Gear S3 
»During Prohibition, Harlem Night Clubs Kept the Party Going 
»How a Color-Blind Artist Became the World’s First Cyborg 
»This Small Island Nation Makes a Big Case For Protecting Our Oceans 
»Found: Fresh Clues to Mystery of King Solomon's Mines 
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