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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Watch the Surprising Moment a Humpback Whale Feeds Near Shore 
 A video from Alaska captures a close view of the bubblenet feeding technique.
»Mercury Is About to Sail Across the Sun—Here’s How to Watch 
»My Battle to Prove I Write Better Than an AI Robot Called ‘Emma’ 
»Animal Mothers Remind Us a Lot of Our Own 
 For animals great and small, it's often up to mom to teach them how to survive and use their instincts wisely, author says.
»Photos Show Devastation and Fear as Wildfires Rage in Canada 
»Clothing from 1600s Shipwreck Shows How the One Percent Lived 
»Inside the Disturbing World of Bear-Bile Farming 
»The Famous Jellyfish Lake Is Running Out of Jellyfish 
 Palau's unique golden jellyfish are probably being hammered by drought and El Niño.
»Rise of the Robots Is Sparking an Investment Boom 
»No, Captain Cook's Ship Hasn't Been Found Yet 
»Atlantic City Gambles on Rising Seas 
 This city’s famous casinos are on high ground, while its poor are in the floodwaters’ path. The people still there "haven’t figured out a way to leave yet," one lifelong resident says.
»Leopards Have Lost Three-Fourths of Their Territory 
 The most comprehensive study to date sounds a warning about the survival of the iconic big cat.
»When Are You Allowed to Kill a Grizzly? 
»New Antivenom Can Treat 18 Kinds of Snakebites 
»16 Pictures From an Epic Solar Flight Around the World 
 See the Solar Impulse 2's attempt to make history, and promote solar power.
»Jump Into This Week’s Caption Contest 
»Breeding Aquarium Fish Can Help Save Reefs 
 People are still figuring out how to breed many species in captivity, but new advances could be help halt reef destruction and protect vulnerable wild fish.
»This Week’s Night Sky: Watch Meteors From Halley’s Comet 
»Florida’s Coral Reef Is Disintegrating 
 Acidifying oceans are causing the reef’s skeleton—a key habitat for fish—to break down rapidly, according to new science.
»We Are on the First U.S. Cruise to Cuba in Decades 
»New Amazon Frog Named After Mythical Monster 
 The amphibian, which lives in Brazil's Floresta Nacional de Pau-Rosa, gets its name from a tall beast said to lurk in the rain forest.
»Martian Sand May Be Boiling—Watch the Popping Action 
»New Earth-Size Planets Would Be Nothing Like Earth 
»These Ghost Towns Once Thronged With Life 
»Man Arrested for Punching a Seal 
»Kenya Sets Ablaze 105 Tons of Ivory 
»Nice Caboose: Animals With the Longest Tails 
 Lizards, birds, and giraffe are among nature's recordholders.
»10 Winning Images Capture the Beauty of Protected Lands 
»Five Small Animals That Messed With Big Science 
»Week’s Best Space Pictures: Lasers Guide a Telescope’s Gaze 
»A Bombshell in the World of Rhinos 
»The Disturbing Secret Behind the World’s Most Expensive Coffee 
 Kopi luwak is made from coffee beans plucked from civets’ feces. This is bad news for civets.
»Woolly Wolf Seen in Nepal Raises Questions About Its Family Tree 
 By analyzing the animal's poop, scientists provide more evidence it's not a subspecies of the gray wolf.
»Why the Chernobyl Nuclear Ruins Are a 20th-Century Pompeii 
»9 Stunning Bird Photos Win Audubon Contest 
 Competition recognizes powerful examples of nature photography.
»Rescued Circus Lions Airlifted to Safety in Africa 
»SpaceX Plans to Send Spacecraft to Mars in 2018 
»‘Lost’ Sighting of Brightest Supernova Found in Ancient Text 
»How These Dogs Protect Elephants 
»These Photos Transport You to a Muslim Wedding in Europe 
»Tiny Ocean Animals Get 'Drunk' on Algae, Act Crazy 
»It’s a Museum! It’s a Nuclear Bunker! It’s North Korea’s Subway System! 
»Why You Shouldn't Share That Cute Lemur Video 
»Japanese Monks Recorded the Climate for 700 Years 
»Freed Aquarium Dolphin Spotted With Baby in the Wild 
 Sampal's calf, seen in the waters off Jeju, South Korea, suggests reintroduced dolphins can go on to lead healthy lives, experts say.
»New Droopy Dinosaur Hung Its Head Like an Enormous Eeyore 
»Enter National Geographic’s Second Photo Caption Contest 
»The Heartbreak That May Have Inspired the Telegraph 
»What It’s Like to Live in the World’s Most Polluted City 
»This Week’s Night Sky: Glimpse Great Bear Galaxies 
»Powerful Photos Show Enduring Devastation of Nepal Earthquakes 
 The earthquakes that killed thousands last year have left many homeless and struggling today.
»Chernobyl's Radioactive Ruins Get a New Tomb 
»An Unlikely Home for Rescued Lions, Tigers, and Bears 
»Experience Chernobyl's Haunting Ruins in 360-Degree Photos 
»On World Penguin Day, Could There Be a More Adorable Bird? 
