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Knowledge » National Geographic Weitere Quellen
National Geographic
Reporting our world daily: original nature and science news from National Geographic.
»The Bittersweet Life Story of a Captive Orangutan 
»Mysterious Markings May Hold Clues to Origin of Writing 
»Christie's Auction House Fined After Trying to Sell Ivory 
 In this week’s crime blotter: an auctioneer bust, a bird smuggling scandal, and seized Sumatran tiger parts.
»Hyena Myths Busted: Are They Really Hermaphrodites? 
 If ever an animal needed rebranding, it’s the hyena—a strong, smart animal that's often misunderstood.
»Get Lost in the Dark Beauty of a Russian Salt Mine 
»Giant Squid Could Be Bigger Than a School Bus 
»In Bethlehem's Ancient Church, a Long Unseen Presence Appears 
»Week's Best Space Pictures: How Huge Black Holes Are Born 
»Portugal Ditched Fossil Fuels for 4 Days. Can We Go Longer? 
 Achieving a big scale-up of renewable energy will take more than building wind and solar power plants.
»11 Otherworldly Pictures of Abandoned WWII Bunkers 
»Hiroshima Survivors Have a Message for Obama 
»Hundreds of Greek Artifacts Are on the Move 
»Now Is the Best Time to Spot the Space Station 
»New Species of Silver Snake Is Extremely Endangered 
 The shiny reptile likely only numbers a thousand individuals in its remote Bahamas habitat, experts say.
»New Film Shows Brutalization of Temple Elephants in India 
 A new documentary exposes the plight of Kerala’s temple elephants.
»12-Year-Old Wins Geographic Bee in Nail-Biter—How Would You Do? 
 Students demonstrate an impressive command of maps and world affairs in thrilling competition.
»Neanderthals Built Mysterious Stone Circles 
»A Road Trip Down Memory Lane 
»New Evidence Shows the Illegal Pet Trade Is Wiping Out Indonesia’s Birds 
 Indonesia has a long history of keeping birds as pets, but now it’s driving many species to the brink.
»The First Official Climate Refugees in the U.S. Race Against Time 
 A Native American tribe struggles to hold on to their culture in a Louisiana bayou while their land slips into the Gulf of Mexico.
»How Nile Crocodiles Are Bigger and Badder Than Alligators 
 Florida's newest invader has a fearsome reputation—but there's no need to worry about it yet, experts say.
»Watch Deadly Black Mamba Snakes Tie Each Other in Knots 
 Two black mambas vie for dominance during mating season in South Africa, in a rarely observed display of power.
»Starfish Baby Boom Surprises Biologists 
»Last Week’s Caption Contest Winners 
»Watch Europe’s Highest Active Volcano Fill the Sky With Fire 
 Sicily's Mount Etna erupted over the weekend.
»The Toxic Toll of Indonesia’s Gold Mines 
»To Rescue or Not, That is the Question With Distressed Animals 
 The recent controversy over a bison calf in Yellowstone is just the latest in a series of tough choices on wild animals in trouble.
»This Week’s Night Sky: See Mars and Jupiter Compete 
»17 Surprisingly Cute Photos of Turtles 
»Watch Fuzzy Albatross Chicks Saved From Rising Seas 
»South Africa Just Lifted Its Ban on the Rhino Horn Trade 
»Crocodiles and Palm Trees in the Arctic? New Report Suggests Yes. 
»Brazil Seeks to Save Isolated Amazon Tribe Threatened by Loggers 
»A Cougar's Thousand-Mile Quest to Find a Mate 
»Ivory and Hornbill Smuggling Attempt Foiled 
 In this week’s crime blotter: hornbills and ivory, a tortoise smuggling scheme, and 22 live snakes.
»This Volcano Is Spewing Ash Nearly Two Miles High 
 Turrialba in Costa Rica has rumbled to life in what may be its strongest eruption in years, diverting flights and choking San José with ash and fumes.
»Human Remains in Jungle Likely Belong to Missing Adventurer 
 A body found in Costa Rica likely belongs to Cody Roman Dial, who went missing during a trek through Central America two years ago.
»What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You? Vets Weigh In 
 Let's face it, cats are mysterious creatures. We dig into some of your feline predicaments.
»Tsunamis on Mars? Splashy Claim Raises Eyebrows. 
»See Mars at Its Biggest and Brightest in a Decade 
»Arctic Foxes 'Grow' Their Own Gardens 
 The little carnivores' colorful dens provide veritable oases in the tundra, a new study says.
»Week's Best Space Pictures: See a Supernova's Glowing Ghost 
»U.S. Demand for Premium Gas Is Going Up. Why? 
»Poaching May Drive These 7 Species to Extinction 
 On Endangered Species Day, a look at animals threatened by illicit hunting and commercial trade.
»Want Humans on Mars? Start With a Martian Space Station. 
»TripAdvisor Accused of Promoting Cruel Animal Attractions 
 The travel website has come under fire from animal welfare advocates for promoting and profiting from inhumane wildlife attractions.
»The Anthropologist and His Old Friend, Who Became a Jaguar 
»Tough Love: Male Parasite Stabs Female in Neck With Penis 
 Yet another animal practices a bizarre mating strategy called traumatic insemination, a new study says.
