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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Venomous Snakes Ride Ocean Currents Around the World 
 The impressive yellow-bellied sea snake has spread across the globe by simply riding the waves, a new model suggests.
»Have We Been Misreading a Crucial Maya Codex for Centuries? 
»Woolly Mammoth Ivory Is Legal, and That’s a Problem for Elephants 
 Traffickers are passing off elephant ivory as that of the ancient animals.
»Maps Show Humans’ Growing Impact on the Planet 
»Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal? 
»Lions Sync When They Ovulate—But People Don't 
»What Your Child Is Being Taught About Ex-Planet Pluto 
»This Week’s Night Sky: The Bull’s-Eye Winks Out and Worlds Align 
»A Supernova’s Historical Claim to Fame Vanishes 
»How to See the Upcoming 'Great American Eclipse' 
»Scheme to Sell Endangered Tortoises Ends With Prison Sentences 
 In this week’s crime blotter: Tortoises from Madagascar for sale, a poached tiger, and smuggled snakes in a suitcase.
»After Mom's Fatal Cancer, Son Finds Solace in National Parks 
»This Animal's Eye Makes Up Almost Half of Its Body 
 When it comes to giant peepers, little marine animals called hyperiid amphipods are heads above the rest.
»Long Before Lochte, Ancient Olympians Were Serious Troublemakers 
»Gaze at a Supernova's Dazzling Remains 
»Our Favorite Instagram Photos: Nighttime Procession and Lazy Pandas 
»One of the World's Oldest Tigers Has Died 
 Nineteen-year-old Machli passed away in a wildlife park in India, saddening her many fans.
»Fish Pee, Coral's Number One Nutrient Supply, Cut by Fishing 
»Injured Animals Get Second Chance With 3-D Printed Limbs 
 Inexpensive prosthetics help rescued wild animals and pets get moving again.
»History of Exhaustion Reveals We Could All Use Some Sleep 
»Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth 
»13 Pictures of Beautiful, Endangered Orangutans 
»How Cholera Spread So Quickly Through Haiti 
 The UN admits it played a role in a deadly outbreak of the disease.
»Injured Behind Enemy Lines, This Guy Is Your Best Friend 
»Here's What the Iceman Was Wearing When He Died 5,300 Years Ago 
»Pictures of Old-School Mosquito Prevention 
»Brainy Birds Know How to Reel in Food With String 
 Barbados bullfinches and grackles join a growing list of animals that demonstrate complex problem-solving skills, a new study says.
»Watch a Googly-Eyed Sea Creature Crack Up Scientists 
»Fur Farms Still Unfashionably Cruel, Critics Say 
 Animals in China have few protections. Will efforts elsewhere to make the industry more humane go far enough?
»See Maps of Fantasy Worlds Created by Bots 
»Watch Terrifying Video of Coral Convulsing as Seas Heat Up 
»Mystery of Bizarre Bird Deformities May Be Solved 
»A Luxury Cruise Liner Is About to Sail the Arctic’s Northwest Passage 
»This Marsupial Lion Was the Size of a Squirrel 
»This Week’s Night Sky: See Neptune in Aquarius 
»Former National Geographic Editor Bill Garrett Dies 
»What's in Rio's Bay and Beaches? 
»All-Women 'Army' Protecting Rare Bird in India 
 A conservation brigade of 70 villagers have created a safe haven for the endangered greater adjutant stork.
»3-D Printing Teaches Kids About the Danger of Volcanoes 
»Searching for Buried Treasure in the Scottish Highlands 
»Baby Elephant’s Death a Grim Reminder of Lack of Wilderness 
 In this week’s crime blotter: Elephant calf chews on a firecrackers, bear parts seized, and police nab a suspected tiger poacher.
»What a Comedian Learned by Traveling to the End of the Earth 
»Watch: Pooping Comb Jellies Just Upended Gut Evolution 
»Flounders’ Eyes Face Skyward. How Do They See the Ocean Floor? 
 Flatfish have a clever way of blending into their surroundings.
»Here's What Scientists Are Asking the Presidential Candidates 
»Polio Returns to Nigeria for the First Time in Years 
»Our Favorite Instagram Photos: Walking on Air and Inside a Viking Festival 
»See a Twinkling Galaxy and a Cosmic Green 'Blob' 
»Highest Point East of Rockies Renamed for Native American 
 South Dakota's Harney Point will no longer be named after an army officer who has been accused of massacring native people. It will now be called Black Elk Peak after a Lakota elder.
»Stunning Pictures of Elephants 
 Today's World Elephant Day marks a time to reflect on the plight of the charismatic animals.
»Southern African Countries Are Trying—Again—to Legalize Elephant Ivory Sales 
 A proposal by Namibia and Zimbabwe to legalize a global ivory trade promises a rematch of a battle fought 27 years ago.
»How Sun-Watchers Stopped World War III in 1967 
 As the Great Storm of 1967 interrupted radio and radar communications, scientists and military leaders scrambled to decipher the cause.
»Giant ‘Arrows’ Seen From Space Point to a Vanished World 
»Hope Emerges for Whale Sharks, Despite New Endangered Status 
 The world's biggest fish needs more protections, a leading scientist warns.
