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National Geographic  
»Record Drought Reveals Stunning Changes Along Colorado River 
 With Lake Powell, the Colorado River reservoir, at historic lows, kayakers have new channels to explore. But alarm about drought in the West is rising.
»Britons Feeling Rootless After Changes to England's Historic Counties 
 Counties are important in giving the English "both a self-identity and a way of being known," author says.
»Four Weird Ways Animals Sense the World 
 Creatures like crabs, butterflies, snakes, and octopuses sense the world in unusual ways.
»For Thanksgiving, Our Favorite Photos of Feasts Around the World 
 We mined our archive for decades' worth of great pictures showing food, friends, and family.
»Behind Tomb Connected to Alexander the Great, Intrigue Worthy of "Game 
 As archaeologists dig deeper into the burial mound, ancient sources tell a tale of family drama and palace intrigue.
»5 Takeaways From Huge Once-a-Decade Gathering on World's Protected Areas 
 The World Parks Congress drew 6,000 delegates to Australia. Here's what we learned.
»Downtown Coyotes: Inside the Secret Lives of Chicago's Predator 
 About 2,000 of the wild animals have adapted to life in the Windy City, new images and tracking data reveal.
»Watch: This Is What Happens When You Give a Squirrel a GoPro 
 If you give a squirrel a GoPro, he's going to have some fun before he gives it back.
»Week's Best Space Pictures: Cosmic Web, Martian Vistas, and Earth From Above 
 A volcano awakens, scientists spin a massive cosmic web, and NASA's Mars rover continues to climb Mount Sharp.
»Birth Mystery of Stellar Snow Globe Deepens 
 Astronomers thought they'd figured out where giant clusters of old stars come from. Hubble images have sent them back to the drawing board.
»In Battle Against Food Waste, Rethinking "Use By" Labels 
 Consumer confusion and reluctance to eat something that might have gone bad leads to millions of tons of good food being thrown away.
»Why I Want Kids to Go Play in the Parks 
 As U.S. secretary of the interior, Sally Jewell, heads an agency responsible for managing energy and water resources on public lands and trust commitments to Native Americans.
»Amid Epic Early Snows in Buffalo, Explaining the "Lake Effect" 
 Some parts of western New York are getting more than eight feet of snow in two days.
»In Africa, Tracker Dogs Join War Against Elephant Poachers 
 It's all hands (and paws) on deck when it comes to the poaching crisis in Africa.
»Q&A: In the Wilds of Patagonia, Cowboy Honors the Pioneers Who Came Be 
 For Sebastián García Iglesias, the ghosts of his ancestors are stitched to the tapestry of the land they pioneered.
»A Slew of Coal Plants Get New Lease on Life—With Gas 
 Several aging coal plants are being reconfigured to burn natural gas.
»The Headline for the Oakland PIece Will Go Here  
 In this new series, writers and photographers from around the world reflect on places that hold special meaning for them.
»Polar Bear Numbers Plummeting in Alaska, Canada—What About the Rest?  
  The southern Beaufort Sea has lost almost half its polar bears in the past decade, but those in the remote Arctic remain a mystery.
»Weird Animal Question of the Week: How Do Moose Get So Big Eating Plants? 
 Carnivores may be at the top of the food chain, but herbivores are often heftier. What gives?
»More Than Ebola, Other Tropical Diseases Pose Growing Threat to U.S. 
 Dengue, chagas, and chikungunya may establish U.S. footholds.
»Why Is Record Cold and Epic Snow Hitting U.S. So Early? 
 Unusually early winter weather stems from jet stream and Asian typhoon.
»Sister Secret Agents in World War II Fought Alongside Men 
 As secret agents in World War II, British women fought alongside men, practicing the black arts of sabotage and silent killing.
»Rise in Weight Linked to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults 
 New research links obesity in older adults to shrinkage of the brain's memory-forming hippocampus—an indicator of cognitive decline.
»Stunning NASA Visualization Reveals Secret Swirlings of Carbon Dioxide 
 A NASA simulation reveals the secret swirlings of the main culprit in climate change.
»Doctor's Death Stirs Quest for Faster, Better Ebola Tests  
 The recent death of a doctor in Nebraska after a false-negative test result shows the need for earlier detection.
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