»Through a Shark's Eyes: See How They Glow in the Deep 
 Scientists have built a camera that approximates how sharks see each other, revealing how they glow through biofluorescence.
»Solar Plane Lands in U.S. on Record Voyage 
 The Solar Impulse 2 gets one more big step closer to finishing its historic trip around the world.
»These Animals Live in the Most Powerful City in the World 
 Exploring the wild in the nation’s capital with field notes from Rock Creek Park.
»Watch: How to Kick Raccoons Out of Your House—Humanely 
 New video filmed in Washington, D.C., shows that nesting raccoons can be safely relocated.
»Drone With Night Vision Tracks Down Poachers at Sea 
»During Last Mass Migration, Europeans Were the Immigrants 
»Your Best Pictures of Animals Living in Cities 
 A cheeky fox rests on a car in London and a bear explores a backyard in a new collection of urban wildlife around the globe.
»Why This Animal's Pee Smells Like Hot Buttered Popcorn 
 Southeast Asia's bearcat has a movie-theater aroma, but it's not the only animal that smells like snack foods.
»Jerusalem Dig Uncovers Ancient Greek Citadel 
»Surprising, Vibrant Reef Discovered in the Muddy Amazon 
 Colorful sea fans, fish, and gigantic sponges found in murky waters. One scientist says the reef has the most amazing animals she’s ever seen on an expedition.
»Viral Photos Don't Show Lions Mating, Just Males Bonding 
 Lion experts say the behavior can occur when male lions show affection.
»Week's Best Space Pictures: Hubble Turns 26 
»Tiger’s Death Raises Question: What Makes a Good Zoo? 
»Is This the End For South Africa's Famed Urban Baboons? 
 Cape Town’s baboons and people aren’t getting along. Experts warn that lethal removal of males may be dooming the whole population.
»The World's Newest Major Religion: No Religion 
»For Earth Day, 14 Pictures of Extraordinary Trees 
 See photographs of surreal, tall, and tiny trees.
»See 10 Remarkable Trees, Each With a Special Story to Tell 
 In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we present a gallery of exceptional trees. Each one has a special story to tell.
»In Honor of Earth Day, Our Favorite Photos From Instagram 
»46 Environmental Victories Since the First Earth Day 
 As Earth Day turns 46, we take a look back at the biggest milestones in environmental protection.
»Your Best Pictures of Trees for Earth Day 
 These photos from our Your Shot community move and inspire us.
»Harriet the Spy: How Tubman Helped the Union Army 
»World’s Largest Dinosaurs Were Born Ready to Roam 
»Orangutans Are More Like Us Than You Think 
 Tim Laman and Cheryl Knott, who have dedicated their lives to studying the great ape, talk about their new show on Nat Geo WILD.
»Hearts of Stone: A Fabulous Fossil Find 
»Hubble Shares a Candy-Colored Bubble on Its Birthday 
»Abused Circus Tiger Gets Fairy-Tale Ending 
»South Africa Backs Away From Legal Rhino Horn Trade 
 As rhino poaching continues to climb, South Africa accepts recommendations to keep rhino horn trade illegal.
»Rare Butterflies Flying High at Los Angeles Airport 
 The endangered El Segundo blue feels right at home amid the wilderness of concrete that is the nation's third-busiest airport.
»Why Half a Degree Matters: Higher Seas, Longer Heat Waves, Dead Reefs 
 New research suggests that limiting warming to 1.5 degrees instead of 2 degrees can dramatically reduce the impacts of climate change around the world.
»Did Shakespeare Hate His Wife? Four Myths About the Bard 
»Hear Elk Scream Like Demons From Lord of the Rings 
 The large North American deer have evolved a dual strategy to produce their bloodcurdling shrieks, a new study says.
»As Andrew Jackson Fades, a Look at How He Ended Up on Money 
»Remembering the Woman Who Helped Bears in Distress 
»93 Percent of the Great Barrier Reef Is Suffering 
»How Many Tigers Are There Really? A Conservation Mystery 
»Animals Like Green Space in Cities—and That’s a Problem 
 Parks, green roofs, and urban trees all welcome animals, but people have to learn how to share their living space, experts say.
»If Bottled Water Is So Bad, Why Are Sales Hitting Records? 
 Years of effort by campaigners have barely slowed the beverage's popularity.
»BP Oil Spill Trashed More Shoreline Than Scientists Thought 
 New evidence extends the size of the disaster that occurred six years ago this week.
»80 Rats Exploded Into 100,000 by Avoiding Poison 
»National Parks Need a Big Shake-Up 
 Interior Secretary, during National Parks Week, tells public that funding U.S. parks "offers a 10-to-1 return on investment."
»Inside the Secret Trade That Threatens Rare Birds 
»The Galaxy Next Door May Be Blowing Giant Double Bubbles 
»Exclusive Photos Show Destruction of Nineveh Gates by ISIS 
»Now Anyone Can Visit One of the World's Great Map Collections 
»Clean Energy: The Future is Here 
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