»272-Year-Old Shark Is Longest-Lived Vertebrate on Earth 
 Greenland sharks also don't reproduce until they're around 150 years old, a new study says.
»Island Sea Lions Offer Clues to Mysteriously Missing Mammals 
»Meet the Olympians Who Prove Age Really Is Just a Number 
»Watch a Photographer Rescue an Eagle From Thick Mud 
 The white-tailed eagle, the largest bird of prey in northern Europe, is reportedly recovering well.
»How to Watch the Supercharged Perseid Meteor Shower 
»Giraffes Are Being Killed for Their Tails 
 Poachers are wiping away a rare subspecies of giraffe found in central Africa. Exclusive video shows the aftermath of recent killings.
»How the Knowledge of Locals Is Helping Google Build Better Maps 
»12 Amazing Pictures of Lions 
 For World Lion Day, we compiled National Geographic's most beautiful pictures of the big cats in Africa.
»First Americans May Have Arrived by Coastal, Not Inland, Route 
»Not-So-Dark Ages Revealed at King Arthur Site 
»Does Air Pollution Reduce Cycling’s Health Benefits? 
 Columbia University scientists use innovative tools to investigate how vehicle exhaust impacts cyclists.
»Asia's Lions Live in One Last Place on Earth—and They're Thriving 
 While Asiatic big cats are rare, their spiritual importance helped inspire their human neighbors to keep them safe.
»How Peacock Spiders Get Their Bright Blue 'Butts' 
 Scales filled with tiny nanostructures give male spiders the bling they need to impress females, a new study says.
»How La Niña Could Affect the Spread of Zika 
»Help Send Eclipse Glasses to Kids in Africa 
»Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Roadkill 
 What happens when an animal doesn’t make it to the other side of the street?
»Odd Tale of a Spear Fisherman, a Shark, and a Surprise Attack 
»This Week’s Night Sky: See an Asteroid Pass and Meteors Peak 
»Peek Into Tiny Crime Scenes Built by an Obsessed Millionaire 
»Why Humpback Whales Protect Other Animals From Killer Whales 
»Historic Photos Mark 150th Birthday of Pioneering Black Explorer 
 Largely ignored for nearly a century, Matthew Henson made big contributions to polar exploration. He was born 150 years ago today.
»Nearly 400 Rare Baby Crocodiles Saved From Becoming Purses 
 In this week’s crime blotter: endangered Siamese crocs saved, 525 bear paws seized, and a tourist attack on a flamingo.
»How the Most Hated Animal in America Outwitted Us All 
»Bizarre Horns of the Animal Kingdom 
 Don't mess with the giant eland of Africa, whose curved horns can reach up to four feet long.
»Playful Pups Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer 
»Neglected and Recycled Olympic Stadiums From Around the World 
»4 Years on Mars: Curiosity's Incredible Journey in Pictures 
 As NASA prepares to launch a new rover to the red planet, Curiosity celebrates its action-packed journey.
»See Brilliant Stars Light Up the World's Driest Place 
»What to See in Rio’s Night Sky During the Olympics 
»Our Favorite Instagram Photos: Muddy Cowboy and Polar Bear Selfie 
»See Three Volcanoes Erupt at the Same Time 
 Indonesia's Sinabung, Rinjani, and Gamalama mountains have all erupted in the past few days, sending great clouds of ash into the sky and disrupting travel.
»Huge Haul of Slain Sea Turtles Tests Vietnam 
 Vietnamese authorities seized 7,000 dead sea turtles in 2014, but the trader suspected of being behind the killings has yet to be arrested.
»Six Epic Swims, From the English Channel to the Gowanus Canal 
»Geologic Evidence May Support Chinese Flood Legend 
»Drones Shoot Fireballs to Help Control Wildfires 
 The experimental "dragon's eggs" may help land managers restore degraded prairie.
»Teenage Eagle Hunter Is Mongolia’s New Movie Star 
»Watch Villagers Save Drowning Leopard in Dramatic Rescue 
 A daring effort by a whole community saves a big cat from a well in India.
»Rare Persian Leopards Released Into Wild Near Olympic Town 
 For the first time, the Russian government reintroduced captive-bred animals into their native habitat—a nature reserve near Sochi—but their future is still unclear.
»China’s ‘Jade Rabbit’ Moon Rover Declared Dead 
»Mapping the Hidden Worlds Beneath Greenland’s Ice 
»Olympic Games We No Longer Play 
»Aurora Alert! Watch Now for Northern Lights 
»5 Key Takeaways From Alarming New Climate Report 
 The world is warmer than ever, with rising seas and more storms, scientists warn.
»Meet the Rare Swimming Wolves That Eat Seafood 
 Unlike its interior cousins, gray wolves of Vancouver Island live with two paws in the ocean and two paws on land.
»The World’s Top Predators Are Dining From Dwindling Menus 
»Wealthier Homes Have More Kinds of Bugs 
 The new research supports a "luxury effect," in which higher income neighborhoods host more biodiversity.
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