»Deadly Brain Disease Is Driving Swamp Birds Insane 
»Ancient Device for Determining Taxes Discovered in Egypt 
»In the Netherlands, Empty Prisons Become Homes for Refugees 
»Wildfire Evacuees Tell Stories of Hope and Generosity 
»Can There Be Too Many Eagles? 
 A conservation icon in Europe, the white-tailed eagle has made an astounding comeback—and that’s not entirely good news.
»Bison Calf’s Death Shows Dangers of People in Yellowstone 
 Outrage over a lethal mistake by well-intentioned visitors is just the latest problem in a park that some say is being loved to death.
»All Aboard Nat Geo’s Caption Contest 
»Chile's Record Toxic Tides May Have Roots in Dirty Fish Farming 
 A red tide crisis has stirred fishermen to unrest and may be at least partially linked to controversial aquaculture practices.
»Watch Mount St. Helens Giving Birth to 'Baby Volcano' 
 The 1980 eruption was the most violent in U.S. history, and time-lapse footage shows that the volcano remains active.
»See Long-Hidden Photos of China’s Cultural Revolution 
»This Week’s Night Sky: Watch a Parade of Planets 
»Searching For a Son Swallowed by the Jungle 
»Pepsi Presents Old Faithful? Not So Fast, Says Park Service. 
»World’s Smallest Porpoise Is on the Verge of Extinction 
 Vaquitas' numbers have dropped precipitously because of illegal gillnet fishing.
»Here's Why 'Birdbrain' Should Be a Compliment 
»Death of One of World's Biggest Sharks Causes Outcry 
 In this week’s crime blotter: shark meat sales, tiger claw jewelry, and imprisonment for a turtle egg smuggling scheme.
»Why Life Is So Tough for Sea Turtles 
 Ocean trash and an epidemic virus are wreaking havoc on the marine reptiles, which have been beating the odds for millennia.
»Watch Moose 'Playing' Wind Chimes 
 A delightful scene from Alaska has the internet buzzing.
»Week's Best Space Pictures: Smoky Trail and Solar Streamers 
»Stone Knife and Mastodon Bones Point to Earlier Arrival of First Americans 
»Watch Divers Find Sloth Fossils in Underwater Cave 
»The Campaign to Eliminate Hell 
»Huge Prairie Reserve Expands With Purchase of Historic Ranch 
 Montana's American Prairie Reserve gets a step closer to restoring wildlife habitat with the acquisition of historic property.
»Mysterious Mounds in South America Are Likely Worm Poop 
 The human-size towers in Colombia and Venezuela wetlands are actually piles of excrement, a new study says.
»Busting the Myth of Friday the 13th and the Knights Templar 
»Arctic Warming Is Shrinking This Adorable Shorebird 
»China May Shelve Plans to Build Dams on Its Last Wild River 
»Millions of Orchids Are Blooming in an Abandoned Iron Mine 
»Will Zimbabwe Sell Off Its Rare ‘Painted Dogs’? 
 Zimbabwe’s plan to sell its wildlife could hasten the decline of Africa’s endangered wild dogs.
»Famous Grizzly Bear ‘Back From the Dead’—With a New Cub 
 A popular grizzly who once mauled a hiker was said to have been killed by a hunter, but she remains at the center of a controversy around the fate of the species.
»Watch Clever Birds Solve a Challenge From Aesop's Fables 
»Experts: Teen's 'Discovery' of Maya City is a Very Western Mistake 
»World’s Oldest Space Pebbles Found in Australia 
»When the Government Kills Wolves, the Public May Follow Suit 
 A new study looking at two states in the U.S. could weaken the theory that culling some large carnivores can help conserve them.
»Canadian Wildfire Threatens Key U.S. Oil Artery 
 Canada exports more than two-thirds of its crude to one customer.
»This Free Feast for 5,000 Was Made From Food Waste 
 From torte to ratatouille, Tuesday's lunch in New York City was made entirely from food that would have been thrown out.
»A NASA Telescope Just Doubled Its Haul of Known Planets 
»Roll Up to This Week’s Caption Contest 
»On the Ravaged Trail of Canada’s Monster Fire 
»Who Needs Males? Self-Cloning Females Heal Faster 
 One group of lady salamanders doesn't just survive without males—it thrives.
»Pablo Escobar's Escaped Hippos Are Thriving in Colombia 
 Can the dangerous animals be stopped from taking over more territory?
»This Week’s Night Sky: Catch the Moon Cruising by Jupiter 
»10 Bold Pictures of Bison, the New U.S. National Mammal 
»In Egypt, Debate Rages Over Scans of King Tut's Tomb 
»Rare Seal Pups Stranded on Shrinking Arctic Ice 
 As the sea ice on which it depends breaks apart, the Baltic ringed seal of northern Europe is declining fast, experts say.
»Making Booze With Rare Animals Sends Man to Prison 
 In this week’s crime blotter: creature-filled cocktails, a luxury timber bust, and a rhino poaching cover-up.
»Photos of a Dictator's Peaceful Downfall, 30 Years On 
 A National Geographic photographer witnessed ‘people power’ bring down an authoritarian regime in the Philippines.
»The Secret History of the Women Who Got Us Beyond the Moon 
»Schooled: Animals That Teach Their Young 
 Meerkats show their babies how to handle dangerous scorpions, for one.
»Luxembourg Boldly Goes Into Asteroid Mining 
»For Mother’s Day, 12 Too Cute Pictures of Animal Moms 
»4 Incredible Videos of Animals With Superpowers 
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