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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»Why Snakes Don't Have Legs (For Now) 
»Time Travel Probably Isn't Possible—Why Do We Wish It Were? 
»Why Cats Lick Plastic, and Other Odd Behaviors Explained 
 Experts weigh in on feline grooming, zooming, and a strange fetish.
»More Snow Leopards Poached, Even as Bold Plan Fights Decline 
 On the eve of International Snow Leopard Day, there’s good news and bad news for the secretive big cats of Central Asia.
»Watch How Bees Teach Each Other to Solve Problems 
 New research with bumblebees hints at how knowledge can quickly spread through a population.
»Mosquitoes May Meet Their End Thanks to Marlon Brando 
»U.S. Hunters Banned from Importing Trophies from Captive Lions 
 South Africa’s captive lions are raised to be hunted within confined spaces, a practice experts consider cruel and unrelated to conservation.
»Two-Headed Shark Is First of Its Kind 
 A rare find from the Mediterranean expands the number of animals that have been born with two heads.
»Finding Clarity in the Stars 
»Why Yellow Birds Mysteriously Turn Red 
 No one could figure out why a North American woodpecker's feathers were changing color—until now.
»Titanic Dinosaurs Trekked Across Antarctica to Reach Australia 
»These Maps Show the Epic Quest for a Northwest Passage 
»An Astronaut's Final Mission: Fight Climate Change and Cancer 
»This Cooker Uses Rice Husks as a Cheap, Green Fuel Source 
»What Mars Maps Got Right (and Wrong) Through Time 
»Peek Inside a Star System That May Be About to Blow 
»10,000 'Scrotum Frogs' Die Mysteriously in Lake Titicaca 
 Scientists are blaming pollution around the South American lake and are searching for answers.
»Where Women with Zika Fear Prison 
»Swans Found to Windsurf Across Water 
»Sperm Whales Bring New Lingo to New Neighborhoods 
»10 of the Most Stunning Wildlife Pictures of the Year 
»Dogs Are Now Parachuting From the Sky to Help Save Wildlife 
 Dogs Are Now Parachuting From the Sky to Help Save Wildlife
»Massive 14-Pound Lobster Caught 
 A charter in Bermuda had the night of their lives.
»Europe's Mars Orbiter Arrives Safely, But Lander May Be Lost 
»When Bad Things Happen to Good Scientists 
»Newly Released Maps Show How Housing Discrimination Happened 
»The Bear That Walked Like a Human May Have Been Killed by One 
 Fans of the New Jersey bear Pedals mourn the presumed slaying by a hunter of a resilient animal that had overcome a disability.
»NASA’s Bold Plan to Hunt for Fossils on Mars 
»Oldest Panda in Captivity Dies in Hong Kong 
»Killer Clothing Was All the Rage In the 19th Century 
»Surviving the Fall of ISIS 
»Baiting Sharks May Be Really Good—or Really Bad—for the Fish 
»Tourists Could Destroy Venice—If Floods Don't First 
»What Was the Biggest Insect That Ever Lived? 
»How to See the Hunter’s Supermoon 
»Why Sharks Are Getting Stuck in Diver Cages 
»5 Things You Might Not Know About Marie Antoinette 
»Lessons From a Quiz: How to Make Exotic Pets Unappealing 
 Results from an online quiz studying how to keep people from buying wild animals for their homes.
»How an Endangered Bird Helped Save a Brazilian Rain Forest 
»From Whimsical to Indispensable, Some of Our Favorite Historic Buildings 
»What You Need to Know About London’s Escaped Gorilla 
 The silverback Kumbuka slipped his keepers, calling to mind the recent death of Harambe in Ohio.
»'Extreme Weather' Film Connects Nature's Fury to Climate Change 
 Filmmaker behind new IMAX documentary also shares how his team made such stunning imagery—and sometimes it was harrowing.
»Election Maps Can Be Misleading—Here's a Solution 
»Great White Fight: Scientists Feud Over Shark Tagging 
 A battle between state and nonprofit researchers is raging off Cape Cod, highlighting sensitivities in animal studies.
»TripAdvisor Halts Ticket Sales to Cruel Wildlife Attractions 
 The travel website, which came under pressure earlier this year for promoting and profiting from inhumane tourism activities, also plans to educate users on animal welfare.
»Why This Scientist Prefers Researching Treetops 
»Discoveries May Rewrite History of China's Terra-Cotta Warriors 
»There’s More Than One Way to Map an Election 
»Reported Sighting of Extinct River Dolphin is Unlikely 
»Haunting Pictures Show Earth Rising Over the Moon 
»Baby Animals Rescued From Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew 
 A refuge in Florida is treating more than a hundred animals that were injured by the storm.
»Watch How Bizarre 'Water Monsters' Get a Second Chance 
 Traditional Mexican farmers and scientists have teamed up to save the endangered axolotl in Mexico City.
»When Survival Depends on What's in Your Backpack 
»Treasure Trove of Ancient Human Footprints Found Near Volcano 
»Actress Jane Alexander Tells Tales of Wild Things and Places 
»Hurricane Matthew’s Destructive Storm Surges Hint at New Normal 
 The coastal U.S. is highly vulnerable to rising seas, which are expected to surge in the coming years. Will this storm be a wake-up call?
