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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Extra Fingers and Toes Were Revered in Ancient Culture 
 The Pueblo people of Chaco Canyon decorated their great houses with six-digit footprints and sandal-shaped art.
»19,000 Sea Turtle Eggs Seized in Anti-Smuggling Operation 
 In this week’s crime blotter: Filipinos detained on suspicion of smuggling, an ivory kingpin jailed for 20 years, and seized pangolin scales worth $1.8 million.
»The Gene: Science's Most Powerful—and Dangerous—Idea 
»Meet the Animal That Lives for 11,000 Years 
 We live an average of 71 years—a drop in the bucket compared with some of nature's life spans.
»How to See ‘Star Trek’ Worlds in the Night Sky 
»Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry 
 The Pilcomayo River in Paraguay is littered with dead caiman and fish carcasses as the government scrambles to find a solution.
»Colorful, Venomous Lizard Is Declining Due to Climate Change 
 This symbol of the Southwest already lives at its limits in terms of water, while development is also taking a toll.
»This Week @NatGeo 
»For Amelia Earhart's Birthday, Here Are Other Lost Mysteries 
»See a Vibrant Star Nursery and Martian Ruffles 
»Wild Indian Elephant Dies Trying to Escape Captivity 
 Maharaj died trying to break free, illustrating how Indian officials are often ill-equipped to deal with crop-raiding elephants.
»Watch a Year on Earth as Seen From Space 
»The Rarest Plant in Britain Makes a Ghostly Appearance 
»First Proof That Wild Animals Really Can Communicate With Us 
 A long-known relationship between African men who harvest honey and a bird called a honeyguide allows both species to get the delectable treat.
»Rare White Lion Cub Born at Zoo 
 The cub's parents have normal coloring, suggesting the rare coat arose from a recessive gene.
»New Hubble Picture Reveals a Warped View of Galaxies 
»One Scientist’s Quest to Scan Every Species of Fish 
 An expert in biomechanics embarks on an ambitious plan to scan and digitize images of every species of fish known to humans—up to 33,000 of them—and learns surprising details along the way.
»Hubble Gets First Peek at Atmospheres of Rocky Alien Planets 
»This North Korean Art Is More Than Propaganda 
»Unbelievably Cute Pictures of Rescued Baby Sloths 
 In her new book, Slothlove, photographer Sam Trull brings us inside a sloth rehab center in Costa Rica.
»Powerful New Telescope Finds Whopping 1,300 Galaxies at Once 
»‘Dory’ Bred in Captivity for First Time 
 Breeding the popular blue tang in captivity is an important step toward protecting wild fish and reefs from destructive practices.
»Animals Have Evolved Into Parasites At Least 200 Times 
»CDC Director: ‘This Is No Way to Fight an Epidemic’ 
»Why These Rare Species Are Targeted by the GOP 
 The greater sage-grouse, lesser prairie-chicken, and gray wolf are all featured in the party's new platform, being discussed at the convention in Ohio.
»Saving Endangered Ferrets … With Peanut Butter 
 A new plan would vaccinate prairie dogs against the plague, a major threat to the survival of North America's black-footed ferret.
»Cave Walls Record Early Encounters Between Old World and New 
»Strange New Case Might Change What We Know About Zika 
»This Week’s Night Sky: Watch for Auroras Triggered by Sun Stream 
»Condors Reach New Milestone of Survival, Thanks to Tree-Climbing Biologists 
»Whales Mourn Their Dead, Just Like Us 
 Seven species of the marine mammals have been seen clinging to the dead body of a likely friend or relative, a new study says.
»India Plants 50 Million Trees in One Day, Smashing World Record 
 More than 800,000 volunteers pitched in to help the country fight climate change.
»New and Deadly Drug-Resistant Yeast Emerges Globally 
»Exclusive: Investigation Documents Animal Suffering at Chinese Circuses 
 Tigers, monkeys, and bears are the victims of a country without animal welfare laws.
»Seized Ivory May Have Come From as Many as 140 Poached Elephants 
 In this week’s crime blotter: a huge ivory bust, an elk poached by wildlife authorities, and three tortoises in a plastic bag.
»Meet the World's Most Expensive Pet Fish 
»See Vintage Space Gear for Sale on Apollo 11 Anniversary 
»5 Gross and Amazing Ways Animals Deliver Sperm 
 One worm lives inside the female and ejaculates through the top of her head.
»Celebrate World Snake Day With These Stunning Snaps of Serpents 
 On July 16, take some time to celebrate these slithery creatures.
»Women's Work: Shooting Rapids and Exploring the Amazon 
»Oldest Park Ranger Overcomes Assault, Embraces History 
»This Week @NatGeo 
»Gaze Into the Deepest Ever View of the Orion Nebula 
»Can Pokémon Go Get Players Into National Parks? 
»The Bizarre History of a Bogus Doctor Who Prescribed Goat Gonads 
»What You Need to Know About the World's Water Wars 
 Underground water is being pumped so aggressively around the globe that land is sinking, civil wars are being waged, and agriculture is being transformed.
»Gorgeous Maps Reveal the History of America’s National Parks 
»Erupting Volcano Lets Scientists Watch Rare Caldera Collapse 
»5 Amazing Things We’ve Learned a Year After Visiting Pluto 
»How GPS Can Help Save the World's Most Endangered Sea Turtles 
 Tracking hawksbill turtles by satellite is yielding information crucial to the fight to save them from poachers, hunters, and traffickers.
