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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Huge Blobs of Fat and Trash Are Filling the World’s Sewers 
»Three New Ancient Tombs Discovered in Egypt 
»A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment 
»How to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse From Anywhere 
»Cannibal Sea Lion Kills and Eats Pup—Never Before Seen 
»Thousands of Sharks Found on Boat in Huge Illegal Haul 
 The confiscation of the Chinese ship and arrest of its 20 crew in the Galápagos show just how hard it is to protect marine sanctuaries.
»Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video 
»Watch Giant, Spinning Ice Disk Form on River 
»Watch a Drone ‘Herd’ Cattle Across Open Fields 
»Shark-Fishing Forum Reveals Destructive Practices Despite Good Intentions 
 A new study suggests that Florida’s land-based shark fishermen value sustainable fishing but are often skeptical of—or outright resistant to—many of the efforts to promote it.
»Nighttime Pictures Reveal Antarctica's Cracking Ice Shelves 
»This Pacific Island Is Caught in a Global Power Struggle (And It's Not Guam) 
»How a NASA Spacecraft May Help Aliens Find Earth 
»Why This Swedish Moose Is Entirely White 
»Surprising Ways Animals React to Solar Eclipses 
»The Air You Breathe Is Full of Surprises 
»Virgin Birth, Double Uteri, and Other Wondrous Female Abilities 
»Watch: Confused Suckerfish Tries to Latch Onto Diver 
»Two Massive ‘Sea Serpent’ Oarfish Wash Up on Beaches 
»These Zoo Elephants May Be the Loneliest in the World 
 An elephant named Hanako was given that distinction in 2015. But others like her are living out isolated lives in zoos across Japan.
»How to See the 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower 
»It’s Official: 2016 Hottest Year on Record 
»Princess Diana Changed the Idea of What a Princess Should Be 
»Want to ‘Speak’ Elephant? Now You Can 
»Tiny Spiders Devour Lizards Three Times Their Size 
»This Enormous 100-Year-Old Map of Rome is Still the City's Best 
»Your Greens Might Soon Be Grown in Warehouses 
»100-Year-Old Fruitcake Found in Antarctica Is ‘Almost’ Edible 
»How Well Do You Know Guam? 
»Our Favorite Lion Videos Reveal the Power of Predators 
»The New Climate Change Activists May Surprise You 
»Watch Kids Cross a Raging River to Get to School 
»Pollution Is Turning Sea Snakes Black—for a Surprising Reason 
»See How Sloths (Slowly) Navigate the World 
»Gray Whale Swims With Beachgoers In Incredible Aerial Video 
»Amazing 13-Million-Year-Old Ape Skull Discovered 
»Rare Fossils Reveal New Species of Ancient Gliding Mammals 
»New Dinosaur Species Was Largest Animal Ever to Walk the Earth 
»Solar Eclipse Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know? 
»Maps Show How Water Can Be a Precious Lifeline—or a Deadly Weapon 
»Climate Change Now Impacting U.S., Government Report Warns 
»Watch Hikers Come Face to Face With a Cougar 
»Watch What Happens When a Lion Startles a Hippo 
»6 Essential Truths That Will Help the World Urbanize Sustainably 
»Why These Farmers Are Protesting With Skulls 
»Mysterious Flesh-Eating Sea Creature Causes Shocking Injury 
»The Real Story Behind the "House of Jesus' Apostles" Discovery 
»Without Bugs, We Might All Be Dead 
»These Animals Thrive in the Hottest Places on Earth 
»Strange Storm as Wide as Earth Appears on Neptune 
»'Battle' Between a Lion and Hyenas Isn't What it Seems 
»The Urban Sprawl and Future Urban Landscape 
»Tiny Country Cuts Carbon Emissions by Planting Bogs 
»Strange Deep Sea Fish Likely Filmed for First Time 
»Bird Filmed Feeding Goldfish—Here’s Why 
»This Ancient Mosaic Depicts a Thrilling Chariot Race 
»It's Official: Stunning Fossil Is a New Dinosaur Species 
»Watch Two Snakes Try to Swallow the Same Bird 
»New Jersey-Size 'Dead Zone' Is Largest Ever in Gulf of Mexico 
»Parts of Asia May Be Too Hot for People by 2100 
»First Human Embryos 'Edited' in U.S.—Get the Facts 
»Does Destroying Ivory Save Elephants? Experts Weigh In 
 Nearly two tons of ivory will be crushed in New York on Thursday—but the practice is controversial.
»Your Floor May Be Made of Illegal Tropical Wood 
 A new report traces exotic timber from Papua New Guinea, where illegal logging is common, via China to U.S. stores.
»A Drying Climate Threatens Africa’s Coffee, But Hope Remains 
»Orcas Team Up to Kill Whale in Raw, First-Ever Video 
»Watch: ‘Swimming’ Bald Eagle Rescued by Bystanders 
»Video Shows How Sharks 'Sleep' in Large Groups 
»Watch: Vulture Gang Steals Cheetah's Kill 
»Ancient, Six-Foot Statue Found Near Angkor Wat 
»Two Eclipses, and 6 More Can't-Miss Sky Events in August 
»New Miniature Shark Species Glows In the Dark 
»Watch: The Devil's Fingers Fungus Will Haunt Your Dreams 
»Why This Fish ‘Walks’ Along the Ocean Floor 
»Unexplored African Lakes Reveal Hidden World 
»We Evolved to Run—But We're Doing It All Wrong 
»5 Ways Underwater Drones Are Helping Citizens Save the Ocean 
»Why Are Some African Lions 'White?' 
»Why This Man Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods Collecting Weather Data 
»Astronomers Might Have Found the First Alien Moon 
»Building Block for 'Vinyl Life' Found on Saturn's Moon Titan 
»Watch: Elephant 'Plays' With a Police Car and a Pack of Wild Dogs 
»Watch Our Favorite Shark Videos 
»Zebra Escapes a Crocodile Only to Meet Another Surprise 
»Three New Grape-Size Frogs Found, May Already Be Threatened 
»Watch: Orphan Bear Cub Moves to Adopted Home 
»Our 5 Favorite Animal Videos of the Summer 
»Why D.C. Is the New Hub for U.S. Ivory Sales 
 As states impose their own bans on ivory to help save elephants, it appears the market is simply shifting to other spots.
»Heavier Rainfall Will Increase Water Pollution in the Future 
»Living Descendants of Biblical Canaanites Identified Via DNA 
»What We Can Learn From This Ancient ‘Lunchbox’ 
»An Ex-Monk's Advice on How to Follow Your True Path 
»Devastating Wildfire Can Be Seen From Space 
»Videos Reveal the Power of Dams—and Dam Removal 
»Watch a Rat Escape a Snake Attack—In 100 Milliseconds 
»Rare Megamouth Shark Captured on Video 
»Wild Rabbits Ride Sheep to Escape Floods 
»Historic Shipwreck Transformed Into Thriving Marine Refuge 
»Why This Young Hawk Thinks It’s an Eagle 
»Plastic Garbage Patch Bigger Than Mexico Found in Pacific 
»Watch a Tiny Blue Shark Dominate a 15-Foot Mako 
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