»Bet You’ve Never Heard of This Shy, Colorful Monkey 
»Exclusive: Inside the Quest to Return Nat Turner's Skull to His Family 
»The Real Reason Clowns Creep Us Out 
»A Craving for Adventure Drives This Modern-Day Renaissance Man 
»Climate Change Is Causing Earlier Springs in National Parks 
»5 Times Evolution Ran in ‘Reverse’ 
»Pictures Reveal Hurricane Matthew's Destruction in Haiti 
 As the Category 4 storm barrels north across the Caribbean, photographs show the destruction in its wake.
»Orca Killed by Satellite Tag Leads to Criticism of Science Practices 
 The death of a rare killer whale in the Pacific Northwest has been linked to a tagging effort, causing an outcry.
»What Causes Hurricanes? 
»Tragedy Strikes Hundreds of Migrants Bound for Italy 
»How Much Do You Really Know About Hurricanes? 
 Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge of Mother Nature's fury.
»Enlisting an Army to Save a Forest 
»Nat Turner’s Slave Uprising Left Complex Legacy 
»Rare Fatality Mirrors 'Crocodile Hunter' Death by Stingray 
 A freak incident killed a 62-year-old diver in Singapore, in circumstances similar to the death of Steve Irwin in 2006.
»Mid-Century Nuclear Weapons Tests Can Help Fight Elephant Poaching 
 One of 10 surprising takeaways from the world’s leading wildlife conference.
»What Happens When Your Hometown Becomes a National Park? 
»Why Crested Penguins Always Lay Doomed Eggs 
»U.S. Hasn't Gone This Long Without a Big Hurricane in 150 Years 
 “Luck is the main factor,” says one prominent meteorologist. “But this year, the U.S.’s luck has changed.” Here comes Hurricane Matthew.
»Ancient Cannabis 'Burial Shroud' Discovered in Desert Oasis 
»Extinct Car-Size Shark Discovered 
 The big predator plied the ancient waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific.
»For World Animal Day, 10 Sharp Pictures of Brainy Animals 
»President Obama Urges Swift Action on Climate Change 
 The leader hosted Leonardo DiCaprio and top scientists at a special event at the White House, which included a screening of the Nat Geo documentary Before the Flood.
»Photos: Uncertainty in Colombia After Vote Against Peace 
»These Colorful Propaganda Maps Fueled 20th-Century Wars 
»The World Votes to Keep Rhino Horn Sales Illegal 
 A proposal by Swaziland to legalize trade in rhino horn was rejected at the wildlife trade conference in South Africa.
»Rare, Colorful Lightning Sprites Dance Over Hurricane 
 The unusual phenomena were caused by discharges of energy above the storm.
»Bid to Revive Ivory Trade Fails 
 Even as nations voted to prevent two countries from selling ivory, they denied protections for elephants that would ban the ivory trade.
»Watch Leonardo DiCaprio and Barack Obama Talk Climate Change Live 
 We're livestreaming a special White House event ahead of the premiere of DiCaprio's new documentary film Before the Flood.
»Living the Dream: Have Airstream, Will Travel 
»Breaking: Pro-Ivory Trade Country’s Change of Heart Upends Elephant Debate 
»What Pop Culture Can Teach You About Science 
»A Meteor Shower and 8 More Can’t-Miss Sky Events in October 
»Tarantulas, Killer Caterpillars, and the Most Misunderstood Bugs 
 Cockroaches are excellent dads, for starters.
»For the First Time, Bees Declared Endangered in the U.S. 
 Seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bee, decimated by invasive species and habitat loss, are now federally protected.
»Rich People’s Pet Cheetahs Put Wild Cheetahs at Risk 
 As more cheetahs are smuggled out of Africa into the Gulf states, a global wildlife summit tackles the exotic pet trade.
»Famous Frog Toughie Dies, Sending Species to Extinction 
 The tree frog's loss warns of other extinctions, says the photographer who featured the animal in his Photo Ark project.
»What ‘Star Trek’ May Have Right—and Wrong—About Alien Life 
»What Happens to Smuggled Animals After They’re Seized? 
 The world’s wildlife trade policy body wants better treatment and tracking of illegally traded animals confiscated by authorities.
»Our Part of the Milky Way Is Four Times Bigger Than We Thought 
 Radio astronomers announce a major new finding that changes how scientists view the structure of our home galaxy.
»Preserving an Ancient 'Lost' City Has Consumed This Chemist's Life 
 Talal Akesheh has worked to save the archaeological ruins of Petra, Jordan, for more than 30 years.
»A Glacial Pace: Tackling 20 Glaciers and Icefields Within the Next Decade 
»6 Amazing Discoveries From Rosetta's Epic Comet Encounter 
»The World Is Finally Getting Serious About Tiger Farms 
 Tiger farms supply the black market with skins, bones, and other parts. Now, at an international wildlife trade conference, China and other Asian countries face pressure to shut them down.
»One Tiny Wasp Turns a Fig Tree Into a 150-Foot-High Eden 
 Birds, bats, monkeys by the dozen: A fruiting fig tree is a riot. It all goes back to the tree's ancient partnership with a tiny wasp.
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