»Dreamlike Photos of Pioneering Underwater Exploration 
»Photos Show Controversial World of Kids’ Mixed Martial Arts Fighting 
»Stinky, Destructive Sea Lions Inspire Wacky Deterrents—Like Fake Orcas 
 The pungent pinnipeds are sparking frustration from California to Canada. When will we learn to live with this marine mammal?
»These 15 Photos Remind Us Why We Love Paris—and Always Will 
 Images from the National Geographic archives celebrate the resilient City of Light.
»Fighting a Hospital Superbug Reveals an Unexpected Benefit 
»New Spider With Horned Fangs Found in Dinosaur-Era Amber 
 The recently discovered species hails from the Late Cretaceous period and is notable for its bizarre body forms.
»Watch: Colorado Black Bear Locks Itself in Car 
»Juno Spacecraft Sends First Image From Orbit Around Jupiter 
»The Ocean Could Be the New Gold Rush 
 As the future of seafloor mining is debated this week, here are five things you need to know about the risks and rewards of extracting precious metals and minerals from the ocean.
»Surprising New Uses for Mushrooms, From Houses to Packaging 
 New research is pointing the way to valuable uses for the versatile natural material.
»Exclusive: Watch Bei Bei the Zoo Panda Cub Grow Up 
 Go behind the scenes with the National Zoo's panda team as they raise a baby to adulthood.
»Why We Missed This Nearby Mini-Planet for So Long 
»Giant Clam Poaching Wipes Out Reefs in South China Sea 
 A new analysis of satellite imagery shows extensive coral reef damage in the South China Sea for the first time.
»Why an Eagle Really Grabbed a Kid 
 A photograph of a huge bird of prey grabbing on to a boy's head has gone viral—here are possible reasons for its behavior.
»Good News for Cougars: More Kittens Found Near Big City 
 Two new litters tucked away in the Santa Susana Mountains are a positive sign for the population, which live not far from Los Angeles.
»City Cemetery Is Alive With Shocking Number of Bats, Spiders 
»'Kissing' Corals Filmed in the Wild for the First Time 
»This Week’s Night Sky: Watch the Moon Meet Mars 
»See Young Lion Yank Tranquilizer Dart out of Lioness 
 Was this heroic behavior or merely cat curiosity? A big cat expert explains.
»Scary New Superbug Is Popping Up in More Places 
»How Archaeologists Discovered 23 Shipwrecks in 22 Days 
»New, Massive Earthquake Threat Could Lurk Under South Asia 
»Oldest Non-Human Stone Tools Outside Africa Created by Monkeys 
»Black Market Caviar Threatens California's Giant Fish 
 Six men charged after a raid uncovered a black market caviar operation in Sacramento await their punishment.
»Tiger Got Your Goat? Here's Who to Call 
 This exclusive look at the new WildSeve project in India shows how human-wildlife conflict can be addressed through technology.
»Nearly 2,000 Pounds of Illegal Shark Fins Found in Cargo 
 In this week’s crime blotter: fins from Panama, ivory necklaces and bracelets, and 24 illegal logging suspects arrested.
»How Dad and Daughter Survived the Alaskan Wilderness 
»Discovery of Philistine Cemetery May Solve Biblical Mystery 
»Geckos May Be Famously Sticky, but Here's What Stumps Them 
 Finding a gecko in her bathtub inspired our writer to wonder about the limitations of these clingy reptiles.
»This Week @NatGeo 
»Antique Dealers Come Face-to-Face With Ivory Ban 
 In the face of increasing legal restrictions on ivory sales, antique sellers' options are limited.
»Beyond Yoga: Explore Life Inside a Hindu Spiritual Center 
»2016 Will Be One Second Longer Than Expected 
»See a Galaxy Get Robbed and Jupiter From Juno's Eyes 
»New Hubble Picture Gives First Peek Inside Crab Nebula 
»New Planet Is an Oddball With Three Suns 
»Watch: Tough Bear Powers Through Injury by Walking Upright 
 Pedals, the bear that strolls on two legs through the New Jersey suburbs, shows how resilient the animals can be, expert says.
»A Super Typhoon Is About to Wreak Havoc: What You Need to Know 
 As Super Typhoon Nepartak hits Taiwan and China, we explore how these tempests form, and the risk they pose to people.
»Zoo Poo and Glitter Reveal Animal Health Secrets 
»See Photos From the World’s Oldest Operating Photo Studio 
»Natural Lube Powers One of World's Fastest Fish 
 A newfound oil-producing organ may help accelerate swordfish as they prowl the seas, a new study says.
»Erupting Volcano May Have Destroyed Huge Penguin Colony 
 One of the largest penguin colonies in the world is threatened by hot ash and smoke.
»Astronauts Embark on a Training Mission Deep Beneath the Earth 
»Pucker Up With These Photos of Sweet Smooches 
»Fish Found to Change Sex Up to 20 Times a Day 
 The hermaphroditic chalk bass, a Caribbean native, switches from female to male and back again, multiple times a day.
»These Sick Animals Could Be Key to Understanding Cancer 
»Watch a Mother Rat Rescue Her Baby From a Dramatic Snake Attack 
 A life-and-death encounter reveals how "ferocious" animal mothers can be.
»These Are the Top Drone Photos in the World 
»Roly-Poly Hedgehogs Loving Life in the City 
 The spiny mammals have figured out how to avoid people by roaming Hamburg's parks at night, new research suggests.
»Ten Things You Need to Know About the Juno Mission 
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